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Maharashtra: 90% workers of Trimbakeshwar temple go on strike for wage hike in Nashik



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The workers of Trimbakeshwar Temple have gone on a strike demanding hike in wages. Over 90 per cent of the workers union of the Nashik-Trimbakeshwar temple has called out for a strike to demand an increase in the salary.

Nashik-Trimbakeshwar, the temple of Kumbh, has been identified as the worker of the Temple Devasthan (abode of god). Thousands of devotees from all across the country pay a visit to Shivaji K Jyotirlinga. In such a case over 90 per cent of workers have called for a strike in the temple. These workers managed work from the security of the entrance to the ticket for the temple. Out of 142 employees of Trimbakeshwar Temple, 136 workers have stopped working. All the 136 employees who have called for the strike are associated with Left Organisations. The temple workers strike on the left banner of Left organizations in Maharashtra is happening for the first time.

Trimbakeshwar Devasthan management is currently operating with the strength of 6 employees. The members of the Trimbakeshwar Temple Trust are angry with the management after the workers went on strike. Due to the strike of workers, the devotees of the temple are at discomfort.

Trishkeshwar Temple K. Trustee Kaisal Ghule, said “The strike of temple workers is not right. The temple administration should intervene and finish the strike.”

However, Trustee Trupti Dharan of Trimbakeshwar Temple said that despite the strike of the employees, the officials and the trustees did good planning so that the devotees did not have any problem. “The work of the temple is also being continued smoothly.”

One of the employees at strike said that they have been fighting for our demands for many years. But the temple administration was not listening to us. For this, we had to get off the road.

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There should be more credible action /vigilance at the Indo Pak border to stop sneaking of Pak sponsored terrorists in Kashmir



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The situation in Kashmir, especially in its Southern part is worsening day by day with spurt in incidents of violence and fatal attacks by the Pakistan trained terrorists on civilians and army troopers.
The lives of the citizens and the Army jawans is at stake who are being martyred in large numbers.
In just two weeks though the India Army has killed some of the hard core terrorists but the toll of army majors and troopers was more in numbers that the terrorists killed.
It is indeed surprising and shocking to note that despite the best and dedicated efforts of the brave Indian army officers and troopers and due interest of the union government to combat terrorism, enhance anti terror operations, these terrorists are appearing from every part of Kashmir as if there is a factory producing them in myriad numbers.
The military and local intelligence bodies have been doing their best to seek pivotal information about these home grown terrorists apart from  those sneaking in India from the Pakistan sides and the army troopers are countering them steadfastly but the loss of precious lives of Indian army officers and troopers has shaken the Kashmir administration as well as the central government machinery.
There is a two pronged strategy of these terrorists, one by cladestinely sneaking in Kashmir valley from Pakistan and another from the home grown terrorists fully inspired and backed by Pakistan active within the state.
It was strongly believed that after the formation of the NDA part two government at the centre which had strongly and succesfully reacted to the post Uri and Pulwama misadventures of Pakistan based JEM terrorists by executing Balakot and earlier surgical strikes, the Pakistan sponsored terrorists will give up their attacks on Army and civilians but the adverse is happening resulting in spike in terror violence in Kashmir valley taking a heavy toll.
This is quite a disturbing and shocking trend.
The people are questioning : After all,  up to when would the Indian troopers lose their precious lives at the hands of these human beasts and will this  violence and death trend ever come to an end.
The time has come that the government of India and the defence and home ministry should in close coordination formulated a new and most effective, rather a credible strategy to ensure maximum deaths of the insurgents and negligible loss to the Army and para military officers and troopers.
There should be special concentration and more effective vigilance of intelligence, Army and paramilitary at the Indo Pak border to ensure that the Pakistan trained terrorists are not able to sneak inside India with simultaneous counter terrorist operations in Kashmir valley as well in coordination with the lical police.
We know that our brave and highly dedicated Army and para military officers and Jawans are doing their fullest  best to counter and kill these dreaded terrorists mushrooming in the valley in myriad numbers but the death toll of of our officers and jawans is a matter of immense worry and shock to each and every Indian.
The governor’s rule in the state has not proved too successful in combating terrorism in the state say political analysts.
Therefore special efforts should be made to ensure that a democratically elected government comes into effect by holding the elections in the strife torn state at the earliest with no mention of abrogation of article 35 A and 370 from Kashmir as these twin issues if talked about much, will only worsen the already detereorating situation of the state.
Kashmir situation should be on the top agenda of the NDA government and a new viable policy on Kashmir should be brought into effect by bringing the entire opposition parties into confidence.
There are high hopes of the people on the new defence and home minister of the country viz Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah and we hope that they will crush terrorism in Kashmir once for all with their best efforts and intelkigent strategies.
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VHP and RSS to pressurise BJP govt on Ram Mandir issue at its two day Haridwar conclave on 19th, 20th June



Latest model of Ram Temple
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The ideological parents of Bhartiya Janata Party, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh are again pressurising the BJP led NDA part two government at the centre to expedite the issue of construction of Ram Temple in a disputed site in Ayodhya at the earliest as per the pre election promise made by the saffron party to the Saints belonging to VHP and the RSS.

