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Imran Khan’s friendly initiatives have no meaning till he does not rid Pakistan of terror santuaries n terrorism



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The issue of Kartarpur corridor which seemed like opening the doors of a new chapter of friendship between India and Pakistan, particularly after the elevation of renowned cricketer Imran Khan as the new prime minister of Pakistan has taken a topsy tervy turn with India and Pakistan still engaged in mudslingling and accusations on each other giving an unambiguous impression that keeping the confrontation between the two nations’ alive suits both the ruling partys’ political dispensations to keep on their governments running smoothly and politics intact.

There is no doubt that the successive governments in Pakistan since they achieved separate nationhood always stood against India as its arch enemy , attacked India number of times, lost all wars but always kept the Kashmir issue alive by making Pakistan a fertile sanctuary of terrorists and infilterating them in Kashmir killing thousands of innocent civilians and Armymen including the paramilitary troopers.

While the Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan is making number of statements regarding extending two steps forward incase India initiates’ one step ahead, the Kartarpur corridor initiative between both the countries does not seem to serve any suitable purpose of renewed efforts of friendship dialogue despite the decision being historic as politics of Congress and BJP has cropped in to take credit of this historic intiative.

While the Punjab state minister of Congress party government Navjyot Singh Sidhu is claiming the credit for opening of the Kartarpur Pakistan and Nanak Dera India corridor being the old and trusted friend of Pak PM Imran Khan, the BJP led NDA government pats its own back and blames Sidhu as the die friend of India’s traditional enemy.

There have also been accusations and allegations of Pakistan aiding and abetting the Khalistani terrorists in its own soil particularly Gopal Singh Chawla who was shown most cordially and merrily talking to the Pakistani general Bajwa at the ground breaking ceremony in Pakistan by Indian TV channels and the print media.

The Indian external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has already refused to initiate talks with Pakistan despite Imran’s initiative for dialogues, saying that inview of the increasing killings of Indians and Pakistan’s not giving up its stand on sponsoring and abetting terrorists including closing down of terror sanctuaries the friendship parleys can’t go hand in glove.

Similarly the prime minister’s visit to the SAARC conference to be held in Pakistan has also been cancelled for the second time, as India wants complete stoppage to terror funding and support to terrorists from the Pakistani soil.

The rigid stand of India despite the Kartarpur intiative seems to be a logically genuine decision as Pak PM Imran Khan has never committed to give up shielding and abetting terrorists n terrorism from the Pakistani soil and had not mentioned even for once while speaking on the ground breaking ceremony in Kartarpur, Pakistan his commitment to do so, though he did raised the Kashmir issue.

He did’nt even uttered a single word on 26/11 attack in Mumbai in which 160 innocents died. He did not say a single word on the dreaded terrorists like Hafiz Sayed etc who are roaming freely in Pakistan and spreading venom against India n killing hundreds of people in Kashmir.

Instead Imran Khan tries to skip these questions by putting the blame on previous governments and terming them as an inherited issue thus standing non committal on counteting terrorism in the Pakistan soil.

It’s not only India but the entire world which unambiguously knows – how Pakistan is sponsering and funding the hardened terrorists as a terrorist nation. Even in UN and the US list Hafeez Sayed n other terrorists are registered as International terrorits with heavy awards on their heads but the Pak government is not playing any vital role to penalise n hand them to the US and India.

The US president too has warned Pakistan number of times to clear its soil of terror sanctuaries n have even stopped the huge financial aid but instead of obliging US its traditional friend it preferred to wholly side with expansionist China given a clrar impression that the PAK military, political leadership n the ISI are not interested to counter or eliminate terrorism from its soil either willingly or for fear of polotical implications n repurcussions.

The crux is, unless Pakistan gives up the killing spree in Kashmir and clears its soil of terror sanctuaries and terror funding activities, any historic initiative between the two countries will have to be looked or assesed in isolation as rightly said by the Indian Army chief Genl. Vipin Rawat in the context of the Kartarpur, Corridor.

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Sunil Negi hails from Uttarakhand and is a veteran journalist and author. He is a prolific writer and has carved a name for himself in the media world. He received the 'Golden Achiever Award' in the '90th AIAC Excellence Awards 2019' for his book ''Havoc in Heaven'' based on the tragedy that struck Uttarakhand in which thousands of people lost their lives. He is also the President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and majorly writes on Politics, Current Affairs, and Social Issues.

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India is proud of the contribution of Indians abroad. Says, have never heard about their single complaint : PM Modi



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I have visited good number of countries abroad during my five year tenure and to whichever country I visited I was proud to hear about the praise of Indians living there.

I never came across about any complaint of any Indian during my visit rather Indians were lauded for their affableness and finest contribution.

India feels proud of all of you. Prime minister Narendra Modi expressed these words while addressing the Indian community in Colombo Sri Lanka today amid Modi Modi n Jai Shri Ram sloganeering hailing the prime minister.

Prime minister Narendra Modi after his brief address went to the crowd and jubilantly shook hands and accepted the greetings of maximum number of Indians curious to see him in their midst in Colombo Sri Lanka.

Addressing the curious and jubilant Indian community, prime minister Modi lauded the Indian electorates at home for voting in massive numbers, despite the scorching heat thus giving him and his government a clear and transparent mandate.

