US suspends massive aid to Pakistan, says first give up sponsoring terrorists




There is a good news for India and definitely bad for Pakistan and its God father China, as according to a report published in a Pakistan popular paper “The Dawn”, the American administration has for the present suspended its annual financial contribution of 255 million US $ of military support to Pak and put the same into the ESCROW  ACCOUNT, till the wicked terrorist sponsoring nation does not mend its ill conceived designs to shun or close the terror sanctuaries active in various parts of PAKISTAN, Afghanistan, POK n in Indian Kashmir including its incessant support to the Talibanese. After the Al Qaida attack on twin tower in US n Pakistan’s constant financial and military support to the Al Qaida n the Taliban killing American soldiers in Afghanistan and Pakistan border including several attacks on American missions has made American do a rethink on its relations with Pakistan. The change in foreign policy there n its increasing tilt towards China particularly allowing the dragon to make a military base in POK n carrying out of joint military exercises has irked the United States of America. In addition to this after the better cementing of relations with India since the tenure of  president Obama, signing of the Indo US nuclear deal during Manmohan Singh’s tenure followed by enhancement in more cemented friendship during prime minister Narendra Modi’s two consecutive visits one during Obama’s time n another after Donald Trump took charge as US president, the American tilt towards Pakistan got disturbed, particularly after its increasing support to terror activities. In his recent address to media at White House President Donald Trump has categorically accused Pak n its political leadership of promoting, aiding and abetting terror sanctuaries in Pakistan and Afghanistan particularly the Taliban, Lashkar E Tayyaba n Hizbul Mujahideen. It has also officially declared Salahuddin as a dreaded international terrorist and suspended all his accounts in the US. Donald Trump’s issuance of such categorical and immaculate warnings to Pak and simultaneous suspension of a major part of its annual military US aid of 1.1 billion US dollars amounting to 255 million US$ n putting the same in the escrow account till Pakistan finally gives up supporting n patronising dreaded terrorists posing direct danger to the entire subcontinent is something never heard of before. It may be recalled that the United States of America had been Pakistan’ s most trusted friend for the last several decades as India was the trusted friend of the then USSR during Indira Gandhi’s premiership. But after the collapse of united USSR at the time of Gorbachev things changed rapidly and India’ s pro communist tilt in international relations changed gradually n tilted towards the United States of America while our arch rival n terrorist infested Pakistan tilted towards expansionist and hegemonous China. Though USA had been heavily aiding Pakistan with military hardware as well as financial contributions it always misused the US aid n instead of curbing terrorism used it for encouraging and promoting them against India and US, the fact which Donald Trump is now aware of. During President Obama’s tenure there was a proposal for selling twelve, F- 16 Jet fighters to Pakistan but in view of the Pak’s support to terror sanctuaries in Pak, this deal too was stopped forthwith. The $255 million in military assistance was the largest portion of an estimated $1.1 billion of US aid Congress had authorized in 2016.


Rahul Gandhi furious, asks if the govt is really honest why is it shying to order the JPC probe in the Rafale deal?



The Congress president Rahul Gandhi has accused prime minister Narendra Modi of helping industrialist and owner of Reliance defence in committing a theft while procuring the offset contract of Rafale Jet Fighters worth thousands of crores.

Replying to the queries of the reporter/ correspondent of Asia News International today and the video of which has been posted in the agency’s twitter handle, the vociferous Congress president Rahul Gandhi on the controvertial Rafale deal said that it’s is clear that by not agreeing to the demand of the Congress for the Joint Parliamentary Probe in the arbitrary Rafale Jet Fighter’s deal the prime minister do not want to bring the real picture to the peoples’ domain/ knowledge.

Rahul said the prime minister Narendra Modi, Arun Jailey’s boss is visiting Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh and addressing people but is not uttering a single word of the Rafale deal which unambiguously explains or proves that he was in complicity with Anil Ambani of Reliance defence to commit the theft not naming him but addressing him as Chowkidaar of the country.

ANI tweeted: Congress president Rahul Gandhi says set up JPC ( Joint Parliamentary Committee) & the truth will come out. But Arun Jaitley’s boss Narendra Modi can’t do this work. Narendra Modi gives big speeches but never speaks a word on Rafale or Anil Ambani.

