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The Braided Bead Necklace



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Read Time: 2 minutes

All you need:

  1. A good amount of beads
  2. Chain, about 20″-22″ as per the length of your preference.
  3. Jump rings, 2 large and 2 small
  4. Clasp, 1
  5. Bead tips, 6
  6. Scissors and pliers
  7. Thick thread  


1. Cut 6 pieces of thread at about 10″ or as much longer you need and thread onto each string of beads.

2. Then, take two strands of beads and thread the two threads through one bead tip. Tie a double knot in the two strings and trim the tail.

3. Slide the bead tip up to the knot and use pliers to clamp the little clamshells over the knot.

4. Repeat for each pair and then repeat on the opposite end, making sure to get the knot as close to the bead tip as possible.


5. Clamp three of the ends to one large jump ring and connect the jump ring to the chain,

6. Then connect the remaining end of the chain to the clasp

7. Make the other half of your chain by connecting one end to the other end of the clasp and the other to another large jump ring.

8. Pin the bead strands to a pincushion so that it won’t move while braiding. Now braid your three pairs. When you get to the end, be sure to secure the clamps on the jump ring.

Ooh lala la… here’s your fabbbb neck piece…

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Sonali Patnaik is majorly into secondary research and report writing. She is an avid reader and reads a variety of novels, a music lover and a movie buff. She also loves to travel and fond of cooking experiments. She expresses her views on various topics and does so through her well-researched articles.

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Painted Bobby Pin Earrings



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Read Time: 1 minute

All you need is craft wire, earring hooks, bobby pins, and nail polish

Let’s do it…

  1. First, let’s paint the bobby pins. Place the pins on the cardboard piece. This helps the pins to lie straight while it gets painted.

2. Tape off the portion that you want to paint, and paint any pattern of your preference.

3. Once the painting task is over, let then dry and carefully feel back the tape.

4. Then cut two strings of metal wire and twist them around each other. Then take the pins and slip on to the wire. Give a shape to the wire and attach with the hook.

5. Then wrap around once again for security and cut the excess off.

6. Repeat these steps for the other earring.

And your earrings are ready to wear!!!! J

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Read Time: 1 minute

Making something amazing out of some unsuspected items is always fun. So, let’s do something of that sort; so how about making a necklace out of washers. Let’s learn how we can make wonders out of washers.

All you need:

  1. pliers
  2. ten washers with 10 mm holes
  3. twelve 10 mm jump rings
  4. chain or use any old necklace)
  5. nail polish

Let’s do it…

1. Paint the washers with nail polish of your preferred color and let dry.

2. Then join the washers with the jump rings.

3. Connect the washers to the chain. If the nail polish paint has cracked somewhere then it can be fixed with some extra nail polish and let it dry.

4. Your neckpiece is ready to wear.



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Colorful Tassel Bracelet DIY



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Read Time: 1 minute

All you need:
Embroidery Thread, Scissors, Flat Nose Pliers, Chain, Ribbon Connectors, Jump Rings, Lobster Clasp, Piece of small cardboard.

1. For making mini tassels cut a piece of cardboard to wrap your tassel. Then cut a piece of thread and place it on the cardboard.

2. Wrap embroidery thread around the cardboard for 12 to 13 times and cut piece.
3. Using the threaded piece that you laid out first, bring it to the top and tie a knot.

4. Cut the tassel from the bottom and remove from the cardboard.
5. Insert the top of the tassel in the ribbon connector and use your pliers to flatten it down so secure.

6. Cut another length of thread and wrap it just under the connector. Tie a secure knot.
7. Insert a jump ring at the top of the ribbon connector and hook it tight on the chain.

8. Repeat the same process for the other mini tassels.
9. Finally, add the lobster clasp and jump ring at each of the ends.

Happy DIY!!!

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DIY Denim Watch Strap



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Read Time: 5 minutes

A few weeks back I was trying to pair my denim with a cool watch and I just heard my little creative mind saying “how about making cool denim strap for my old no- so-cool watch??” and here I go…

Stuff needed:
1. Old Jeans that you are not wearing anymore.
2. Scissors that are sharp enough to cut through thick fabric like denim
3. Any rubber-based adhesive.
4. A fine tip marker
5. Some Card paper
6. Needle and thread, however, sewing is optional, but the stitches give a cool and nice look.
7. A Compass
8. Watch buckle that you can take off from your existing or old watch strap
9. And of course, your existing or old watch.

Let’s begin the magic….