After winning the general elections with the thumping majority on issues such as early construction of Ram Temple, abrogation of article 370 in Kashmir, implementation of the Citizens bill guaranting citizenships to the outcast and discareded hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh and bringing a bill on cow protection etc, the hindu organisations such as VHP and RSS, the offshoots of the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party are now not in a mood to relent and have finally made up their mind to pressurise the central government accept all the above demands forthwith, obviously an another exercise to allegedly polarise the majority community for the future state elections as well.

According to one of the MP’s of BJP in the upper house of parliament, originally an RSS think tank Rakesh Sinha, he is all set to bring a private member’s  bill in the house for the construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya at the earliest honouring the sentiments of billions of Ram Bhakts all over the country who’d been demanding it for decades but all in vain.

The matter of Ram Temple, however, is in the supreme court of India which has for now asked both the contesting parties to settle the dispute amicably after mutual deliberations.

The important VHP’s Kendriya Margdarshak Mandal’s massive convention alongwith the RSS is taking place in Haridwar on 19th and 20th June in which thousands of protagonists of Ram Temple and saints from all over the country including VHP and RSS cadres are likely to participate.

According to the sources a call will given from here to pressurise the Modi government to bring central legislation on this issue and pass bills of other significant matters such as abrogation of article 370 in Kashmir, citizens amendment bill, bill on cow protection etc as promised by them during the elections.

Now since the saffron party has acknowleged a landslide victory with 338 MPs on the above issues, the VHP RSS is of the strong opinion that the government fulfills all the aforesaid demands without fail and at the earliest.

It may be recalled that the Vishva Hindu Parishad and the RSS, including the Shiv Sena had prior to the elections pressurised the Modi government to bring an ordinance/ bill on the Ram Temple construction matter which is being delayed since 1994 from the time of the demolition of Babri Mosque at Ayodhya despite the very fact that the BJP has ruled the nation twice but backed out on this vexed issue despite getting overwhelmning support.

They had clearly stated that the court’s procedure being lenghty and cumbersome, the government should honour the sentiments of crores of hindus of the country and bring a bill on the issue to expedite construction of the much awaited Ram Temple but fearing the minority backlash and avoiding,  annoying the 25 crore muslims of the country, prime minister Narendra Modi had preferred relying on the apex court’s judgement rather than being partisan towards the hindu community.

Since the elections were then round the corner, the VHP and RSS had no option but to postpone its movement and support the saffron party at the hustings, assuring its cadre that the BJP government under the leadership of prime minister Narendra Modi will surely pave the way for the construction of Ram Temple post election.

Now, since the saffron party has won with a historic majority the VHP and RSS are now up in arms to pressurise the Modi government fulfil this main demand along with the other important issues by making  laws through ratification of the legislations from both the houses of parliament.

However, the fact remains that the BJP is still short of majority in the Rajya Sabha for now. It may have majority in 2020 when most of the sitting non BJP members are retiring and the new BJP MPs would replace them in the upper house.

The Shiv Sena chief Udhav Thakrey alongwith the Shiv Sena MPs would also participate in this conclave to add their voice to VHP, RSS demand for early construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya.

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Finally Nitish visits SKMC hospital in Muzaffarpur after 108 encephalitis deaths. Confronts immense protests



108 die of encephilitis syndrome in Muzagfarpur, Bihar
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The extremely pathetic condition of one of the biggest hospitals in Muzaffarpur, Bihar compels us to hang out heads in shame.

About 108 children had died due to the dreaded encephalitis syndrome in this hospital creating quite a sensation in the country.

What’s is more pathetic is the fact that the chief minister of Bihar Nitish visits the hospital after more than two weeks and that too under pressure as the matter was much hyped in the electronic and print media of the country.

The most disheartening aspect of this whole shameful and tragic episode is that the health minister of Bihar and the top bureaucracy responsible for the lack are still trying to cover up the situation by passing the buck on others and trying to save their skin this way or that way.

The horrifying unhygienic and unliveable condition of the hospital unambiguously speaks of the fact that the patients are being treated as second grade citizens and untouchables in the Shri Krishna Medical College hospital of Muzaffarpur and other such hospitals of the state.

