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UK government finds liquor sale as the key source to bridge its fiscal deficit. Mobile van liquor sale goes unabated, officially



The BJP led government of Uttarakhand running in a massive fiscal deficit of staggering 44000 crores has no option but to cover this fiscal loss by various means and sale of liquor on widespread scale seems to be the best possible alternative or option for the saffron party whose ideological plank is mainly spiritualism, hindu religion, propagation of values and principles of the majority community to beget votes in the name of temple construction in Ayodhya etc and appeasing them in every possible way.

In Uttarakhand, considered to be the land of abode of Gods where exist four historical religious sanctuaries for centuries viz Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamnotri , including hundreds of historical temples, the BJP government in order to cover its increasing fiscal deficit has preferred to throw all its religious and spiritual principles to winds against the wishes of the general masses by selling liquor on mass scale in the interior villages , towns and cities through a wide network of mobile vans or mobile truck services as well as in provision stores in residential localities who fulfil the condition of depositing a heavy security and having an annual turnover or sale of Rs. fifty lakhs.

There have been widespread protests in various nooks and corners of Uttarakhand by women and youths who’d been lathicharged and even jailed for not letting the government agencies open liquor shops in various parts of Uttarakhand, particularly in the interior villages. Hundreds of thousands of liquor addicts have already died and their families ruined due to substandard and even IMFL liquor in Uttarakhand. And the household women are the ultimate sufferers confronted with regular econmic problems and physical mental tortures.

But despite all this, the saffron party led government of Trivendra Singh Rawat preferred the widespread liquor sale in the land of abode of Gods than surrendering to the public pressure who’d voted him and his party to an overwhelmning majority with 57 lawmakers out of 70, a record of sorts during the last 18 years after the state came into existence.

While there is tremendous dearth of quality education, health facilities, and job avenues in entire state leading to massive exodus of village population to cities, towns and metropolises and ninety percent of the populace is demanding Gaursain as UK’s permanent capital symbolising the decentralised socio economic development, the BJP government shockingly seems little or neglibly interested in this genuine demand and is instead busy selling liquor all around through mobile vans and other convenient outlets thus literally spoiling the health wealth and career of its inhabitants particularly the women community who are already the most suffering lot in view of their increasing exploitation and no opportunity of socio political, economic and educational empowerment.

The situation has become so tense and awry, in the himalatan state in terms of liquor selling that the government had now provided mobile liquor sellers with armed police force in mobile vans separately, so as to forcibly counter the women and youth opposing the MOBILE THEKEVALLAS and if need be the police can go to any extent.

Just yesterday i.e. on 6th June when the local populace, particularly the women and youth vociferously opposed the opening of the new liquor shop in Dhalawala, Rishikesh not only were the processionists taken to task by the police but the government introduced a mobile liquor sale service alongwith mobile heavy police protection to ensure that there is no hiccup in the sale of liquor through these mobile vans.

Just imagine now liquor would be served door to door through these mobile van services officially, as vegetables and food grains are usually sold during the emergency situations.

Sounds ironical, ridiculous and anguishing as well that instead of opening mobile heath centres or polyclinics in the interior villages n towns for improving peoples’ health in abundance, the excise department and its minister has preferred running mobile liquor vans to play with the already deyeriorating biological, economic and social health of its inhabitants thus ruining their families, socially, culturally and economically. It is a general assesment and estimation that the excise department of Uttarakhand tentatively acknowledges the revenue or profit of 1500 to 2000 crores annually through such liquor sales in Uttarakhand. What’s your take friends?





The Congress president Rahul Gandhi while expressing his serious concern and equally ridiculing the prime minister Narendra Modi on the poor condition of the value of Indian rupee to US dollar having come to its all time low at Rs 70 , had posted his (PM’s) video on his twitter handle on 14th August, when the latter was the chief minister of Gujarat casting serious aspersions on the then prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh during the UPA regime when the Rupee fell down against the dollar.

