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Masood Azhar case: It’s a great diplomatic victory for India due to Modi’s untiring efforts : Jaitley n Nirmala



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The union finance minister Arun Jaitley and the defence minister Dr. Nirmala Sitaraman today said that the listing of hardcore terrorist and JEM chief Masood Azhar in the United Nation’s list of global terrorist is a huge diplomatic n political victory of India and the entire credit for the same goes to the Ministry of External Affair’s outstanding diplomatic efforts under the efficient leadership of prime minister Narendra Modi who’d been active on this front since his government came into existence at the centre.

Union Finance minister Arun Jaitley while addressing a press conference at the party headquarter in New Delhi said that the process that started in 2009, 2014 n 2017, saw several technical objections raised by China to scuttle India’s move to declare Azhar Masood as the global UN terrorist but the incessant global pressure due to Indian’s outstanding diplomatic efforts have finally made it possible by pressurising China to lift its veto.

This unambiguously exhibits India’s zero tolerance policy of terrorism and the outstanding leadership of MEA under the efficable leadership of PM Narendra Modi said Jaitley n Nirmala Sitaraman, both.

Jaitley while terming this development as a great diplomatic and political victory of his government castigated the opposition parties of not appreciating the move but saying that what’s a big deal in it ?

He said that the opposition parties have instead come forward to not to appreciate this move as a nations’s proud victory but to criticize the government by saying that surgical strikes had also happened during the UPA rule but they have never politicised them as has the BJP government did so.

Praising his government and terming the inclusion of Azhar Masood in the UN terrorist list as a ,” great diplomatic achievement for India,” the finance minister Jaitley said : If India wins, India wins but there are friends in the opposition who are not celebrating as if they will have to pay a heavy price fir this appreciation or celebration.

The union Defence minister Dr. Nirmala Sitaraman said this UN decision is a clearcut vindication of India’s stand of its zero tolerence policy on terrorism and this declaration from UN is noteworthy. She categorically said that the persistent efforts of the Ministry of External Affairs under the leadership of prime minister and his own untiring efforts and visits to global nations to exert pressure on them against Pakistan has resulted in this very development taking place.

She added that as per the data available about 35 hard core terror sancturies are being run in Pakistan with the aid and abetment of Pakistan n Masood Azhar was the most dreaded terrorist out of them. It was due to the persistent n untiring efforts of the prime minister Modi that this could finally happen. We want that the entire nation should be made aware of this fact.

However, it may be recalled that the India’s representative to the United Nation Syed akbarruddin who has played a vital role in the whole exercise had already said that it was during the tenure of Dr. Manmohan Singh as the prime minister that the then UPA government had strongly filed a request for declaring JEM chief as a global terrorist in the UN list.

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Designated PM Narendra Modi stakes claim to form govt. Meets president Kovind n hands the letter of his unanimous election with NDA LEADERS



Designated PM Modi exchanging pleasentarieswith PresidentRamnath Kovind after handing him the letter of support by 353 MPs including NDA allies at Rashtrapati Bhavan this evening
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Prime minister Narendra Modi said that after the formation of his government at the centre he will soon involve himself in the duties with utmost dedication towards the people of the country who’d accorded him massive mandate in this election.

He added that he believed in working hard with utmost commitment n dedication in order to come true to peoples’ expectation who have reposed extraordinary faith n trust in him n his government.

He assured all sections of the society while thanking them heartily for making him his party BJP n NDA win with such a massive n historic mandate.

Designated prime minister Modi also thanked n expressed his gratitude to his NDA partners, all members of parliament and the leaders who’ve expressed undaunted faith in his leadership n unanimously elected him as an undusputed leader of NDA.

The designated prime minister Narendra Modi was addressing the media at Rashtrapati Bhawan vicinity after meeting the president Ram Nath Kovind alongwith the NDA allies and handing him the letter of his unanimous election as the leader of NDA.

He exchanged pleasentaries with the president Kovind who also congratulated Modi n handed him a letter appointing him as a designated prime minister till the latter is formally sworn in as the prime minister of the country for the second consecutive term after 2014.

The NDA leaders who accompanied the designated PM Narendra Modi handed a letter to the president apprising him about his election as the leader of NDA.

Mr. Modi also presented a letter of support of NDA partners n all the 353 MPs thus staking claim to form the government.