The moot question is: the people of the country has the right to know the truth behind the Rafale deal. If the deal is really honest and transparent what’s the hitch in instituting the JPC probe, question people of the country ? And the Congress president Rahul too.

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JPC probe could satisfy the countrymen at large. What’s the hitch then ?



The issue of controvertial Rafale deal is not ready to die down but its rather gaining tremendous momentum day by day with the opposition Congress and the ruling BJP firing salvos after salvos on each other.

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his young firebrand team seems to be most vociferous in their attacks against the prime minister while finance minister Arun Jaitley has now come out in the open as a trouble shooter on behalf of his government, trying to put the Congress as well as the former Frence President Francois Hollande in the dock by not only condemning him for coming forward to help the Congress and Rahul Gandhi but also posting his views on Rafale protecting his govt in his face book page accusing Rahul of frivolous charges and lies.

In a way the BJP led NDA seems to be in a defensive mode particularly after the startling disclosure of Hollande about the ruling party’s alleged pressure on French government to replace the offset contract norms in favour of the new entrant Defence Reliance.

If we go into the details of the deals and the claims and counter claims of both the ruling and the opposition parties on Rafale deal there are broadly three points which have led to the controversy go on air.

The first point was regarding the overvaluation of the cost of the Jet Fighter to three times in comparison to the cost fixed during the UPA tenure, from 560 crore rupees per aircraft to about 1700 crores during the current regime.

The second bone of contention was the arbitrary repalcement of the public sector undertaking HAL by the unexperienced and new private company Reliance defence and the third point was the government’s exposure after the startling disclosure by the former French President Francois Hollande about the Indian government’s alleged interference in the deal by asking for giving the offset contract of Rafale to Anil Ambani’s company withdrawing the old HAL’s contract which is having quite an experience in defence production n assembly of fighter planes with the vital hi tech components imported from abroad.

What is important in the whole episode is the fact that the government has till date been denying that it was ever instrumental in favoring the private Company Reliance to bag the contract and that it was purely the discretion of Dassault to award the contract followed by lessenning the numbers of the Jet fighter aircrafts from 126 to 36, increasing the costs’ thrice the previous value and denial by the current French government, the Indian government and Dassault of any complicity in this regard, except the fact that it’s a clear cut govt to govt deal.

While the Congress president has been repeatedly accusing the prime minister and his defence minister of deliberate attempt to oblige the Ambani family keeping the HAL out of the contract, thus charging them with irregularties and alleged corruption, the defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman and finance minister Arun Jaitley have been trying their best to put the ball in the Congress and Rahul’s court saying that it was not the BJP led NDA government but the UPA’s tenure in 2012 that the Ambani’s Reliance was given the contract at Congress’s behest.

While it is true that the deal was signed in 2016 after getting the cabinet committee’s due approval but what is most shocking and unusual is the fact that it was cleared in 2015 when the prime minister visited France already finalising the Reliance Defence company as the offset Indian partner of Dassault Aviation inlieu of the public sector undertaking, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited having built Mig 21, Sukhoi’s and Tejas etc.

Moreover the demand of the Congress and entire non BJP opposition for a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe into this vexed issue has been turned down leaving more scope for doubt and suspicion.

The elections of the four states and 2019 are near and Rafale is going have a negative impact on the chances of the saffron party provided the decision for the Joint Parliamentary Committee probe with held by the ruling party is not reconsidered and revoked.

The people of the country want to know the true facts of the deal failing which it may acompany the same political implications n sufferings for the ruling party as confronted by Congress on the Bofors kickback imbroglio during the late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s regime.

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Dassault Aviation clarifies its stand vindicating the contract to Reliance !



The Rafale Jet fighters embroglio has reached to such an extent after the startling disclosure of the former French president Francois Hollande about the complicity of the ruling political dispensation in the allotment of the offset contract of Dassault Aviation to Reliance India at the cost of the Indian public sector undertaking having expertise in defence production the HAL has ultimately compelled the French Defence Company Dassault Avitation to issue a press release vindicating its stand in the deal trying to come out clean of the impending controversy.

