The senior journalist and chief editor of The Print, formerly the editor of Indian express Shekher Gupta has released a video of his own speech expressing his immense disenchantment over the complacent attitude of the BJP leaders not issuing a single statement condemning the severe physical attack on the great Arya Samaj leader, social activist and a reformer Swamy Agnivesh after the latter was attacked brutally in Pakud, Jharkhand over his remarks challenging the existence of Hindu Gods.

Expressing his serious concern Shekhar Gupta said the he too have differences with the saffron clad Arya Samajist leader Agnivesh and had even pronounced him as a publicity hunter but never stooped to the low level as was done in Pakud Jharkhand to him. He said having difference of opinion in a democracy does not give any body a license to physically thrash or assault one’s opponent as shamefully done to Swamy Agnivesh by the Hindu bigots and what is more shocking is the fact that not a single BJP or RSS leader has come out in condemning this most obnoxious incident of an open physical attack on an innocent octogenerian saffron clad Arya Samajist as well as a social activist.

However he had all the praise for Jayant Sinha the union civil aviation minister and son of prime minister Narendra Modi’s betenoire Yashwant Sinha who has in unequivocal terms condemned the incident and demanded the arrests of the culprits. He said : he is appreciating and lauding Jayant Sinha because he is the only leader in the entire BJP who’d outrightly condemned this incident that happened in his home constituency despite the fact that a few days ago he has been outrightly reprimanded by the country’s media for lionising and garlending the accused of lynching in Jharkhand after they were set free by the courts on bail.

He questioned does this not amount to patronising such attacking mobs of Hindu bigots who take law into their hands and go on rampage and hurting an 80 year old Arya samajist just because his ideology dose’nt suit their style of thinking.

Veteran journalist Shekhar Gupta was even more amused and anguished over the neutral attitude of the external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, whom he said he respected the most as he brought the issue into her notice as well expecting that there will be a word of condemnation from her side as Swamy Agnivesh according to her was a deputy minister in Haryana several years ago when she was one of the cabinet ministers.

Expressing his deep concern, shock and anguish over the increasing incidents of mob attacks and lynchings in the country in the name or under the guise of polarisation Shekhar Gupta said: this trend needs to be curbed at all costs as democracy and our constitution does not give anyone right or license to physically assault or  lynch anyone in the name of religion, or food habits and further said that the present laws are fair  enough to stringently counter this dreaded menace and punish the guilty stringently, provided they are implemented vigorously and with a heavy hand.

He gave an instance of his recent visit to a function of Malyalam Manorama in Kerala where during the dinner buffet party various non vegetarian items were served including the big meat but not a single person or leader even of the BJP and RSS  who were present there, raise any voice of dissent.

He asked how can we object to the eating habits of the people and create chaos in the name of Hinduism and eating habits.

He added: India is a nation of diverse culture, caste and creed which believes in the principle of unity in diversity.

By not condemning the shameful attack on the octagenerian Arya Samaj leader in Jharkhand, Pakud by a single leader of BJP, except the union minister of civil aviation it seems as if these religious bigots are being indirectly sheltered or shielded.

How can a voice of dissent and difference of opinion be curbed or stifled by mob attacks and lynchings questioned Gupta.


How long will the riots claim innocent lives ?



pic from UttarPradesh.Org

The diabolical killings in Bulandshahar UP gives an unambiguous indication that the ominous signs of dividing the society in the name of majoritarianism are taking apparent shape in the near future with fundamentalist forces raising their head above to allegedly derive maximum political advantage in view of the forthcoming national election of 2019.

When the saffron clad devout Hindu politician of BJP, MP from Gorakhpur took the oath of office as the chief minister of the largest state of the country and even before that, while he was campaigning for his party candidates in the assembly election of UP Yogi Aditya Nath had literally pledged to make the state crime free where socio communal peace will prevail in all earnestness.