The president has asked him to inform the Rashtrapati Bhawan about the day n timings of the swearing in function of the new PM n his cabinet which will be duly informed in a due course.

Earlier to the PM’s meeting with President Kovind, Mr. Modi’s name was proposed as the leader of NDA n prime minister by BJP supremo n MP, Amit Shah at the central hall in the presence of 353 lawmakers n seconded by union HM n Raod and Highways ministers, Rajnath Singh n Nitin Gadkari.

All the NDA partners also extended their support to Modi’s candidature in this meeting in the presence of party veterens Lal Krishna Advani, Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi n Akali Dal’s Prakash Singh Badal.

Mr. Modi touched their feet n sought their blessings amidst the chanting of Modi Modi in the central Hall.

Designated prime minister Modi is leaving for Gujarat tomorrow to seek his mother’s blessing.

Those who accompanied Mr.Modi to Rashtrapati Bhawan were Amit Shah,Prakash Singh Badal, Ram Vilas Paswan,Udhav Thakrey, Pallaniswamy, MNF chief n various other leaders of NDA.

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Narendra Modi elected unanimous leader of NDA. To meet president at 8.00 PM



Read Time: 2 minutes

Former n future prime minister Narendra Modi has been unanimously elected as the leader of the BJP led NDA in the Central Hall of Parliament today with thumping of desks and slogans of Modi Modi renting the air.

All the 353 newly elected members of parliament, eighty percent having been re elected, were present on this ocassion.

The leaders of the BJP, NDA allies viz Akali Dal, JDU, Shiv Sena, AIADMK, Lok Janashakti Party, Mizo National Front, Apna Dal and other NDA partners praised Modi’s leadership one by one and extented their respective party’s overwhelmning support for Narendra Modi as their undisputed leader and the second term next prime minister of the country.

The former deputy prime minister and veteran leader n founders of BJP Lal Krishna Advani, former union minister n BJP president Dr. M M Joshi and the Akali Dal leader Prakash Singh Badal were on the stage with Narendra Modi n accorded him their blessings n support.

In return PM Modi touched their feet n embraced the party’s pillar n senior most leaders. After the extension of support n personally greeting prime minister Narendra Modi with bouquet all the NDA leaders pledged to cohesively support his leadership.

Thereafter the BJP chief Amit Shah ehorted all the 353 MPs present there including more than 300 of the BJP to express n extend their unanimous support raising their both the hands.

Everybody did the needful by chanting Modi Modi slogans hailing him and raising their hands as well.

In the end prime minister Narendra Modi thanked the member of parliaments n NDA partners for their unanimous support n assured them n the countrymen of coming true to their expectations.

The union Home minister Rajnath Singh, union minister Nitin Gadkari, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, (JDU), the MNF leader, Shiv Sena’s Udhav Thakarey, Akali Dal’s Prakash Singh Badal, AIADMK’s Pallaniswamy n several other regional party n NDA allies presented the bouquet n Shawl to the PM.

At 8 PM the prime minister alongwith the NDA allies n senior BJP leaders are meeting the President to officially inform him about the election of the NDA leader and staking claim to form the government at the centre.

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Modi to meet President Kovind with NDA leaders to stake claim to form govt at 8 PM



President Kovind n PM Narendra Modi
Read Time: 2 minutes

The leader of the BJP led NDA, former prime minister Narendra Modi, who has resigned yesterday evening is likely to meet the president of India Ram Nath Kovind today, alongwith the NDA leaders to stake claim to form the government at the centre. It is believed that he will meet the president at 8 PM this evening.

The NDA partners to accompany him beside the party supremo Amit Shah n other senior leaders are Akali Dal chief Prakash Singh Badal, Shiv Sena chief Udhav Thakrey, Ram Vilas Paswan of Lok Janashakti Party, K. C Tyagi of JD ( Nitish), DMK MPs, Anupriya Patel of Apna Dal n others.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has secured a total majority of a whopping 343 seats with BJP singularly crossing a 300 mark, quite ahead of the 2014 tally.

In 2014 the BJP had scored victory on 282 seats whereas NDA had bagged 336 seats.

After his outstanding victory PM Modi came to the party headquarter and addressed hundreds of thousands of party workers, leaders and newly elected MPs to thank them and assure the countrymen of fulfilling the pre election promises in the near future.