He said India for the very first time after independence witnessed the maximum number of voting percentage and was privileged to elect maximum numbers of women as members of Parliament.

Modi added: We as Indians should celebrate and appreciate our democracy as it’s not a system but a Sanskaar, a heritage brought forward by our ancestors.

India’s democracy is associated with Sanskaar it’s not a system he added. He said that in Indian democracy there are political differences during the elections but after counting is finished all are one, irrespective of ideological or political differences.

Entire India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari becomes united and cohesive. Now we are all one.

We have to work for the well being of 130 crore Indians. We have to make India strong, powerful and a progressive nation through our unified efforts.

Appreciating the Indians living and working abroad prime minister Narendra Modi said that even the Indian running a shop or involved in business in South Africa or other foreign countries think on same wave length as the prime minister of India.

This is the decency and beauty of Indian democracy. He appreciated and lauded the Indians living in Sri lanka and said that India is proud of their commitment, dedication and intelligence.

After the conclusion of his speech, PM Modi went to the enclosures of the Sri lankan Indians and shook hands and accepted their greetings on his victory.

Prime minister Narendra Modi also paid his respectful tributes to the deads of the terrorist attacks during Easter in which 11 Indians had also died.

Prime minister Narendra Modi is the first PM in the world to have visited Sri Lanka after the dreaded Easter attack claiming 250 lives.

This was the one day visit of PM Modi after his two days Maldives visit where he addressed the Maldives parliament and strongly condemned global terrorism and urged upon all the nations of the globe to come together to fight this menace with a heavy hand.

The prime minister Narendra Modi would be visiting the famous Tirupati Balaji shrine on his retun from Sri lanka.

Meanwhile prime minister tweeted about his Srilanka visit twice: I had a short but immensely fruitful Srilanka visit. Silanka has a special place in our hearts.

I assure my sisters and brothers of Srilanka that India will always be there with you and support your nation’s progress. Thank you for your memorable welcome and hospitality.

In the second tweet he wrote: Had fruitful discussions with Prime minister Ranil Wikramesinghe. Assured India’s full support to further strength bilatetal development partnership including through people oriented projects in Sri Lanka.

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Pulwama mastermind Masood Azhar is dead ?



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The social media n television news channels including the you tube news channels of the country quoting Pakistan news sources have claimed about the possible death of the most wanted international terrorist Azhar Masood either due to the the kidney failure, his being badly diabetic or having been grievously injured in the Air attacks by India in the recent off loading of 1000 kilogram bombs in the Balakot training headquarter of Jaish e Mohammed n thereafter succumbing to his injuries in a Pakistani Army hospital in Rawalpindi where he was claimed to have been addmitted by Pakistan Army for treatment.

While the social media news from Pakistan about Azhar Masood’s death has gone viral worldwide there is no official confirmation or denial in this regard till yet. However, some of the news websites are now quoting the ANI tweet in its twitter handle quoting the Pakistan Pakistan’s media Geo Urdu News claiming that the hardened criminal responsible for the Uri n Pulwama genocidal fidayeen attacks Jaish chief Azhar Masood is very much alive though in bad health.

The Geo TV Urdu news have quoted the family sources denying his death. The government of Pakistan has however, neither denied nor confirmed the news. It may be recalled that the foreign minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi has just two days ago confirmed on television new channel CNN n Pakistan print media that Azhar Masood is extremely ill and not even able to walk thus confined to his house or hospital.

The news was published and aired in all the Pakistan n Indian news channels. Sources reveal that there are two possibilities that either Pakistan is trying to spread the rumours of hardened international terrorist death in order to appease Indian anti Pakistan sentiments or wanted to skip his death news as a result of his dying or grievously injured in the Indian attack at Balakot as it has already spread misinformation that no one was injured in the Indian Mirage Balakot attacks on Terror camps of Jaish.

On the other hand there are unconfirmed news of Masood Azhar having been grievously injured in Indian Mirage 2000 attacks n thereafter succumbing to the grave injuries in the Rawalpindi Army hospital along with several other Jaish terrorists. There is tremendous confusion on Azhar Masood’s being dead or still alive.

Just three days ago United States, United Kingdom and France has moved a resolution in United Nations to declare Azhar Masood as the UN designated terrorist and the request is still under active consideration under 1267 in the UN.

Pak’s natural ally China is still neutral having used its VETO thrice, earlier to oppose the move. There is heightened tension at the LOC after the Pulwama attack n subsequent airstrikes from both Indian n Pakistan sides.

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthanam who had returned to India after the 60 hours captivity in Pakistan after shooting down the Pak F 16 is convalescing in Delhi’s RR Cantt hospital of Indian Army. There is heavy gun fire and shellings continuing by the Pakistan’s side breaching the cease fire agreement with Indian Army heavily and strongly retaliating in the Nav Shera sector of Pakistan.

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Abhinandan to reach Attari by 5.00 PM. Crowds swell at Attari border. Sushma addresses OIC meet asks muslim nations to help eliminate terrorism



Crowds swelling at Attari border, MEA Sushma Swaj n Abhinandan, Indian Air Force Wing Commander fighter pilot of MIG 16
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While on the one hand Pakistan is handing over the Indian Air Force wing commander who accidently landed in the Pakistan soil near the Harron village two days ago after shooting down the Pakistan’s F 16 as a gesture of peace, it’s breach of international obligations n Indo Pak accord is continuing at the LOC as it’s incessantly firing n bombarding the villagers at the borders resulting in a killing of a 27 year old woman in the Navshera Sector n injuring an armymen on leave.