Despite being a devout Hindu, the chief minister had assured one and all of communal harmony n resurrection of the deteriorating law and order machinery of the state inherited from.the previous government in UP.

After assuming the office he relentlessly declared encounters of the hardcore criminals and claimed that this will led to complete peace in the state and emergence of real Ram Rajya.

But what happened ultimately ? The complaints of alleged fake encounters and the recent killing of two innocents including a police inspector Subodh Singh at the hands of mob lynchers some of whom are alleged to be from his own party or Bajrang Dal as being given to understand from various media reports have unambiguously exposed the ruling political dispensation of the state and led people to believe that an open game of polarisation in the name of allegedly creating communal division in the name of cow vigilantism or fabricated rumours have taken the front seat while issues of development, employment, peoples welfare, women security n communal harmony a back seat.

The all of a sudden though pre strategic occurance of communal riots in Bulandshar on account of the rumours of cow slaughter which is ban in Uttar Pradesh on the day when the UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath was addressing people in Rajasthan assuring electorates of allegedly ousting the Owaisies from Hyderabad for their alleged communal oratory in case the saffron party wins in Telengana, killing two innocents and loss to properties worth crores of Rupees is infact a very dangerous trend that is emerging in our country comprising of diverse culture, languages, heritage, religions and communities believing in secularism and peaceful co existence.

What is more worrisome is the fact that despite the earlier occurances of certain deaths in view of rumours in the name of child lifting and cow vigilantism in various states of the country, Uttar Pradesh again witnesses another riot taking the toll of two and creating rukus in the otherwise peaceful environment of Uttar Pradesh which has hardly come to terms after the massive Saharanpur n other dreadful riots of the state.

According to the political analysts the highly communal versions and speeches of some leaders of political parties and various communal outfits at work at the grass root levels play a major role in fomenting such communal troubles which has only one aim to divide the society on communal lines and polarise the entire society to beget votes and win elections thus playing with the peoples’ sentiments.

The most sorry state of affairs in such situation is the utter failure of the state’s intelligence agencies, the local intelligent units and the police force who fail to gather pre emptive information about the possible mishappenings in the future.

Had the intelligence apparatus of the state police or the Bulandshahar district been quite vigilant before time in assessing the situation and the possible provocation, the state’s police force, riot police or the PAC could have been alerted in time and the aweful sitiation could have been averted before going out of hand.

The way the state’s law and order apparatus have shown alertness and enthusiasm in grabbing 30 rioters having booked them for murder and rioting and is still trying to bring more men to justice, after the commission of the riots, the police force could/ should have been vigilant prior to this grave mishappening as well.

But this has not happened n Bulandshahar was literally on fire by the mobsters. Time has come now, that the election commission of India and the law enforcing agencies at the central as well as the state level including those at the helm of the political dispensation will have to take urgent initiatives to exercise setious restraint on the leaders as well as the lawmakers to discourage them from issuing inflammatory communal speeches or statements which not only encourage the rank n file of the respective parties to create division in the society on communal lines but also lead to riots that claim lot of innocent lives as was the case in Bulandshahar in Uttar Pradesh.

Let’s all therefore pledge to maitain peace, calm, harmony, brotherhood and amity in the socirty n give rebuff to religious and narrow communal considerations and issues in the near future.

In fact, some political observers feel that extremist section is being intentionally and pre meditatedly encouraged to fabricate riots in the state for political gains. It is highly harmful for the nation. It certainly proves the lethargic and lopsided functioning of the govt machinery. People are questioning: How long will the riots claim innocent lives ?What’s your take friends?

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Deceased Inspector’s son asks: Today my father got killed in Hindu Muslim riots, who’s father’s turn is tomorrow ?



What is happening in Uttar Pradesh? What about the repeated assurances of the Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath of maintaining peace and harmony in Uttar Pradesh n guaranteeing to make this largest state of the country crime free ? Bulandshahar is today in total disarray with people of all communities, especially the vulnerables, the minority are in absolutely insecure position.

