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Amit Shah, Vasundhara Raje share stage in Rajasthan, call for worker unity



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BJP national president Amit Shah was in Jaipur to launch the preparations for the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha polls. He spelled out the strategy of putting party workers at the helm of the campaign.

The strategy spelled out by Shah is similar to the one adopted by the BJP in the recently held Assembly polls in the state. Here too the onus of ensuring every voter reaches polling booth was on the organisation. Shah also said that the party’s strategy was to reach out to every beneficiary of the Modi and Raje government schemes. He told workers to actively participate in all party activities so that connect is established with every voter. While the strategies are similar, during the Assembly election, the efforts fell short and BJP suffered a defeat by a miniscule margin.

Going into the statistics of BJP’s defeat in the state, Shah said the vote difference was mere 0.5% and thus it was not a defeat. During his address Shah praised also the previous Raje government and said that the work done during Raje’s tenure was unparalleled.

This was the first public platform that Shah and Raje shared after the Assembly polls. While Shah praised, on more than one occasion, the works done by Raje government, the entire focus on strategy for forthcoming polls was on outreach by party cadre.

He called upon the workers to win each of the 25 seats as had been done in 2014 adding that it was very vital for the party.

“Work with passion and work with micro planning,” said Shah to the party workers.

That the relation between Shah and Raje are strained is no secret; she has been assigned campaign duties in states other than Rajasthan.

Shah on his day long tour was also scheduled to address meetings of party workers and state core committee. However he left for Mumbai in the afternoon right after the Shakti Sammelan to finalise the seat sharing between BJP and Shiv Sena.

This once again raises the question, would this work out as the organisation is just like that time, manned by the same functionaries that had been appointed during the tenure of Raje loyalist former state chief Ashok Parnami.

Shah, during his address in Jaipur on Monday, also invoked the strong ties that the BJP shares with Rajasthan. He mentioned names of Sundar Singh Bhandari, Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, and LK Advani who he said had set up the foundation of the party in Rajasthan.

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Governments of the centre and states should ensure that Bihar tragedy is not allowed to reoccur in the near future



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The union government led by prime minister  Narendra Modi has allocated a whopping budget of Rs. 61, 398 crores to the health sector signifying its serious and genuine concern for improvising the deteriorating health sector of the country and states falling under the jurisdiction of Indian union.

