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Today marks World Day Against Child Labour  



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Wednesday, 12 June 2019: While the World Day Against Child Labour is being observed today (Wednesday, 12 June) throughout the world in an appropriate manner to raise awareness about the plight of child laborers global.

Almost every year 100 of children drop out from school to help their parents for livelihood, and many are forced into child labour by crime rackets, while many never get to see school because of poverty.

In India, eradicating child labour, creating awareness and discouraging the issues and demands for child labour comes a long way.

Child Labour

In line with this goal, In 2002, the International Labor Organization (ILO) introduced June 12 as the World Day Against Child Labor every year, to give visibility that affects children around the world.

This year’s theme is ‘Children shouldn’t work in fields, but on dreams’.


ILO defines this goal to generate awareness and encourage the basic changes so that no child is deprived of the opportunity of accessing education, health, recreation, and basic freedoms.

According to a report by the National Child Labour Survey, some 1.2 million children are still trapped with the trouble of child labor. And the number is astonishing- around 218 million children between the age 5 to 17 years are in employment, of which 152 are the victims of child labor.

We will be able to stop child labour together if we no longer accept it. Not in mines, not in agriculture, not in factories, not in the household and not in the products we buy.

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Thank you prime minister. I was waiting to see this day tweeted Sushma before passing away



Former External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj is no more
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The former external affairs minister not keeping well for quite some time and a few months back recovered from kidney transplant today suffered a massive cardiac arrest at AIIMS and is no more. Swaraj 67 was admitted at the Cardiac Ward of AIIMS a few hours ago in the evening after suffering a heart attack. She passed away on the night of Tuesday at AIIMS.

Three hours ago before her death, Swaraj had tweeted praising and congratulating prime minister Narendra Modi for repealing article 370 in Kashmir and giving Ladakh and J& K the union territory status.

She tweeted in Hindi as well as in English: Pradhan mantri ji – Aapka hardik abhinandan hai. Mai apne jeewan mein is dun ko dekhne ki pratiksha kar rahi thee.

@narendramodi ji: Thank you Prime Minister. Thank you very much. I was waiting to see this day in my lifetime.

At the time of her demise Swaraj’s husband, former Governor of a state of North East, her family members and two of ministers in Modi cabinet Nitin Gadkari and Harsh Vardhan were also present at AIIMS.

Sushma Swaraj started her political career from Haryana decades ago. She had been the MLA and minister in Haryana government during the eighties but later on joined the Bhartiya Janata Party. Earlier she had been in the Socialist party with George Fernandez prior to joining the BJP.

A dashing leader and an outspoken orator Sushma Swaraj was an eminent parliamentarian and a dashing voice of the women and BJP.

She was considered to be the troubleshooter leader of BJP who as Indian external affairs minister during Modi’s regime had played a vital role in evacuating safely the trouble Indians living overseas and bringing them back to India during the gulf war, the crisis in Iraq and in the middle east. Sushma Swaraj served as a successful External Affairs minister during the UPA 1 rule under prime minister Narendra Modi but was in abnormal health condition after her kidney transplant abroad.

She was not keeping good health and had, therefore, requested the prime minister Modi not to give her any ministerial berth in his new cabinet in UPA 2. She has conveyed her message in this regard through a tweet by thanking PM. Narendra Modi for giving her the opportunity for five years to serve in his cabinet.

In her tweet, Sushma Swaraj said: Prime minister you gave me an opportunity to serve our countrymen and overseas Indians as a foreign minister for five years.

I am grateful to you. I pray to God that our government becomes very successful. Sushma Swaraj as an MEA had been quite supportive in resolving VISA and Paas Port issues and had always promptly acted on complaints lodged on her twitter handle of the nonresident Indians, Indians working abroad and domestically as well.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has expressed his grief and shock over her sad demise and lauded her immense contribution to the country and the society by tweeting four times.

Tweet Number 1:

Sushmaji’s demise is a personal loss. She will be remembered fondly for everything she’s done for India. My thoughts are with her family, supporters, and admirers in this very unfortunate hour. Om Shanti.

Tweet 2: Sushmaji was a prolific orator and an outstanding parliamentarian. She was admired and revered across the party line. She was uncompromising when it came to ideology and party interests of BJP, whose growth she immensely contributed to.