There is completely dearth of doctors especially the senior ones, the wards are full of filth and dirt emnating foul smell. The hospital drains are uncleaned and open, inviting risks to patients’ health and their relatives etc.

There are no sufficient beds for patients who are lying on floors. The food and fruits served to the patients are rotten and of substandard quality.

Even the hospital is devoid of requisite prescribed medicines. The stretchers are broken and in bad condition.

The hospital beds are totally unhyeginic. As per the statistics while in Kerala one doctor treats about six hundred patients in Bihar there is only one doctor for 28000 patients.

The doctors and employees of the government hospitals are totally negligent and pathetic towards the patients.

What is more worrisome and shocking is the fact the union health minister Harsh Vardhan and his entire ministry seems to be equally pathetic with his state minister caught on camera sleeping while the former addresse a press conference on the subject.

A child patient suffering from encephlitis had died in front of the union health minister who visited the hospital in Muzaffarpur two days ago.

Despite 108 deaths during the last 18 days though the union health minister Dr. Harshvardhan had visited the Bihar’s SKMC Hospital (responsible for these tragic deaths), the chief minister Nitish Kumar visited it after 17 days which itself speaks of the state’s apathy towards the patients.

So far no ray of hope has arrived to prove home the point that the union health minister in cordination with the Bihar CM has devised credible ways and means to set right the situation at the earliest.

Sounds shocking and uncalled for. Are the lives of poor and hapless children so cheap ? There are still 161 children addmitted in various hospitals of Bihar including at SKMC for the treatment of encephalitis syndrome.

The chief minister Bihar Nitish Kumar has to face tremendous protests from the highly furious and angered parents of the deads and those suffering for want of adequate treatment in the Muzaffarpur’s SKMC Hospital.

In India more than 6000 cases of encephalitis syndrome has been recorded, out of which lots of them have died unfortunately.

Similarly in Muzaffarpur itself about 1000 children had succumbed to this dreaded desease in a past decade due to the apathy of the hospitals and health authorities.

Bihar is passing through a health emergency and the governments of the day at the centre and in Bihar should initiate coordinated efforts to fight this menace with a strong hand, providing the patients of encephalitis syndrone all possible medical help and support, come what may. This should be the priority number one agenda of both the governments of Bihar and the centre.

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Former union health minister Nadda is the new working president of BJP



PM Narendra Modi and union minister Amit Shah congratulaing JP Nadda on his new assignment
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The union defence minister Rajnath Singh has today announced that the former union minister J. P. Nadda would be the the next working president of Bhartiya Janata Party.

It was the unanimous decision of the entire Parliamentary Board of the Bhartiya Janata Party said Rajnath Singh.

J. P Nadda who was the union health minister in the previous NDA government led by Narendra Modi was not included in the union cabinet in the NDA 2 government and there were speculations about him being sworn in as the full fledged president of BJP, as the sitting BJP chief has been appointed as the home minister of India.

But latest sources reveal that union home minister Amit Shah would continue as the BJP president till the organisational elections take place in two months from now.

The prime minister Narendra Modi, union defence minister Rajnath Singh and all the parliamentary board members were present on ths ocassion.

Rajnath Singh said that under the efficient leadership of Amit Shah the party won with a historic majority at the hustings and therefore he will remain the party president till the organisational elections are completed in December January.

It may be recalled that after the inclusion of Amit Shah in the union cabinet as home minister he has become too busy in official matters and would therefore not be able to devote enough time for the party organisation at the pan India level hence JP Nadda would assist him as the working president of BJP till he is finally elected as the full fledged president after the completion of the organisational elections.

Jay Prakash Nadda is a blue eued boy of Prime minister Narendra Modi and also a close confidante of the BJP supremo Amit Shah.

Apart from the union health minister he had also been the observer of Uttar Pradesh the state which brought miracles for the saffron party at the hustings defeating the mahagath bandhan of BSP, SP, RLD and Congress party.

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Hundreds of Sikhs gather outside Mukherjee Nagar police station demanding stringent action against erring policemen. 3 suspended.



Policemen thrashing the sr citizen auto/ gramin sewa driver in Mukherjee Ngr, pic vedio PTC
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The shameful incident of obnoxious and brutal thrashing of an old Sikh auto / gramin sewa driver in Mukerjee Nagar has become the breaking news of all the television news channels of India.

It is being said that the custodians of law have turned into breakers of law. A Delhi police asistent commissioner of police Mr. Tyagi has been beaten badly in full public view by the protesting sikhs.

