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US President-elect Donald spoke directly with the President of Taiwan, a move that has infuriated China and shows uncertainty over US policy towards Asia.
Trump is wooing countries having strategic clash with China. China charges that Trump’s policy amounts to collecting “protection money” by referring to his statement to make the US’s allies pay America for helping defend them. 

Giving an insight into his foreign policy, Donald Trump posted a tweet “The President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen called me today to wish me congratulations on wining the Presidency. Thank you!” This almost reverses US policy of recognizing ‘Taiwan-China as One China’ followed since Jimmy Cartar in 1979; rather the US President elect has made it clear to China that henceforth it will not follow the submissive diplomatic decisions of the previous administrations and the President of the United States of America will talk to whom so ever he wants in the interest of his country and nobody can dictate any sort of terms to the superpower. 

After China criticized US for taking the call of Taiwan, Trump retaliated via twitter by letting it know that it never consulted US for devaluing their currency and for building  a massive military complex in the South China Sea. 

He conveyed a clear message to China that Washington is going to get tough in its dealing with Beijing and the world should not underestimate him in handling the world affairs.  

Acknowledging that Taiwan has become militarily weak and economically ruined because of China’s policies and Trump has worked out a plan to upgrade the status of US representation in Taiwan thereby restoring full diplomatic relations with it.

President Tsai Ing-wen will meet members of Trump’s team while in New York on her way to Central America. 

Trump refuses to even entertain any interference from China in this regard and Communist Party authorities will be closely watching all the developments keenly.

Article Courtesy : Arti Bali, Senior Journalist & Analyst





While the presidential proclamation has been imposed in trouble torn Jammu and Kashmir and the Indian Army and our security forces are valiantly fighting the hard core terrorists posing direct threat to the lives of the citizens by going on a killing spree, our political leaders are shamefully busy exploiting the critical situation to derive maximum political advantage by issuing statements in view of the fast nearing general election of 2019 which tantamounts to directly playing with the sentiments of those fighting with valour and commitment to safeguard our borders and sovereignity and integrity of the country.

The season of accusations and counter accusations have started on full swing and little is being done to reach at unanimity, forgetting ideological affiliations and differences to do something constructive and positive to bring strife torn Kashmir towards peace and tranquility particularly when J& K has witnessed so much of bloodshed during the last three decades resulting in staggering 65 thousand killings that included twenty thousand civilians and 10 thousand troopers including army and para military casualties.

The rest thirty thousand are terrorists and anti national elements. After the snapping of ties with the PDP in J&K and subsequent imposition of presidents’ rule the national BJP chief Amit Shah visited Jammu and addressed a massive rally castigating the Congress party and its chief Rahul Gandhi asking them to seek pardon from the people of Jammu and Kashmir n the nation for the Congress party leader Gulam Nabi Azad and Saifuddin Soz’s anti Kashmir and India remarks allegedly supporting Lashkare Tayyeba and Pak’s general Musharraf in the context of Kashmir.

BJP’s national chief was addressing a massive rally to commemorate the BALIDAN DIWAS of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukerjee. Castigating the Congress leaders amid thundering cheers Amit Shah said that the BJP withdrew support from the PDP because despite sending the massive central aid of Rs 25000 crores for the over all development of J&K the chief minister, though not naming her, has never done anything for the develooment of Jammu and Ladhak regions which has accorded maximum seats to the BJP reposing total faith in prime minister Narendra Modi’s leadership.

Praising the leadership and the concern of the prime minister Narendra Modi for the over all development of strife torn J&K Amit Shah said that the former visited the state more than a dozen times and allocated various developmental projects including a package of twenty five thousand crores for the people of this trouble torn state but despite this, the regions of Jammu and Ladakh have been left out of the developmental process and the BJP couldn’t tolerate this stepmotherly treatment and therefore withdrew support. While praising the valiant Army men and the troopers of security forces for their sacrifices while fighting the terrorists Amit Shah said that their sacrifices will never go waste and the entire terrorists will be wiped out in the near future.