Tweet 3: I cannot forget the manner in which Sushmaji worked so tirelessly as EAM in the last five years. Even when her health was not good she would do everything possible to do justice to her work and remain up to date with matters of her ministry. The spirit and commitment were unparalleled.

Tweet number 4: An excellent administrator. Sushmaji set high standards in every ministry she handled. She played a key role in bettering India’s ties with various nations. As a minister we also saw her compassionate side, helping fellow Indians who were in distress in any part of the world.

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Article 370 Done and Dusted!



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Abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and the division of the strife-torn state making Ladakh region and J&K as union territories are really historic in the sense that no other government in the last seventy years’ especially the Congress could take the courage to do what the BJP led NDA government under the leadership of prime minister Narendra Modi has done finally.

No political parties other than the BJP led NDA in the country would have really liked to abrogate article 370 and its clauses that guarantee special autonomy to the turmoil struck state but since during the last 70 years Kashmir has witnessed Pak sponsored incessant terrorism killing thousands of innocents and our patriotic Army and para military jawans and officers it was indeed the necessity of the hour.

Isn’t it? Today the entire nation, even the people and hardcore political activists beyond ideological affiliations except the negligible few are hailing the decision of the BJP led NDA government.

Is it not the fact that hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and army and paramilitary troopers and officers have been martyred in abundant numbers by the hardcore terrorists, domestic as well as those sponsored, aided and abetted by neighboring Pakistan whose only agenda is to perpetrate killings and violence in Kashmir and other parts of the country as well.

Was there any other alternative other than abrogating article 370 and its other clauses? Perhaps no. The nation needs to be protected and strengthened at all costs but nothing and no agenda is above national security and unity of the country.

How can and till when we can take the assistance and support of pseudo-secularism stance at the cost of the incessant lynchings of our patriotic army men, paramilitary troopers, officers and the innocent civilians.

Yes it is true that during the era of the BJP led NDA rule there had been Uri and Pulwama and hundreds of killings of our patriotic jawans and officers but then I question was it not during the previous era of Congress regime?

Had not lakhs of innocents been killed since 1980 and even before that? Where are we now and where do we actually want to go? Should we allow Pakistan to play its game of incessant killings, spying in Jammu and Kashmir or we really want to stop it? Hard and strong decisions are some times required to change histories.

A new history has been created by abrogating it as we want to counter and control Pak sponsored terrorism in devasted Kashmir for the good of the state and the country. After 70 protracted years, circumstances and situations make it mandatory to abrogate this very article to ensure Kashmir’s safety, security and its accession to India at all costs.

Let’s see the repercussions and implications and then react. In my personal opinion at least for the nation’s good and cohesiveness, it’s the need of the hour to react strongly and decisively. Lot is being said and talked in the name of secularism and progressiveness but then let’s see the change, may be it can be for the good of the nation? When we can tolerate the perpetration of hardcore terrorism and subsequent killings of innocents and or patriotic army men for the last seven decades despite the implementation of article 370 and section 35 A, Can’t we see the aftermath effect of the abrogation scenario for a while?

When status quo doesn’t help the state and the nation it’s inevitable to change it and that’s what has been done now. Yes, there had been demerits definitely like not taking the concurrence of the J&K Assembly, but then it was not existing at present.

The concurrence of the governor has been considered as the voice of the assembly as the legal and constitutional basis for issuing notification for scrapping 370 and its other clauses. Nor the leaders of the Kashmir consulted? But then it wasn’t possible as they were under house arrests?

These may be the replies of the union government. Now if the government really wanted to open a new chapter in the development of Jammu and Kashmir it will have to reach to people of the state to honestly convince them that this move was a progressive one and actually for the over all good of Kashmir and its people and not adverse to their interests as being tried to portray by Pakistan sponsored elements and organizations as well as the opposition parties. A couple of political parties including Congress are towing Pakistan’s line on this and even went to the extent of stating that UN intervention is required for abrogating Article 370. Indeed shocking! These statements are anti-national and harm the country. It must be remembered that earlier too Pakistan that quoted and referenced Congress and other opposition parties statements in the International Court of Justice against India in the Kulbhusan Jadhav case. So sometimes Pakistan tows Congress’s line and at other times Congress tows Pakistan’s line. This is really sad and shameful.