Similarly the vedio of the old sikh auto/ gramin sewa driver and his son being badly beaten, thrashed, kicked and abused by the Delhi police personels in uniform is being telecast in all the television channels of the country.

The incident is of Mukerjee Nagar that happened in the broad day light and according to the Delhi police the old Sikh allegedly brandished and attacked the policemen with his sword.

The police thereafter retaliated in good number and taught him a lesson by publicly thrashing him to the hilt, inflicting brutal injuries to the auto driver and his son. The case of attempt to murder has been registered against the auto/ gramin sewa driver.

In retaliation not only had the enraged people of the sikh community of Mukerjee nagar retaliated by gheraoing the police station but had also thrashed the assistent commissioner of police Mr. Tyagi.

There are different versions on the incident. But the way the policemen in uniform instead of arresting the old sikh auto/ grameen sewa driver attacked him physically in full public glare in broad daylight is something never heard of before. There is condemnation all around.

The vedio and photographs of the old sikh auto/ gramin sewa driver being mercilessly thrashed by policemen in uniform shamelessly and brutally has gone viral in social media and thereafter in the entire news channels of the country.

People are questioning the integrity of the policemen involved in this brutal act who are supposed to be the custodian of law and order of the capital of India.

The chief minister of national capital territory of Delhi Arvind Kejrival has condemned the incident in strongest possible terms.

According to the ANI tweet: Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival termed the incident of thrashing of the senior citizen auto sikh driver in Mukherjee Nagar as an unfortunate incident and condemned it urging the LG and Home Minister to take strict against against the accused police officers.

Meanwhile the Delhi police has suspended three policemen of Mukherjee Nagar Police station.

Highly annoued, furious and shocked hundreds and thousands of people of Sikh community have protested in front of Mukerjee Nagar police station and are still sitting in protest before the police station demading stringent action against the erring police officials not less than jail sentence under the strictest sectiins of the law. They also demanded withdrawal of section 307 against the sikh driver.

The Delhi chief minister visited the injured Sikh auto driver at his residence and assured of fullest support and cooperation.

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CISF inspector and his family of six die in a tragic accident at Tiuni, Garhwal. Alto falls in a gorge



anxious people gathered at the accident site
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Accidents have become the order of the day with every alternate day witnessing fatal accidents in various parts of Uttarakhand. If we assess the statistics of the ill fated persons dying in road and vehicular accidents in Garhwal and Kumaon divisions of Uttarakhand especially in the interiors, the number of fatalities is tremendous.

The reason being the roads are narrow at certain places, the drivers are negligent while driving busy is gossiping with fellow passengers, sometime in inebriated condition, being untrained drivers, using cell phones while driving or confrontation with other vihicles coming from opposite direction in speed at blind turns.

There have also been accidents due to the roads having been caved in or due to landslides, sometime roads having big pot holes and slippery as well, especially during the monsoon seasons.

According to a latest news a grave tragedy has occured on at Tiuni, Garhwal, Uttarakhand where an Alto car carrying six passengers of a family of a Central Reserve Force inspector, after losing control , fell into a gorge shockingly killing all the six members including him. Nobody could be revived to life.

According to the news, the family of a CISF inspector ( including him) were heading to Tiuni Bazaar from Baanpur. All of a sudden may be due to the excessive speed or overweight the Alto car lost control and fell in a gorge killing the CISF inspector and 6 others on the spot.

The names of the ill fated deceaseds are CISF inspector Pawan Negi, wife Rashmi, daughter Ishika, son Aarav and women relatives Murti Devi and Suman Devi.

On hearing the tragic news the the local police from Tiuni reached the accidental site and retrieved the highly mutilated bodies with the help of the locals present there.

The dead bodies have been sent for post mortem after registration the case. This is indeed a shocking tragedy in which not a single member of the family could be saved. May the souls rest in peace. Tiyuni is a Tehsil of Dehradun. Om.Shanti

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Dr. Harisuman Bisht receives Uttarakhand Shiromani Sahitya Samman in a function to felicitate Uttarakhand MPs.



Sunil Negi President Uttarakhand Journalists Forum congratulating Dr Hari Suman Bisht on his receiving the Uttarakhand Shiromani Sahitya Sammaan
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Uttarakhand’s newly elected members of parliament were felicitated on 16th June by the Uttarakhand Film Artists Association in New Delhi.

It was the first ever reception given by the Uttarakhandies living in Delhi to the newly elected Bhartiya Janata Party central lawmakers after their election.

A good number of people from various localities of Delhi participated including journalists, NGO activists, artists, actors of regional films and intellectuals despite the India Pakistan cricket match.

