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Grand weddings of semi-rural gentry inspired by Bollywood



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In the wedding season, there’s almost never a day when the village opposite our house in Greater Noida isn’t resounding with DJ beats. The land on which our apartment complex is built once belonged to this village and our lives are interconnected with the local people in myriad ways. It is now a rich village as the farming land has been acquired by the government and the farmers have got the money they never imagined they would acquire in a few generations.  One fallout of this new-found prosperity is that the weddings have become ostentatious with the DJ playing well into midnight, firecrackers being lit in complete disregard to any court order and staggering multicuisine buffets.

Last month I attended one such wedding. The boy was unemployed but the family was nouveau riche, mainly earning from rental income. They had used their new money obtained by the sale of agricultural land to build a series of rooms that they leased out to migrant construction labourers from poorer states. The bride’s family had a similar rise to riches, in a neighbouring village. A Maruti Swift stood at the entrance of the pandal, with no attempt to hide the dowry. Practically anyone was able to reel off how much cash and how much gold was given by the bride’s father.

As the internet and TV melt borders between big cities and small and between urban and rural, wedding trends inspired by the rich and famous,  have spread far into the interiors. Only women above 60 seemed to be wearing saris. The rest were in lehengas, whose designs were copies of those worn by recent Bollywood brides. A young woman even wore a flowing blood red western style gown, which she told me she bought in Bilaspur, a town with less than fifty thousand people in Rampur district of UP. Food counters lined the perimeter of the venue. Two girls in jackets and trousers were welcoming guests handing over their dinner plates. I learnt that they were part of the catering company, hired from Delhi. An innovative locally crafted rotimachine was presenting one hot roti after another in an assembly line. An entire mithaishop had been transplanted offering every possible traditional north  Indian confectionary. Fireworks lit up the night sky while the dance floor throbbed with dancing women and their children keeping step.

This family belonged to the Gurjar community, once upon a time nomads, who then became farmers, and now are just prosperous people spending the windfall they had landed as a result of urbanization.

Ramanand, an old relative recounted the weddings of the Gurjars, just about fifteen years ago. “Ek mombatti ki roshni mein ho jaati thi shaadi” he said. Generators were not ubiquitous, so in power-starved UP, entire streets were not lit up like they had done that night. Caterers were unheard of in the village; the women of the house would cook all the delicacies. Land deals had changed everything. The profile of the guests was different too. Many ex-farmers were now residents of building ‘societies’ doing office jobs or owning small businesses. Their children went to well-known schools of the area and while they retained a link with the village, their lifestyle and appearance were more similar to the urban educated middle class.

The practice of multiple grand functions was unheard of in these parts previously. There would be only one formal event of the actual wedding. However, the party I was attending that evening was a post-wedding reception, a practice borrowed from outside their milieu.

The standards of how much is good enough have zoomed upwards in semi-urban societies, which being close to metro cities, are aspirational but are also sufficiently traditional to retain their strong community ties. The most adverse impact has been on those villagers who have not benefitted from land sales but are not spared the pressure to keep up when it comes to weddings. A driver who conducted his daughter’s wedding a year ago had the same number of items in the buffet as the one in this prosperous Gujjar wedding. “Every item has to be there- thatMoradabadi dal, the hot kadhai milk and the coffee in the end, else there will be questions.” These pressures force the poor in the village to borrow from creditors and remain in debt for years.

The gargantuan wedding celebrations of 2017/18 of Deepika-Ranveer, Virat-Anushka, Priyanka-Nick and the Ambani heirs that became newsworthy around the world have only reinforced the  ‘big is beautiful’ credo, among communities in interior India. In a country where the masses take their cues from  film and cricket stars, these idols could have set a different example and help influence a more sensible thought process.

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Designated PM Narendra Modi stakes claim to form govt. Meets president Kovind n hands the letter of his unanimous election with NDA LEADERS



Designated PM Modi exchanging pleasentarieswith PresidentRamnath Kovind after handing him the letter of support by 353 MPs including NDA allies at Rashtrapati Bhavan this evening
Read Time: 2 minutes

Prime minister Narendra Modi said that after the formation of his government at the centre he will soon involve himself in the duties with utmost dedication towards the people of the country who’d accorded him massive mandate in this election.