All the members of parliament of BJP n NDA have reached Delhi.

After staking claim to form the government, the NDA allies would be asked to give the names of their respective party MPs to be included in the union cabinet, depending upon the technical feasibility of numbers n PM’s prerogative.

However, prime minister Modi would have his fullest say n discreation this time as he’s already in absolute majority from his party’s side having secured more that 300 seats.

Showing a broad heart and respect for the elders n party’s veterans , he alongwith Amit Shah also went to the residences of former deputy prime minister Lal Krishna Advani n former union minister Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi to seek their blessings. Both are now in the highest decision making body of the party n govt called the MARG DARSHAK MANDAL.

It may be recalled that PM Narendra Modi was publicly ridiculed n humiliated by his arch rival Rahul Gandhi n other senior leaders of opposition parties during election speeches as to how badly had he treated these BJP veterans by sidelining them from active politics of the saffron party.

But after his personal visit to the houses of these two senior most leaders and seeking their blessings it seems that the prime minister Modi has sought their moral support for future as well thus subsiding n closing this controvertial topic for ever.

It is believed that the exercise for the formation of the two or three tyre ministry will start from tommorrow onwards and would be completed in a week’s time in order to give an enthusiastic start to the new government functioning.

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Rahul may quit in CWC accepting moral responsibility for party’s debacle but his resignation will not be accepted



Read Time: 2 minutes

Reports are pouring in that the Nehru Gandhi scion and the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi may tender resignation in the CWC meeting, the highest decision making body of the Congress, today accepting the moral responsibility for the party’s debacle in the general elections.

However, sources reveal that the UPA chairperson has asked Rahul not to do so but instead advised him to express his point of view in the presence of all the senior leaders of the party during the CWC meeting, finally leaving the decision on majority of the CWC members.

Political analysts say that it would be nothing more than a customery or a moral gesture by Rahul Gandhi to show to the country or party’s rank n file that he has no interest in sticking to the highest slot of the organisation after the debacle.

Moreover, no leader or the CWC members would be inclined or posses guts to accept his resignation for the party’s defeat.

The UP Congress chief Raj Babber n the Delhi Congress chief Shiela Dikshit too have publicly accepted the moral responsibilities for the party’s bad performance n worst debacle in UP n Delhi but had not offer their resignations till yet.

Mrs Dikshit has however convened the DPCC meeting in order to do soul searching n find the reasons behind the poor show.

There are reports that apart from discussing on Rahul’s supposed resignation, accepting the moral responsibility for the party’s debacle the CWC will also discuss in detail rather threadbare, the important reasons behind the political poor show of the 135 year old party.

Reports also say that the CWC may also hail the contribution of Priyanka Gandhi in the national campaigning despite her contribution not accompanying any positive results.

The CWC will also device ways n means to strengthen the party from the grass roots to the top.

The crux of the whole story is Rahul Gandhi’s leadership in the Congress party is unchallengeable as the entire Congress politics revolves around Nehru Gandhi family and till date there is no undisputed leader in the Congress party who can replace the Nehru Gandhi scion as the family has been ruling in the country for the last 65 years with their ancestors’ immeasurable contribution in the freedom struggle.

Moreover the established coterie around Rahul Gandhi n Sonia Gandhi would in any case never want to change the leadership, come what may.

Priyanka Gandhi’s solid emotional support to her brother who always refuses to play his roleas a possible alternative in the party is another prime reason why there is no alternative to Rahul Gandhi in Congress party.

The CWC will also pass a resolution expressing full n unstinted faith in Rahul Gandhi’s leadership further unanimously pledging to strengthen the party in the days to come to counter increasing Modi effect n juggernaut, under his credible leadership. ( credible for Congressmen)

Despite all this the latest reliable sources reveal that Rahul Gandhi is adamant to resign while the entire CWC is trying to appease him take back his decision to quit..The CWC meeting is in progress in New Delhi.

What’s your take friends?

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Sidhu in a fix. His rivals ask him to fulfil his pledge to quit politics after Rahul’s defeat from Amethi



Pic Ravi Batra
Read Time: 2 minutes

While the Bhartiya Janata Party led National Democratic Alliance has achieved a historic majority even crossing the previous limit of 2014, securing 349 Lok Sabha seats, all set to form the government for the second consecutive term, in social media the chief election campaigner of Congress party Navjyot Singh Sidhu’s photograph and his promise that he will quit politics if Rahul Gandhi loses election from Amethi is going viral.