A decisive and committed governement is required to do what has been done. Congratulations to the government for this important step in correcting a historic blunder! The regaining of the peoples’ trust should now be the aim of the government…

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The driver was untrained whose MAX fell in a gorge



Max that fall in a gorge at Madan Negi Tehri Garhwal killing 9 to 10 children was driven by an untrained driver. 9 children are critically injured. All of them have been urgently airlifted to Rishikesh. Transport minister Yashpal Arya under question
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Fatal accidents in Uttarakhand’s horrible roads have become the order of the day, especially during the heavy rainy monsoon season.

These accidental mishappenings are taking myriad tolls and the basic reason behind them is the untrained drivers who not only risk their own lives but that of other passengers as well.

Out of all accidents that take place 70% fatalities occur due to untrained drivers who come on the steering of the vehicles without assessing the fatal consequences.

Driving on the hill roads without perfect training and experience is a horrible task accompanied by life taking risks but these uneducated and immature drivers devoid of confidence and experience convert their vehicles into killing machines.

This hard fact has been substantiated after detailed investigations in the fatal accident which occurred this morning on Pratap Nagar Khangsali Madan Negi road when early morning at 7.00 AM a Max full of school-going innocent children fell several feet down in a gorge near Madan Negi area in Tehri Garhwal killing 9 students and grievously injured ten out of which 5 are in extremely critical stage.

What is the most shocking part of the entire tragedy is, the driver was completely untrained who didn’t even have a month’s training experience but took the steering of Max from his father who was sitting on the back seat along with school-going children.

Just after covering a distance of 200 meters the untrained immature driver lost the control and his MAX full of 20 school going kids fell in a gorge several feet down badly smashing taking umpteen acrobatics, killing 9 students on the spot with their mutilated bodies recovered later on. 

The children were the students of a local public school in Madan Negi Tehri Garhwal near Pratap Nagar. All the injured, 5 in the extremely critical stage have been airlifted from the local hospital to Rishikesh.

There is tremendous outrage in the area and the government of Uttarakhand finally woke up from its sleep when the transport minister of the state Yadhpal Arya, in order to appease the angry relatives, parents and the populace of Tehri Garhwal immediately suspended the RTO of Pratap Nagar and his subordinates.

There have been such fatal accidents in the recent past as well but the state transport department and the concerned minister are in a protracted sleep.

If one goes into the depth of the statistics of the state regarding fatal accident deaths shocking the number is in hundreds but the state transport authority and its RTOs are least bothered to check the speeding, overcrowded buses being driven by untrained drivers without requisite licenses and other documents.

The roads of Uttarakhand are affected by heavy landslides with boulders falling on the running vehicle every now and then, especially during monsoons.

There are no protective iron boundaries on roadsides, no signboards on blind turns, roads devoid of street lights and drivers driving overcrowded vehicles on challenging mountain roads in inebriated condition risking the lives of passengers. Shame on the negligent, nonfunctional and corrupt transport department of Uttarakhand due to whose ineffectiveness fatal accidents are occurring and innocent people losing their lives for no fault of theirs.

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Fatal accidents in Garhwal Uttarakhand



A heavily damaged bus near Lambagad in Garhwal and Max fallen in a gorge on Pratap Nagar Khagsali Madan Negi Road at Tehri Garhwal killing in all 13 persons which included 8 children.
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There is yet again extremely sad news of fatal deaths through two back to back accidents in Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

It seems that Uttarakhand is a cursed state to face these diabolical deaths every alternate day, especially during the monsoon season when unpredictable deaths occur either through the felling of huge boulders on buses and passenger vehicles or through the massive landslides. These deaths also occur due to poor and negligent driving and also because of the driver being in an inebriated state, etc.

Just today at 9.00 AM an ill-fated bus carrying passengers near LAAMBAGADH on Badrinath Highway was badly smashed by a huge boulder falling on it due to a landslide, killing five passengers on the spot. It is learned that the landslide occurred due to excessive rains making the mountain weak leading to massive landslides and resulting in the felling of heavy boulders on the bus.

Another fatal accident occurred in Tehri Garhwal’s Pratap Nagar – Kagsaali – Madan Negi motor road when a Max carrying school children fell in a gorge after the driver lost control, resulting in the unfortunate death of eight children and grievous injuries to six or seven others. All the students were studying in a local public English medium school namely Angels International. All the grievously injured students and the driver have been admitted to a local hospital for immediate treatment. In all about ten children are reported to have been injured with seven in a serious condition.