While the saffron clad vociferous chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath was addressing the electorates of Rajasthan yesterday n Telangana earlier, assuring them of the saffron party’s victory n sunsequent ouster of the Owasies’ out of the Southern state, his own state’s law and order situation was in doldrums n total disarray with incidents of communal frenzy and mob violence taking the toll of three, including a police inspector in Bulandshahar where a rumour about the killing of a cow instigated the people and some hoodlums burning several government n private vehicles including complete ransacking of the police station with police officers n those at the lower rung seeking shelter elsewhere for safety n security.

While the naked dance of killings, loot and ransacking was on at Bulandshahar by the uncontrolled mob allegedly weilding lathies n lethal weapons openly defying law and order with provocative slogans renting the air, the same type n nature of incident of truck n vehicle burning, arson and loot was taking place at Jammu under the same pretext of cow lynching rumours where a truck full of animals was caught on the way.

Uttar Pradesh has also witnessed communal passens having been flared up earlier resulting in several casualties in Saharanpur n other parts of Western Uttar Pradesh where the victims were from a minority community. In several other such incidents in the name of alleged cow vigilantism and rumours of child liftings, number of people of a particular community were allegedly lynched in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, UP and Tripura.

The question is where are we really heading too? Is killing people in the name rumours of cow lynching etc solution to the problem? Does the constitution of India give people right to alegedly kill the innocents? How long will the people of these states and the country tolerate division of the society in the name of baseless, concocted and fabricated rumours allegedly fanning communal passions in the name of holy cow mother, alleged child lifting or religion? Can a country with the diverse cultures, religions, eating habits, rituals and communities believing in the principle of peaceful coexistence as well as secularism tolerate all this nuisance and for how long? When would our politicians really desist themselves to play with the communal sentiments of the countrymen who believe in the principle of unity in diversity? What was the fault of the UP police inspector of Bulandshahar and two other innocents who were killed mercilessly in these riots for no fault of theirs?

These are some of the vital questions which need an appropriate answer from those at the helm of affairs in the state as well as at the centre.

The traumatic son of the deceased inspector Subodh Singh poses a question to the society n those at the helm of the political dispensation. According to the ANI’s tweet deceased Unspector Subodh’s son Abhishekh asks ; My father wanted me to be a good citizen who dosen’t incite violence in the society in the name of religion. Today my father lost his life in the Hindu Muslim dispute, tomorrow who’s father will lose hid life# Bulandshahar.

What a shocking travesty. Meanwhile three culprits responsible for these tragic deaths have bern arrested by the police and the government of Uttar Pradesh has announced Rs. 40 lakhs as financial compensation for the deceased police inspector’s grief stricken family n for two other victims as well. Orders for SIT investigations to nail the real culprits have already been issued.

Eruption of these communal roits in UP n Jammu in the name of alleged Cow vigilantism n alleged killings right at the time of elections going in the five states of the country and the national election just five months ahead raises several questions, which require immediate answers say political analysts?







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Servants kill 92-year-old man, attack his daughter-in-law too in South-East Delhi



A 92-year-old man was killed, while his daughter-in-law was attacked by a domestic help and his two associates, in South-East Delhi’s Badarpur area. Saroj, the daughter-in-law was attacked when she discovered the murder of her father-in-law, Chandrabhan. She struggled for two and a half minute against the attackers before her son came to her rescue.

Chinmoy Biswal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, South-East Delhi confirmed the incident.

“We had received a PCR at 8:30 am in the morning, the accused had by then flew away, and however we have arrested all three accused, from Ballabhgarh Railway Station while they were trying to flee to Madhya Pradesh by train, the accused though claim to be juvenile, and we are still in process to ascertain their ages,” said Biswal.