The incessant shelling from the Pakistan side in Navshera sector is still continuing with India Army strongly retaliating n responding. Meanwhile yesterday night the Indian Army troopers have gunned down two hardcore terrorists in the Kupwara sector during the massive combing operation who started firing on the Army troopers.

The cross firing continued for hours together finally killing the two hard core terrorists. In the meanwhile the Indian external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj in her eloquent address at the OIC in Abhu Dhabi as a special guest of honour has appealed all the OIC member countries numbering 57 to strongly n fiercely condemn and unite to fight the terrorism on a wide scale which is a strong curse on humanity n mankind’s peaceful existence.

With naming Pakistan Sushma Swaraj strongly dwelt on the issue and said that India is the land of symbol of global peace father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and the way divisive, extremism n terrorism is raising its head in entire Asian subcontinent especially India, Bangladesh n few other South Asian countries rapidly the OIC will have to strongly and descisively come forward to eradicate n eliminate terrorism from the globe and warn countries shielding n financing terrorism worldwide.

She said India has been the beacon of peace since decades and want to reiterate that fight against terrorism is not the fight against religions. Fight against terrorism is not a confrontation against religions she added. If we really want to save the humanity then the OIC member countries should catagorically tell the countries financing, aiding and abetting terrorism to dismentle the terror camps n terror sanctuaries active in their countries said Sushma Swaraj.

She added that terrorism and extremism bear different labels but their sole aim is to destroy mankind n humanity which needs to be crushed strongly at all costs. It may be recalled that Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj who’d been invited as the OIC conference as the chieg guest n Pakistan’s conspicuous absence or boycotting it unambiguously speaks of the fact that not only has it been sidelined or isolated in the Western nations but in its own BIRAADARI od Muslim nations it has lost yrust n goodwill.

Meanwhile there is tremendous enthusiasm at the Attari border today with mediamen with TV cameras stationed their in large numbers. The crowd is surging in good number with lots of Indian national flags n photographs being held by people collected here. Slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai n the patriotic songs are renting the air.

There are people from different parts of the country with maximum people from Punjab. People from Delhi n NRIs are also there. Enthusiastic people had started collecting at Wagah Attari border since morning 8 AM and are in a jubilant mood with people donning the I love you India and Salutes Adbhinandan caps.The general public n the media have been kept quite away from the usual ceremony spot with paramilitary barricades blocking the area.

The parents of Abhinandan, his father Kumhakutty Varthaman the former Air Vice Marshall n his mother, capable veteran pilot are also reaching there to receive their valiant son. It is believed that Abhinandan Varthanam is going to be handed over to the Indian government by 5.00 PM at the Attari border at Amritsar. At the moment several Indian Airforce Officials have gone to meet Pak authorities ( not confirmed) to complete the official formalities of taking over of the IAF pilot which may take some time.

However, this is not the first time that our IAF wing commander is being returned by Pakistan. India too returned without any harm 92 thousand Pak armymen captured n compelled to surrender under Genl Niazi in 1971 war during prime minister Indira Gandhi’s tenure. In 1965 Col Karriappa was returned to India in 1965 war n in 1999 Kargil war Caltain Nachiketa IAF pilot was returned back after tremendous torture having been detained for 8 days under extremely odd situation. Two of our army officers were also done to death shockingly against the established military protocols n Geneva Conventions.

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Pak to release Abhinandan tomorrow as a peace gesture. Indian pressure n global diplomatic efforts finally succeed.



Indian Air Force MIG 16 Pilot in Pak's captivity after having been hit
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Pakistan to release braveheart Abhinandan tomorrow/ Says it’s a peace gesture

According to the latest news reports, the Pakistan PM Imran Khan has assured India that it will hand over the captured wing commander of Indian Air Force, pilot of MIG 16 that destroyed the Pakistan F 16 to India as a gesture of peace between India n Pakistan.

As per the news pouring in, addressing the special session of Pakistan parliament convened to discuss the escalating tensions between both the countries, Imran Khan said that its a peace gesture from Pakistan to India for the de escalation of war between both the countries as the consequences of the war would be highly fatal.

India has been constantly pressurising Pakistan to hand over the Indian Pilot who landed in the Pakistan territory yesterday when the MIG 16 he was piloting got crashed in the aeriel engagement with the Pak’s F 16 at 10.35 AM when India’s two Sukhoi n the MIG 16 chased the Pak’s 12 war fighters inside the Pak territory after they tried to unsuccessfuly bomb the Indian military installations on the Indian side breaching our LOC in Kashmir n Pathan Kot etc.

In two messages on Pakistan Television Pakistan’s cricketer turned prime minister Imran Khan had said that better sense should prevail between India n Pakistan as any sort of miscalculation between Pakistan n India would lead us to no where except destruction.

He accepted for talks on Pulwama tragedy n said that Pakistan is ready for any enquiry on terrorist acts as it would not like its land to be used for terror or terror related activities.