The emergency teams of police, local administration, and SDRF had reached the accident sites and the bodies retrieved after great efforts.

There had been several fatal accidents in the past in this area but the grievously injured died on the way to the hospital as there are no hospitals to provide timely treatment to the victims of these fatal accidents.

Indeed a sorry state of affairs. The accident that occurred on the Lambagadh area due to falling of heavy boulder on the bus instantly killed five people on the spot. Another seven persons are still stuck inside the bus and are being retrieved. They are badly injured and profusely bleeding. The bus with a good number of passengers was coming from Badrinath Shrine.

May the Almighty be with them and save their lives.

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Article 370 Article 35A Scrapped



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Article 370 was a miscarriage and the biggest blunder in the history of India especially when despite the best efforts of the concurrent governments the situation in strife torn Kashmir never improved but multiplied claiming hundreds and thousands of lives since the last several decades after independence, with neighbouring Pakistan playing itsdirect and proxy war incessantly.

However, the leader of Congress party in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabhi Azad whimpered that by introducing legislation on abrogating article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and creating separate Ladakh region making both as union territories the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party has allegedly killed democracy and constitution in the country.

As expected of him, he wailed that BJP had belied the aspirations of Kashmries who had unitedly fought the Pakistani Kabaiyilies and intruders with lathies and weapons pledging to live with the Indian union. It seems that Mr. Ghulam has forgotten what the then PM Nehru had said, who also hailed from Congress party. The then PM Nehru had said that Article 370 is temporary and will be gradually done away with.

Replying in a debate after the introduction of the legislation in the upper house by union home minister Amit Shah, Ghulam Nabi Azad played spoilsport by saying that while the Congress party and the entire country is one on national security issue, abrogation of article 370 without taking the people of Jammu and Kashmir into confidence and without the consent of the state assembly is a clear cut arbitrary and unconstitutional move. He further bawled that this step was taken to beget votes of the majority community knowing very well that it’s quite a sensitive issue concerning Kashmir whose borders are sensitive and may invite serious implications. It must be noted that Congress is parroting the same set of statements as is also being done by Pakistan.

It is surprising that even Prime minister Narendra Modi’s arch-rival Arvind Kejriwal has tweeted in favor of the BJP led NDA government’s move and welcomed it by congratulating the ruling party. While there is immense jubilation in Jammu and Ladakh regions of Jammu and Kashmir now likely to become union territories in Kashmir valley the move has been outrightly rejected with extreme anger and furiousness.

There has been a clear cut Hindu Muslim divide in Jammu n Kashmir after the introduction of the bill by union home minister Amit Shah say, political analysts. While the BJP and its NDA allies except for JD (U) have termed it a historic decision leading to a new horizon of development in strife-torn Kashmir. It is unfortunate that the Congress party has termed it as the darkest day in the history of Indian democracy and is trying to politicize the issue.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted: We support the move of the union government. We are sure that this would bring peace and development in Jammu and Kashmir.

Controversial BJP leader and former law minister Dr. Subramaniam Swamy said: To abolish Art 370 we do not need a Constitutional Amendment. He tweeted: So I am proved right.

To abolish Article 370 we do not need a constitutional Amendment. Amit Shah has however informed parliament by way of a Resolution what President today has already notified. Article 370 died today. Collaterally so Article 35 A.

J&K bifurcated into Jammu- Kashmir & Leh Ladakh
J&K to be Union Territory with the legislature
Leh Ladakh to be Union Territory without legislature

What changes now?

1) No separate constitution for J&K
2) No separate flag for J&K
3) One national anthem across India including J&K
4) Same citizenship law across India including J&K
5) The same law of ownership of property across India
6) Fundamental rights of J&K citizens the same as other states

Article 370 was created by selfish leaders. In the true sense, Kashmir has gained its freedom today. We have no right to deprive Jammu & Kashmir to be a part of Global India. This is the single big step towards the integration of India. Kashmir integrated, India integrated. Salute to Amit Shah, Modi and BJP government for this historic move.

It is an irony that some political parties are protesting this for their political relevance. If anyone objects, tell them loudly – one country, one system. Justice is finally done to avenge every sacrifice. This is complete integration like never before. A big day for India, Kashmir now part of India without any riders.