In a press release issued with a date line of September 21st September, 2018 with a headline ” About the Rafale Contract For India,” the French company in the first paragraph explains that this contract is government to government agreement. It provides for a separate contract in which the Dassault Aviation commits to make compensation investments( offsets) worth 50% of the value of the purchase clearly indicating about half of the value of the total deal of the contract.

The para two of the press release specifically states verbatim: This offset contract is delivered in complaince with the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) 2016 regulations. In this framework and in accordance with the policy of Make in India, Dassault Aviation has decided to make a partnership with INDIA’S RELIANCE GROUP. This is Dassault Aviation’s choice as CEO, Eric Tappier has explained in an interview published in MINT newspaper on April 17, 2018. This partnership has led to the creation Dassault Reliance Aerospace.Ltd ( DRAL) joint venture in February 2017.

Dassault Aviation and Reliance have built a plant in Nagpur for manufacturing parts for Falcon and Rafale Aircraft. The Nagpur site was chosen because of the availabilty of land with direct access to an Airport runway, an essential activities. Para third says : Other partnerships have been signed with other companies such as BTSL, DEFSYS, Kinetic, Mahindra, Maini, SAMTEL…… Other negotiations are ongoing with an hundred odd other potential partners. Para four adds: Dassault Aviation is very proud that the Indian Authorities has selected the Rafale fighters.

There are no signatures in the press release that raises a doubtful question mark? In the end of the press release under the head of ABOUT DASSAULT AVIATION, the French company boasts itself as: With over 10, 000 military and civil aircraft delivered in more than 90 countries over the last century. In 2017, Dasault Aviation reported revenues of € 4.8 billion. The company has 11, 400 employees with built up expettise worldwide.

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A legend of Uttarakhand Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht is no more. Dies at 73.



The land of abode of Gods Uttarakhand has today lost a relentless fighter, journalist, author, an ideologue, a social reformer, a committed activist, prominent Uttrakhand separate state activist n leader and the former student and youth leader with progressive ideals and principles Dr. Shamsher Singh Bist who breathed his last after suffering from an ailment earlier addmitted in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi.

In his sad demise Uttarakhand has indeed lost a fighter for the cause of the poor, hapless, down troddens, youths, students and women who selflessly dedicated and devoted his entire life for the good of the society n the inhabitants of Uttrakhand. Seventy Three year old Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht met his end last night after ailing for a long time.

The former duly elected president of the Almora University Students union in 1974 Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht was greatly instrumental in founding the Kumaon University after organising a relentless struggle n movement against the then Uttar Pradesh government during the seventies.

He was an active participant and a youth pioneer in various movements such as Chipko, Nasha Nahi Rojgaar Do, movements for environmental protection and for the conservation of forests, water and land in Uttarakhand. Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht regularly wrote on the soci economic, cultural, environmental and societal issues of Uttarakhand in the leading state dailies n other vernacular periodicals like Jan Satta, Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran, Nav Bharat Times, etc.

An icon always on a confronting mode with the ruling party establishments right from undivided Uttar Pradesh to Uttarakhand energetic and enthusiastic Dr. Bisht was also jailed number of times who never aspired for power and positions.

According to the union state minister of Textiles Ajay Tamta has while expressing his richest tributes to Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht said that the people of the Uttarakhand hills and the journalistic and social fraternity has lost the peoples’ true leader symbolic of transparency and out spokenness who struggled for the peoples’ cause through out his life.

The Uttarakhand Journalists Forum has also expressed its respectful tributes to this great man and appealed to the youths to follow his ideals and principles for a better and evil free society.

His death has left a huge void which is extremely difficult to fill added its President Sunil Negi. Hundreds of journalists, traders, local people, friends and accquaintances, writers, intellectuals and socio political activists and leaders today bid a last farewell to this popular dearted peoples’leader at Vishwanath Ghat in uttarakhand. May his soul rest in peace.

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Fracois Hollande’s revelation on Rafale give new ammunition to Rahul Gandhi



The controvertial Rafale Jet Fighters’ issue gaining momentum day by day has taken a new and interesting turn putting the current ruling political dispensation in a real dock after the former French President Hollande’s recent revelation that it was not the Dassault Aviation but allegedly the Indian government that has recommended or favored the Indian private Company of Anil Ambani for the offset contract in place of the traditional and experienced public sector undertaking the Hindustan Aeronautics limited.