Rahul Gandhi has in his tweet addressing Narendra Modi as the Supreme leader written: The Indian # Rupee just gave the Supreme leader, a vote of NO confidence, crashing to a historic low. Listen to the Supreme Leader’s master voice on economics in this video, where he explains why the Rupee is tanking.

However there is no response or rebuttal on this tweet till now by any senior BJP leader or functionery.

Only the Economic Secretary of the government of India has issued a statement saying that nothing to worry about the falling of the rupee as its due to the external international factors.

The vedio posted by Rahul Gandhi is of Narendra Modi when he was extensively campaigning during the national elections in 2014 castigating the then UPA 2 government and its prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh about the falling Rupee in the international market to the US dollar. Modi had then slammed Manmohan Singh for downslide of the Rupee due to acute corruption in the UPAgovernment.

In the video Modi had said in Hindi: Jis prakar se dollar majboot hota ja raha hai, rupaya kamzor hota ja raha hai, vishwa vyapar mein Bharat tik nahin payega. Hamare vyapari maal bahar bhejte hain, maal bahar se laate hain, wo iss bojh ko sah nahin payenge. Even Bharat sarkar jo cheezein laati hai, bhejti hai usko sahna mushkil ho jayega (The way dollar is getting stronger, rupee is getting weaker, it will become difficult for India stay in global business. Our traders export some articles, they import some other articles.

They cannot bear this burden. It will become difficult for even the Indian government to import and export articles),” said Narendra Modi.

But now , after the Indian Rupee has gone down to its all time low against dollar, the BJP leadership which had been talking so much about the economic growth reaching to 8% has no answer to the Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s tweet say the Congress man.

Rahul Gandhi had been speaking loud and clear about the Rafale deal, bank frauds, crony capitalism, inflation, unemployment and farmers’ suicides in his various public meetings in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and even in Parliament during the no confidence motion.

Now the issue of Rupee coming down to otsall time low against dollar in the global market has given one more significant point to the opposition to target the ruling BJP led NDA more stringently and strongly.

His first time pronouncement of PM Narendra Modi as the Supreme leader, as Kim is called in North Korea is something that sounds unique and different. In his past speeches he had branded Modi as arrogant and autocratic as well.

The tweet with the PM’s video elicited about 20 thousand likes, 8,494 retweets and 2,500 comments.

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The chief minister of Uttarakhand considers China as the untrustworthy neighbour and says that increasing exodus of the villigers to cities, towns and metropolises is not only the matter of greatest concern from the point of view of villages becoming devoid of population but is also worrisome because our 600 kilometre border with China will become extremely porous and insecure if population from the border villages leave Uttarakhand.

Rawat says that the inhabitants of our border villages are protecting Uttarakhand’s boundaries by helping the Army and paramilitary stationed their by providing them vital information of enemy’s excursion in the Indian territory, providing them all types of significant assistant in security matters and keeping our borders prosper and lively.

The Uttarakhand government has therefore laid special emphasis on countering the menace of migration by developing growth centres at the Gram Sabha levels so that the agricultural farming and other constructive activities are developed at the decentrilised village levels and their products are sold in the local markets under special brands in addition to empowering the villages with other facilities as well.

The Uttarakhand chief minister was answersing the questions of the interviewee in the Lok Sabha television the today i.e. on 14th August.

Speaking on wide range of subjects pertaining to Uttarakhand with sufficient ease and confidence Rawat said: the 18 year state has made galloping progress during his one and a half year tenure with the enhancement in health facilities in the interior district hospitals of Uttarakhand by doubling the numbers of doctors and providing every hospital with the ICU and other facilities like E radiology and E medicines. The process is an ongoing one and will take some more time to continue.

On being asked about the difference in achievements during his last ione and a half year tenure UK CM Rawat said that when we went for the election our primary issue was development of the state and eradication of corruption. I can say with full confidence that during my little tenure of just 1and a 1/2 year I have drastically hit on corruption and put 50 corrupt officials in jail which includes about 22 officials ofthe NH 74 scam of worth 225 crores. The day I entered my office after the swraring in I ordered the NH 74 svam’s inwuiry and recommended for the CBI investigation. Had I not acted so fiercly and swiftly the scam would have reached to 300 crores.