India had rejected the Pak’s proposal saying that until or unless it does not wipe out terrorists n terror sanctuaries from its land creating bloodshed n havoc in India n stringently punish n hand over the murdurers of Uri, Pulwama n Mumbai attacks to them to bring them to due justice India can’t rely on it’s any assurance as the neighbouring country has always been lying repeatedly but not giving up patronising n abetting the JEM n LET terrorists who had let loose terror n bloodshed in strife torn Kashmir.

After the capture of the India pilot n breach of our LOC targetting Indian military installations India has summoned the deputy Pak High Commissioner to South Block n registered India’s strongest protest demanding immediate release of the captured Indian Air force Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthanam and giving him the best possible treatment ensuring his safety.

Meanwhile the three defence forces chief are expected to address the media in the evening. The prime minister Narendra Modi has already accorded full discreation/ freedom to the three chiefs of the defence forces to act freely agaist the recent misadventures of Pakistan who had met him yesterday to apprise the prime minister of the full preparedness of the three defence forces as well as the downing of the Pakistan’s F16 after the latter’s failed misadventure against India .

Today India has accused Pakistan of creating an atmosphere of mass war hysteria and has specificall n emphatically asked Pakistan authorities to release the captured pilot who has not committed any criminal act .

The government had asked Pak government to release him forthwith honouring the Geneva conventions. In addition to this India has also handed over a dossier to the Pakistan High Commissioner with details of terrorists n terror organisations running freely in Pakistan asking the Pak govt to close them forthwith n hand over the main culprit of the Pulwama genocide JEM chief Azhar Masood to India in order to bring him to justice.

It may be recalled that there is tremendous pressure from the international community on Pakistan as the whole world knows how openly, unambiguously and shamlessly it’s involved in disruptive terror activities creating havoc to peace in Asia n the world. The Twin Tower attack, Mumbai attack, Uri attack, Pulwama attack n scores of such life taking misadventures in strife torn Kashmir have outrightly exposed Pakistan as no country of the globe wants terrorism to flourish.

The United Nations is already seized of the matter. The US had already stopped the 240 million aid to Pakistan n US president Donald Trump has literally scolded Pakistan to mend its ways n wipe out terrorism n terror sanctuaries from its land but of no avail.

Today Pakistan has been completely isolated internationally n therefore Imran Khan n Pak’s military n ISI have no option but to release Indian Pilot forthwith n offer peace gestures. It also knows that angering India would lead it to nowhere as Pakistan has always lost all wars fought with India till now right from 1947 to 1999 with getting divided vertically in 1971.

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Two pilots die in an Air Force fighter chopper crash. Indian IAF gun down Pak’s F 16 in Lam Valley



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A fighter helicopter MI- 17 V5, of Indian Army which took the flight from Avantipora has come down due to a severe technical fault, completely destroyed.

Reporters of television channels are issuing confusing statements while some say that it was a MIG fighter while some that it was an Army fighter chopper.

The aircraft fell down at Badgaon Kashmir after taking off from the air base due to a severe technical snag.

As per the news reports coming in there were four persons in the chopper. Pilot, co pilot n two others.

One fully immolated body was found on the crash site with hundreds of locals having gathered at the site.

According to latest confirmed reports a pilot and a co pilot has been killed in this crash.

In the meanwhile there are reports that the SU Aircraft Indian Air Force fighter pilots and anti aircraft guns have destroyed an F16 combat aircraft of Pakistan Air defence on the Pakistan side of LOC at midnight in the Lam Valley.

The Lam Valley is near the POK. In the meanwhile as per the news of various news channels two minutes high alert have been issued in all the civilian airports and defence air bases particularly in Punjab, Kashmir, Bareilly, Gwalior, Poonch, Agra, Srinagar n Delhi. This means that the Indian Airforce Pilots are in a position to take off from their respective air bases within two minutes of the emergency call.

All the flights have been canncelled from Jammu n Kashmir, Punjab, Dehradun, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Srinagar, Dehradun etc .

There are supposed possibility of Pakistan retaliating on civilian population n Indian Airports.

As per the statements of former defence officials on television debates an atmosphere of war has already been created as Pakistan has breached the LOC yesterday midnight n are in a panic in view of their F16’s destruction by Indian Air Force.

The entire international border on LOAC is on highest alert. India has yesterday targetted only the terrorist camps n have neither aggressed its Army nor the civilian population but Pakistan has retaliated by crossing the LOC and entering Navshera n Lam Valley by breaching the Indian Air Space.

There are possibilities of Pakistan targetting the soft areas particularly Jammu n Pathan Kot say Major General retired Shanker Prasad in a television debate.

It may be recalled that Pakistan has purchased few high tech fighter aircrafts F 16 from the United States of America.

Meanwhile the meeting of the high level Cabinet Committee on Security is going on at the prime minister’s residence presided by Narendra Modi. The defence minister Dr. Nirmala Sita Raman, Defence Secretary, NSA Ajit Dobhal, HM Rajnath Singh, Finance minister Arun Jaitley etc are present in the meeting.

There have been attempts in social media of planting old pictures of aircraft destruction by Pakistan to misguide India n its populace to spread false rumours n lying as usual.