1. Let’s make the longer strap first. For that we need to draw a template of standard 22mm watch strap, or else you can draw any dimension and design your choice.
2. Make sure that the width of the template rectangle drawn must be 3 times the width of your strap and additionally, there should be a small tab at the top, which will be folded in.
3. Cut out the template and transfer the drawing onto the backside (or the interior) of a piece of your jeans.

Time to stitch…
4. The stitching is needed to give the strap the classy look, and not actually required to hold the fabric together.
5. It is advisable to draw a straight line before you start sewing to ensure that the stitches are falling straight.
6. Once the sewing is over, cut the piece of denim to shape. The pointed tip of the watch strap will be cut later.

Let’s fold it and set it with glue….
7. Apply rubber-based adhesive or glue to one side of the cut-out and to the middle. Then, fold the side in onto the middle, and apply even pressure to ensure the firm hold.
8. Before folding in the other side, the little tab on the top has to be folded down, where the spring bar will be placed and will hold the watch strap to the lugs of the watch. Apply glue, fold down and stick the tab, ensuring that there is a hole at the top, through which the spring bar can pass.
9. Similarly, paste the other side.

Now cut the pointed tip…

10. Once the three layers of denim are pasted, let it dry. Then cut the tip of the strap to shape using sharp scissors.
11. Put a small drop of adhesive on the edges of the tip, and spread evenly, to prevent the threads from becoming loose and coming out.

You can also label it with right brand…

12. You can add the small Levi’s label or any brand label of your choice to the watch strap to make it look classier.
13. Carefully cut off the label from the back pocket of the old jeans and paste it using a drop of adhesive to the side of the watch strap. You can also do this step before folding in the side, which would sandwich the label in between two layers of the denim to keep it intact.

Let’s make a few holes on the strap….

14. Use the compass to make holes on the watch strap.
15. Be extremely careful while making the holes so that they will lie on the centerline of the strap, and also make sure that they are pierced equal distances apart.

Now it’s time for the Shorter Strap:

16. The process for making the shorter strap is exactly the same as the longer one. Take the paper template you made earlier, and draw the lines and cut along the line. Follow the same process as we did for the longer strap; transfer this drawing onto the back of a piece of denim. Then draw an outline to indicate sewing line and begin to sew, cut the denim to give a shape.
17. The shorter strap has the little tabs on both ends: one to hold the watch buckle, and the other, where it will hold the spring bar which connects the strap to the lugs of the watch.

18. Cut out a small hole on any one of the sides for the buckle will be inserted.

Making the loops…

19. For making the loops, you can take out the leather brand label from your jeans and cut it into thin strips.
20. Now make loops with these small bands and make sure that loops are big enough to accommodate both the straps.
21. Then sew the two ends of the strips to form the loops.
22. Attach these to the shorter strap either by sewing or sticking.
23. Attach the watch buckle, and fix the straps to your watch.
And you’re done….

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Let’s give a new color to older clothes



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Read Time: 4 minutes

It often happens that once a cute top turned into a workout top, then into nightwear and finally a dusting cloth. But how about giving the old top a new life instead of putting it for dusting purpose? Let’s try giving it a fresh dye job at home.

1. Choose your fabric material

All fabrics material differs in texture and nature, which means some fabric, takes to dye better than others. A list to determine which clothing material can take the dye best:
• Cotton: the Best option to dye.
• Nylon or Rayon: These are synthetic in nature but are very porous which helps the material to take the dye well. Also, they won’t shrink.
• Silk: Silk dyes well, however, it tends to shrink, pull, and also its shine gets affected in the process.
• Linen: Linen also dyes well, however chances are there for a little bit of shrinkage.
• Wool: Wool can handle dye just fine, but excessive shrinking and pilling take place.
• Polyester and Acetate: These are the toughest fibers to dye, as they have to be treated over the boiling point of 280 degrees.

2. Wash your fabric before the dye job

Once you chose your fabric for a dye job, wash it. Before the dyeing process, it is recommended to put your garment into a washing machine, no need of any detergent. Just run through warm, gentle cycle mode in the washing machine. Then, hang it to dry and try it on to ensure that the garment fits as desired. Now you are good to go with the dyeing process.