He added that he believed in working hard with utmost commitment n dedication in order to come true to peoples’ expectation who have reposed extraordinary faith n trust in him n his government.

He assured all sections of the society while thanking them heartily for making him his party BJP n NDA win with such a massive n historic mandate.

Designated prime minister Modi also thanked n expressed his gratitude to his NDA partners, all members of parliament and the leaders who’ve expressed undaunted faith in his leadership n unanimously elected him as an undusputed leader of NDA.

The designated prime minister Narendra Modi was addressing the media at Rashtrapati Bhawan vicinity after meeting the president Ram Nath Kovind alongwith the NDA allies and handing him the letter of his unanimous election as the leader of NDA.

He exchanged pleasentaries with the president Kovind who also congratulated Modi n handed him a letter appointing him as a designated prime minister till the latter is formally sworn in as the prime minister of the country for the second consecutive term after 2014.

The NDA leaders who accompanied the designated PM Narendra Modi handed a letter to the president apprising him about his election as the leader of NDA.

Mr. Modi also presented a letter of support of NDA partners n all the 353 MPs thus staking claim to form the government.

The president has asked him to inform the Rashtrapati Bhawan about the day n timings of the swearing in function of the new PM n his cabinet which will be duly informed in a due course.

Earlier to the PM’s meeting with President Kovind, Mr. Modi’s name was proposed as the leader of NDA n prime minister by BJP supremo n MP, Amit Shah at the central hall in the presence of 353 lawmakers n seconded by union HM n Raod and Highways ministers, Rajnath Singh n Nitin Gadkari.

All the NDA partners also extended their support to Modi’s candidature in this meeting in the presence of party veterens Lal Krishna Advani, Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi n Akali Dal’s Prakash Singh Badal.

Mr. Modi touched their feet n sought their blessings amidst the chanting of Modi Modi in the central Hall.

Designated prime minister Modi is leaving for Gujarat tomorrow to seek his mother’s blessing.

Those who accompanied Mr.Modi to Rashtrapati Bhawan were Amit Shah,Prakash Singh Badal, Ram Vilas Paswan,Udhav Thakrey, Pallaniswamy, MNF chief n various other leaders of NDA.

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Rawat’s camp demands resignation of Uttrakhand state president n Congress leader in the house Pritam n Indira Hridayesh



Harish Rawat, Pritam Singh and Indira Hridayesh
Read Time: 2 minutes

After the Congress’ s debacle in Uttarakhand as in other states of the country as well, but not so bad as was the case in Uttarakhand, Delhi, Haryana and Tamilnadu where the party lost all its seats, heavy discontent against the state leadership is brewing up, with the demand for immediate resignation of the state party chiefs.

While the party chiefs of Uttar Pradesh Raj Babber, Shiela Dikshit in Delhi n the Congress chief of Tamilnadu have already tendered their resignations to the party high command accepting the moral responsibily for the poor performance, the Uttarakhand Congress chief n former state minister Pritam Singh, who himself lost the election including 4 other Lok Sabhas of the state with a hefty margin, has not shown decency to follow suit on moral grounds.

There is tremendous pressure from the rival camps, especially from Harish Rawat group on Party High Command to ask for Pritam Singh’s resignation.

It is believed that one of the Congress MLA Harish Dhami n 6 others have openly threatened to form a group of their own if the current state president Pritam Singh and Indira Hriyadesh leader of the opposition in the state assembly are not asked to resign from their respective posts with immediate effect, holding them responsible for the party’s ugliest show .

It may be recalled that the political enemity between the former CM of Uttarakhand n AICC general secretary Harish Rawat n Pritam Singh group is well known in Uttarakhand’s political circles.

Indira Hridayesh who had been number two in all the state Congress governments is Rawat’s bete noire as well who has not worked in his election in Nainital lok sabha accuse Harish Rawat’s followers resulting in the latter’s shameful defeat by more than three lakh votes.