I had very unambiguously made clear that our government is zero tolerant towards the corruption in the state. Corruptors are running heywire. Some have gone out of the country. It is forthe fist ime that the state has retrieved Rs. 5 crores from the scamsters and more are following suit. In my opinion if any state has to progress and prosper its leadership should hit the corruption first as the money ofthe poor andthe public exchequer can’t be allowed to be looted.

Regarding the incessant felling of trees in the construction of the prime minister’s flagship all weather road project in Uttarakhand and its subsequent progress the chief minister said that in Uttarakhand which is covered by forests in the 60 to 70% areas has during the past few years increased its forest cover tremendously.

He has received complaints and objections from the NGT about felling of trees but in terms of development we have to ensure that the balance of development and environment is not disturbed hence we have issued instructions to ensure that less trees are axed and for every tree cut atleast 10 trees are planted and duly maintained till they grow fully.

He said that his government has planted more than 1.5 lakh trees in the Rispana river and Kosi river basin in order to recharge these dried rivers and added that it’s an authentic information, not a populist measure.

Speaking on the primary sector of economy generation in Uttarakhand, the domestic Tourism industry, the chief minister said that we have given special impetus to this sector as our people are in large number in the hospitability industry and the services sector.

Even when prime minister Narendra Modi was on tour abroad in whichever country he travelled he was pleased to meet the chefs of Uttarakhand serving there. The Uttarakhandies are accepted all over the globe due to their sobriety, generosity, kindness , good behaviour and dedication.

Therefore our special impetus to the tourism sector will help generate employment as well as economy. During my tenure the number of tourists every six months have increased manifold as compared to the earlier figures during the previous government.

He added that in the history of India it was during his government’s tenure that the president Pranav Mukerjee, Ram Nath Kovind and Prime minister Narendra Modi visited Uttarakhand and Kedarnath twice.

This has helped in rebuilding the confidence of the national and foreign tourists to a great extent instilling in them the confidence about their security issues which was lacking earlier.This is a great achievement.

Speaking on the progress made in the development of the Kedarnath Shrine vicinity or precints where the prime minister has taken special interest, Trivendra Singh Rawat said that during his tenure of less than two years the Kedarpuri precints have been fully developed. The PM wanted to fully renovate the Adi Shankaracharya’s Samadhi behind the Kedarnath temple and construction of the full fleged library on the life and outstanding works of this great seer who made the temple about more than ten decades ago.

Modiji desired that people should be made aware of the great seer’s works, achievements and moral values. The work on this museum on Adishankaracharya is almost complete.

Modiji also wanted that few caves and centres be constructed on the uperside of Kedarnath temple for meditation. The work is going on on a war footing.

Rawat said that even the former Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawat appreciated his government’s performance of the excellent rennovation work going on in Kedarnath when he visited Kedarpuri few monthsag with a binocular in his hands.

In addition Dharamshalas for tourists and the temple pujaries have been completed and 8 to ten metres wide hi tech roads are also adding to the glamour of this religious and spiritual township added Rawat.

Summing up, the chief minister said that his government’s basic and primary object is: development and getting the state rid of corruption. Pointing ou few of the achievements he said that while the state government is constructing an international convention centre at Rishikesh in an area of about 20000 hectares recently purchased from the central government it has also started using the pine needles (which are extremely hazardpus for our lands and environment and highly prone to spread of fire in the jungles thus extensively harming our flora and fauna) for extracting Taard ( chemical) from them to be further used for manufacturing Charcoal in roads contruction and other types of bio fuels like petrol from pine needle etc for various productive activities.

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The body of handsome young braveheart, a fighter with valour to the core, Pradeep Singh Rawat who sacrificed his precious life at the age of of mere 26 years was brought to his home in Rishikesh on 13th August with full state honours by the officers and jawans of Indian Army from the Uri Sector of Jammu and Kashmir where he was martyred in the line of duty valiantly fighting the enemy forces.