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Article 370 to be abolished, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh to be Union Territories



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The Narendra Modi government today introduced a historic bill in parliament to abolish article 370 from the strife-torn Jammu and Kashmir state amidst acrimonious scenes and pandemonium in Rajya Sabha at 11. 30 AM.

As soon as the Home minister Amit Shah stood for presenting the bill regarding the abolition of article 370 and creation of Ladakh as a separate state, there were acrimonious scenes from the Congress-led opposition benches.

While presenting the Bill union home minister said that all the clauses/ sub-clauses of article 370 giving autonomy to the state of Jammu and Kashmir shall cease to exist after the bill is duly signed by the president of India.

The third bill laid down was regarding granting of union territory status to Jammu Kashmir as well as Ladakh instead of a full-fledged assembly as was at present with autonomous status under article 370.

Slogans against the BJP led government were also raised after another bill separating Ladakh region from Jammu and Kashmir was laid down in the upper house after the bill for the abolition of Article 370 was introduced by home minister Amit Shah.

The third bill laid down was regarding granting of union territory status to Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh instead of a full-fledged assembly as was at present with autonomous status under article 370.

There is complete acrimony in the upper house with members from the opposition benches of Congress, Samajwadi Party and BSP, etc continuously raising anti-government slogans. Nothing was audible except sloganeering and shouts in opposition of the bills.

The chairman even had to call marshals to physically remove some adamant slogan-shouting lawmakers.

Prior to introducing these bills, the prime minister had convened an important cabinet meeting at his Race Course Road residence where these three significant decisions were taken with a voice consent.

Straight from the Race Course Road residence the prime minister Narendra Modi and his entire cabinet reached the parliament.

The home minister laid the bill at 11.00 AM followed by immense acrimony and disturbance resulting in adjournment for a few minutes.

The ordinance in this regard has also been issued by the president. Now after tabling of these two bills and issuance of ordinances Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh will be two separate states within the Indian union with JnK achieving the status of Union territory.

This is something never expected of. This is being termed by a historic decision by the ruling party leaders whereas highly unconstitutional by the opposition.

Meanwhile, three J n K leaders Sazzad Lone, former CMs Omar Abdullah, and Mehbooba Mufti have been kept under house arrest.

So far lakhs of innocents and army troopers have been killed and martyred since 1980 and the perpetuation of violence is still continuing.

After the bill becomes law there would be no dual membership, no separate flag and no separate constitution. Henceforth article 356 can also be imposed in the state and there will be reservation for the muslims in the state.

Surprisingly the Bahujan Samaj Party, BJP’s arch-rival, Shiv Sena, AIADMK, Jagan Mohan Reddy’s party etc have supported the bills abrogating article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and three other bills as well while the BJP ally JD ( U) has opposed the move.

The Congress and the PDP has outrightly opposed the bill abrogating article 370 from J n K accusing the ruling party of assasinating the constitution of India.

Meanwhile about 8000 CRPF troopers have been rushed to Jammu n Kashmir in addition to the 30000 troopers already deployed there.

In Jammu region as well as in Ladakh hundreds of inhabitants are jubilantly celebrating the move distributing sweets and dancing to the beats of drums.

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Kashmir the core issue that concerns PM Modi and HM Amit Shah



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Prime minister Narendra Modi has convened an official meeting of his cabinet colleagues and top bureaucrats at his Race Course road official bungalow, the agenda of which is still unknown.

Sources reveal that this significant meeting may be related to vital Kashmir affairs and the shooting down of five BAT troopers of Pakistan who had invaded into the Indian side in Kashmir to create havoc, killings of Armymen and the innocents.

The pivotal issues pertaining to the stationing of more than 10000 troops in view of the volatile situation pertaining to speculation of Pak sponsored terrorists creating Pulwama type misadventure may also be discussed in the meeting.

The National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, RAW chief and IB director were also summoned today by the union home minister Amit Shah at North Block to discuss the volatile Kashmir situation and the future consequences from Pak side after the killings of five BAT personnel of Pakistan on Indian side at LOC who clandestinely tried to infiltrate into Indian territory to perpetrate killings of innocents as usual.