Pritam Singh himself lost from Tehri Garhwal with a huge margin of 2.6 lakh votes against BJP’s Maharani Rajya Laxmi.

Since the party has lost badly in this lok sabha elections Harish Rawat’s group has become active directly asking for the resignations of the incumbent Congress president Pritam Singh as well as the leader of the Congress in state assembly.

However, it’s also a known fact that during Harish Rawat’s tenure as the state CM, several important Congress leaders viz Satpal Maharaj, former CM Vijay Bahugna, Cabinet minister Harak Singh Rawat, Subodh Uniyal and several MLAs ( 11 in numbers) in 2016/ 17 have jouned BJP leaving Congress party in a huff. They had to lose their assembly membership as well.

The Congress party too suffered a heavy loss under Rawat’s leadership giving 57 seats to BJP n Harish Rawat himself losing from two assembly seats respectively. It was then that instead of demoting Harish Rawat, he was elevated to significant positions like appointed as general secretary of AICC n member of the highest decision making body, the CWC.

Pritam Singh’s supporters argue that how can there be double standards for two leaders of the same state. If they ( Harish Rawat camp) are asking for Pritam Singh’s resignation, why was Harish Rawat elevated despite the party’s extremely poor show in Uttarakhand in 2017 assembly elections under his leadership.

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Narendra Modi elected unanimous leader of NDA. To meet president at 8.00 PM



Read Time: 2 minutes

Former n future prime minister Narendra Modi has been unanimously elected as the leader of the BJP led NDA in the Central Hall of Parliament today with thumping of desks and slogans of Modi Modi renting the air.

All the 353 newly elected members of parliament, eighty percent having been re elected, were present on this ocassion.

The leaders of the BJP, NDA allies viz Akali Dal, JDU, Shiv Sena, AIADMK, Lok Janashakti Party, Mizo National Front, Apna Dal and other NDA partners praised Modi’s leadership one by one and extented their respective party’s overwhelmning support for Narendra Modi as their undisputed leader and the second term next prime minister of the country.

The former deputy prime minister and veteran leader n founders of BJP Lal Krishna Advani, former union minister n BJP president Dr. M M Joshi and the Akali Dal leader Prakash Singh Badal were on the stage with Narendra Modi n accorded him their blessings n support.

In return PM Modi touched their feet n embraced the party’s pillar n senior most leaders. After the extension of support n personally greeting prime minister Narendra Modi with bouquet all the NDA leaders pledged to cohesively support his leadership.

Thereafter the BJP chief Amit Shah ehorted all the 353 MPs present there including more than 300 of the BJP to express n extend their unanimous support raising their both the hands.

Everybody did the needful by chanting Modi Modi slogans hailing him and raising their hands as well.

In the end prime minister Narendra Modi thanked the member of parliaments n NDA partners for their unanimous support n assured them n the countrymen of coming true to their expectations.

The union Home minister Rajnath Singh, union minister Nitin Gadkari, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, (JDU), the MNF leader, Shiv Sena’s Udhav Thakarey, Akali Dal’s Prakash Singh Badal, AIADMK’s Pallaniswamy n several other regional party n NDA allies presented the bouquet n Shawl to the PM.

At 8 PM the prime minister alongwith the NDA allies n senior BJP leaders are meeting the President to officially inform him about the election of the NDA leader and staking claim to form the government at the centre.

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Modi to meet President Kovind with NDA leaders to stake claim to form govt at 8 PM



President Kovind n PM Narendra Modi
Read Time: 2 minutes

The leader of the BJP led NDA, former prime minister Narendra Modi, who has resigned yesterday evening is likely to meet the president of India Ram Nath Kovind today, alongwith the NDA leaders to stake claim to form the government at the centre. It is believed that he will meet the president at 8 PM this evening.