His arch rivals n BJP’s supporters n die hard sympathisers are reminding cricketer turned minister in Punjab government Sidhu about his promise in Rai Bareilly while campaigning for UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi that he will quit politics in case Rahul loses his election from Amethi.

Navjyot Singh Sidhu had extensively campaigned for Congress party n Rahul as well as Sonia Gandhi and had been spitting venom against the prime minister Modi n BJP led NDA during his poll campaigns at the pan India level.

Now the people are questioning Sidhu in social media whether he will quit politics or not ?

It may be recalled that union minister of textiles and BJP’s candidate from Amethi Smriti Irani has won the election securing 3, 39, 773 votes against Rahul Gandhi’s votes of 2, 94, 290 thus winning by 46 thousand votes.

However in Punjab where Sidhu is in government the Congress party sought victory in 9 seats out of 13 whereas the Punjab CM Amrinder Singh is annoyed with the former saying that it was because of Sidhu’s Pakistan visit n embracing the PAK Army chief Bajwa there, that the party lost four seats otherwise it would have won them n the Congress’s victory have been in all the 13 seats.

The relations between Sidhu n Amrendra Singh are not good. Navjyot Singh Sidhu’s visit to Pakistan twice n hugging the Pak Army chief in public praising him n Pak PM Imran Khan was not taken in good taste by the countrymen. Sidhu had to even leave the popular Kapil Sharma show and was trolled n criticized badly in the social networking sites as well in the media, print n electronics.

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Rahul congratulates PM Modi on his resounding victory. Also sends best wishes to Smriti for Amethi victory



Read Time: 1 minute

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi congratulated the prime minister Narendra Modi on his historic victory and said that he wanted to clear that it was not the personal fight but a fight of the ideologies of Congress party n BJP represented by Narendra Modi’s views. Looking in a hurry, Rahul addressed the press conference at the party headquarter in the evening exclusively to congratulate the prime minister n his party on their landslide victory and said that there is no point going into the pros n cons of the defeat. Today is the day of mandate n we’ve lost, I have full faith in the verdict of India’s electorates n therefore accept the defeat in all humility said Rahul Gandhi. Rahul added there is lot of time to discuss the reasons behind the defeat but today I have exclusively come to thank the media, Congress workers n leaders n those who have faith in our party’s ideology across the country. He exhorted the party workers not to be disheartened n work in future with more, zeal, enthusiasm n commitment. On the question of the victory of Smritee Irani from Amethi parliamentary constituency Rahul congratulated her n hoped that she will come true to the expectation of the people who’ve voted for her. It may be recalled that Rahul Gandhi has lost from Amethi but has won hands down from Wayanad, Kerala defeating his nearest CPI candidate with a huge margin. He revealed that the party’s CWC will meet shortly to take stock of the latest political situation in the country including finding the reasons behind the grave loss to the party.

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BJP’s Giriraj Singh scores a historic victory against left front candidate Kanahiya Kumar



Read Time: 2 minutes

While the Bhartiya Janata Party led NDA has by now achieved a historic majority gaining a record of 341 seats even more than what it acknowledged in 2014 during the Modi Wave, terming this one as Modi Sunami, the election of Begusarai also witnessed union minister Giriraj Singh winning by a handsome margin defeating his nearest powerful CPI rival KANAHIYA KUMAR, who contested against the former as the all party left candidate.

This election was interesting because a dashing and dynamic youth leader in the making in non BJP opposition camp, a JNU scholar Kanahya Kumar representing anti Modism was contesting from here against Giriraj Singh of BJP, infamous for his communal n hindu fundamentalist statements like those who do not support BJP or utter Vande Matram should go to Pakistan etc.

Several progressive film personalities from Bollywood to South like Javed Akhtar, Ganni Bhai, eminent journalist Ravish Kumar n academicians as well as student n youth leaders campaigned for Kanhiya Kumar extensively and also accorded him enough coverage in print n electronic channels.

CPI’s Kanahiya Kumar n Giriraj Singh are both Bhumihars from Bihar but were put against each other by their respective parties.