Our fortune makers i.e. our politicians, bureaucrats and the decision makers  talk so much and so high about improving the health of the nation’s citizens particularly the children and the women who are the vulnerables.
Incessant assurances are made by those in power about strong, cohesive, self reliant, economically independent and prosperous India, but what happened in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur and several other parts last week when about 124 children died of encephalitis for want of adequate treatment, medicines and medical care hangs are head in shame.
The tragic incident of 128 deaths and several other in the pipeline has degraded India’s image and reputation not inly in Bihar, the country but abroad as well where newspaper headlines vreated sham for India and its ruling government.
Had such dreaded deaths in such a large numbers been in any developed country above as was in Bihar, India last week and in Uttar Pradesh a year ago governments wpuld have changed due to national outrage but shamefully it never happens in India as peoples’ lives and lives of the poor children hold no relevance and value in Indian society.
There had been no remorse at the national level except media hype and trading of charges by political parties against each other in well designed television channels’ debate for days together.
There were no severe penalisation of the erring senior bureaucrats who finally covered the entire episode. The poor, hapless and the economically deprived sections of the society living in distant villages in various states of the country are doomed for such disaters with no ray of hope in sight.
The chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar who visited the Muzaffarpur hospital after 18 days of this mishappening have been winning in Bihar for the second time compounded with his maximum MPs winning in the general elections as well but the extremely pitiable and sorry state of the hospitals and primary health centres leading to the tragic death of 128 children has vindicated the hard fact that the Bihar government has literally failed on the health front thus down grading the image and reputation of the country in the eyes of world nations especially when we talk so much of making high and revolutionery strides in the International diplomacy.
Sounds shocking indeed.
The conditions of the government hospitals of Bihar with open filthy drains just lying adjacent to hospital buildings, non availability of beds, unhygienic beds, patients lying on the floors with dirty floors emitting bad and foul smell, patient being served rotten and unhygienic food, doctors unavailable and medicines disappeared from hospitals being sold in black in open market through private chemists.
Had the previous government of BJP led NDA part 1 emphatically concentrated its efforts on improvising the health services and conditions of hospitals and primary health centres in the country the aweful and grief stricken Bihar situation would not have arrived.
The union health minister Harsh Vardhan in whose presence an ailing child had died had visited this hospital in Muzagfarnagar in the past too and had promised to improve the conditions of hospitals in Bihar and increasing the beds but of no avail.
He never returned back thereafter but to see the children dying of encephalitis in extreme unhygienic conditions of the hospitals and complete lack of medical care.
The progress and development of any nation rests on the good health of its citizens, especially the children.
Education comes there after and then anything else. But in India unfortunately despite the tall talks of construction of so many AIIMS hospitals the condition of primary health centres and district as well as town hospitals run by the government are in extreme jeopardy and doll drums. It is undoubtedly appreciablethat the government led by Narendra Modi has allocated a whopping budget of Rs  61, 398 crores for the health sector with more than Rs 6000 crores for Ayushman bharat Insurance and mediclaim schemes for the poor of the country but it would be considered as futile unless it justifiably reaches the lowest echelons of the society to improvise health facilities in government hospitals for the good of the poor, hapless and the marginally deprived sections of the society.
The tragic and most shocking incident of 128 deaths of the children of Bihar is an eye opener for the second term elected BJP led NDA government warranting the prime minister to prioritise his agend of concentrating himself to fine tune the health sector of the country in order to ensure that such tragedies do not reoccur in the near future. What’s your take friends?
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Sixth Indian Coast Guard recruitment centre to be opened at Doon in the near future



Indian Coast Guard DG Rajendra Singh handing over the letter for opening of the 6th reccruitment centre at Dun to UK CM Trivendra Singh Rawat
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The director general of Indian Coast Rajendra Singh had handed a letter of confirmation to the chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat about setting up of Rs 42 crore worth of The sixth recruitment centre of Indian Coast Guard in Uttarakhand to help boost employment opportunities for the youths of the 19 year old himalayan state.
The  director general of Indian Coast Guard Rajendra Singh has handed over the letter of confirmation about setting the 6th recruitment centre at Kuanwala at Dehradun at the chief minister residence a day before.
As a sequal to prime minister Narendra Modi’s pledge about declaring Uttarakhand as the fifth Sanik Dham the opening of this recruitment centre of ICG at Kuanwala Dehradun is one of the key initiatives’ to fulfil his demand. The date for the laying of the foundation stone of the building on a five bighas sprawling area at Kuanwala has been fixed for 28th June in which the DG Coast Guard Rajendra Singh, the Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, his cabinet colleagues etc would be present. The completion work of the building will take 1.5 years.
This Indian Coast Guard Recruitment Centre will also accord employment opportuny for the candidates of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh in addition to the recruits of Uttarakhand. The total expenditure to be incurred in the construction of the full fledged Indian Coast Guard Recruitment Centre would come around Rs. 25 crores.
Currently the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment centres are functioning  at Noida, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata. ICG DG Rajendra Singh while expressing his pleasure over the setting up of this new recruitment centre at Kuanwaa said that it would help get aspiring youths of Uttarakhand, HP, Haryana and UP employment in the near future. He revealed that Indian Coast Guard recruits 1500 youths every year and 16000 coast guard employees are guarding the coasts of our country.
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Deteriorating health services in Uttarakhand. A new and credible health policy is the need of the hour



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The progress of any nation or state depends on the good and satisfactory health of its citizens.