These fabricated pictures are of 2016. Actually Pakistan is badly furious n angered after the Indian defence has gunned downed its F16 aircraft in Lam Valley in its own side of LOC a day after badly destroying the JEM terrorists n terror camps at Balakot, Pakistan.

Meanwhile muslim countries and US has unambiguously said that they would never support Pakistan in its pro terrorist actions and have warned Pakistan to desist supporting them.

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Foreign secretary Gokhale says IAF action was a pre emptive non military strike against JEM terrorist camps in Balakot, an action in self defence. India committed to fight against terrorism.



Foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale/ Pic from his FB time line
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The Indian government has officially accquainted the high commissioners n ambassadors of United States, China, England, Russia n other countries by calling their representatives at South block about the IAF’s preventive retaliatory action in the POK destroying from the root the launching pads, control centre n the training camps of Jaish e Muhammed terror organisations fully aided, abetted n sponsored by Pakistan Army, ISI n the current political dispensation.

According to the foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale Indian action was a non military pre emptive strike on JEM terrorists’ camp in Balakot, POK in self defence.

The hundred percent successful attempt has killed about 250 to 300 terrorists which included the one of the Azhar Massod’s cousin brother also who was the commander of Jaish n highly instrumental in the IC 814 hijacking operation of Indian plane to Kandhahar resulting in the release of JEM chief Azhar Masood.

It is believed that Indian foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale has explained them that India has not attacked Pakistan as the invasion was a preventive initiative in self defence on the secluded hill top where there was’nt any population except the terrorists.

Moreover since Pakistan has always been denying about the presence of any terrorist or terror organisation in Pakistan, this attack on terror sanctuary of JEM at Balakot also exposes Pakistan of its involvement n culpability in promoting terrorist organisations on its soil.

It may be recalled that Pakistan has always been speaking lies about protecting n promoting terror organisations on its soil, despite open expression of venom against India on Pakistani soil in various public meetings and claiming open responsibilities for Uri, Pathankot and Pulwama attacks.

Whole world knows that in the matter of Osama Bin Laden Pakistan had lied to the world and US about the whereabouts of the internationally recognised most wanted terrorist responsible for the New York’s twin Tower attacks n was badly exposed when the US army seals n commandoes found him in Abattabad, Pakistan killing him on the spot in a house where he was holed up under Pakistan’s protection.

Later on Pakistan denied about any knowledge in the context of Osamabin Laden’s stay in Abottabad shamefully. There is a DNA of lies in the Pakistan’s blood say people as it has been lying since decades despite the open fact that nothing is concealed about Azhar Masood n Hafiz Sayeed having been involved in various terror attacks in US n India n being protected in Pakistan.

Even the criminal of the 1992/ 94 Mumbai blasts that killed hundreds of innocents Davood Ibrahim is living in Karachi being protected by Pakistan but the latter had been repeatedly denying about his existence in Pakistan.

The Mumbai attack culprit Hafeez Sayeed had never been punished in Pakistan nor handed over to India despite delivery of ample evidence to Pakistan by India.

Today the entire world is standing in support India particularly after the Pulwama attack and have supported the resolution condemning the Pulwama attack in United Nations.

Even China has backed the resolution. The US, UK, Russia, Argentina and EU had also moved a resolution in UN for declaring JEM chief Azhar Masood as an international terrorist n declaring Pakistan a terror state.

Unfortunately China, the traditional friend of Pakistan had been using its VETO in the security council favoring Pakistan and opposing the Indian stand bringing Azhar in the UN’s top international terrorism list as a most wanted hardened terrorist. It even opposed India’s stand to be the member of the International Nucleur Club to keep Pakistan in good humour.

Meanwhile in Pakistan, which is in a denial mode saying that the India Air Force bombing was on vacant fields causing no harm to anybody due to Pakistan Airforce’s counter is being taken as mockery globally n the Pak PM Imran Khan is being badly shamed in the Pakistan parliament with opposition MPs shouting shame? shame slogans being telecast on Pakistan TV repeatedly.

The prime minister Narendra Modi has in his first public address in a rally in Churu after the IAF’s 2000 mirage attack said that he had kept his pledge by upholding the unity, integrity n safety of the nation by doing the needful and would continue to do so. He eloquently read the poem in this context in Hindi:

Saugandh mujhe is mitti ki main desh nahi rukne dunga mein desh nahi jhukne dunga. Saugandh mujhe is mitti ki main desh nahi jhukne dunga says PM Natendra Modi at Churu Rajasthan while addressing a public meeting.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has called a special session of Parliament n National Command Authority tomorrow to arrive to a unanimous decision to approach the UN with a complaint against India.

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What the PM committed after Pulwama tragedy has been fulfilled by IAF strike on JEM hideouts in PAK



PM Narendra Modi with NSA Ajit Doval
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INDIA HAS FINALLY avenged the deadliest Pulwama fidayeen attack master minded by the Pakistan sponsored Jaish e Muhammed hard core terrorist chief wanted internationally Masood Azhar by bombarding the JEM terrorist launch pads, control headquarter n training camps on the secluded Hill top in khyber Pakhtoon area in North West Frontier Province of POK without trespassing or violating the international border killing more than 300 terrorists of JEM aided and abetted by the Pakistan army, ISI n its successive political dispensations.