The NDA partners to accompany him beside the party supremo Amit Shah n other senior leaders are Akali Dal chief Prakash Singh Badal, Shiv Sena chief Udhav Thakrey, Ram Vilas Paswan of Lok Janashakti Party, K. C Tyagi of JD ( Nitish), DMK MPs, Anupriya Patel of Apna Dal n others.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has secured a total majority of a whopping 343 seats with BJP singularly crossing a 300 mark, quite ahead of the 2014 tally.

In 2014 the BJP had scored victory on 282 seats whereas NDA had bagged 336 seats.

After his outstanding victory PM Modi came to the party headquarter and addressed hundreds of thousands of party workers, leaders and newly elected MPs to thank them and assure the countrymen of fulfilling the pre election promises in the near future.

All the members of parliament of BJP n NDA have reached Delhi.

After staking claim to form the government, the NDA allies would be asked to give the names of their respective party MPs to be included in the union cabinet, depending upon the technical feasibility of numbers n PM’s prerogative.

However, prime minister Modi would have his fullest say n discreation this time as he’s already in absolute majority from his party’s side having secured more that 300 seats.

Showing a broad heart and respect for the elders n party’s veterans , he alongwith Amit Shah also went to the residences of former deputy prime minister Lal Krishna Advani n former union minister Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi to seek their blessings. Both are now in the highest decision making body of the party n govt called the MARG DARSHAK MANDAL.

It may be recalled that PM Narendra Modi was publicly ridiculed n humiliated by his arch rival Rahul Gandhi n other senior leaders of opposition parties during election speeches as to how badly had he treated these BJP veterans by sidelining them from active politics of the saffron party.

But after his personal visit to the houses of these two senior most leaders and seeking their blessings it seems that the prime minister Modi has sought their moral support for future as well thus subsiding n closing this controvertial topic for ever.

It is believed that the exercise for the formation of the two or three tyre ministry will start from tommorrow onwards and would be completed in a week’s time in order to give an enthusiastic start to the new government functioning.

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Rahul may quit in CWC accepting moral responsibility for party’s debacle but his resignation will not be accepted



Read Time: 2 minutes

Reports are pouring in that the Nehru Gandhi scion and the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi may tender resignation in the CWC meeting, the highest decision making body of the Congress, today accepting the moral responsibility for the party’s debacle in the general elections.

However, sources reveal that the UPA chairperson has asked Rahul not to do so but instead advised him to express his point of view in the presence of all the senior leaders of the party during the CWC meeting, finally leaving the decision on majority of the CWC members.

Political analysts say that it would be nothing more than a customery or a moral gesture by Rahul Gandhi to show to the country or party’s rank n file that he has no interest in sticking to the highest slot of the organisation after the debacle.

Moreover, no leader or the CWC members would be inclined or posses guts to accept his resignation for the party’s defeat.

The UP Congress chief Raj Babber n the Delhi Congress chief Shiela Dikshit too have publicly accepted the moral responsibilities for the party’s bad performance n worst debacle in UP n Delhi but had not offer their resignations till yet.

Mrs Dikshit has however convened the DPCC meeting in order to do soul searching n find the reasons behind the poor show.

There are reports that apart from discussing on Rahul’s supposed resignation, accepting the moral responsibility for the party’s debacle the CWC will also discuss in detail rather threadbare, the important reasons behind the political poor show of the 135 year old party.

Reports also say that the CWC may also hail the contribution of Priyanka Gandhi in the national campaigning despite her contribution not accompanying any positive results.

The CWC will also device ways n means to strengthen the party from the grass roots to the top.

The crux of the whole story is Rahul Gandhi’s leadership in the Congress party is unchallengeable as the entire Congress politics revolves around Nehru Gandhi family and till date there is no undisputed leader in the Congress party who can replace the Nehru Gandhi scion as the family has been ruling in the country for the last 65 years with their ancestors’ immeasurable contribution in the freedom struggle.

Moreover the established coterie around Rahul Gandhi n Sonia Gandhi would in any case never want to change the leadership, come what may.

Priyanka Gandhi’s solid emotional support to her brother who always refuses to play his roleas a possible alternative in the party is another prime reason why there is no alternative to Rahul Gandhi in Congress party.