The country’s newspapers are full of banner news today highlighting this new revelation of the former French President with whom the MOU was signed in 2016 when he was was the chief guest on the prestigious Republic Day function.

The new exposure allegedly belying the BJP led NDA government and the Anil Ambani’s Reliance defence’s earlier statements that the ruling party dispensation has nothing to do with the allocation of the Rafale offset Contract and that this is all unfounded and biased have given a fresh political ammunition to the main opposition party Congress and its rest of the alliance partners who are these days quite desperate to find hot issues of national significance that go against the saffron party, particularly in view of the likely elections in the four states and the fast approaching national election of 2019.

After being constantly and consistently attacked by the youthful Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Rafale jet fighter deal and banking frauds including the skyrocketting petrol prices and other factors like inflation, unemployment and agrarian crisis, this new revelation of the former French president Hollande to a French website Mediapart about the alleged alleged favor granted to Reliance Defence thus pre strategically keeping out the HAL from the Rafale offset contract by the Indian govt has provided an extra ammunition and opportunity to Gandhi Nehru family scion Rahul Gandhi who’d be openly and vociferously accusing the BJP led NDA and prime minister as well as the Defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman of misguiding and betraying the 135 crore people of the country thus asking for her resignation.

Political analysts say that this recent revelation has opened the pandoras box as the saffron party leaders have now become defensive having been exposed in the eyes of the countrymen of favouring an inexperienced private player in a sensitive defence deal having no expertise or past experience in defence production as compared to HAL that has the distinction and outstanding abilities to produce different defence aircrafts and fighters like Mig 21, Sukhoi Jet Fighters  etc etc. in the past.

It’s a new political bombshell which to a great extent vindicates the accusation of the non BJP parties and the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who had been shouting on Rafale deal for the last ywo years and the saffron party leaders and the PM replying to his accusations calling them childish, baseless, fabricated and concocted terming it as a purely honest and transparent govt to govt deal with nothing fishy into it.

Being the election year and the ruling saffron party’s preparations going on in full swing with prime minister Narendra Modi and BJP supremo visiting several states addressing good number of public meetings, highlighting its outstanding achievements and allocating massive funds for various developmental projects to impress upon its electorates for the good works executed by them, it seems that this latest bombshell of Hollande pinning the NDA government for arbitrarily favoring the Anil Ambani company instead of HAL may badly go against the ruling party government, particularly the top bosses in whose presence the entire deal was allegedly signed and formalised.

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi had number of times accused the ruling party of committing deliberate blunders on this deal by not only escalating the prices of Rafale Jet fighters three time more that the original price but has also accused the government of reducing its numbers from 126 to merely 36 and thus escalating the total cost to 59000 crores including arbitrary allocation of the offset contract to the Anil Ambani’s unexperienced and non existent company in defence production matters with the alleged unambiguous intent to give him monetary benefits on a large scale, denied and outrightly condemned by the BJP and its government.

The former uninon ministers in BJP government of late AB Vajpayee including the senioractivist and advocate, a crusader against corruption viz Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha and Prashant Bhushan respectively have also trained their guns towards the BJP government and its political and administrative CEO accusing him on the Rafale deal incessantly by holding several press conferences.

This controversy reminds one and all of the previous Bofors kickback deal in which Rahul Gandhi’s father late Rajiv Gandhi was haunted till he was alive and had to pay a huge price by way of being dethroned from power by the country’s electorates , finally to be acquitted, but after his tragic assasination n confrontong so much of trials and tribulations. Now, it’s Rahul’s term to prove his mettle by exposing the wrong doers in Rafale controvertial deal, say political analysts.

Meanwhile Congress president Rahul Gandhi has in a more offensive posture today tweeted that the PM has looted the country with a deal of130000 crores Rafale deal and misled the people of the country. It is the open insult and indignation of the Armed forces of the country.

Rahul accused the BJP led NDA government saying that the Rafale deal was signed in a closed door room and the deal was manipulated to favor Anil Ambani. He thanked the former French presidentfor bringing the truth of the deal to the fore.