The situation pertaining to Amarnath Yatra after the issuance of Advisory by the J& K government is now within control as almost all the pilgrims visiting Amarnath have safely returned back. The advisory was issued after the union government and J&K administration, including the Army acknowledged intelligence inputs about terror threats of Pulwama magnitude in Kashmir and during the Amarnath Yatra.

The security forces had also recovered the AK 47 rifles and few grenades on the Amarnath route clandestinely kept at the safe hideout.

Tomorrow’s meeting convened at 10.00 AM by the prime minister Narendra Modi, therefore, seems to be extremely significant to be attended by Union Home minister Amit Shah other cabinet ministers, NSA, RAW and IB chiefs, etc.

Meanwhile prime minister Narendra Modi today addressed the workshop of MPs in parliament house and gave them several important tips. He advised them to be always helpful and cooperative to the people and masses of the constituency and come true to their expectations. He also jokingly asked the photojournalists who’d come there to click pictures that they should have at least taken rest on Sundays. Are bhai kabhi to aaraam kar liya karo kam se kam Sunday ko hee sahi he quipped.

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First ATM installed at more than 11000 feet above sea level at Kedarnath



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The Uttarakhand chief minister of the double engine government Trivendra Singh Rawat has today inaugurated the ATM service at the historic Kedarnath Shrine precincts at more than 11000 ft altitude, after it was washed away in the massive ecological disaster of June 15. This is the only ATM in the entire Kedarnath valley.

Thanks to the untiring efforts and dedicated commitment of Uttarakhand government for having taken the pains to finally to get the ATM installed at the ancient Kedarnath Shrine after protracted five years, where more than two lakh pilgrims and tourists visit every season to pay their revered obeisance to Baba Kedarnath in His historic shrine established centuries ago.

Even the prime minister Narendra Modi visited this Kedarnath about four to five times after the dreaded ecological disaster for paying obeisance to Lord Shiva at Kedarnath and also directed the state government to expeditiously carry out the reconstruction work in the Kedarnath Dham precincts.

A massive budget was also allocated for the complete facelift of this historic shrine.

If we measure the approximate number of visitors at this historic shrine taking an average of one lakh visitors every season, the figure would come to more than five lakhs.  One can imagine how much inconvenience the visiting pilgrims were confronting in the absence of an ATM. The earlier available ATM was washed away in the heavy deluge on June 15/ 16 2013 that killed thousands of pilgrims from all over India who’d converged for Lord Kedar’s darshan.

We remember the news of this ATM being damaged due to the high-velocity tides and currents and of the deluge of the Chora baari lake also known as Gandhi Sarovar in June 2013.

On the day of this deluge and afterward, wads of notes were seen floating far away in the river which was finally picked up by some Sadhus who tried to siphon them off clandestinely but were caught carrying the wads of notes collected by them floating in the water.

Finally, the government of Uttarakhand realized this inconvenience to pilgrims and opened the only ATM at Kedarnath Shrine. The chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat jubilantly inaugurated it. Better late than never, after more than five years in 2019 we have the ATM again after it was washed away in 2013.

In a tweet, today along with the pictures of inauguration of this new ATM the chief minister Trivendra Singh proudly tweeted: Harsh ka vishay hai ki Kedarnath Dham mein pehla ATM aaj se shuru ho gaya hai. @ HDFC _Bank dwara sthapit ATM se shradhaluon ko badi raahat milegi. 2013 ki aapda mein Kedarnath mein maujud ATM bah gaya tha.

Matter of pleasure to announce that a first ATM has been installed at Kedarnath shrine. The HDFC ATM will be of immense help to pilgrims. In 2013’s disaster the Kedarnath ATM washed away in the deluge.

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CBI officers visit accident site to collect relevant evidences at Rae Bareilly



CBI headquarter in New Delhi
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The supreme court of India has tightened its grip over the Unnao rape and the subsequent alleged conspiratorial accidental murder case of the 21 year old rape survivor and her lawyer who are battling for life after the gruesome head-on collision of their car by a truck coming from Banda to Rai Bareilly killing two of the aunts on the spot.

The apex court has while taking cognizance of the case directed the central bureau of investigation to investigate the matter within 15 days and submit the final report to the court including directing the fast track court in Delhi to pronounce the sentence to bring the culprit to justice in 45 days.

Meanwhile, the apex court has also directed the UP government to shift the uncle languishing in Sitapur jail to Tihar prison in Delhi at the earliest.