But it was finally the Modi wave or sunami compounded with ultra nationalism n post Pulwama effect that BJP’s Giriraj Singh has won the election by massive 3.5 lakh votes.

Giriraj Singh was successful in gaining more than 56% votes in Begusarai n securing totally 5, 74, 671 votes , a massive vote share, whereas the left front candidate Kanahiya Kumar bagged 2 lakh 34 thousand votes.

The RJD’s Tanvir Ahmed however got merely one lakh 65 thousand votes. BJP’s Giriraj Singh got the direct benefit of division of Muslim votes between Kanahiya Kumar n Tanvir who also got the entire hindu polarised votes cutting across caste n religious lines.

It may be recalled that last time in 2014, union minister Giriraj Singh has won from Navada but this time he was shifted here against his wishes.

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It’s a victory of nationalism over narrow vested interests : Ajit Doval



Read Time: 3 minutes


The national security advisor Ajit Dobhal has termed the resounding victory of Bhartiya Janata Party as the victory of nationalism over the narrow vested interests obviously referring to Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and rest of the anti BJP oposition parties who’d been fighting within themselves over the prime minister’s post.

Ajit Dobhal is considered to be the first hand trusted bureaucrat of prime minister Narendra Modi who seeks important advices from him from time to time on national n international security matters.

Meanwhile, the Bhartiya Janata Party under the leadership of prime minister Narendra Modi has literally sweeped in every state of the country and reduced the Congress party and the rest of the UPA allies in a shameful minority.

This historic victory with 346 numbers is one of the hugest victories in the political history of India after the era of Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi who ruled the country for more than a decade n a half during there repective tenures post independence.

Sounds shocking that the UPA has been reduced to mere 90 to 95 till now n others at mere 108. The Congress party which was already in negligible status in Lok Sabha having mere 44 lawmakers not even able to secure the status of the leader of the opposition post 2014, seems to in the same uncomfortable position this time as well.

The most over confident BSP, SP, RLD alliance too has been reduced to mere 20 seats in UP with the BJP having secured promising 60 seats thus killing the high headed proud of Mayawati n Akhilesh.

Execept in Kerala n to some extent in an another state the Congress party is set to be doomed. The BJP workers and leaders are in a full fledged celebrating mood at the pan India level and prime minister Narendra Modi is the main centre of attraction whose name, image and credibility played miracles in the entire country.

Even in West Bengal, once the left bastion n now the TMC’s political citadel, the saffron party has won 17 seats with TMC at 24, just four seats below.

The Modi undercurrent of nationalism n hinduisation was so dominating that even in Amethi, the traditional Nehru Gandhi stronghold, Rahul Gandhi was trailing behind.

Political analysts say that there were number of factors responsible for the BJP’s resounding victory n the Congress party’s shameful defeat.

Not only have the people of the country expressed tremendous faith in the outstanding charismatic leadership of prime minister Narendra Modi but were also hugely influenced by his contribution in post Pulwama situation by striking on Balakot n earlier surgikal strike compounded with his work in the poor housing sector, introducing Ayushman Bharat insurance scheme for the poor, massive success of Ujjwala gas scheme and so on and so forth.

The Modi undercurrent was so massive and broad based that all the issues raised by opposition like NYAY, exposure on Rafale, agrarian distress, farmers suicides, demonetisation, GST and unemployment etc got badly diluted during the election campaigning.

In nutshell, the vote for BJP in this general election was the direct vote for prime minister Narendra Modi on national security matters and maintaining the pride n valour of the defence forces.

It was primarily not the election between parties but between the personality cult of an individual and prime minister Narendra Modi literally dominated the entire election with the likes of Rahul, Priyanka, Mayawati, Mamata Bannerjee n others standing nowhere near the former in the national competetion.

Meanwhile, seeing the one sided landslide victory of Prime minister Narendra Modi’s party, the share bazaar also enhanced by 1000 points crossing over the 40,000 marks.

The left parties especially the CPM which once ruled the West Bengal for 34 protracted years n is currently ruling in Kerala as well, is completely finished in West Bengal as it’s numbers have reduced to zero in Lok Sabha from West Bengal. Last time, in 2014 the CPM had won 2 Lok Sabha seats from here. The entire left vote has shifted to BJP.