If the health of the countrymen or the citizens of any state would be satisfactory or good the country or the state is bound to progress.
But this is unfortunately not the case in Uttarakhand, even after nineteen years of its gaining a separate constitutional identity.
The state’s health sector is in total jeopardy due to the adhoc policies of the vision less politicians and bureaucrats of successive governments and the one led by BJP ruling the state with a historic majority at present.
The entire blame for the deteriorating health services of the state goes to the bureaucracy as well as the politicians at the helm whose adhocism and ignorant atitude towards not formulating a perfect health policy is responsible for the present mess.
There is no zeal, enthusiasm or seriousness to improve the health sector despite the hard fact that the media have been highlighting the lapses time and again.
The system is so volatile and apathetic that instead of devising some credible, concrete and pro people solution to the impending health grievances of the state the bureaucrats and politicians at the helm are more convenient in running a ” Kaam Chalaao” adhoc health system in the state thus resulting in hundreds of deaths of children, women and senior citizens in particular due to non availability of timely and adequate health support and medical assistence including the essential services of 108.
The conditions of the primary health centres, block n district hospitals, though getting enough budget is in total jeopardy.
There is dearth of doctors and para medics in hospitals with no administrative control over them. The doctors deny going and serving in interior hospitals. Not only this but the doctors and interns are absent from duties running their own private clinics to mint huge profits.
The medicines are not available in hospitals compelling the poor patients of villages and towns to purchase expensive medicines from private chemists who are allegedly in league with the doctors and other staff of government hospitals .
The xray machines, ultrasound machines and ICUs’ are in non functioning condition.
The patients who turn in hospital for treatment die of carelessness of the doctors n paramedic staff and non availability of adequate and timely treatment.
The treatment for cardiology and other critical illnesses like nuero, nepherology and oncological deseases in unavailable as a result, majority of the patients either die or are compelled to go to private hospitals thus constrained to pay exorbitant fees for treatment not beyond their reach to pay.
Apart from these grievances after the change of contracts of 108 ambulance services about 1700 ex  employees of this department who’d been thrown out of jobs by the new management are striking for reimbursement of their salaries and reinstatement in jobs.
In addition to this, majority of the 108 ambulance service vehicles and vehicles of ” Khushiyon ki sawari” engaged in safely ferrying the new born baby and his or her mother to her house after delivery are also stagnated at one place in large numbers rather than their being mobile or pressed into service.
The non availability of 108 ambulance services in adequate numbers and the services of “Khushiyon ki sawaari” ( the jubilant ride,  vehicles after the change of management, though for the good, has resulted in immense inconvenience to the new born infants and their mothers.
Conclusively, the condition of the health sector in Uttarakhand is in doldrums. The patients of critical illnesses, accidents and various other deseases are the worst sufferers in view of dearth of doctors, senior surgeons, non availability of advanced and basic medical equipments and machines, medicines, compounded with complete absense of regulation from the top.
Uttarakhand is now 19 years old and there have been no or negligible improvement in the health sector of this himalayan state resulting in enhanced migration from villages to plains.
People believing in reverse migration after retirement are apprehensive of their health insecurity in view of deteriorating or non availability of adequate health avenues inside the hills.
Time has arrived when our government should formulate a credible policy to improvise and modernise the entire health sector of Uttarakhand to decrease the mortality rate and come true to the expectations of its electorates who’d voted it to power with a historic majority. What’s your take friends?
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NSA Ajit Doval offers prayers at his native village Gheedhi in Pauri Garhwal



NSA Ajit Doval offers prayers at his native village Gheedhi in Pauri Garhwal
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The national security advisor, holding the cabinet rank Ajit Doval visited his ancestral village Gheedhi in Pauri Garhwal district on 22nd June and offered prayers at his family diety alingwith his wife Aruna Dobhal and  son Shaurya Dobhal. They were received at the village amidst traditional drum beats” Dhol Damau”