Hundreds of thousands of youths, students, men and women marched hailing the martyred soldier raising Pradeep Singh Rawat amar rahe and Pakistan Murdabad slogans during the day, following the Army truck.

The crowd was uncontrollable, angry and badly furious against Pakistan repeatedly raising slogans slamming it for its continued misadventures inside India territories demanding, teaching it a stringent lesson.

After the young martyr’s body was handed over to his traumatised and anguished parents there were literally tears in the eyes of thousands of the people who accompanied the Army truck carrying Pradeep’s body.

After the pious rituals the body of this warrior was kept for the last Darshan’s of the people to pay their respectful floral tributes and homage and thereafter confined to flames amid unstoppable tears rolling down the eyes of his parents, near and dear ones and all those present at the cremation.

This was the third martydom in Rishikesh in just a week’s time, the two earlier being of young bravehearts who sacrificed themselves at Gurez sector of J&K i. e. 26 year old Mandip Singh Rawat of Kotdwar, Pauri Garhwal district and 27 year old H. S. Pokhriyal of Rishikesh, both belonging to Garhwal Rifles.

There was a sea of infinite human beings in their last rights as well. It’s really shocking and anguishing to note that lots of young soldiers and officers of Indian Army are being martyred at the LOC and Kashmir in cross exchange of fire while fighting the dreaded Pak sponsered terrorists and in the arbitrary firing from Pakistan.

In an interview to the news agency ANI the grief stricken father of martyred Hamir Singh Pokhriyal of Garhwal Rifles had appealed to the government to go inside the Pak territory and avenge the martydom of brave young soldiers who are constantly losing their precious lives.

He said: though he is proud of his son’s valour and sacrifice for the country in the line of duty but now time has arrived when the Indian side should teach Pakistan a befitting lesson once for all as about 400 soldiers and officers of the Indian Army have laid down their precious lives for the nation during the last few years. He questioned: after all how long will the Pakistan’s misadventure against India continue?

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Just two days before the Independence day a student leader of JNU facing charges of sedition Umar Khalid (alongwith CPI’s Kanahiya Kumar, the former JNU student’s union president ) was today fired upon by an assailant in front of IENS building where the newspaper offices are located when the former had come out of the Constitution Club for tea and snacks alongwith his three colleagues.

According to Khalid and his friends they had come to Constitution Club at Rafi Marg, New Delhi to participate in a seminar titled ” KHAUF SE AZAADI” but since the programme had not started by then, Umar Khalid alongwith his friends came out at the nearby tea stall of NDMC to have tea n snacks at around 2.10 / 2.30 afternoon.

But when they were returning back a tall healthy man, as described by his friend Lahiri grabbed him ( Umar ) from behind who tried to resist. During the physical struggle with the unknown assailant when Umar noticed a pistol in his hand he applied full strength to catch hold of his hand with pistol.

Meanwhile his friends raised an alarm and tried to over power him but the assailant was successful in losing the grip and ran away firing from the distance.

In the confusion and perhaps desperation, hurry and huff, he left the pistol on the road. There was terror, chaos and anxiety all around.

The police reached the spot and took Umar Khalid in its custody for his safety. The crime branch officials have prepared the sketch of the assailant on the basis of the description given by Khalid’s friend accompanying him at the time of the alleged attack. They have also taken the CCTV footage of the cameras fixed in the nearby locations and are trying to examine them minutely and with precision.

Umar Khalid is fully secured and unhurt. This broad day light firing and attack on a person in the heart of the city just few metres away from Parliament house has raised a question mark on the bandobast of the law enforcing agencies just two days before the independence day say the people around.

It may be recalled that cases of sedition had been registered against the two student leaders viz Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar in June 2016 on the charges of raising anti India slogans in a programme organised in JNU to oppose the hanging of Afzal Guru, the convict of the parliament attack. They are currently on bail.

However even after the lapse of two years the charge sheets have not been filed against both of them for sedition reveal sources. Just a few metres away another function of the ruling party was being held in which Ms Meenakshi Lekhi, MP was the chief guest.