The 12 Mirage 2000 jets bombarded bombs worth of 1000 kilograms in the POK at 3.30 AM today not giving the enemy country even the minutest of the oportunity to retaliate. There is complete panic in Pakistan and a process of meetings of the Pakistan high ups are in progress at various levels. There have not been any statement from the Pakistan PM till yet.

The Indian Air Force has exercised immense restraint while executing the Air Force attack as it was done on the POK which belongs to India and under arbitrary occupation of Pakistan currently. It is believed that over three hundred terrorists have been killed in this midnight invasion. As per the news pouring in the Air chief Marshall Dhanoa had presented a full fledged air strike plan to Indian government on 15th February which was okay education n rehearsal for the same was carried out in various airfields of the country to fine tune the practice.

The lull on the Pakistani side as of now unambiguously speaks of the fact that it may perhaps go for any anti India misadventure as tweets are appearing from Pakistan public that Pakistan should strongly retaliate against India forthwith. The operation of IAF took hardly 21 minutes reveal defence sources.

Meanwhile in a press conference addressed by the foreign secretary Gokhale which lasted for few minutes said that it was a preventive anti terror operation from the IAF against the JEM who executed the parliament, URI, Pathankot and the latest deadliest Pulwama attack. IT may be recalled that the prime minister Narendra Modi has after the 14th February Fidayeen attack in Pulwama, Kashmir warned JEM n Pakistan of the deadliest Indian attack saying that the JEM backed by Pakistan has committed a huge blunder for which PAK will have to pay heavily n in just a week’s time India has tight the enemy country n JEM a befitting lesson.

Balakot in Pakistan which was also attacked is the main centre of JEM training camps. MEANWHILE the PM has acquainted the President n Vice president about the attack . Prior to these meetings the CCS chaired by PM Narendra Modi at PM’s residence discussed the aftermath situation of the major surjical Air Strike against terror sanctuaries in POK.

The finance minister Arun Jaitley n MEA Sushma Swaraj are meeting the opposition leaders to bring them into confidence on this latest air attack on Pakistan terror sanctuaries. It may be recalled that US, FRANCE, RUSSIA, ARGENTINA, UK n the European Union had already extended their solidarity towards India in its war against Pakistan sponsored terrorism and a resolution was also passed in UN with a voice vote strongly condemning the Pulwama attack and issuing warning to PAK to close terror sanctuaries in Pakistan forthwith.

Meanwhile as per the latest news dreaded top terrorist n commander of Azhar Yusuf n relative of Masood Azhar was running the terror camps in Balakot, Chakoti n Muzaffrabad. Azhar played a major role in the hijacking of IC 814 t9 Kaandahar in wh8ch JEM chief Azhar Masood had to be released. While in Pakistan parliament its MPs are raising anti Imran Khan slogans in various parts of India people are celebrating the Indian Airforce action against Pakistan.

On this ocassion Congress chief Rahul Gandhi tweeted : I salute the pilots of IAF. Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal assured that he is with the government on this decision and lauded the government’s efforts. The BJP supremo Amit Shah tweeted: I congratulate and salute the bravery and valour of our armed forces. Today’s action further demonstrate that India is safe and secure under the under the strong and decisive leadership of PM. Today’s action shows the will and resolve of a New India. Our New India will not spare any acts of terror and their perpetrators and patrons.

Former Jammu n Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed has tweeted that since there had been no much damage n casualty in Pak both Pak n India should not escalate further.

If we compare the population n the military might of India it is several times up than neighbouring Pakistan.

How powerful is India in terms of its defence power n preparedness can be gauged from the fact that while India has 13 lakh personels in its armed force Pakistan has just six lakhs with India’s hefty defence budget of 3.5 lakh crore as compared to Pakistan’s merely 68.5 thousand crores. In terms of other comparisons in terms of defence equipments between both the countries Pakistan does not stand anywhere.

The list is log n endless.

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Pakistan misguides the entire world by banning Jamait Ul Dava. Gives free hand to Army n protects Azhar n Hafeez Sayeed.



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A lier PM of a coward nation
The so called decision of the Pakistan government to ban the terror organisation Jamaat UL Dawa and one more led by international terrorist Hafiz Sayeed responsible for the Mumbai attack that killed 161 innocents is nothing but just a cover up to show the world countries that the new political dispensation in Pakistan is serious to curb terrorism n terror sanctuaries on its soil. The government of India n the US government after capturing Headley has delivered Pakistan enough proofs but inspite all this Hafiz Sayeed n Masood Azhar are roaming freely in Pakistan n delivering hate speeches issuing venemous statements against India including engineering deadliest fidayeen attacks like Pulwama etc.

While on the one hand after so much of international pressure and insult of Pakistan in UN and amongst the various nations of the globe not only is the coward Pakistan n its PM Imran Khan is asking for evidence shamelessly but has also given free hand to Pakistan Army to carry on misadventures aganst India. The Laskare Tayyebba n Jamaat Ul Dawa chief Hafeez Sayeed runs three hundred madrasas in Pakistan and generates funds in crores from gulf countries of the world which are literary the terror factories in the making.

The open statements of cowards Jaish E Mohammed chief Azhar Masood n LET head Hafiz Sayeed to destroy India to the core come what may are ample proofs of Pakistan Army’s and ISI’s complete patronage and blessings to these hard core terrorists n the terror sanctuaries flourishing on the Pakistan soil.