The entire visit was kept secret from the media glare to strictly keep it a family affair but as soon as the people of the area came to know of the VIP visit people from Gheedi and adjoining village started pouring in at the village in good numbers.
Soon the word spread and the local media too thronged the village. NSA Ajit Doval who was reappointed as NSA for the second five year term with elevation to the cabinet rank reached his ancestral village Gheedhi on the morning on 22nd June alongwith his wife and son in traditional attire wearing Kurta Pyjama and a Pahadi cap and offered prayers to his family diety Maa Kalinka Devi for an hour or so amidst chanting of spiritual hyms and thereafter confabulated with the villagers in the local Garhwali dialect.
The inhabitants of Gheedhi and surrounding villages felt extremely jubilant to talk to him. The village woman Pradhan requested him for a metalled road till the village. NSA Doval donated Rs. 1.5 lakhs to the local temple authorities to beautify the temple vicinity and also promised to give more money if they require in future for the remaining beautification work around the temple.
The NSA and his family stayed in the village for 2 to three hours and later on returned back to Delhi. His entire cavalcade consisted of six cars including the Z plus security cover and the state security. Gheedhi village comes under the Kot development block in Pauri Garhwal district. Ajit Doval usually comes to his village for offering prayers to the village diety.
He had visited for the first time after a long interval in 2015 as well when he was appointed as the NSA with state minister’s rank by prime minister Narendra Modi after the formation of first NDA government at the centre.
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14 died and 60 injured in a worst ever Jasola, Barmer tragedy. Rs 5 lakhs and 2 lakhs announced as financial compensation for the dead and injured



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About fourteen persons have been killed and fifty grievously injured in Jasola, Barmer, Rajasthan today on 23rd June when a Pandal collapsed over more than one thousand devotees participating in a religious/ spiritual discourse.

The pandal collapsed due to a thunderstorm and the deadly current spread due to short circuit killing 14 and injuring sixty devotees in the Ram Katha.

There have been reports of short circuit leading to spread of current creating panic amongst the audience when the huge tent collapsed and fell on the audience abruptly, injuring 50 and killing 14 persons women and men.

The chief minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot has announced the financial compensation of Rs. 5 lakh for each of the dead and 2 lakhs to the injured.

The team of doctors from the nearby hospitals were rushed to the accident spot to treat the injureds and retrieve the bodies of the deads.

The grievously injured have been rushed to the Dr. Shiv Charan Mathur hospital and are being treated.

Meanwhile the union home minister Amit Shah has also took serious note of the situation and has called the high level meeting of the officials.

The union home minister Amit Shah has directed the state government to initiate all the necessary steps to provide immediate relief to the injureds and the bereaved families of the deads n injureds The union government may also announce a separate financial package for the deceaseds and the injureds reveal sources.

According to the latest information the organisers of the religious congregation have been booked for callousness and negligence for not seeking prior permission from the police and the fire departments of the district and state under the relevant sections of the law.

The chief minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot is visiting the injureds in the hospital on 24th June and would also visit the tragedy site in Barmer.

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Gupta brothers’ mega marriages worth Rs 200 crores solemnised in Auli, Garhwal, Uttarakhand



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The recent marriages of the richest of the rich, business tycoon of South Africa, now based in Dubai, Gupta brothers, extremely close to the former SA president Jacob Juma, in which a whopping amount of alleged  Rs 200 crores were spent in Auli, Joshimath was not only the talk of the town but subject of immense controversy as well in the regional and national media.

The marriage of two capitalist brothers which solemnised on 19th and 20th June with the participation of the VVIPs including the former Chief minister of Uttarakhand Harish Rawat have also undoubtedly and unambiguously vindicated the fact that encouragement to crony capitalism has become the order of the day with both the present and former CMs, incidently both Rawats, though ideologically opposite to each other, (but) standing in favour of the Guptas in unison.