The CWC will also pass a resolution expressing full n unstinted faith in Rahul Gandhi’s leadership further unanimously pledging to strengthen the party in the days to come to counter increasing Modi effect n juggernaut, under his credible leadership. ( credible for Congressmen)

Despite all this the latest reliable sources reveal that Rahul Gandhi is adamant to resign while the entire CWC is trying to appease him take back his decision to quit..The CWC meeting is in progress in New Delhi.

What’s your take friends?

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Surat fire’s toll rises to 20. CM Vijay Rupani announces Rs 4 lakh as financial compensation for each of the dead



Surat's Coaching centre in a three storeyed building under fire
Read Time: 2 minutes

Shame on the Gujarat government and its administration that its chief minister Vijay Rupani has valued the life of a dead in Surat fire for merely Rs four lakhs.

The Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani has announced Rs four lakh as compensation amount for the bereaved family of each of the dead in the massive fire in Surat Gujarat.

The toll till now has reached to 20 n several others seriously injured. Cases have been registered under relevant sections of IPC against the builder and the owner of the coaching centre for violating the building n fire rules/ by laws.

The furious and highly angered relatives n near n dear ones of the deads have raised anti Modi slogans when the Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani n the health minister reached the spot.

They’ve angerly argued n complained that the administration haven’t responded in time n adequately to save the lives of students trapped in this massive fire as number of the immolated students were constrained to jump from the top floor killing themselves on the spot.

There were not sufficient number of fire tenders and other equipments. The disaster management officials were conspicuous by their absence.

This apathetic behaviour n attitude of Surat administration has resulted in 20 deaths say the furious onlookers and the relatives of those who’d succumbed to fire injuries.

On the top of that the financial compensation announced by the state CM Vijay Rupani was merely Rs 4 lakh for each of the dead which is considered to be a tip of an iceberg or peanuts.

Souds immensely shocking that a government that has been accorded a historic majority by the people of the country n Gujarat exhibits so much of indecency n harsh behaviour towards the deads of the massive Surat fire. There is tremendous opposition n anger in the public for the extremely poor show in saving the fire victims n coming to their rescue in time.

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Ajay Bhatt likely to get berth in union cabinet from Uttarakhand state



Ajay Bhatt, President, Uttarakhand BJP congratulating PM Modi in New Delhi
Read Time: 2 minutes

Though the process of formation of government at the centre is on the anvil, the prime minister Narendra Modi has a very bigger task to perform in a new cabinet formation.

The reason being his party has brought a historic majority on its own n he has to oblige the NDA allies as well.

There are more claiments than the cabinet n state berths. The task is onerous.

However, as far as the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand is concerned there is one name that is taking the rounds this time, either in addition to the present state minister of textiles Ajay Tamta or separately as an individual minister to be sworn in, either as a full fledged cabinet minister or minister of state with independent charge.

If certain reliable sources are to be believed the name of the Uttarakhand state BJP chief and MP from Nainital who’d defeated the Congress stalwart, former CM, Rahul Gandhi’s protege n AICC general secretary Harish Rawat with more than 3 lakh votes, Ajay Bhatt is very much under consideration.

The prime minister held two back to back public meetings in Nainital parliamentary constituency in April, considered to be most successful meetings with lakhs of attendence from where the prime minister Narendra Modi was able to successfully convey his positive message not only to the people of Uttarakhand but to the electorates of entire country.

PM Modi wanted to ensure that Rahul Gandhi’s main leuitenant Rawat is defeated at all costs n it finally happened when Ajay Bhatt defeated Harish Rawat with more than three lakh votes, the only constituency being predicted in opinion polls as the Congress’s strong hold.

Ajay Bhatt as the BJP’s state chief has many feathers in his cap since the last five years. Bhatt took charge as the state’s BJP chief in 2016 and it was under his efficient charge n leadership that the BJP defeated the ruling Congress party badly, securing a historic majority with 57 state lawmakers n ensuring the then Congress CM Harish Rawat’s shameful defeat from two assembly constituencies simultaneously thus giving merely 13 seats to Congress, which is a record of sort during the 18 year rule of BJP n Congress in Uttarakhand after attaining separate statehood.