The entire world knows unambiguously that after the occurance of the tragic n most despicable Pulwama attack which martytred more than 40 troopers of CRPF, it was the Pakistan headquartered Jaish E Mohammed terror outfit which took the responsibility for this deadliest blast. Then where does the Question of giving proof to Pakistan is concerned ?

But instead of officially banning of the hard core terror organisations like LET n JEM n putting their chiefs on trial n detention the Pakistan premier diplomatically announces ban on just Jamait Ul Dawa which was the US demand since long and instead gives both these hardcore terrorists protection with special intructions of free hand to Pak Army to continue n carry the misadventures against India which unambiguously indicate that it will continue to sneak in terrorists in side Indian soil, carry on its anti India misadventures and continue to breach border pact despite 1800 previous LOC violations. Pakistan Army, ISI and its sponsored terror outfits n their chiefs Masood Azhar n Hafiz Sayeed are badly rattled n disturbed as the Indian Army has brutally killed Azhar Masood’s terrorist nephew n about 248 hard core home grown n Pak sponsored militants during the last three, four years and the trend is continued unabatedly.

There are still 57 terrorists left in South Kashmir who have shifted to their clandestine safe hide outs due to Army’s reprisals. The massive flushing out of terrorists’ operation of Indian Army n CRPF has created a huge terror n fear psychosis in the minds of the DEHSHATGARDS. Their days seemed to be numbered.

The government has withdrawn security cover earlier given to the Hurriyat leaders who are the Pak proxies. The Indian army n the J&K police have now established tremendous cordination n are doing their best to make Kashmir terror free. The recent statement of the Kashmir Chinab Corps chief Lt general KS Dhillon warning mothers to mend their sons prohibiting them not to pick guns but instead surrender failing which they’ll be eliminated speaks of the clear fact that now the India army in Kashmir is in no mood to relent.

Meanwhile Pakistan has been totally isolated in the United Nations. The UN today passed a resolution strongly condemning the Pulwama attack n the incessant terror killings in Kashmir at the behest of Pakistan. The resolution warned pak n its various terror outfits to give up their terror oriented activities. Even China stood with India for the first time in signing the resolution.

The countries like France, US, Argentina, UK, Germany n the Europeon Union have already assured India of their full fledged n outright support in countering terrorism worldwide n against Pakistan. They are bringing resolution in UN to include Azhar Masood in the UN terrorists list n to declare Pakistan a terror state.

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Pak badly frustrated after US, France and United Kingdom come to India’s rescue against the terror sponsoring nation PAK



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India has won diplomatically at the global level against Pakistan. The three countries of the world, super power United States of America, France and England have credibly stood in favour of India and against Pakistan by supporting India’s anti Pakistan stance and move a resolution in the United Nation’s demanding declaration of brutal n obnoxious Jaish chief as international terrorist in the UN list n pronouncing Pak a terrorist state responsible for engineering umpteen despicable murderous attacks in the Indian soil on several ocassions. This is a huge setback to coward Pakistan n its cricketeer turned flamboyant PM Imran Khan.

This is the right, opportune and most apt time for the world communities especially the western nations n the Europeon union to come forward to help n support India in their fight against global terrorism.

The entire world n humanity has already suffered tremendously at the hands of these divisive, reactionery n murdurous forces who’ve wrecked havoc in the entire global scenerio and India seems to be worst victim of this despicable murdurous n destructive trend at the hands of Pakistan who’d since decades been harbouring, aiding and abetting the terror sanctuaries, killing unfinite number of people within n outside Pakistan despite warnings from US n the peace loving countries.

It’s really shocking that even the United Nations have not been successful in its efforts to declare Pakistan as a hardcore terrorist state despite it’s unambiguous involvement in the US twin Tower attack, Mumbai attack, Pathan Kot attack and hundreds of other misadventures in strife torn Kashmir resulting in the most abominable unprovoked killings of innocent civilians n the army troopers making thousands of children fatherless n mothers widow.

There have been about 1800 or more cross border violations by Pakistan of the Indo Pak peace accord and shockingly over 80 thousand civilians, troopers n extremists have been killed in Kashmir during the last three decades.

There have been several instances of decapitating the heads of Indian Army soldiers at the LOC and Pak sponsored terror blasts in various parts of Kashmir n India.

The Pakistan Army, its ISI n the political dispensation are in league to ensure that India is destabilised from all angles having lost all wars fought with India till date.

The Chinese government is the one that is fully backing bankrupt Pakistan against India n had till date opposed the India’s entry into the elite Nucleur suppliers group as well as India’s every initiative to declare Azar Mehmood as the International terrorist in the UN list.

Entire world knows that the major culprit of 1992/ 94 Mumbai Bomb Blast mastermind Davood Ibrahim is in Karachi being protected by the ISI.

Who does not know that LET chief n mastermind of twin tower attack in US n Mumbai that killed about 6000 innocents obnoxious Hafiz is in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Are people n politicians of the world not aware that Jaish E Mohammed’s chief Azar Masood the mastermind of Pulwama attack n several other attacks in Kashmir lives is Bhawalpur, Rawal Pindi in Pakistan under full police protection.