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Pune, The most liveable city in India as per the Ease of Living Index



Pune is the most liveable city in as per the Ease of Living Index launched today by Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Singh Puri. It is followed by Navi Mumbai and Greater Mumbai. Four cities from Maharashtra including Pune, Navi Mumbai, Greater Mumbai and Thane were among the top 10 cities. As per the report, Delhi is ranked 65, Gurgaon 88 and Ghaziabad 46. Kolkata was not the part of the report.
Other cities that are a part of the top 10 list includes Tirupati at number 4, Chandigarh at number 5, Raipur at number 7, Indore at number 8, Vijaywada at no 9 and Bhopal at number 10.
The survey included 111 cities in the country on the basis of four parameters institutional, social, economic and physical that is further segregated into 15 categories and 78 indicators.
The categories included governance, identity and culture, education, economy and employment, waste water management, health, security and safety, reduced pollution, mixed land use, transport and mobility, solid waste management, power supply, housing and inclusiveness, assured water supply and open public spaces.
The Ease of Living Index is an initiative of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), launched in June 2017 , to assess their liveability vis-à-vis global and national benchmarks and encourage cities to move towards an “outcome based” approach to urban policy and management.
A data entry portal and a monitoring dashboard for real time update on progress was established. The cities submitted data on more than 50,000 points. Secondary audit of 10,000 documents, physical audit of 14,000 units and survey of over 60,000 citizens was completed and that led to finalising the index, ministry sources explained.
The Ease of Living assessment standards are closely linked to sustainable development goals (SDGs) and seek to provide impetus to India’s effort for systematic tracking progress of SDGs in urban areas. Of the 17 SDGs, 8 goals are linked to India’s ease of living assessment framework with SDG 11 that is aimed at making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, Puri said.

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The power of the social networking site is tremendous, provided it is used for good, noble, genuine, transparent and philanthropic purposes.

It’s very easy to be negative or complacent to a cause but to help the man in need or the one suffering from agony, trauma or pain is the true and real service to the society.

The media is considered to be the fourth important pillar of the country and a very powerful one, provided it’s used impartially and justifiably and for the good of the poor, needy, down troddens, distressed, victimised, disadvantageous or the exploited.

These days social media has really geared itself and it has its own goods and evils.

But if used rightly and for the noble cause it does bring fruitful results and it has happened in the case of the budding and promising athelete Garima Joshi of Almora who brought laurels for Uttarakhand by coming sixth in the national 10 kilomteres race competition in Bangalore but was hard lucked to have met with a severe accident having broken her spinal chord that was fitted with sixteen rods and her lower body portion paralysed.

The treatment in a Bangalore hospital required expensive costs which was beyond her poor father to bear who had to mortgage his land and only house against the private loan of Rs. five lakhs from the money lenders at the interest rste of 10%.

Her mother is addmitted in Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital suffering from acute cancer.

Her younger brother is a dish washer in Mumbai drawing a meagre salary.

After knowing about her plight a RTI activist Gurvinder Singh Chadda posted a request for donations for this poor hapless girl, a few days ago.

On knowing I immediately made a story on newsviewsnetwork requesting one and all to donate generously for her treatment with the necessary bank account etc furnished in the news story with a special request to the Uttarakhand CM, the central government and the Sports Federation of India.

I even got it shared by number of FB friends and requested the CM, UK to do the needful by posting the story on his twitter handle and on the walls of all the UK leaders.

The news became viral with a good response. In the meanwhile the Uttarakhand C M Trivendra Rawat agreed to help the athelete by bearing the entire expenditure of the hospital.

In the meanwhile as per Gurvinder Singh Chadda, about Rs. 2.5 lakhs have been deposited in the account of her father Puran Singh and the Sports Authority of India’s senior officials are also visiting Garima joshi in Bangalore tomorrow, probably to help her financially and otherwise.

We all are so glad, relieved and indebted to one and all, on getting the extremely positive feedback from the UK CM, the general public and the Sports authority of India. Thank You Facebook and Twitter and all the kind and generous friends especially the UK CM who stood by the distressed family of Garima Joshi in these hours of crisis/ critical juncture.