According to the Chandrabhan’s son Surender Kumar, his wife Saroj left home around 7:30 am in order to drop her grand son Arnob. Saroj did not check the room where Chandrabhan was asleep.

“Saroj went to drop our grandson. She came back home around 8:00 am and the accused servants told her that my father was unwell. Saroj walked towards the room and discovered him lying on the bed with his throat slit. Before she could alert the member of the house the trio tried to strangle her with wire,” said Surender.

Surender further states that his son Kapil managed to reach the ground floor on time and saved his mother. As the attackers tried to flee, Kapil ran behind them and he even managed to catch one of them, however, the accused let go of his jacket and escaped.

The same can also be corroborated from one of the CCTV footage installed in the area.

During investigation, the police team found that the family had not gone for verification of the domestic help. Which he took advantage of and invited his two other friends from Madhya Pradesh to conduct a robbery in house.


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First capital punishment n life imprisonment to the culprits of 1984 riots in 34 long years



The badly victimised families of 1984 anti Sikh riots today got some relief and justice when a murdurer of two Sikhs and another culprit were given death penalty and life sentence by the Patiala House court after the protracted relentless struggle of last 34 years. Yashpal Singh got the death penalty while one Sehrawat got the life imprisonment. The court also imposed a penalty of Rs. 35 lakh to those granted life sentence.

The 1984 anti-Sikh riots, also known as the Sikh Massacre, was a series of organised pogroms against Sikhs in India by anti-Sikh mobs in response to the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards. Official Indian government reports numbered about 2,800 killed across India, including 2,100 in Delhi.

The maximum displaced and badly tormented Sikh families of 1984 riots had since been protesting, filing cases
in the courts, confronting alleged threats from the criminals to withdraw cases and organising hundreds of thousands of mass rallies and demonstrations in and outside Delhi to seek due justice, but of no awail.

There had been incessant demands for the expulsion of Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar from the party and bringing them to justice for their alleged involvement in provocating the mobs to perpetrate violence during the 1984 riots that erupted after late prime minister Indira Gandhi’s diabolical bludgeoning by her Sikh body guards.

The suvcessive Congress governments had been under tremendous pressure to punish the guilty of these roits and about 5 commissions and seven committees were constituted during the last three decades but nothing came out of them except dragging on the vexed matter further.

It was only after the arrival of NDA government that an SIT was constituted under the directives of prime minister Narendra Modi that the cases of 1984 riots were expedited and arrived at the decisive stage within four years with due delivery of justice to one Yashpal Singh who was punished with capital punishment n life imprisonment to another, including imposition of 35 lakh rupees penalty.

Welcoming the decision the victimised family now see a ray of hope in other such cases, filed in various other courts, all over the country.

Several victimsed families who’s near n dear ones’ were brutally killed during the riots of 1984 has demanded capital punishment for the Congress leaders who according to them were the main culprits behind the provovation leading to massive killings of innocent Sikhs.

It may be recalled that several Congress leaders viz. Sajjan Kumar, ex MP, Jagdish Tytler, late H. K. L Bhagat etc were named in the FIR but even after 3 n a half decade no culprit had been brought to justice except the two today. Former union minister HKL Bhagat had already died years ago.

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DD correspondent Dheeraj reveals, how they were ambushed by the Maoists in Dantewada losing a precious friend Achyutanand Sahu



Doordarshan correspondent Dheeraj and assistent cameraman M. Mukut explaing the incident of Maoists attack in Dantewada

A reporter of Doordarshan Dheeraj and the assistent cameraman M. Mukut who’ve come alive from Dantevada, a highly naxal infested zone in Chattisgarh on 1st of November were present in the condolense meeting of their colleague and cameramen Achyutanand Sahu at Press Club of India premises.