Giving the details of the pre conditions fixed before making a tie up with PDP while forming the government four years ago Amit Shah revealed that there were three commitments sought from the PDP viz. (1) Kashmir’s sovereignity and integrity will never be compromised, (2) Balanced development of Kashmir valley including of Jammu and Ladakh region would be accorded full priority and emphasis and (3) the government would lay special emphasis to counter terrorism from the roots and establish peace and tranquilty in the trouble torn state.

But the Mehbooba Mufti government has utterly failed on this front by being soft towards the stone pelters and militants. What has happened in Jammu Kashmir is shocking as eminent journalist is brutally killed in broad daylight and an Army paratrooper Aurangzeb is kidnapped and thereafter horrendously killed he added. There is bloodshed all around and the government proves to be effectless to counter them. It was therefore in the fitness of the things and an inevitability to withdraw the support and impose president’s rule in Jammu & Kashmir. Accusing the PDP leader and former chief minister Mehbooba of being extremely complacense and igrorant towards the development of Jammu and Ladakh regions despite allocation of the central package of 80000 crores that included 63 developmental projects including constructions of AIIMS in Jammu Amit Shahbsaid that the PDP deliberately devoid Ladakh and Jammu of development and failed to provide land for the construction of ALL India Institute of Medical Sciences in the state.

He added that the union government can only allocate budget but the onus of the execution of various developmental schemes and projects rest with the state government which always lacked implementation. Hence withdrawal of support has become an inevitability in the larger interest of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, particularly of Jammu and Ladakh region who’d voted BJP to power in the state. Amit Shah’s speech was primarily targetted against Congress and PDP knowing well thatwhile the PDP is its immediate political foe in the state apart from Congress, in the national scenerio its the Congress party which is its arch rival. Jammu and Ladakh being the hindi heartland in J&K are the BJP’s traditional strongholds from where it sought maximum number of seats while the PDP, National Conference and Congress bagged maximum seats from Kashmir.

Today’s massive public meeting of Amit Shah convened to commemorate the death anniversary of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukerjee was more a preparatory public meeting for the national election of 2019 in which the slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai rant the air several times indicating an effort to revive polarisation.

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List of 29 Pak sponsored hard core terrorists prepared ! Security forces to eliminate them. Govt’s foremost priority!



After the imposition of president’s rule in strife torn Jammu and Kashmir with the snapping of ties by the Bhartiya Janata Party with PDP, the state administration has been geared up to the fullest with the state governor M. M. Vohra convening an all party meeting on 22nd June and exploring the possibilities of dealing stringently n with extreme precision with the hard core domestic as well as the Pak sponsored terrorists.

Just after the state assembly having been brought under suspended animation and proclamation of the president’s rule the octogenerian governor of the trouble torn state who is at the helm of the state for the last ten years also deliberated with top officials of Army, Security forces, Central and State Intelligence and police to find out ways and means to crush the ongoing invasion and attacks of the militants who are day in and day out claiming the lives of citizens and security forces troopers seamlessly and without any fear or Army terror.

Yesterday, in Navshera village of terrorist infested Anantnag district the Indian Army killed four hard core local terrorists believing in the ideology of the ISIS and responsible for several deaths of civilians and Armymen. About 20 civilians were seriously injured in the hectic exchange of cross fire which lasted for several hours.

After the imposition of the president’s rule in the state this is the biggest action by the security forces who are seriously combing the jungles and living human settlements in the four highly terrorist infested districts of J&K namely Anantnag, Pulwama, Sopore and Bandipura etc.

The union government and the Indian Army have now made up it full mind to eliminate the terrorists who have wrecked havoc in Kashmir for the last decade.

It is believed that the National Security Advisor Ajit Dobhal is directing the operations from behind with immense precision and perfection.

Meanwhile, as per the latest news pouring in on television channels, the state administration and Indian Army has prepared a list of about 29 hard core terrorists being aided and abetted by neighbouring Pakistan active in Kashmir for elimination.

The list include 11 Laskare Tayyeba, two hizbul mujahiddeen and some ISIS supported militants. The security forces have vowed to find and kill these hard core terrorists in the near future.