3. Choose your dye

There are two methods for dye selection: One can either make it with natural ingredients or use something of a professional standard that’s already been pre-formulated for you. Here are a natural dye or plant-based ingredients options:

Orange: Carrot root, turmeric, onion
• Brown: Beetroot, coffee grinds, birch bark
• Pink: Cherries, bloodroot, strawberries
• Blue/Purple: Blueberries, indigo leaves, blackberries
• Red: Beets, pomegranate seeds

4. Let’s dye the garment

There are three different ways to dye the garments:

Washing machine method:
Wet the garment and put it in the washing machine. Take a cup, mix the dye with four cups of boiling hot water and stir well. In case of natural fabric such as linen or cotton, take another container to dissolve one cup of salt in four cups of boiling hot water. If the fabric is silk or nylon, mix a cup of white vinegar with two to four cups of hot water. Add a teaspoon of dish detergent to the container, remove the detergent cup from detergent tray, and pour your dye solution into the dispenser. Then, pour the salt or vinegar solution. Flush the dispenser thoroughly with four more cups of hot tap water. Then, wash it for 30 minutes on the hottest possible temperature.

• Stovetop method:
Take a pot and fill with enough water so that garment gets some space to move around in it. Then cover the pot and heat to just below boiling point. Follow the mixing process and the instruction on the box of dye. Then add the solution into the pot once the water begins to simmer. Then put the garment, and keep it at a low simmer. Carefully keep stirring slowly and continuously. It can hang out in the dye-water for about an hour; however, it depends on the type of fabric. Once it appears as per your desired color. Just keep in mind that the garment looks a little darker when wet. Then remove it from the pot and squeeze out excess dye.

• Sink or bucket method:
Fill a container/ bucket/sink with hot water of approximately 140ºF. Follow the instruction of mixing on the dye box, then add into the container/bucket/sink and mix well. Check the color with a paper towel for the right color of your choice. Wet the garment, and then add it to the dye bath. Keep stirring slowly and continuously for the first 10 minutes until the desired color is achieved. Then remove and squeeze out excess dye.

5. Rinse well

Finally, rinse the garment thoroughly until the water is clear. Keep in mind that the higher the temperature of the water you use when you’re rinsing, the more the color will adhere to the fabric. Therefore try and keep it as hot as possible for this part of the process.

6. Wash it again

Put your garment in the washing machine in warm water and mild detergent as a way to ensure the dye takes hold.

7. Hang dry

Once the second wash is over, hang it out to dry for best results.

Enjoy the entirely new and colorful clothes.

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Cake décor: Quick & Easy Creative Ideas



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Read Time: 1 minute

Use any multi-color or cute shaped cereals to make a bright and colorful cake.


Some colorful candy pops also give a bright and candid look to the cake you are baking for your loved ones.

Watercolored cake by using gel food color and a paintbrush.

You can also decorate with a row of blooming cookies.

Make a fruity cake with fresh berries.

Top your cake with Cadbury’s Gems and Nestle KitKat strips.

Another easy ingredient for decorating your cake is soft and bright marshmallows.

You can also use a stencil to make a number using powdered sugar.

You can also coat your cake with sprinkle to make it the colorful delight of the day.

Cover your cake with the gummy jellies if it’s for your little kiddos.

Happy Cake Decorrrrr !!! 



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Let’s have some NAIL ART FUN



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Read Time: 3 minutes

Strip Tape Nails

1. Apply base color and let it dry. It’s better to leave it for a day.
2. Cut scotch tape as per your preferred shape and size.
3. Apply the tapes on your nails and seal them tight
4. Fill in the stenciled area with a contrasting shade of nail polish.
5. Then slowly remove the tape while the polish is still wet.
6. Let the nail polish dry completely so the colors don’t smudge
7. Then give a final topcoat.

Net Lace Nails

1. Apply a base coat and let it dry.
2. Take a lace or net cloth and keep it on the nails.
3. Then apply the nail color of your preference.
4. Remove the cloth slowly and allow it to dry
5. Finally, apply a base coat on it.
6. You can also décor it with glitter or tiny stone.

Thin Stripy Nails

1. Apply a base color and let it dry.
2. Take a fan brush and dip the tip of the bristles in a different color of your choice
3. Then brush over your nail horizontally.
4. Allow it to dry and then carry on the same process using any other colors of your preference.
5. Don’t forget to seal the shine with a top coat at the end.

Crumble Design Nails

1. Apply a base color as per your preference and let it dry.
2. Then take a plastic wrapper crumple up the plastic, apply a contrast nail color to it.
3. Then dab it on a piece of paper to get rid of the excess color.
4. Then dab it on each nail like a stamp.
5. Finally, apply a top coat and lock the crumble pattern.

Newspaper Design Nails

1. Paint your nails with white or any nude color base coat and let it dry.
2. Then dip your nail in alcohol for just a few seconds.
3. Remove your nails and immediately put the newspaper on your nail
4. Rub it without moving and after few seconds peel it away.
5. The alcohol perfectly transfers the black text to nail.
6. Finish it with a topcoat.