The doordarshan team comprising of Dheeraj the correspondent, cameraman Achyutanand Sahu and assistant cameraman M. Mukut were assigned the official responsibility to cover the elections of Chattisgarh and the fearless team members preferred to do an investigative story of a village, 50 miles away from the Dantewada township/ city and apparently sought the permission from the Dantewada district magistrate and the senior police officials to shoot and interact with the poor, economically deprived and hapless tribals who had in the last several decades never participated in any election due to their apprehension of being killed by the naxalites under whose terror they were leading a highly complex lifestyle amid deprivation.

It was this time that the village tribals had shown courage to participate in the state elections. The Doordarshan reporter Dheeraj finally made up his mind to do the story on these village tribals who’d been deprived of their fundamental right to vote n join the mainstream.

When Dheeraj revealed his intention of doing the story on these tribal villagers living in the Maoist area of Dantewada several kilometres inside jungles ruled by the hardcore Naxals whose full fledged writ ran there, the courageous cameraman Achyutanand agreed feeling quite happy and confident to cover it saying to Dheeraj that it’s indeed a very nice story.

There started for this tribal village having made up their mind to face every challenge even if it allegedly means risking their precious lives. The senior most police officers and the district administration have however cautioned them that there is tremendous risk to their lives as even if they reach the two kilometre area inside, away from Dantewada city, the Naxals may attack them even costing the precious lives.

But says Dheeraj: they want to show the people of the country as to how these poor, oppressed and economically deprived tribals have for the first time shown courage to participate in democratic elections despite the terror of the Maoists risking their lives and the lives of their families.

The Doordarshan team and about six paramilitary jawans n an officer were a shield to them but when they were nearer to the village after covering just two kilometres they were surrounded by the Naxals n ambushed.

The firing between the paramilitary troopers and the naxalites continued for several hours in which three valiantly fighting Jawans who included an officer and the cameraman Achyutananda were slained by the bullets of the Naxalites.

The DD correspondent Dheeraj and the assistent cameraman M. Mukut could luckily save themselves by lying on the ground in that jungle where the cross firing continued for several hours. M. Mukut who was without camera at that point of time used his cell phone to record the entire sequence/ scene of cross exchange of fire between the Maoists and the troopers and had even recorded a message for his mother that he may perhaps not come alive as they have been surrounded by armed naxalites uninterruptedly firing on them n the security forces.

His vedio was shown in all the television channels of the country and had become viral on the social media with infinite number of shares.

In the picture/ vedio the Doordarshan correspondent Dheeraj is seen explaining the situation at ground zero when they were surrounded by Maoists firing on them thus losing one of their colleagues’ Achyutanand and three security persons.

It may be recalled that several media organisations from all over Delhi protested on 1st November after holding a condolense meeting at PCI in support of Achyutanand and three jawans of security forces in Dantewada and thereafter marching in a candle light procession till India gate demanding complete stoppage to the killings of journalists n innocent people by Maoists, granting of insurance cover to journalists send to cover the Maoist and terrorist infested areas, adequate financial compensation to the tune of Rs. 50 lakhs to the martyrs and a permanent government job to the next of the kins or the widowed wives of the slained.

Our salutes to these bravehearts and the martyrs and condolenses to the bereaved families. Om Shanti

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Police reforms in the country is the need of the hour says Prakash Singh, ex DGP, UP



Ex DGP UP a great proponent of Police Reforms being felicitated by union minister of Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi at the event of Indian Federation of Working Journalists in New Delhi

The former Director General Of Police, Uttar Pradesh, Prakash Singh has several complaints with the police departments in the country despite the fact that he himself was the DG police of the largest state of the country, UP, playing the most vital role in the formation of governments at the centre.

An officer with impeccable integrity having tremendous experience to deal with law and order issues and usually talking about our police force still being allegedly non friendly, untrained, dishonest, not up to the mark in bringing criminals to justice and ensuring safety and security of the common masses especially the women who are the most vulnerable sections of our society was felicitated at the annual function of the Indian Federation of Working journalists at Constitution Club, New Delhi in the presence of journalist from all over the India, the other day.