Who does not know that Burhan Wani killed by Indian Army was the LET n Jaish’s proxy who killed hundreds of innocents in Kashmir and on who’s honour the govt of Pakistan released a postage stamp giving him an honourable status of a martyr.

Is it not true that after the dastardly killing of 41 CRPF troopers in Pulwama, Kashmir the Jaish chief Azhar Masood himself claimed the responsibility of the Avantipora massacre.

There are hundreds of well established proofs with America n India n the UN is still not able to declare Pak as the terrorist state n catch hold of these two dreaded terrorists masterminding terror operations n killing myriad number of innocents worldwide .

Time has arrived when all the peace loving countries of the world should sideline China n Pakistan in the global scenerio and apply sanctions against it including carrying out of flushing operations to arrest Hafiz Sayeed n Azhar Masood out of the Pak territory dead or alive. This is the only n most relevant solution to give a formidable stop to terrorism in Asia n the world. What’s your take friends?

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Sarfaraz annoyed with father’s co stars, says Bollywood is hypocrite and selfish



Late Kader Khan with his sons in Canada
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It is indeed a tragedy of Indian film Industry that an iconic personality of Bollywood who’d acted in about 700 films and impressed his billions of fans worldwide by his humorous histrionics n also scripted dialogues n stories for about three hundred movies with several of them being super duper hits, had to breath his last thousands of miles away from India, his actual Karmsthali, though born in Afghanistan on 31st December, 2018.


A heart throb of billions of his die hard fans acting  legend Kader Khan who’d acted in myriad number of movies with Super star Amitabh Bachchan, ever green hero Govinda , Shakti Kapoor, Johnny lever including late Super star Rajesh Khanna etc none of them, who called him a fatherly figure, remembered him during his critical days in complete isolation n loneliness when the veteran actor n dialogue writer was seriously ill counting his last days in pain.


Kader Khan had taken the Canadian citizenship as all his three sons, the eldest being Sarfaraz were already settled in Canada. Had Kader Khan acknowledged the  adequate n due attention in Mumbai, by his five decades old film fraternity, while ill n in bad health things would have been different and the former would have preferred leaving for his eternal home in India itself.


But after his severe knee surgery having gone away n his health condition gone heywire, the lonely Kader Khan who was expecting moral, psychological and physical support from his earlier co actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Shakti Kapoor, Johnny lever, Asrani, Govinda and his other co stars whom he remembered a lot during his last time while in crisis he was literaly morally dead while alive in total isolation n bewilderness.


According to his son Sarfaraz Khan who looked after his father very minutely n with due care had a deep grudge against his father’s co stars like Amitabh, Govinda n Shakti Kapoor who though always talked very high of Kader Khan n termed him as their fatherly figure n even God father, never ever called him either on phone or personally to know about his welfare n welbeing nor bothered to visit him either in Mumbai n later in Canada.


Sarfaraz said Kader Khan was morally extremely heart broken n felt lonely  while being ill during his last days of life in hospital in Canada who dedicated his five decades to Indian film industry.


He said, however Kader Khan was lucky to have three responsible sons who’d looked after him in his critical days and baded him good bye at the age of 81 cheerfully, who were near him in the hospital even while he breathed his last.


On the contrary, veteran film actors like Parveen Babi, Sadhna, Mohan Choti, Lalita Panwar and several others met a very sad end is extreme financial and emotional jeopardy in complete isolation as well.


Sarfaraz who was badly annoyed by the non cooperation of the film fraternity  in the context of not remembering his late father Kader Khan even once during his critical days says that this is how the Bollywood has become these days  as everybody honours n respects a star while he or she are on the rise or in news but the moment they are on the descendence or downslide all the co stars forget them which is indeed quite a distressing trend.


There was a time in the 70s n 80s when decency, amity n ethics ruled the Mumbai Film Industry. I fondly remember to have read in one of the  news reports that when Kaka was on his peak of stardom and music legend Pancham Da was operated in England for a severe heart ailment, Pancham Da’s friend  Rajesh Khanna flew to London all of a sudden and surprised the ailing  music director, when the later visited the former in hospital to know about his health condition after the surgery.


Kaka then in the peak of his super stardom used to keep Pancham Da happy and used to crack jokes to keep him in good humour while convalescing after the surgery in London. The cardiac surgeon who happened to be an Indian born was extremely pleased, enthralled and thrilled to see Kaka the then super star in front of him and invited him to dinner at his house. Kaka used to be with Pancham Da in the hospital during the day n in clubs in the night. Such was the bond between the Bollywood fraternity those days which has changed upside down now with stars now being selfish n hypocrites.


Kader Khan Sahab’s sad end in isolation with not a single co star trying to know about his well being while he was in critical days of his life unambiguously speaks of the fact that Bollywood no longer believes in emotions n passions but pure business. That’s it.

It may be recalled that being the Canadian citizen and no love, affection, support or cooperation acknowleged from Bollywood despite Kader Khan’sfove decades service to the Mumbai Film Industry as a legendary star, author, comedian n a role model, this veteran Bollywood star was constrained to be cremeted in Canada thousands of miles away from India his KARMSTHALI N AFGHANISTAN his Birth place. He was 81. What’s your take friends?

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