Not only that but the party has staged a come back this time as well in all the 5 parliamentary seats defeating the Congress nominees with more than three lakh votes in all the five contituencies except Haridwar where Dr. Pokhriyal won by 2.5 lakh votes.

In addition to these plusses Ajay Bhatt firmly stood with the party and worked tirelessly in strenthening the BJP at the booth level in the entire state, despite not being included in the state cabinet last time in 2017 though he had then lost the assembly election from Ranikhet despite the party’s wave.

But it was felt that since he was busy campaigning extensively for the BJP candidates in the state, he could’nt accord time to his constituency n hence he lost.

Moreover since the state chief Trivendra Singh Rawat is a Thakur and in order to appease the Brahmins of the state, Bhatt’s inclusion in the union cabinet is an inevitability in order to maintain the caste balance as well.

Sources reveal that Ajay Bhatt’s chances for inclusion in the union cabinet are cent percent, if one believes in the above logics n feasible technicalities. May be, some other incumbent will be chosen for the Uttarakhand BJP presidentship. What’s your take friends?

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In Uttarakhand the victory margin of four BJP candidates is more than three lakh each



All the five winning BJP candidates from Uttarakhand
Read Time: 3 minutes

The celebrations by the BJP chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, his entire cabinet, party leaders and workers in Uttarakhand and all the winning candidates are over for now but this one sided victory in the Uttarakhand Himalayas for the third time in succession since 2014 till now has proved home the point the the saffron party is undoubtedly an invincible factor in the hills of Uttarakhand.

Not only had the BJP sweeped the 2014 parliamentary elections winning all the five seats then, it also win the 2017 state elections with a thundering majority gaining a record of 57 seats in the state assembly leaving just 13 for Congress followed by a re victory this time as well, never ever witnessed in the parliamentary elections history of the state since the year 2000 when Uttarakhand came into separate existence.

The pro Modi wave was so ramphant in all these three elections since 2014 that the saffron party achieved three consecutive success rendering the Congress party in a politically non entity position. Both the present n former minister of UK n state presidents have lost this time viz Pritam Singh n Harish Rawat leaving Congress party of nowhere in the state. The margin of the victory is in lakhs making it abudanlyclear that people had voted for prime minister Narendra Modi n national security, thus diluting the state’s anti incumbency factor.

In Nainital from where the former CM n AICC general secretary Harish Rawat was pitted by Congress party against the BJP’s state president Ajay Bhatt, the former being a seasoned national leader lost by a massive margin of more than three lakh votes. It was in this constituency that prime minister Modi has addressed two huge public meetings n raised theissue of the pride of defence forces post Pulwama. In the previous election of 2014 it was the party’s veteran n former Uttarakhand CM Bhagat Singh Koshiyari who scored a comfortable victory against the Congress’s sitting MP n Asian Weight lifting champion K C Singh Bawa, who was then the sitting MP from this seat.

Therefore being a new comer Ajay Bhatt gave a strong n formidable fight to Harish Rawat n won the seat by more than 3 lakh votes’ margin, attributing his victory to the dynamic pro peoole leadership of prime minister Modi.

From Almora parliamentary constituency the union minister of state for textiles Ajay Tamta defeated his nearest rival of Congress Pradeep Tamta by 2, 37, 000 votes. Pradeep Tamta is also quite popular in the area having been associated with number of movements of the hills but due to existing Modi under current n other factors every logic of his got diluted giving Tamta a golden opportunity to repeat this time as well. Pradeep Tamata is a sitting Rajya Sabha MP from Uttarakhand and is the protege of Harish Rawat.

BJP’s Ajay Tamata’s humble nature and his incessant connect with the local populace n carrying out number of development projects including opening of air n train services has added to his advantage apart from theModi undercurrent. The important Pauri Garhwal lok sabha seat has been won by BJP’s former minister in UK n state president Tirath Singh Rawat, earlier held by retired Major General Bhuvan Chand Khanduri. Rawat defeated Khanduri’s foreign returned son Manish Khanduri by a huge margin of 3 lakh 3 thousand votes.