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The prime minister Narendra Modi said that the BJP led NDA government at the centre despite having inherited double digit inflation, high revenue deficit, high fiscal deficit, a faulty banking system and stalled projects leading to a poor economy has expeditiously revitalised its efforts to navigate the economy back to the path of reforms thus encompassing and covering all the major areas.

The fiscal deficit that was 4.4% in 2013, 14 has been targetted to be brought down to 3.3% in the current fiscal year of 2018- 19. He added that together with the strong and robust policy of the Reserve Bank Of India the inflation rate has been brought down to 3.3% in the year 2017. The prime minister was answering the detailed written questionaire of the correspindents of Hindustan Times daily published in today’s edition i.e 13th August .

This was prime minister Narendra Modi’s second interview but in a written form after the first given to the news agency ANI.

Answering good number of questions on bilateral relations with Pakistan, US, China and on foreign policy matters including growth rate, his government’s overall performance, banking sector, UAE Israel binary, GST, IBC, bad loans and NPAs etc. prime minister Modi have given detailed written replies on all points , the interview having published in the centrespred (pages) of HT.

Dwelling in detail on the question of his visits to foreign countries and maintaining equilibrilum in the relations with China, US, Russia , UAE and Israel, Modi said that Diplomacy for Development was the key matra of his foreign policy and he always ensured that the development of the country, well beings of Indians and shared progress and prosperity in the world should be the central theme of India’s foreign policy.

Modi emphasised that his foreign trips with leading global businesses and economies amd diplomatic engagements have healthily contributed in accompanying a whopping business of 200 million US dollars in the Indian markets.

In addition, global giants from Russia, US and Saudi Arabia are investing about 35 billion US dollars in the energy sector alone thus adding to the phenomenal growth of Indian economy and subsequent employment generation opportunities in the country.

In the oil sector he catagorically said that the Indian companies have bagged stakes for the first time in oil fields in the middle east and many other competetive markets in the world.

Our partnerships to procure Uranium from many countries will help us sustain the country’s civil nucleur programme and promote science and technology and industry in India says prime minister Modi.

On the question of Arms purchase from Russia despite the waiver granted by US on all types of defence purchases and how does the prime minister manages to keep US happy, Narendra Modi replied: Both US and Russia are India’s long standing strategic partners.

Our relationships with them stands on the individual merits.We have time tested relationships with Russia. Our relations with the US has undergone a major transformation including in the spheres of security and defence. Therefore both the countries understand our legitimate interests, including our security interests says the prime minister.

In the context of India’s relationship with the new government headed by Imran Khan in Pakistan, prime minister Modi said: We hope democracy will take deeper roots in Pakistan. I congratulated Pakistan’s PM in waiting Imran Khan on his party’s resounding victory and hope that Pakistan will constructively work to build a strong, stable, safe and development oriented South Asia, free of terror and violence.

Replying to the question pertaining to Indo China relations despite the Doklam crisis, prime minister Modi said that both the countries always tried to resolve the border issues peacefully with not a single bullet having been fired from either side during the last four decades.

He added this reflects that both the nations are mature and capable enough of resolving differences peacefully.

Praising the Chinese premier Xi Jingping Modi said that he had met him several times during the last four years. Such frequent interactions on the sidelines of BRICS summit, East Asia Summit, G 2, meeting of the Shanghai cooperation organisation and Wuhan summit etc gives both the leaders an opportunity to interact freely and in candid atmosphere to understand each others’ concern without being forced into a diplomatic straitjacket.

On the question of the resolution of bad loans and NPAs ( non performing assets) the prime minister catagorically blamed the previous UPA government accusing them of disbursing huge loans calling the phenomena as telephonic banking.

He unambiguously put the blame for bad loans and NPAs on the UPA 2 government of Congress led by Dr.Manmohan Singh and said that the data shows that the gross advances of public sector banks increased almost threefolds in six years from 2008 to 2014 during the Congress regime resulting in the massive increase in the NPAs.