While the chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has emphatically said that the highly extravagent marriage worth Rs 200 crores was in no way the threat to the environment of the hills as being raised in the media, the former chief minister Harish Rawat too lauded the event in all earnestness.

Sounds ironical that a marriage party that hires 200 helicopters to ferry its guests to Auli, the marriage venue, later on restricted by the Allahabad high court, with hundreds of vehicles involved and massive fanfare was of no threat to the environment of Uttarakhand himalayas according to the incumbent CM.

The BJP government of Uttarakhand is trying to vindicate its stand for granting permission for this mega event by saying that no harm has been done to the fragile environment of Auli in the Uttarakhand himalayas.

In support of his contention the chief minister of Uttarakhand said : The environmental objections raised in the context of this mega marriage ceremony in Auli is not justifiable as it is not an alpine medow. Auli is simply a tourist place where there are hotels of Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam n other hotels as well.

He rather calls it an investment opportunity thus using the technicality to defend the permission granted by his government to hold this highly expensive wedding by South Africa and Dubai based business tycoons, the Gupta brothers.

The point is, how come come the permission for such a highly extravagent and vulgarly ostentatious marriage was granted to NRIs’ Gupta brothers earlier living in South Africa and now hiding in Dubai at Auli, an internationally popular hill station knowing very well that it may cause a great harm to its environment and the fragile ecology.

Thanks to the Uttarakhand High Court which restricted the movement of 200 commercial choppers against a PIL filed in the court failing which the terrible sound of these choppers would have adversely disturbed the ecology of the Garhwal, himalayas.

The court had also directed the Gupta brothers to deposit Rs. 3 crores to the state government in order to use this money for cleaning operations post marriage.

An amount of Rs. 1.5 crores has already been deposited while the rest will be deposited now, since the marriage has already been solemnised.

The court had also barred the organisors from constructing 8 helipads in Auli and Joshimath that had to be used for landing of 200 helicopters for ferrying the VIP guests.

The jurists of the division bench of High court were extremely annoyed and said that construction of any permanent or solid structure in the meadows ” Bugyals” is banned and the overnight stay of tourists is also restricted. The maximum stay should be restricted to 200 guests only. It’s earlier order also directed the organisors not to execute any construction and encroachment in the alpine meadow area.

There were unaccounted number of guests, myriad numbers of vehicles emitting gases and dust including thousands of plastic bottles and what not posing great danger to the hills’ environment compounded with traffic snarls on the Badrnath and Hemkunth Sahib route from Rishikesh to Badrinath on 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st June, the days of arrivals of the guests and their return from the venue.

It was indeed a historic marriage with immense vulgar ostentation, ever happened in the state of Uttarakhand by any NRI doing business abroad and the sate government defending them .

The marriage was much hyped in the electronics as well as the print media with a social activist lawyer filing a petition in Nainital High Court requesting it to ban the movement of 200 helicopters which were engaged to ferry the guests at the marriage spot on 19th and 20th June and also restricting the mega event to happen.

However the hulla balloo is now over leaving behind a trail of controverties.

It may be recalled that Ajay and Atul Gupta have now been black listed in South Africa for alleged financial frauds worth milions of dollars and are currently living in Dubai.

They have been accused of seeking massive undue favors arbitrarily from the previous South African president Jack Juma and are charged with a State Capture Scandal.

The interpol is badly behind them. According to a news report of Girish Ranjan Tiwari, the South African government has signed the extradition treaty with the UAE government to extradite them back to South Africa inorder to bring them to justice.

Their entire moveable and immoveable properties, palatial bungalows, expenses cars and planes have been seized. This mega marriage event in thehills of Garhwal himalayas have left behind trails of controversies similar to the one connected with the mega event of Art of living of Sri Sri Ravi Shanker in Delhi few uears ago for polluting Yamuna and is banks inviting the environment court’s (NGT’s) wrath finally cnstrained to pay a penalty of Rs. Three crores.