While expressing his views Prakash Singh was very honest and catagorical in saying that Indian police system needs an overhaul and deep reform by all means as according to him the police system has today allegedly become a pawn in the hands of the politicians and the criminals and if the supposed custodian of the law and order and people of the country are seen saluting the criminals or the politicians with dubious backgrounds as if they are working under their mercy, then how can we expect our police and law enforcing agencies delivering due justice to the common masses or take action against the erring politicians or white caller criminals or wrong doers.

In one of the interviews to a daily Prakash Singh, the former DGP of Utter Pradesh said when a patient comes to the hospital with an injury or an ailment he expects that he is at least given the minimum possible treatment like first aid and dealt with affably. Similarly in a police station one expects to meet good treatment and registration of one’s FIR but unfortunately in our country complainants especially the women fear to enter police stations to get their FIR registered.

The complainants feel terrorised or fearful of the non cooperation or mal treatment meted out to them. This is highly uncalled for and unbelievable. This enhances the spirit and courage of criminals to commit more crimes as they have no fear or terror of laws and are least bothered of any harsh action from the side of the police.

Therefore the police reforms is the mandatory necessity of the day if the society is to be safeguarded from the criminal onslaughts and increasing lack of fear in the criminals’ mind from the police departments’ side.

Mr. Prakash Singh said that lot is being said about the country making high strides in the developmental side with the GDP growth enhancing to the record high etc but my question is if the countrymen, the vulnerable women and the people at large would not be safe and sound how long will this graph of high growth help people to prosper.

Mr. Prakash Singh said the nation whose people are not safe and the country which is bereft of peace, harmony and criminal insecurity due to the weak police system that country can never boast of progress and prosperity.

Hence overall reforms in the police force and the system is the need of the hour. He appealed the mediamen present on the ocassion to write on the need for police reforms and purify the society of the ills of criminalism, scams, increasing pollution in public life, insecurity of women and the Ghotaalas eating our society from the roots like termites.

He thanked the organisers especially the Sr. vice president of the Indian Federation of working journalists Hemant Tiwari for felicitating him as an outstanding achiever of police reforms in the country. The union minister of women and child development Menaka Gandhi was also present on this ocassion. The senior journalist and political editor of the Rajya Sabha TV Arvind Kumar Singh was also honoured with the IFWJ outstanding achievers award.

It may be recalled that the strongest proponents of the police reforms in the country Prakash Singh is a recipient of the coveted Padma Shri honour and had been the director general of the Border Police force and Assam police in addition tothe DHP UP. He had a illustrious career as a highly experienced police officer during his entire span of service in the Police departments and the paramilitary force.

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Gurugram’s judge donates his late son’s vital parts. Kidneys n lever successfully transplanted! Salutes



The additional district and sessions judge of Gurugram whose 16 year old handsome boy was grievously injured by his Gunman Mahipal on 13th October has shown an open humanitarian heart by donating his son’s kidneys and heart to Medanta hospital after Dhruv breathed his last on Tuesday night.

It was the most tragic and traumatic moment for the additional district and sessions judge Krishna Kant when on 13th October his gunman Mahipal in a fit of rage shot at his wife and 16 year old son Dhruv, killing his 38 year old wife the same night while Dhruv who was under treatment who succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday night.

It was believed that Mahipal was enraged because he was not granted leave for his sons treatment who later on died, and killed both the judge’s wife and son in a fit of anger n rage, while they had come in a Mall for shopping on the day of the tragedy.

On Tuesday, the doctors treating Dhruv at hotel Medanta in Gurugram declared him brain dead at 3.00 AM. The father, additional Sessions Judge, Gurugram, exhibited a brave humanitarian heart and donated the heart, kidneys, lever and eyes of his deceased son to the hospital authorities.

What is the most positive aspect of this donation was that the kidneys and liver have been succesfully transplanted on two patients but the eyes of Dhruv could not be retrieved because they were injured.