On the question of the non BJP coalition being build against him for the 2019 elections Narendra Modi said: A non ideological alliance of the disperate and disperete groups is not a Mahagathbandhan . It is a failed idea which has never succeeded in the past. The people of the country want a strong and decisive government that is sensitive to their interests and gives them results.
From the interview published in HT

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Just yesterday i.e. on 12th August a man eater tiger/ leopard/ panther has yet again killed a women in the jungles of Gram Sabha Juva near Dugadda about 15 kilometres away from Kotdwar township of district Pauri Garhwal.

The ill fated woman had gone to the nearby forest with the cows for grazing and collect fodder. Wife of the local inhabitant of Surendra Singh had as usual gone woth the cows for grazing but a maneater who might be looking for human flesh pounced on her and grabbed her into the dense jungles badly mutilating her face and killing on the spot.

The local Patwari and the forest officials have already retrieved the dead body of the woman and send for postmortem.

The newsviewsnetwork have been writing on these diabolical maneater killings taking place in Uttarakhand since long and the posts of these maneater killings are also becoming viral on social media but the incumbent government seems to be least worried to counter these tragedies.

Just a few days ago there had been number of maneater killings in the Raivala area near Rishikesh and Dehradun where an incident of maneater kiling was caught on camera.

If one goes by the statistics of the forest department there have been lots of such maneater attacks and subsequent killings during the last six months though this dreaded menace is going on for several years.

In order to protect and preserve the wild life, especially the decreasing population of tigers, leopards and panters in the country and Uttarakhand forests the courts have put complete ban on killings of these predators.

It is believed that about 200 or more tigers/ leopards have been declared maneaters in Uttarakhand and the killings of human beings goes unabated to the shock of those living here.

The popular wild life parks Rajaji and Jim Corbett situated in Uttarakhand and in the global tourist maps entice lots of tourists every year to these parks for convenient viewing the these dreaded maneaters.

It is believed that these tigers/ leopards have been set free in the jungles who travel hundreds of miles every night in search of prey and not finding the animal prey go in search of human beings near the human settlements on roadsides or villages near the jungles. Once these animals taste the human blood their hunger for human prey increases manifold and this is what is happening in the hills of Uttarakhand in both Garhwal and Kumaon divisions.

Hundreds of children, women and senior citizens have so far become the prey of these maneaters. It may be recalled that in 1918 n onwards the Rudraprayag maneater killed more than 125 inhabitants of Garhwal and wss finallykilled by the then British hunter and conservationist Jim Corbett who had during his stay in Nainital and Kaladhungi killed about 90 maneaters before 1947.

One Indian hunter Joy Ukeel has also killed the similar number of maneaters till now but of now avail. The maneater killings of human being is going unabated and people compelled to live indoors during evening hours apprehensive of the maneater attacks.

The former CM and present member of parliament from Haridwar has also raised his serious concern during the zero hour in Lok Sabha demanding immediate erection of electric wire fence around the jungles of Uttarakhand where maneaters are active and grant of adequate financial compensation including a government job to next of the kin of the deceased.

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The entire Uttarakhand salutes to one more young braveheart 27 year old Pradeep Singh Rawat a resident of Rishikesh, Garhwal, Uttarakhand, who’ve been martyred today in the Uri Sector of Jammu and Kashmir in the firing from across the border while manning the border fighting the enemy forces in a gun battle.

This is the third sacrifice of a valiant young soldier in the line of duty fighting the Pak sponsered terrorists and countering the arbitrary firing from the Pakistani rangers.

There had been about more than one thousand violations of the Indo Pak peace pact from the Pakistan side leading to number of casualties.

Prior to today’s martydom at the Uri sector in just less than a week, two other young soldiers of Garhwal Rifles namely 26 year old Mandeep Singh Rawat and 27 year H. S. Pokhriyal all residents of Rishikesh and originally from Tehri Garhwal were martyred in the Gurez sector of J&K alongwith Major Rane and one more soldier while valiantly fighting the hard core Pak sponsered terrorists.