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There should be more credible action /vigilance at the Indo Pak border to stop sneaking of Pak sponsored terrorists in Kashmir



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The situation in Kashmir, especially in its Southern part is worsening day by day with spurt in incidents of violence and fatal attacks by the Pakistan trained terrorists on civilians and army troopers.
The lives of the citizens and the Army jawans is at stake who are being martyred in large numbers.
In just two weeks though the India Army has killed some of the hard core terrorists but the toll of army majors and troopers was more in numbers that the terrorists killed.
It is indeed surprising and shocking to note that despite the best and dedicated efforts of the brave Indian army officers and troopers and due interest of the union government to combat terrorism, enhance anti terror operations, these terrorists are appearing from every part of Kashmir as if there is a factory producing them in myriad numbers.
The military and local intelligence bodies have been doing their best to seek pivotal information about these home grown terrorists apart from  those sneaking in India from the Pakistan sides and the army troopers are countering them steadfastly but the loss of precious lives of Indian army officers and troopers has shaken the Kashmir administration as well as the central government machinery.
There is a two pronged strategy of these terrorists, one by cladestinely sneaking in Kashmir valley from Pakistan and another from the home grown terrorists fully inspired and backed by Pakistan active within the state.
It was strongly believed that after the formation of the NDA part two government at the centre which had strongly and succesfully reacted to the post Uri and Pulwama misadventures of Pakistan based JEM terrorists by executing Balakot and earlier surgical strikes, the Pakistan sponsored terrorists will give up their attacks on Army and civilians but the adverse is happening resulting in spike in terror violence in Kashmir valley taking a heavy toll.
This is quite a disturbing and shocking trend.
The people are questioning : After all,  up to when would the Indian troopers lose their precious lives at the hands of these human beasts and will this  violence and death trend ever come to an end.
The time has come that the government of India and the defence and home ministry should in close coordination formulated a new and most effective, rather a credible strategy to ensure maximum deaths of the insurgents and negligible loss to the Army and para military officers and troopers.
There should be special concentration and more effective vigilance of intelligence, Army and paramilitary at the Indo Pak border to ensure that the Pakistan trained terrorists are not able to sneak inside India with simultaneous counter terrorist operations in Kashmir valley as well in coordination with the lical police.
We know that our brave and highly dedicated Army and para military officers and Jawans are doing their fullest  best to counter and kill these dreaded terrorists mushrooming in the valley in myriad numbers but the death toll of of our officers and jawans is a matter of immense worry and shock to each and every Indian.
The governor’s rule in the state has not proved too successful in combating terrorism in the state say political analysts.
Therefore special efforts should be made to ensure that a democratically elected government comes into effect by holding the elections in the strife torn state at the earliest with no mention of abrogation of article 35 A and 370 from Kashmir as these twin issues if talked about much, will only worsen the already detereorating situation of the state.
Kashmir situation should be on the top agenda of the NDA government and a new viable policy on Kashmir should be brought into effect by bringing the entire opposition parties into confidence.
There are high hopes of the people on the new defence and home minister of the country viz Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah and we hope that they will crush terrorism in Kashmir once for all with their best efforts and intelkigent strategies.
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VHP and RSS to pressurise BJP govt on Ram Mandir issue at its two day Haridwar conclave on 19th, 20th June



Latest model of Ram Temple
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The ideological parents of Bhartiya Janata Party, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh are again pressurising the BJP led NDA part two government at the centre to expedite the issue of construction of Ram Temple in a disputed site in Ayodhya at the earliest as per the pre election promise made by the saffron party to the Saints belonging to VHP and the RSS.

After winning the general elections with the thumping majority on issues such as early construction of Ram Temple, abrogation of article 370 in Kashmir, implementation of the Citizens bill guaranting citizenships to the outcast and discareded hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh and bringing a bill on cow protection etc, the hindu organisations such as VHP and RSS, the offshoots of the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party are now not in a mood to relent and have finally made up their mind to pressurise the central government accept all the above demands forthwith, obviously an another exercise to allegedly polarise the majority community for the future state elections as well.