Manish Khanduri had joined Congress at the nick of the time protesting against the shabby treatment meted out to his father BC Khanduri. From Tehri Garhwal constituency BJP’s sitting MP Maharani Lakshmi defeated the present Congress president Pritam Singh with a massive margin of more than three lakh votes. Although there were general annoyance against the Tehri Maharani Rajya Lakshmi for not having been accessible to the voters during the last five years n Pritam Singh sounded as a heavy weight who never lost assembly election from Chakrauta for the last 25 years but against being the heavy Modi under current he too lost with a huge margin. Moreover, being from the Royal family people of theinteriors of Tehri Garhwal constituency have special, respect n soft corner for them. It was because of this very reason that his late father in law Maharaja Manvendra Shah won from here for five consecutive terms on BJP ticket.

Similarly the sitting BJP MP n former Uttarakhand CM Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank defeated his nearest Congress rival Ambrish Kumar by 2 lakhs 57 thousand votes. The BSP candidate in the fray minussed the Congress party’s SC ST n minority vote bank to some extent giving the benefit to Nishank.

Dr. Nishank is considered to be a manipulater who’s reputation to some extent was at stake due to some charges of irregularities during his tenure as CM but Modi wave has finally re elected him as the other four in Uttarakhand. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has written several books and is a poet as well having been felicitated with literary honours good number of times.

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Will Harish Rawat sustain in Uttarakhand’s politics after three consecutive defeats ?



Read Time: 3 minutes

There is always a saturation point in politics. Politicians who never want to end their innings always long for positions and power, even if they are over aged or defunct in politics losing one after another elections. They are so power hungry n greedy that they would never want to give space to the younger generations who are more qualifed, energetic n outright then, them.

In BJP however this hard fact was recognised n the prime minister Narendra Modi has fixed 75 years as age of political retirement in his party unnerved with the ongoing criticism.

As a result the saffron party’s first casualty were its two towering leaders, former deputy prime minister Lal Krishna Advani and another stalwart former union minister n party chief Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi. However, prime minister Modi keeps both of them in good humour diplomatically by seeking their blessings from time to time.

This fact can be reflected further when two of its former CMs n sitting MPs from Nainital n Pauri Garhwal viz Bhagat Singh Koshiyari and Major General Bhuvan Chand Khanduri have been divested of party tickets this time.

Instead younger party cadres and former ministers in Uttarakhand were obliged from these seats viz Tirath Singh Rawat n Ajay Bhatt who’d won with a heavy margin alongwith three others. Even the Congress chief of Uttarakhand n former minister Pritam Singh lost to BJP’s sitting MP Maharani Raj Laxmi this time.

In Uttarakhand all the five seats went to BJP for the second cosecutive term since 2014.

While BJP has fixed 75 years’ deadline for retirement of over aged politicians, in Congress, age is not the criteria where veterans like more than 85 years old Moti Lal Vohra and his likes are still holding important party positions, though not able to walk or stand straight.

If we take the instance of Uttarakhand’s Congress politician having crossed 75 years n nearing eighty years, the name of Harish Rawat, former CM, two times union minister and ex MP comes into picture.

Still mobile and active Harish Rawat had been the most vocal, active n mobile CM of Uttarakhand but has the greatest demerit of losing three elections in a sequence, two assembly elections while being the caretaker CM of UK and an MP election this time from Nainital in his capacity as the AICC’s general secretary, incharge Assam.

What was special in Harish Rawat’s case was that even after losing Nainital Lok Sabha with a heavy margin in Uttarakhand in 2019 n also losing from both the assembly constituencies in 2017 as well, Rawat was elevated as party’s national general secretary and also co opted in the party’s highest decision making body, Congress’s Central Working Committee by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi.

But things have become extremely difficult for Rawat after losing the Nainital Lok Sabha election morally. Political analysts question that if a leader is popular and well established in state politics, how can he lose three elections in succession and that too holding important party positions ?