The exact words of the tweets are: (1) The PM and Anil Ambani jointly carried out a one hundred thirty thousand crores surgical strike on the India Defence Forces.Modiji you dishonoured the blood of our martyred soldiers. Shame on you.You betrayed India’s soul. This tweet was issued just 40 minutes ago of filing this story.
What’s your take friends?

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Delhi state Congress’s entire Uttarakhandi Cell joins AAP! A huge jolt to DPCC



In a major jolt to the Delhi State Congress Committee, the president of the Parvatiya Congress, the party’s cell of Uttarakhandies living in Delhi, Brijmohan Upreti has today joined the Aam Aadmi Party in the presence of one of it’s ministers Gopal Rai n corporator Geeta Rawat in Delhi (after resigning from yesterday) alongwith several of his followers i.e the district and block presidents thus giving an additional strength to the ruling party in Delhi who just a few days ago suffered a setback when two of its important activists n journalists, one a chairman of the Delhi dialogue commission resigned from the party citing personel reasons namely Asutosh and Khaitan.

The Aam Admi Party today seems to be a major “KHAIRKHWAH” worrying for the interests of the Uttarakhand community living in Delhi by way of funding several social outfits organise Uttarayini, a pahaadi cultural event in almost all the constituencies of Delhi last year by way of financing good number of Uttarakhandi social organisations and also establishing the Uttarakhand academy in Delhi which was their long cherished dream.

Though the Congress and BJP ruled Delhi for several years but no party has ever thought of obliging the hill people of the capital despite the hard fact that they are in good number not less than 25 lakhs who form a consolidated large chunk of vote bank in Delhi.

The Parvatiya Congress chief of Delhi Brijmohan has also resigned expressing his annoyance and frustration over the continuous disregard and isolation of the Uttrakhandi community in the party organisation and in issuance of party tickets during the state assembly and civic elections.

The enmass resignation and joining of AAP by a large chunk of Congress’s hill people in the absense of its president Ajay Maken who is out to foreign country for treatment of his ailment has sent a disturbing signal to the Congress in Delhi particularly in view of the state elections slated for 2020 in the beginning months.

The senior party leader and minister Gopal Rai welcomed the entire hostile lot of the Congressmen in Aam Aadmi Party and assured them of due recognition and adjustments in the party organisation in the near future.

Meanwhile, strongly reacting to the resignation and subsequent joining of AAP by the Delhi Pradesh Parvatiya Congress Committee Upreti, the present Vice president Virendra Negi has denied reports of other office bearers joining the AAP saying that Upreti has singularly joined with negligible number of supporters which would under no condition affect the political health of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee under the dynamic leadership of its president Ajay Maken.

Negi assured the partymen that the Delhi State Parvatiya Congress is extremely strong and cohesive as there are still more than active hundred office bearers associated with the organisation. Virendra Negi accused these hostile leaders of hobnobbing with AAP since long who’d clandestinely worked for AAP candidates defying the party norms during the last corporation elections. He termed them as Ram leela brand leaders with no political base believing in opportunism for narrow political gains. Negi revealed that good number of people of Uttarakhand holding socio political say n reputation are likely to join the Delhi Congress Parvatiya Cell to make it more vibrant and strong.

Reliable sources reveal that since AAP has become a formidable force in Delhi and Congress becoming a primitive party losing its grip on the Delhi electorates these hostile Uttarakhandies had no option but to join AAP for better political prospects in the coming future. Whats your take friends?


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Killings go unabated in Kashmir ! Will the Indo Pak bilateral talks succeed ?



Sounds extremely shocking and hypocritical that on the one hand the Indian BSF trooper Narendra Kumar is brutally killed and his body mutilated by the Pakistani rangers across the International line of control with not a single word of condemnation/ apology coming from the Pakistan’s PM but instead a letter coming from him for a bilateral foreign ministers’ dialogue on terrorism at the UNGA summit precincts in Geneva on 24th of September. Even last night three special police officers have been shockingly eliminated in Kashmir by the Pak sponsered terrorits.

Though the Indian government has taken Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s initiative for the resumption of bilateral dialogue in all earnestness Pakistan should not forget that any dialogue between both the countries could not prove fruitful until Pakistan asks its military bosses to stop the unprovoked firing at the LOC and takes credible initiatives in stopping harnessing terror organisations who’ve been creating havoc in strife torn Jammu and Kashmir killing hundreds of innocents and Indian army n paramilitary troopers.