Out of the total five, three members of parliament viz Tirath Singh Rawat from Pauri Garhwal constituency, Ajay Tamta, former union minister for textiles and MP from Almora, and BJP Uttarakhand chief and Nainital MP Ajay Bhatt were present on this ocassion.

The union minister HRD and MP Haridwar Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank and Tehri MP Maharani Rajya Lakshmi could’nt make it due to being out of station and abnormal health condition.

The MPs were presented Shawl, bouquets and trophies as a mark of respect by the office bearers of Uttaakhand Film Artists Association.

The chief guest of the event was a renowned entrepreneur from Uttarakhand based in Gujarat Mr. Pandey who runs a two hundred crore turnover company employing 500 people with fifty percent of them hailing from Uttarakhand.

The Editor in Chief of Uttarakhand’s prominent news channel Kuleen Gupta, Narendra Ladwal leadung entrepreneur, M S Rawat, Chairman Mayur Public School and IRS Rattan Singh Rawat were the special guests of honour on this ocassion.

Addressing the enthusiastic crowd the former union minister and member of parliament from Almora praised the inhabitants of Uttarakhand for their outstanding courage, valour and dedication in the service of the nation in defence forces as well as in all the sectors of the country and appealed to those living in metropolises and cities outside Uttarakhand to come back to their birth place ensuring reverse migration for the good of Uttarakhand.

He said out of the total population of 1.25 crores more than half of our population has migrated to plains.

The time has come now to repariate back to villages of Uttarakhand to keep our himalayan state alive and prosperous.

The BJP’s national secretary and MP from Pauri Garhwal Tirath Singh Rawat also dwelt on the problem of migration. He said migration is necessary for progress, prosperity and economic development but it’s not necessary for unnecessary migration.

Rawat said : had the Army chief Vipin Rawat’s family not migrated years ago he would not have been the chief of India army. NSA Ajit Doval, RAW chief Dhasmana and former Chief of Military Intelligence Anil Bhatt etc would not have achieved the the top positions thus enhancing the prestige of Uttarakhand and India.

Therefore constructive migration is must and a positive feature but since now there is no dearth of hospitals, educational institutions and propects of progress in Uttarakhand noe, the hill people should migrate back to villages at all costs.

BJP Uttarakhand chief and MP Ajay Bhatt praised his government’s efforts to improve the lot of the people of Uttarakhand and appealed one and all to return back to their birth place if not now that at least after retirement.

Many prominent personalities in the field of literature, acting, singing, writing and theatre hailing from Uttarakhand were also felicitated on this ocassion by Ajay Bhaat, Ajay Tamta and Tirath Singh Rawat( all MPs).

Dr. Harisuman Bisht, former secretary of Hindi and Maithli academy and an author of several books was felicitated with Uttarakhand Shiromani Sahitya Samman while eminent veteran writer Lalit Keshwan, singer Amit Sagar, Asha Negi and renowned legendary singer Hira Singh Rana were also felicitated with prestigious awards for their outstanding contributions in their respective fields.

Prominent Uttarakhandi rock singer Amit Sagar also presented his CHAITU KI CHAITULI song on this ocassion with two short plays and promos of a new Uttarakhandi movie MANGAL and the ongoing movie Major Nirala. The programme was ably conducted by Hem Pant and Ajay Bisht.

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Lok Sabha session begins. Challenges ahead for PM Modi



1st session of 17th Lok Sabha begins/ pic Ind Tdy
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Today is the first day of the parliament session with prime minister Narendra Modi saying that existence of vigilant and active opposition is inevitable for health democracy.

Numbers hardly matter but it’s primarily the viable and vigilant opposition that makes our democracy strong and cohesive added PM Modi on the first day of the parliament session after the formation of the BJP led NDA part 2 government at the centre after winning with historic majority.

Prime minister Modi today underscored the constructive role of the opposition in a healthy democracy as the 17th Lok Sabha started its business. Speaking to reporters he said : the opposition need not bother about the numbers. I hope they will actively participate in the proceedings of the house and speak strongly.

The two days of the first session of Lok Sabha will be dedicated to swearing in of all the newly elected member of parliaments and the speaker’s election will take place on 19th.

About 543 members of parliament will take oath amongst which 257 members including Amit Shah have been elected for the first time. Rest are the second and third time winners.

The prime minister Narendra Modi has lot of challenges this time. Ten important bills are to be passed in parliament and the BJP led NDA is still short of majority for bills to be passed.

The BJP is likely to get required majority in Rajya Sabha in 2020 when majority of the non BJP opposition party members of the upper house are retiring.