Moreover, the state Congress leadership in Uttarakhand which had always wanted to get rid of Rawat accusing him for unnecessarily intervening in the state organisational affairs despite having been given the full fledged charge of Assam also feels that now he should keep himself away from interfering in state politics, especially after losing three elections in sequence.

The saturation point in the political career of Rawat has arrived now as not only is he nearing 79/ 80 years of age but has lost three successive elections from Uttarakhand as well.

Where does his political credibily exists now, after three sequential defeats ? question some of state Congress leaders of the rival camps who do not want to be identified?

In order to give the younger generation n second line leadership responsibilities in the party’s hierarchy in the states as well as in the central organisation, the Congress party should also follow suit after BJP n pave the way for newer n younger entrants by amicably retiring the over 75 year old politicians in Congress party as well.

It may be recalled that Harish Rawat is the senior most veteran leader of Congress party whose contribution in establishing the party at grass roots after the formation of separate Uttarakhand state had been phenomenal. He started his political career five decades ago rising from a gram pradhan to block pramukh n then member of parliament several times.

Late Mrs Indira Gandhi n Sanjay Gandhi were his political mentors. Rawat was the Sewa Dal’s All India Vice chairman during PM Narsimha Rao’s tenure and represented Uttrakhand in union cabinet twice as state minister of water resources and Agriculture during the tenure of PM Dr. Manmohan Singh. He was appointed as CM Uttarakhand in 2015/ 16 by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi replacing the then CM Vijay Bahuguna. Currently he is the All India general secretary of Congress committee n member CWC. He is quite popular in Uttarakhand despite losing three elections in a row. Still physically fit at the age of 79 Rawat seems to try his luck in 2022 as well when the state assembly elections would take place.

What’s your take friends?

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Former DG Doordarshan wins from Mizoram on MNF ticket. Says would not let the Citizen’s Amendment bill table in the LS



Newly elected Mizoram MP Lorasanga who retired as DG Doordarshan
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The former Director General of Doordarshan C. Lalrosanga has made up to Indian Parliament from Mizoram for the first time after retirement. A down to earth well read bureaucrat turned MP won from the lone seat defeating his nearest rival on Mijo National Front ticket.

C Lalrosanga, who retired from Indian Broadcasting Programme Service (IBPS) as a senior officer is a former director general (DG) of Doordarshan, who’d joined the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) to contest Mizoram’s lone Lok Sabha seat on the party’s ticket. The chief minister while welcoming him in the MNF fold simultaneously announced his candidature as well from Mizoram’s lone Lok Sabha seat which was won by him with a good margin.

He was inducted into the MNF by chief minister and party president Zoramthanga in a function at Mizo Hnam Run(MNF office) prior to commencement of the elections.

During the function Zoramthanga also announced names of party candidate for Assembly by-election along with the Lok Sabha polls.

Both the Lok Sabha and assembly by-election were held simultaneously on April 11.

After being elected Lolrasangha Chhakchhuak assured the electorates of Mizoram that he will give top priority to resolving the long standing state’s border dispute with neighbouring Assam and Citizenship (Amendment) Bill to ensure that it is not tabled again in Lok Sabha.

Citing that he strongly opposed to religious intolerance, the former Doordarshan DG said he would strongly oppose any attempt to suppress Christianity and persecution of Christian minorities.

The 62-year-old leader said he was not new to parliament as he used to witness the proceedings of the house very often n hence well versed with parliament’s functioning. He assured that he will do his best to come true to the expectations to the Mizo populace who’d reposed faith in his candidature n leadership.

Born on March 1, 1957, Lalrosanga Chhakchhuak graduated from Pachhunga University College (PUC) and joined All India Radio as new reader in 1975. After serving for eight years under the Indian Information Service, he joined Indian Broadcasting Programme Service (IBPS) in 1991 and retired as director general of Doordarshan in 2015.

Recipient of several honours he has also been felicitated with prestigious INBUSH award for excellence in Media by Amity University and has been actively involved in church ministry as well.

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