The moot question is : how long will the martydom of these bright young Army troopers will continue, ask the people of the country and Uttarakhand.

Our heartfelt condolenses to the gravely bereaved family and salutations to this brave heart with prayers to Almighty to give peace to this young pious soul.

Sounds irritating and untrustworthy that a new government is  being sworn in in Pakistan and the  prime minister in waiting  Cricketer turned politician and pm elect Imran Khan have been boasting so much of improving relations with India saying that if India will put one step forward, Pakistan will movetwo steps ahead for friendship and peace but it seems its all hypocricy and nothing else.  The incessant gunning from the Pakistan side is still continuing with no improvement in the situation. Even two days ago the Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan Ajay Bisaria held a meeting with Imran Khan and present him a cricket signed by all the Indian cricketers asa goodwill gesture to intiatepeace dialogue in the future but of no awail.

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The Birth Centenary Celebrations of former freedom fighter, union minister, chief minister Uttar Pradesh and secretary general of All India Congress Committee late Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna was today organised in Cochin, Kerala addressed by several prominent leaders of the southern state who rated the late political stalwart as a statesman and said that India needed leaders like him today who in true sense believed and practised secularism, socialism and relentlessly fought for equal opportunities to the poor, down troddens and backward communities of the country reeling under repression and wide economic disparities.

The HN Bahuguna Centenary Celebrations Committee would be celebrating events, seminars, table talks and socio political conferences on secularism, socialism, corruption, capitalism, womens safety, over all socio economic upgradation of the repressed sections of the society and on principles and ideals of Ghar Ghar Swaraj and decentralized socio economic political development propagated by the late leader Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna.

Late Bahuguna completed 99 years this April and entered his 100th year. The inaugural Centenary Celebration was organised in New Delhi’s Constitution Club on 25th April addressed by the former defence minister A. K. Antony, CPM’s polit bureau member Prakash Karat, Lok Dal leader Abhay Chowdhary, president of Loktantrik Janata Dal and former minister Sharad Yadav, former minister and MP Neela Lohitadasan Nair, Former M.P. Harkesh Bahadur, Sr. advocate and leader Z. K. Faizan, Congress leader M. M. Jacob, former UK Minister Dhirendra Pratap, President Uttarakhand Journalists Forum Sunil Negi, Sr. journalists Umakant Lakhera, Suresh Nautiyal and others.

Todays, function in Cochin, Kerala was a sequal to the Delhi’s commemorative function of late leader H. N. Bahuguna to be finally concluded in Kashmir.

Prominent amongst those who spoke in the full day centenary celebration cum symposium on
The Role of Socialism, Secularism and judiciary in the present context, were former minister and MP Neela Lohitadasan Nayar, Sr. advocate Supreme Court and leader Z. K. Faizan, former Vice Chairman of Uttarakhand Aandolakari Samitte, Govt of UK Dhirendra Pratap, M.M.Lawrence, Ex.MP P.C.Chako, Ex MP, Congress leader T.A.Ahmad Basheer, MLA Prakash Babu,Ex MLA Francis George,Ex.MP, Adv. Jose Thettayal, Ex.Minister, Kerala, Jameela Prakashan,Ex MLA Dhirendra Pratap, Ex.Minister,UK A.shridharan
Pandalam Mohan Das.

It may be recalled that HN Bahuguna had a great fan following amongst the intellectual of the south who adored him like anything. Eminent leaders like, former defence minister A. K. Antony, CPM’s Prakash Karat, former minister and Leader of Democratic Socialist Party and even communist stalwarts like EMS Naboodiripad and C. Rajeshwar Rao were great admirers of the late leaders intellectuality and thought process.

I am personally witness to this fact. The CPI’s then General Secretary C. Rajeshwar Rao extensively campaigned for H. N. Bahuguna in his historic Garhwal election when the then entire union government late Indira Gandhi was on one side and the left oriented opposition on the other side. Despite tremendous power of the centre and states including money and musle and what not Bahuguna had won that once postponed and rigged election by over 30 thousand votes despite all odds.

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