According to one of the MP’s of BJP in the upper house of parliament, originally an RSS think tank Rakesh Sinha, he is all set to bring a private member’s  bill in the house for the construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya at the earliest honouring the sentiments of billions of Ram Bhakts all over the country who’d been demanding it for decades but all in vain.

The matter of Ram Temple, however, is in the supreme court of India which has for now asked both the contesting parties to settle the dispute amicably after mutual deliberations.

The important VHP’s Kendriya Margdarshak Mandal’s massive convention alongwith the RSS is taking place in Haridwar on 19th and 20th June in which thousands of protagonists of Ram Temple and saints from all over the country including VHP and RSS cadres are likely to participate.

According to the sources a call will given from here to pressurise the Modi government to bring central legislation on this issue and pass bills of other significant matters such as abrogation of article 370 in Kashmir, citizens amendment bill, bill on cow protection etc as promised by them during the elections.

Now since the saffron party has acknowleged a landslide victory with 338 MPs on the above issues, the VHP RSS is of the strong opinion that the government fulfills all the aforesaid demands without fail and at the earliest.

It may be recalled that the Vishva Hindu Parishad and the RSS, including the Shiv Sena had prior to the elections pressurised the Modi government to bring an ordinance/ bill on the Ram Temple construction matter which is being delayed since 1994 from the time of the demolition of Babri Mosque at Ayodhya despite the very fact that the BJP has ruled the nation twice but backed out on this vexed issue despite getting overwhelmning support.

They had clearly stated that the court’s procedure being lenghty and cumbersome, the government should honour the sentiments of crores of hindus of the country and bring a bill on the issue to expedite construction of the much awaited Ram Temple but fearing the minority backlash and avoiding,  annoying the 25 crore muslims of the country, prime minister Narendra Modi had preferred relying on the apex court’s judgement rather than being partisan towards the hindu community.

Since the elections were then round the corner, the VHP and RSS had no option but to postpone its movement and support the saffron party at the hustings, assuring its cadre that the BJP government under the leadership of prime minister Narendra Modi will surely pave the way for the construction of Ram Temple post election.

Now, since the saffron party has won with a historic majority the VHP and RSS are now up in arms to pressurise the Modi government fulfil this main demand along with the other important issues by making  laws through ratification of the legislations from both the houses of parliament.

However, the fact remains that the BJP is still short of majority in the Rajya Sabha for now. It may have majority in 2020 when most of the sitting non BJP members are retiring and the new BJP MPs would replace them in the upper house.

The Shiv Sena chief Udhav Thakrey alongwith the Shiv Sena MPs would also participate in this conclave to add their voice to VHP, RSS demand for early construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya.

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Finally Nitish visits SKMC hospital in Muzaffarpur after 108 encephalitis deaths. Confronts immense protests



108 die of encephilitis syndrome in Muzagfarpur, Bihar
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The extremely pathetic condition of one of the biggest hospitals in Muzaffarpur, Bihar compels us to hang out heads in shame.

About 108 children had died due to the dreaded encephalitis syndrome in this hospital creating quite a sensation in the country.

What’s is more pathetic is the fact that the chief minister of Bihar Nitish visits the hospital after more than two weeks and that too under pressure as the matter was much hyped in the electronic and print media of the country.

The most disheartening aspect of this whole shameful and tragic episode is that the health minister of Bihar and the top bureaucracy responsible for the lack are still trying to cover up the situation by passing the buck on others and trying to save their skin this way or that way.

The horrifying unhygienic and unliveable condition of the hospital unambiguously speaks of the fact that the patients are being treated as second grade citizens and untouchables in the Shri Krishna Medical College hospital of Muzaffarpur and other such hospitals of the state.