According to the hospital authorities while there is currently no recepient for the donated heart, the eyes could not be donated as they were not in good shape.

The post mortom of late Dhru’s body was conducted by a four member medical board comprising of senior doctors.

Dhruv was hit three times over his head causing grievous harm to his brain leading to excessive bleeding n grievous injury. He was consigned to flames on Wednesday.

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Young and handsome Jagdish of Garhwal killed in Bengaluru by roadside robbers. Our heartfelt condolences !



Young and handsome hotel emoloyee Jagdish whose throat was slit by robbers in Bengaluru

It has really become challenging and insecure for the village guys to work in the metropolises of the country as their lives are not safe in in these high profile cities and metropolises as well.

If people are being murdered in such cities too in open roads then just imagine what might be the fate of the citizens living in rural areas where law and order had always been a huge problem.

Here, the the city in reference is Bengaluru an educational and Information technology hub where the lives of the citizens are not at all safe these days as road side robbers and murdurers have no terror of police, law enforcing agencies and the law of the land.

A young handsome, enthusiastic and energetic boy in his teens having lots of unfulfilled dreams namely Jagdeep Singh Kunwar of the Hindav Kuran village of Ghansyali, Tehri Garhwal, Uttatakhand who was serving in one of the Hotels in Bengaluru for the survival of his large family, living at the ancestral village had been brutally murdered after his throat was slit by the roadside snatchers while the deaceased resisted their move with valour and courage.

This unfortunate incident is of 19th October. Young Jagdish Singh Kunwar had finished his late night duty and was proceeding to his house when robbers attacked him and tried to rob him of his mobile and the cash etc. The victim resisted bravely and tried to raise the alarm. Fearing being recognised and subsequentlt caught by the police, they grabbed him with cinsiderable force and slit Kunwar’s throat leaving him on the way hapless and profusely bleeding with nobody there to help him at the lonely midnight hours.

He was taken to the hospital where hard lucked Jagdish was declared broght dead. The reason for the death was due to excessive bleeding n grievous injuries. Uttarakhand Journalists Forum is highly shocked over this untimely sad demise of young and brave Jagdish and expresses its heartfelt condolences on the sad demise of this young boy away from his already distressed family leaving them behind in the state of deep shock, trauma and grief.

Pray to God to give peace to the departed soul and strength to the bereaved family to bear this irreperable lost. The police is investigating the matter but it seems nothing would happen in the case as the boy was from Garhwal, Uttarakhand and there would nobody to pursue the case in Bengaluru now onwards.

Uttarakhand Journalists Forum urges the chief minister of the state to instruct the police chief to bring the criminals/ murdurers to justice at the earliest and pay a compensation of minimum Rupees Ten lakhs from his discreationery fundto the bereaved family most expeditiously.

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High profile son of Ex MP brandishing pistol surrenders in Patiala House Court



The viral vedio exhibiting the son of the former BSP member of parliament Ashish Pandey arguing and allegedly using abusive language against a couple in South Delhi’s five star hotel Hyatt Regency’s main entrance , hyped by the media later on holding a licensed pistol in his hand, has finally shown credible results.

Despite the Delhi and the Uttar Pradesh police doing their best to trace him for the last two days after registering the FIR, the controvertial high profile son has finally surrendered in Patiala house court, giving the slip to the authorities.

While surrendering Ashish posted a vedio now being shown on TV channels blaming the press for the media trial and trying to come out clean saying that it’s not a crime for being the son of the MP. He added that the police can see my record, I have never ever slapped anyone.

The media is showing a one sided aspect of the whole episode where as the fact is that Garav n his lady friend has abused and threatened me first. I did had the pistol but it was in self defence and a licensed one. I am a responsible citizen paying taxes to the government for the last several years. The police arrested Ashish Pandey in the presence of tremendous crowd that included the mediamen in good number with cameras flashing on Ashish.