After the beef up of the security appratus in the state and elimination of terrorists as a one point programme of the state and central administration the terrorists are running helter and skelter in the state trying to get holed up in their clandestine hide outs badly terrorised of the Army action.

After the incessant killings of the civilians and the army troopers in Kashmir and increase in the incidents of stone peltings for the last four years since prime minister Narendra Modi assumed power at the centre there have been tremendous amount of resentment and disenchantment amongst the people and opposition parties in the state of J&K as well as nationally.

The recent anti India derogatory UNHCR report holding India responsible for massive human rights violations in Kashmir, outrightly rejected by India and 6 other countries joining it in the United Nations expressing pro India solidarity, has finally compelled the Modi government to snap ties with the PDP government led by Mehbooba Mufti who was considered to be soft towards the stone pelters on Indian army jawans and terrorists including the separatists Hurriyat conference.

The national elections of 2019 are also nearing fast and the BJP led NDA could not take any chance by being non serious on the sensitive Kashmir issue which has serious international repurcussions and ramifications, as well. Hence, this action plan to eliminate all hard core terrorists from the soil of Kashmir and bring it back on rails as a peaceful and tranquil state.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that the central leadership is looking for a highly matured political leader for the post of the J&K governor instead of a retired Army officer or a civil servant as the Kashmir issue is more of political nature than an issue of law and order.

There had been eminent civil servants and IPS including retired Army chiefs having been governors but the situation in trouble torn J&K has not improved even an inch ahead.

The toll has risen tremendously and no way out could be found to this vexed imbroglio except bloodshed n incessant casualties till date.

While the present incumbent who is 82 years old N. N. Vohra has been on the post for the last ten years since 2008, Krishna Rao, Girish Saxena and IAS Jagmohan and others have been the governors, in the past bringing little relief to the situation.

Kashmir being a political imbroglio, the union government is interested in the appointment of a veteran political person with credibility, than any retired Army General, IPS or a civil servant.

But the the Kashmir situation has come to such a sorry pass with Pakistan and its sponsored terrorists, hell bent upon creating havoc in Kashmir.

The trouble torn state now needs a perfect and highly experienced Armyman with full discreationery powers to act freely as was the case with IPS, Gill who resolved the insurgency in Punjab with a heavy hand finally bringing peace and tranquility which was badly infested with Khalistan problem having taken heavy toll of innocent citizens and security forces at the hands of terrorists demanding separate KHALISTAAN.

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Had Tom been alive he would have been of 68 years by now ! Heartfelt Tributes



Tom Alter was one of the best and most celebrated actors’ of Bollywood having outstandingly acted in multifarious roles during his career spanning more than four decades in over 350 films.

A versatile actor, par excellence, born on 22nd June 1950 in Mussourie, Garhwal, Uttarakhand, today is Tom Alter’s 68th Birth Anniversary. Had Tom been Alive today he would have been 68 years old. Left for his eternal home just last year on 27th September 2017 having uncurable skin cancer in Mumbai, leaving his huge fan following in anguish, Tom was an exceptional actor having tremendous knowlege of Urdu, hindi and english apart from Garhwali.

It really sounds different and surprising that a man born to the english parents though in India, having the American past, is so extraordinarily well versed in Urdu, Hindi and even a local Garhwali dialect apart from English which was his DNA Tom considered himself to be an Indian than an individual with an English or American background.

An actor par excellence having been highly influenced and inspired by the then Super Star of the seventies after having watched his super duper hit film thrice or five times Tom Alter who usually watched English Hollywood movies, finally gave up teaching at the age of 19 and left for Pune to seek addmission in prestigious FTII where he studied acting under his teacher one Mr. Taneja alongwith Nasruddin Shah, Benjamin Gilani etc and got his first role in Bollywood silver screen in 1972 never to look back again.

A die hard fan of the legendary super star Tom Alter’s grand parents were missioneries who came to Lahore in 1920 from Ohio, US and after partition in 1947, while his grand parents stayed back in Pakistan, his parents migrated to India.