The important bills out of total 10 numbers are the much hyped Triple Talaq Bill and the women reservation bill. The issues pertaining to abrogation of article 370 and section 35 A in the context of Jammu and Kashmir, early construction of Ram Temple and implementation of uniform civil code etc are some of important issues raised by BJP during the general elections and has proved successful in begeting the one sided votes nationwide to the saffron party.

The national security issue, strenthening of our defence forces and teaching Pakistan a befitting lesson for its anti India misadventures are also on the BJP’s agenda on which it bagged the confidence of the voters at the pan India level securing a historic majority.

Issues pertaining to employment and giving satisfactory concessions to the famers of the country including remitting their loans also need to be addressed forthwith as people of the country especially the unemployed youths and farmers have pinned high hopes on Narendra Modi government.

The challenges for prime minister Modi are tremendous and several bills of paramount significance are required to be passed in this summer session.

However, the budget coming on 5th July would addresed these twin significant issues of granting employment opportunities and giving farmers more concessions etc , hope the people of the country pinning too much hopes and aspirations on PM Modi.

Meanwhile , the BJP led NDA should be happy that its nearest rival, Congress party could not get the leader of the opposition status nor is the entire non BJP opposition united.

The Congressmen have still not got up out of their shock of tragic defeat and Congress chief Rahul is adamant to resign with no leadership alternative in sight.

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The centre should immediately resolve the Pan India docters’ strike. Mamta should cooperate



Striking doctors
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The docters strike started from Kolkata West Bengal after some doctors were thrashed by the relatives of a dead patient, has now assumed an all India proportion with doctors of Delhi, Bihar, Maharashtra, Pune and several other states going on strike, though not fully but partially wearing helmets and black badges thus protesting against the increasing attacks on doctors and asking for their permanent security during duty hours.

The Indian Medical Council has issued the call for strike nationally. The union Health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has written to the chief minister of West Bengal Mamta Bannerjee to open a dialogue with the striking docters and resolve the issue forthwith assuring the docters of their full safety and security and also demanding stern action against the erring relatives of the deceased patient who’d physically attacked the docters of the Kolkatta NRS hospital blaming them of utter negligence and failure to revive the life of the patient.

The union health ministry has also issued an advisory to the Trinamul Congress government of West Bengal to resolve the impending impasse and arrest the gulty.

On the other hand the West Bengal CM Mamta Bannerjee has refused to take any stringent punitive actions against the striking doctors of entire government Hospitals of West Bengal under ESMA ( Maintenance of essential services act) as she do not want to destroy the career of the medical practitioners of her state but has requested them to withdraw the strike.

The striking docters on the other hand has asked the chief minister to hold direct dialogue with the striking doctors in the open session that talking with few representatives of the protesting doctors within four walls.

It may be recalled that the relations between the West Bengal government led by Mamata Banerjee and the centre are already strained with the BJP led NDA government allegedly standing with the striking doctors of West Bengal as well as at the pan India level.

Today is the third day of the strike. Ms Benerjee is already at loggerheads with the prime minister Narendra Modi and the union Home minister Amit Shah since the general election campaigning.

There had been lot of violence between the workers of TMC and BJP in West Bengal pre and post election claiming several lives of the workers of both the parties accusing each other for perpetrating the violence n killings.

The BJP leadership had blamed the TMC government of misusing the police to avenge the enmity with the BJP workers through use of force and perpetrating violence in the state. The state’s governor Kesri Nath Tripathi, formerly a senior BJP leader has also met the union home minister Amit Shah and apprised him of the latest law and order situation in West Bengal.

He had also convened an all party meeting on this issue to take rest of the opposition into confidence on the incessant killings and the breakdown of law and order situation in West Bengal. But Mamta seemed to be hardly worried saying that such central advisories to states are a common feature.

She even went to the extent of saying in one of the public meetings that she is even ready to give up her government but would go to any extent to protect the minorities in her state.

The BJP has won 18 seats in West Bengal at the hustings and raised its tally by 16 Lok Sabha seats as compared to 2 in 2014.

What I mean to say conclusively is that politics should not enter in the docters’ strike issue and the union government led by BJP as well as the trinamul Congress govt of West Bengal should in all earnestness keep the interest of millions of patients in mind and resolve the issue at the earliest keeping aside the narrow political differences.

Thousands and lakhs of patients lives undergoing treatment for critical illnesses is in jeopardy due to this strike in AIIMS, Ram Manohar Lohia, Lady Hardinge College and several other government hospitals of the country including those in Bengal.

Health priority is a central subject and the newly elected BJP led NDA part 2 government has a major responsibilty to come to the rescue of lakhs of patients suffering badly due to this ongoing docters strike.