It may be recalled that Ashish Pandey alongwith her three girl friends from Dubai had come to the hotel alongwith a male friend two days ago.

While they were exiting the hotel the Dubai girls went to the women washroom where they objected to the presense of a male Gaurav helping his girl friend vomitting who was not feeling well as claimed by Gaurav Tanwar.

The friends of Ashish objected to his presence and the argument started. However, Gaurav feeling sorry tried to explain the reason for his presence in the women washroom but the Dubai girls created nuisance and informed Ashish Pandey.

Meanwhile Ashish n the Dubai girl Pamela Ruz allegedly started abusing Gaurav n her lady friend and argument further became intense till both the parties came out at the main entrance of the hotel. In the meanwhile Ashish allegedly threatened Gaurav and his friend of dire consequences when Gaurav’s girl friend pushed back Ashish.

In the meanwhile the Dubail girl came in between, abused Gaurav in English n came back to the BMW with Ashish amid heated arguments and exchange of verbal abuses. While abusing Gaurav : Ashish said I am a Lucknow guy, will see you later.

What is interesting about the whole episode is that the vedio was made by Ashish’s two Dubai girl friends sitting in the back seat of the car while he was arguing in anger with Gaurav at the entrance of the hotel with a pistol in his hand.

The vedio unambiguously shows Ashish and his female friends abusing Gaurav and his female friend. After this vedio got posted it became viral with media encircling the pistol being held in Ashish’s hand on 16th October and all hell broke out.

While Ashish is the son of a former BSP MP Rakesh Pandey and nephew of a UP, MLA, Gaurav is the son of the three time MLA Kunwar Karan Singh Tanwar from Model Town Delhi. However all the three girls have already left for Dubai.

The Patiala House court had on Wednesday issued a non-bailable warrant against Ashish Pandey for brandishing a pistol and threatening Gaurav Tanwar n his female friend at the main entrance of a five-star hotel in Delhi.

One of the girls’ high profile Pamela Rooz is said to be in the business of charging 3.5 lakh Rupees for her per day visit or for giving company to anyone who hire’s her from Dubai as per a media channel.

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In a tragic development on Tuesday night a 48 year old housewife and her 29 year old daughter have committed suicide in their house in Nyaykhand 2 Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

The duo primarily belonged to Uttarakhand and were the wife and daughter of a grief stricken employee of Delhi office of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

As per the news pouring in through the SP city Shlok Kumar the deceased mother had left behind a suicide note for her 26 year old youngest daughter Monica asking her to find a suitable match and lead a peaceful n comfortable life.

She assured her daughter that she loves her too much and would like her to find a suitable boy n lead a comfortable life.

She also mentioned that she is her culprit and therefore committing suicide but also assured her that she will always be nearer and take care of her.

Whenever you will remember me I’ll come to your rescue mentiins the suicide note. I love you so much was the concluding sentence.

Both the bodies had been sent for post mortem and the actual reason behind the suicide could not be ascertained till yet.

Balwant Singh living in Nyaykhand 2, in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad is serving in the Delhi office of Hindustan Aeronautics limited. As usual on Tuesday too both the wife n elder daughter of Balwant Singh Bisht were in the house. But when Mr. Singh tried to contact them over mobile phone on Tuesday evening there was no response from the other end.

When worried Balwant Singh reached his Indira Puram house at 9.30 P.M. and repeatedly knocked the door there was no response from inside failing which he called the neighbours and cut the asbetus sheet to open the steel door.

On reaching inside he was shell shocked to see both the mother daughter dead hanging to the ceiling fans.

The local police was called immediately and the suicide note was found on the spot addressed to the youngest daughter Monika who was on duty in a multinational firm.

This sensational mysterious double suicide as reported in various dailies have created panic in the area with the relatives, near and dear ones and people in the Nyayakhand, Indirapuram vicinity badly shocked and anguished.

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