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2019 election was fought on personality cult n Narendra Modi’s image was fully utilised by BJP n its allies



2019 election was fought on personality cult n Narendra Modi's image was fully utilised by BJP n its allies
Read Time: 2 minutes

The 2019 election was the election of personality cult not based on programmes and policies to a larger extent. Had it been the case the major issues of unemployment, agrarian crisis, especially the matter of farmers’ suicides, demonetisation, GST n traders grievances at large would not have been diluted nor the caste polarisation possibilities blurred as the various exit polls are predicting that even in Uttar Pradesh the saffron party under Modi effect or charisma is likely to fare extremely well giving merely 25 seats to the BSP, SP n RLD combine.

The entire election was based on personality cult with prime minister Narendra Modi being the choice of the BJP led NDA, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi the projected face of the Congress n Mayawati, Akhilesh and Mamta Bannerjee representing their respective parties’ faces as the future prime minister candidates, though not openly but making it obvious from their respective party angles.

In this whole exercise, while the people of the country Narendra Modi as the most befitting prospective prime minister for the second time in succession, especially on national security matters and post Balakot action, the loose grand alliance and their leaders accusing and castigating each other publicly, could not impress the voters of the country about their future reliability n trust.

There was a clear cut choice amongst the voters of the country between a personality of Narendra Modi who according to them still stands fully successful and accountable to countrymen while on the other hand there are scattered leaders who could not see each other eye to eye despite being a part n parcel of the gathbandhan based on similar ideologies.

While prime minister Narendra Modi was an already declared undisputed prime minster candidate of BJP led NDA, in Mahagathbandhan there was a big question mark about the unanimous prime ministerial candidate.

This was the biggest plus for the BJP n the party considered him as its biggest asset. The country’s electorates have therefore while equating Narendra Modi’s personality with other non BJP opposition leaders found him extremely credible behind whom stood the entire party and its rank n file solidly n credibly while in opposition camp there existed complete confusion and delusion.

The election which started with debates and discussions on programmes and policies and repeated attacks by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi using the Rafale, unemployment n agrarian distress including demonetisation and GST issues, finally came down to personality cult with prime minister Narendra Modi dominating the scene with his impressive political histrionics termed as rhetorics by his arch rivals.

The BJP and even its alliance partners utilized Modi’s image, his fascinating pictures and programmes including capitalising on the post Pulwama situation thus capturing the election at the pan India level, if the current poll exit results are to be relied upon.

If the BJP repeats this time as well and Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister it would primarily ne the Modi personality cult that would be be given credit than anything else as all other issues of regional n national significance stood diluted as was the case in the last assembly elections of 2017 as well when BJP snatched power from Congress in 16 states n in total 19 with its alliance partners.

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Harish Rawat says: exit polls are bogus. Congress is winning all the 5 seats in Uttarakhand



Read Time: 1 minute

While the election results will be declared on 23rd May and the recent exit polls have already accorded landslide victory to BJP led NDA keeping the immediate opposition party Congress and its allies at 138 plus, the heartbeat of the contesting candidates, especially those of anti saffron opposition parties have increased manifold.

The satta bazaar is also given maximum marks to the saffron party ensuring the Modi comeback for the second consecutive term.

But despite all this there are leaders like Harish Rawat, the former Uttarakhand chief minister and general secretary of Congress committee who are over confident of Congress’s victory in all the five seats of Uttarakhand. Rawat says : these exit polls are farce n biased.

He castigates the BJP ruling party of allegedly tempering with the EVM machines but says that the people of Uttarakhand had outrightly voted for Congress party and Rahul Gandhi in all the five parliamentary constituencies viz Pauri, Tehri Garhwal, Haridwar, Nainital Udham Singh Nagar and Almora n all the Congress candidates are winning hands down.

In 2014 all the five seats were bagged by BJP MPs and in 2017 assembly elections also the saffron party got a resounding triumph winning 57 seats out of 70, the record outcome by BJP after the formation of the state of Uttarakhand.

Even, the then CM Harish Rawat lost from both the assembly constituencies, he contested from. This time also he fought the parliament election from Nainital parliamentary constituency despite the fact that he earlier represented from Haridwar in Lok Sabha. The various exit polls have given 5- 0 and 4-1 prediction from Uttarakhand and the reason being speculated is Modi undercurrent.

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