Let’s see whether the government led by prime minister Narendra Modi takes a positive lead in this strike or not. What’s your take friends?

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Was Hemant Karkare a brutal, inhuman torture machine?



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Was Hemant Karkare a brutal, inhuman torture machine? Did he act illegally to prove the theory of Saffron Terrorism? Was he a puppet of the congress party’s political leaders? Did he arrest and inhumanly tortured innocent citizens to falsely implicate them in the theory of Saffron Terrorism?

Sadhvi Pragya’s statements on this have created a political storm. People who suffered because of Saffron Terrorism and people who suffered because of 26/11 have divergent views.

But what is the fact?

I am putting lot of information in front of you to decide. This analysis does not show any political inclination or any religious bias. You read it and you decide.

I have done more than three years of research on 26/11 and I collected a lot of information from various sources. I am writing a blog “Failed Journey of Saffron Terrorism” and the following details are from the same blog.

Home Ministry Under-Secretary Mr. Mani in his book – Hindu Terrorism.

Home Ministry Under-Secretary Mr. Mani has written in his book “Hindu Terrorism”. He has said, one day in 2006 he got a call from the home minister’s office asking him to come to see Home Minister immediately. Since all his seniors were out of the office and he was the senior most officer, he went to the Minister, Mr. Shivraj Patil’s chamber, who was Home Minister. There were two more people in the chamber before Mr. Mani went. One was Madhya Pradesh chief minister Mr. Digvijay Singh and second was a new face to Mr. Mani. Digvijay Singh introduced the second person as Mr. Hemant Karkare, IPS officer from Maharashtra cadre. Mr. Mani was wondering what a Maharashtra cadre IPS officer Karkare doing here with M.P. chief minister? What is the connection?

Slowly these two started a discussion about Saffron Terrorism, a term totally unheard by Mr. Mani earlier. They were talking about a fire and a small blast in the industrial area in Nanded. Apparently, a small scale manufacturing unit had caught fire and there was a small blast of some industrial gas cylinder. Local police had arrested the owner of the unit, named Mr. Kulkarni. The local police had a suspicion that Kulkarni deliberately set the fire to claim insurance. Mr. Mani could not give any inputs on this case because the Home Ministry had never heard of this incidence.

But Digvijay Singh and Karkare were discussing the possibility of converting this fire and the blast as an act of some sort of Saffron Terrorism. At that time, Mani had no idea what “Saffron Terrorism” was. With the conversation going on between Karkare and Digvijay Singh, Mr. Mani understood that Hemant Karkare did try to arrest Kulkarni for Saffron Terrorism but could not find enough evidence to prove the charges against Mr. Kulkarni and they had to let him go. Basically, Karkare was trying to “FIND” evidence to make arrests for Saffron Terrorism.

While all this was going on, home minister Shivraj Patil was sitting in a different area in his office. Being a Home Minister, he was not part of these discussions.

Meaning, UPA government was trying to create a false case on Saffron Terrorism.

No congress party leader has refuted these observations so far. This means Karkare was indeed colluding with Congress leaders to create false charges.

Now let’s check other aspects.

Let’s look into Lt. Colonel Purohit’s arrest

Lt. Colonel Purohit was the active army officer at the time of the arrest. He was not a regular infantry Colonel but was working in the highly sensitive department of Military Intelligence, or popularly known as M.I. The purpose of MI is to gather intelligence within the country and outside the country about the different threat perceptions and neutralize them. It is a very secretive department where only select few are inducted after a thorough invasive background check.

Officers working under this department often have to go deep undercover in the terrorist organization to gather intelligence. This is a very risky job because any small mistake can blow up their cover and they get killed. The undercover officers cannot always choose the “Right” way because, in their world, everything is in the shades of gray. Hence sometimes they may have to cross the lines to earn the trust of the bad people. But they do it for the country.

Their undercover job is so bad that their family never knows where they are, what is their new identity, what is the phone number to call and what is the email to connect. They have no contact with their family for months!!! The family gets the updates from the military only.

Arresting such a decorated and trusted military officer under the changes of terrorism was unbelievable. Arresting a military officer by the civilian authorities is not simple. The local police have to follow the protocols, which are as follows. If the arrest is made outside the military camp then police have to inform military within the stipulated time. If the person of interest is inside the military camp then police have to inform military establishment, give all the details of the case and then Military Police (MP) handover the suspect to the civilian police. In each case, the military would conduct its own internal investigation. But in colonel Purohit’s case, he was detained w/o any warrant (abducted) by Maharashtra ATS headed by Hemant Karkare and military was informed about his arrest after a couple of days.