There is completely dearth of doctors especially the senior ones, the wards are full of filth and dirt emnating foul smell. The hospital drains are uncleaned and open, inviting risks to patients’ health and their relatives etc.

There are no sufficient beds for patients who are lying on floors. The food and fruits served to the patients are rotten and of substandard quality.

Even the hospital is devoid of requisite prescribed medicines. The stretchers are broken and in bad condition.

The hospital beds are totally unhyeginic. As per the statistics while in Kerala one doctor treats about six hundred patients in Bihar there is only one doctor for 28000 patients.

The doctors and employees of the government hospitals are totally negligent and pathetic towards the patients.

What is more worrisome and shocking is the fact the union health minister Harsh Vardhan and his entire ministry seems to be equally pathetic with his state minister caught on camera sleeping while the former addresse a press conference on the subject.

A child patient suffering from encephlitis had died in front of the union health minister who visited the hospital in Muzaffarpur two days ago.

Despite 108 deaths during the last 18 days though the union health minister Dr. Harshvardhan had visited the Bihar’s SKMC Hospital (responsible for these tragic deaths), the chief minister Nitish Kumar visited it after 17 days which itself speaks of the state’s apathy towards the patients.

So far no ray of hope has arrived to prove home the point that the union health minister in cordination with the Bihar CM has devised credible ways and means to set right the situation at the earliest.

Sounds shocking and uncalled for. Are the lives of poor and hapless children so cheap ? There are still 161 children addmitted in various hospitals of Bihar including at SKMC for the treatment of encephalitis syndrome.

The chief minister Bihar Nitish Kumar has to face tremendous protests from the highly furious and angered parents of the deads and those suffering for want of adequate treatment in the Muzaffarpur’s SKMC Hospital.

In India more than 6000 cases of encephalitis syndrome has been recorded, out of which lots of them have died unfortunately.

Similarly in Muzaffarpur itself about 1000 children had succumbed to this dreaded desease in a past decade due to the apathy of the hospitals and health authorities.

Bihar is passing through a health emergency and the governments of the day at the centre and in Bihar should initiate coordinated efforts to fight this menace with a strong hand, providing the patients of encephalitis syndrone all possible medical help and support, come what may. This should be the priority number one agenda of both the governments of Bihar and the centre.

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Former union health minister Nadda is the new working president of BJP



PM Narendra Modi and union minister Amit Shah congratulaing JP Nadda on his new assignment
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The union defence minister Rajnath Singh has today announced that the former union minister J. P. Nadda would be the the next working president of Bhartiya Janata Party.

It was the unanimous decision of the entire Parliamentary Board of the Bhartiya Janata Party said Rajnath Singh.

J. P Nadda who was the union health minister in the previous NDA government led by Narendra Modi was not included in the union cabinet in the NDA 2 government and there were speculations about him being sworn in as the full fledged president of BJP, as the sitting BJP chief has been appointed as the home minister of India.

But latest sources reveal that union home minister Amit Shah would continue as the BJP president till the organisational elections take place in two months from now.

The prime minister Narendra Modi, union defence minister Rajnath Singh and all the parliamentary board members were present on ths ocassion.

Rajnath Singh said that under the efficient leadership of Amit Shah the party won with a historic majority at the hustings and therefore he will remain the party president till the organisational elections are completed in December January.

It may be recalled that after the inclusion of Amit Shah in the union cabinet as home minister he has become too busy in official matters and would therefore not be able to devote enough time for the party organisation at the pan India level hence JP Nadda would assist him as the working president of BJP till he is finally elected as the full fledged president after the completion of the organisational elections.

Jay Prakash Nadda is a blue eued boy of Prime minister Narendra Modi and also a close confidante of the BJP supremo Amit Shah.

Apart from the union health minister he had also been the observer of Uttar Pradesh the state which brought miracles for the saffron party at the hustings defeating the mahagath bandhan of BSP, SP, RLD and Congress party.

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