The court had earlier asked all the cases pertaining to the Unnao rape matter to be shifted to Delhi.

After the apex court’s chief justice Ranjan Gogoi’s furiousness in adopting laxity in the matter and reprimanding the law enforcement agencies, the officers of this premier investigating agency CBI today visited the crime scene of the accident and minutely studied the entire circumstances leading to this alleged conspiratorial accident, causing two deaths and critically and vigorously injuring the rape survivor and her lawyer.

Just two days ago after excessive media hype the state government’s police and forensic department’s investigators had also taken necessary samples and evidences from the crime scene through the Uttar Pradesh police was till the last proclaiming the accident as real and prima facie accident, not conspiracy, despite the fact that the trucks number plate was covered with grease and it committed the deadly head-on collision from the wrong side allegedly giving every indication of a doubtful murder than a plain incidental accident.

The rape survivor’s aunt who got killed was a prime accused in this case. The accused MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar now expelled from BJP after two years of so much of hullaballoo is currently languishing in Sitapur jail as undertrial but having all facilities as charged by the sister and mother of the rape survivor whose family was allegedly threatened during the last fortnight by the MLA’s goons and henchmen with dire consequences in case they do not retract and withdraw the case.

There is a nationwide outrage in and outside parliament on this issue with protests in different parts of the country including at parliament premises.

The brother of the lawyer who is injured in this incident has openly accused the MLA of hatching a conspiracy inside the Sitapur jail to eliminate his brother and other witnesses.

Similar charges were rapped by the rape sirvivor, her sister and mother who’d lost two nearest relatives and a father n husband while relentlessly struggling to get justice for the last two years running from pillar to posts.

Certain media news channels have even allegedly shown recorded films of the MLAs near and dear ones’ visiting the Sitapur Jail premises at odd hours by allegedly greasing the palms of policemen guarding the jail just two days ago after the tragic accident of the rape survivor.

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Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak is the new CMD of GAIL ( India) Ltd



Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak, new CMD of GAIL ( India) Ltd
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Gas Authority of India Limited with its headquarter based in New Delhi’s Bhikaiji Cama Place has nominated its new Chairman Cum Managing Director. Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak earlier serving as Director project GAIL since 2014 has today taken over charge as the new CMD of this highly profit-making organization. The earlier CMD Mr. Tripathi has retired.

Mr. Ashutosh Karnatak carries behind him a rich experience of 37 protracted years in the hydrocarbon sector and is also concurrently serving as Director ( Projects) in GAIL.

As per the financial projections till February 2019 the state-owned gas distribution company GAIL ( India) Limited jumped in the third quarter profit beating market estimate, buoyed by a surge in revenue from its natural gas marketing segment says a TOI report published in February. According to the report, the profit for the quarter ended then on December 31 last came to a whopping 16.81 billion rupees i.e. 234.32 million dollars compared with a profit of 12.62 billion rupees last year as per the GAIL’s projections.

According to the Refinitiv Eikon data quoting TOI report sixteen analysts on average estimated the company, which also engages in the transmission of petrochemicals and liquefied petroleum gas, posted a profit of 15.51 billion in a quarter.

The TOI report of Feb 2019 further says that GAIL’s revenue from operations surged 37.3% to 197.89 billion rupees. Similarly, it’s gas marketing segment which accounts for more than 3, 4th of the total revenue enhanced to a whopping 46%.

Along with Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak who took charge as CMD GAIL, Dr. Kulbhooshan Baluni also took charge as Director IIM Kashipur and Professor Padhy as Chairperson of IIM Kashipur Campus, Dun today. Mr. KC Pandey of Awaj Suno Pahadon ki and Uttarakhand Journalists Forum extended their heartiest congratulations to all of them for their enlightened future.

Dr. K. C Pandey a renowned entrepreneur of Uttarakhand and social activist congratulated Dr. Karnatak on assumption of the charge as new CMD GAIL at his Bhikaiji Cama place office by presenting a bouquetin person.

A post-graduate from IIT Delhi Karnatak graduated in electrical engineering from HBTI Kanpur. He is credited for developing an innovative project monitoring and controlling technique ARJUNA and a capability-building model. He accompanies with him a 39 years experience in Oil and Gas sector who joined GAIL in 2014 and reached its top slot just in a span of 4 and a half years.

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