Colonel Purohit was illegally arrested as follows.

While Colonel Purohit was attending a training course at Panchamarhi, MP, his superior Colonel R. K. Shrivastava issued the travel order for him to go to Delhi on 29th October 2008. Colonel R. K. Shrivastava accompanied him to the Bhopal Airport. But before reaching Bhopal airport, Colonel Shrivastava took away cell phone from Colonel Purohit and did not give him air tickets. It was Colonel Shrivastava who did the check in at the airport. After check in, Colonel Shrivasta told Colonel Purohit that they were going to Mumbai and not to Delhi. After hearing this, Colonel Purohit asked for the cell phone to inform his wife but Colonel Shrivastava threatened him for using the cell phone. As per the military practice, if the travel plan is changed then a new travel order has to be issued. In this case, the earlier order was to reach Delhi but it was changed to Mumbai, and as such, a new order should have been issued but his official travel order was not changed! If it was official business then why so much secrecy?

After reaching Mumbai airport late in the evening, Colonel Purohit was pushed into a private vehicle and was driven to a bungalow in Khandala. Hemant Karkare and his ATS team were waiting there. Hemant Karkare, Colonel Shrivastav, ATS deputy chief Parambir Singh (IPS) and his staff tortured Colonel Purohit beyond third degree and in a very inhuman way for a week. He broke several bones and ruptured several tissues. Finally, on 8th November 2008, Maharashtra ATS formally announced the arrest of Colonel Purohit.

Please watch the video of Colonel Purohit’s wife narrating how her husband was tortured by the ATS team led by Hemant Karkare.

In 2013 Colonel Purohit himself wrote a letter to the Human Rights Commission about the illegal detention and torture and copy of this letter was sent to then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Please see this news clip.

Please read the ACTUAL HANDWRITTEN LETTER written by Colonel Purohit to the Human Rights Commission.
Warning – This letter has a very graphic and disturbing description of the torture hence read it only if you feel comfortable.

Shocking letter by Colonel Purohit to Human Rights Commission exposes how he was tortured

No one from NHRC or PMO cared to investigate the charges leveled by Lt. Colonel Purohit. Why????

Otherwise very active NHRC chose to keep quiet.

Please note, in his letter Colonel Purohit says, at one point of time, his boss Colonel R. K. Shrivastava and Hemant Karkare talked about parading his mother, wife, and daughter naked in front of everyone. They also talked about bombing his house to kill his entire family. This was of course done to terrorize Colonel Purohit so as to get his confession but this shows how low Colonel R. K. Shrivastava and Hemant Karkare had scooped! Really shameful.

It did not end just with illegal arrest and torture. Karkare raided Lt. Col. Purohit’s house and announced, he recovered RDX from his house in Pune.

Karkare claimed that Lt. Col. Purohit stole the RDX from the military stock.

Now realize the situation here with your common sense. Lt. Col. Purohit is a highly trained military officer who knows about explosive. Would he keep a highly explosive material like RDX at his home where his family lives? Will he risk his neighbors and community, which is mainly Hindu? And he was arrested for supporting Saffron Terrorism?

Army refuted the charges of stealing of RDX from its stock saying Indian military does not use RDX hence they don’t carry any stock.

Then Hemant Karkare changed his story and said, this RDX was seized in a raid conducted by Lt. Col. Purohit in Kashmir and he stole some quantity from this lot. The same was used in the bombing of Samjhauta express, Malegaon bombing and rest was seized from his house in Pune.

Military again said, that raid in Kashmir was a joint operation and many military officers, local police officers were in that raid. It was not just Lt. Col. Purohit that was present and every gram of seized RDX is accounted for and there is no missing quantity.

What does this show? Was Karkare fabricating the evidence to implicate Lt. Col Purohit?

If this is true then it is completely deplorable. Treating an army officer in this way is disheartening. It is a shame and disgrace to the police uniform.

Karkare is dead but Prarambir Singh and Col. R. K. Shrivastav are still alive. They must be arrested based on Col. Purohit’s charges of torture and must be investigated.

Please note, Sadhvi Pragya too has leveled similar charges of torture against Karkare.

Now the following are my views.

If multiple people level charges on Karkare about false cases, illegal arrests, collecting illegal evidence and brutal torture charges then it must be investigated.

If these charges are found correct then his Ashok Chakra medal, his status of heroic death, his pension and all his medals must be stripped posthumously.

Similar punishment must be given to all the other police officers who were involved in the torture.

Col. R. K. Shrivastav should also be court marshaled and punished.

No one is above the law and no one should be treated softly because they died in action or they are rich and powerful.

Kishor Katti.

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