Gradient Nails

1. Take a makeup sponge and nail colors of your choice.
2. Paint the pattern of your preference on the makeup sponge and then press it or stamp it on the nail.
3. Repeat the process for all the nails and make sure that the pattern is the same on every nail.
4. Finish it with a topcoat.

Happy Nail Art!!!! 😊😊😊










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Let’s have some flower fun on denim!!!



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Read Time: 2 minutes

Embroidery on denim is a stylish yet funky fashion. Though it began a few years ago, it’s still in fashion and always offers a trendy look with super fun. Since many don’t have an embroidery machine, so it becomes tough to design some embroidery on jeans by yourself. For this, we have an excellent idea. Just grab a vintage silk embroidered fabric and carefully cut out the floral embroidered designs and then stitch them onto your jeans manually.

Here’s what you need:

1. A pair of jeans which should not be stretchable denim!
2. Any fabric with pretty embroidery of your choice on it or patches.
3. Scissors, needle and matching thread.

Here how to proceed:

Carefully cut out the embroidered patches and leave about a little fabric around the edges. Make sure not to cut into the embroidery or it will loosen.

Place the patches on the jeans and decide where exactly you want your embroidery to be fixed. Then, carefully pin the embroidery piece in place.
Now begin with stitching, run the needle/thread around the edges with a hemstitch and make sure to run it through the sides or the edges of the embroidery, so that the thread loops will keep it in place.

And there you have your trendy pair of denim…

Happy DIY!! 


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PLASTIC BOTTLES: Let’s recycle, repurpose and reuse…



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Read Time: 2 minutes

Nearly 80% of the plastic bottles used and thrown every day become non-bio degradable litter that takes a huge toll on environmental health. Of course, it is more convenient to sip the drink straight from plastic bottles however the plastic litter accumulated from the same acts as toxic pollutants which cause water, land, and air pollution.

So, reusing and repurposing of plastic bottles is an excellent way to contribute to saving the environment from getting polluted. It is a surprising fun to repurpose, redesign and reuse the plastic bottles. Let’s check that below.

#1 Zipper Case for stationery items
Transform the old plastic bottles into sturdy and useful zipper cases that will help to organize the office stationeries or art and craft supplies. This is also a fun-filled craft idea for kids.

#2 Piggy Bottle Bank
A cute piggy bank not only encourages kids to save also it inspires them to learn about recycling. All it needs is a cut on the bottle appropriately and lots of fun in creating super cute designs on the bottle to make it an adorable piggy bank.

#3 Vertical Hanging Garden
This is a rare but excellent idea for growing small leafy vegetables and herbs. A plastic bottle vertical garden is designed by looping the bottles horizontally along an interior wall or balcony. Here are some interesting ideas for a plastic bottle vertical garden.

#4 Amazing Jewelry Stand
A beautiful jewelry stand from plastic bottles looks great and can hold and hang tons of small jewelry items. And it doesn’t even take long to make as you have to just cut the bottoms of plastic bottles, then fix a metallic rod through them and see your craft transforms into a beautiful jewelry organizer.

#5 Tiny Snack Bowls
Transform the discarded plastic bottles into an unbreakable snack or dry fruit bowls for a small kitty party or family get together. Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle then use a hot iron to flatten and smooth out its edges and here is a pretty bowl all set for you. You can make it fancier by putting additional decoration to the tiny bowls.

Happy DIY 😊😇😊





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Tyres never get tired: Brilliant Ideas For Recycling Tyres!!!!



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Read Time: 2 minutes

Are you aware that every year one tire is discarded per person? In Europe, only half of the discarded care tires are recycled and rest is burned or simply thrown. Keeping this in mind I have come up with great ideas to transform the unwanted tires into useful items. Let’s learn.

Things required:
An old tire, wooden board, a jigsaw, acrylic paint, sandpaper and brush, pencil, measuring tape and rope.

Let’s do it:
Step 1: Measure the diameter of the tire.

Step 2: Draw a circle on the wooden board.

Step 3:
Cut the wooden board by using a jigsaw and polish the edges by using sandpaper. Then paint it on both sides. Use the same to cover the bottom of the tire.

Step 4: Paint the tire.

Apply a primer on the tire to seal the surface well to prevent it from cracking. Then paint the outside with the paint of your preferable color. Finally, place the cushion over the wood board.

You can also make a coffee table using the same method.

Not limited to sitting arrangements, tires can also be used as beautiful planters as below.

Another brilliant idea of using the old tires is making a cute cozy bed for your pets.

Happy DIY 🙂




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