Tom’s father who was highly academic taught English and literateur at Allahabad after first settling at Saharanpur and then at Rajpur Road Dehradun.

At the age of mere 19 his father arranged a job of a teacher for Tom in Jagadhari, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana where he taught English at St Mary school.

He was born in Mussourie where he studied till higher secondary and went to one of the best American universities YALE for higher studies.

But destiny had something else stored for him in India and he came back to Mussourie just after a year to join as a teacher in Jagadhiri, Haryana which opened doors of his Bollywood entry, after he watched ARADHANA THRICE having been highly influenced by KAKA’S outstanding histrionics.

As a Kaka fan himself Tom Alter has worked with the Superstar in 3 films NAUKRI 1978; KUDRAT 1981 & JAANWAR 1983 … A die-hard Rajesh Khanna fan,Tom said in a interview-“The first morning of the shoot of Naukri, in Bangalore, I have been told to report in the lobby of the Ashoka Hotel by 9 in the morning. I was there by 8:45. I stood at the entrance, looking out on the gardens.” Rajesh Khanna descended the stairs,& walked up to me, crinkled his eyes,& said “Mujhe Rajesh Khanna kahte hain.” I went with him in the car to the park which was our location, & at lunch time I took my food into a corner under a tree,He came up to me & asked “Tum film on mein kyon aaye?”…The answer came from my heart – “Aap ki wajah se”..As simple as that, as true as that.!!!!!!!!

In the interview Tom shared how he used to come all the way from Mussoorie to catch up with first day first show of RK films at Regal Cinema in Connaught Place. “We saw Anand, Dushman and Amar Prem by buying tickets in black for the first day first show,” he laughs ..“After I had watched Aradhana several times I decided to get into films. It was the era of Rajesh Khanna. I decided that I wanted to be a part of this magical world of Hindi films and got admitted in FTII & graduated in 1974.” “I still dream of being Rajesh Khanna. For me, no film in Hindi cinema comes close to Anand. In the early 1970s, He was the only hero — romantic to the core, not larger than life, so Indian and real — He was my hero; the reason I came into films and He still is.” Tom concluded

A famous cricketeer during his school days in Mussourie, Tom never had the slightest of an idea that he would ever be an actor par excellence in the future and that too of Hindi silver screen having no interest whatsoever, to watch hindi movies, earlier. He was the first person to have interviewed cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar at a mere age of 16 when he made his first debut century.

Tom’s parents were extremely God fearing who’d established an Ashram at Rajpura Road to help the poor, under privileged and the needy. His entire family including his mother, father , uncle, grandfather were missioneries and served the church but were great secularists as was Tom. Even his elder brother became father in a Church at the age of 70 but Tom Alter was an exception who had special penchant for acting after having been overtly influenced by the histrionics of the super star of the seventies Rajesh Khanna aka KAKA.

Considering himself to be the most luckiest man to have born and lived in the heaven on earth Mussourie Tom Alter initially got the roles of the Englishman in Hindi films due to his fair colour and personality but later on did all kinds of roles.

Senior to the most popular actor Nasirruddin Shah in FTII Pune, Tom Alter played the unique role of Dr. Abdul Kalam in a Rajya Sabha TV serial and the roles of Gandhi, Nehru, Sahil ludhianvi, n other prominent freedom fighters etc in number of popular theatre plays.

A multifaceted and multi dimensional legendary icon Tom spoke Urdu with such a great fluency and precision that no other actor in Bollywood would have such a perfection. Having acted in over 350 films and scores of pivotal roles in Indian theatre in such a short span of four and a half decades as compared to other actors Tom Alter was a real asset for the Indian Film Industry.

His passing away from our midst at such normal age of merely 67 years when he still looked so young, energetic and enthusiatic towards acting his untimely loss will be felt forever not only in the film fraternity but also in the entire Indian fraternity amongst the billions of his fans who loved and adored him so infinitely and beyond limits. good bye Tom. Your creative acting and humanism will guide your unlimited fans forever. AMEN.

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