While India has agreed for the foreign minister mutual dialogue with Pakistan on the sidelines of SAARC meeting at UNGA on 24th September with India foreign minister Sushma Swaraj likely to leave for Geneva it’s quite satisfying to note that the Indian side has not changed its hard stance on terrorism asking Pakistan to give up supporting and abetting terror outfits like Laskare Tayyeba and Jaish E Mohammed, sneaking its hard core terrorists in India territory killing innocents and stop breaching the ceasefire agreements between both the countries.

It may be recalled that the invitation for constructive engagement between both the countries started for the very first time from Indian side when the prime minister Narendra Modi sent a letter to Imran Khan after his swearing in as the PM of Pakistan and it’s in response to that letter that his counterpart in Pakistan responded for the foreign ministers dialogue.

The bilateral peace talks were snubbed/ stopped between Pakistan n India after the unprovoked attack by the Pakistani aided and abetted hard core terrorists in the Army camp in Uri Sector last year followed by the surgical strike of the India Army destroying hundreds of terrorist launch pads n killing terrorits in the Pak territory across the LOC.

It’s anguishing to note that about 400 or more armymen n para military troopers have been martyred since the last four years or more due to the misadventures and cross firing from Pakistani side and through unprovoked terror attacks from Pak sponsered terrorits in Jammu and Kashmir.

There have been shocking more than 1500 violations of peace pact from the Pakistan”‘s side, even annoying the US president Donald Trump who’d declared Pakistan a terror state blocking its defence aid worth 300 million US dollars and reprimanding it number of times for openly running and sponsering terror sanctuaries in its territory creating havoc in Afghanistan, India n other parts of the world.

After winning the elections in Pakistan Imran Khan has made friendship initiatives towards India by saying that if India puts one step forward Pakistan will put two steps forward but unfortunately the PTI government completely under the influence and grip of the ISI and Pakistan Military could not stop cross border unprovoked firing n killings of the innocents on the Indian side even after assuming office.

This hypocricy sounds highly distressing. While lot of significance is being given to the foreign ministers dialogue between India and Pakistan after the closure of the deliberations two years ago, it remains to be seen what credible outcome arrives out of this meeting in Geneva? The crux of the whole story is that unless or until the Pak leadership( does not ) come out of the grip of its military and iSI n acts independently to stop aiding n abetting terrorit sanctuaries in their own land and stop cross border firings n killings, India and Pakistan can never settle their scores n would continue the blame game as usual to further the political interests to remain in power misguiding its people on anti India and anti Pakistan plank.

But the major responsibility lies on Imran Khan as it’s his country primarily which believes in destruction and killings at the expense of the development of its people.

Today it’s a country with a begging bowl in its hand burdened with the fiscal deficits of 30 thousand Arab dollars likely on the brink of economic disater while India is flourishing with progress and prosperity.

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Jolt to Delhi Congress ! Delhi Parvatiya Congress chief resigns



The Delhi State Congress Committee which is already in doldrums from the point of view of losing its grip on the Delhi electorates which once ruled the capital for fifteen long years prior to AAP’s coming to power is yet again in jeopardy as its Parvatiya Congress president Brijmohan Upreti has resigned from the primary membership of the party alongwith his hundreds of followers today protesting against the stepmotherly and high handed treatment meted out to the party office bearers and cadres belonging to Uttarakhand living in Delhi associated with the Delhi Parvatiya Congress, the party’s important cell for the welfare and well being of the hill people living in Delhi.

In his resignation letter Brijmohan Upreti considered to be the close hand man of the Delhi State Congress Committee President and former union minister Ajay Maken who is out of the counyry for treatment, said that he is tendering his resignation from the post of the president of Delhi Parvatiya Congress and the primary membership of the party in protest against the complete negligence of the workers belonging to Uttarakhand associated with the Congress Party by keeping them aside pre strategically from the central, district and block positions of the party in the recent revamp and not given a single Uttarakhandi a party position from the state executive to the block level thus willingly discarding them at all levels.

In a letter written to the AICC president Rahul Gandhi tendering his resignation as the president of Delhi Parvatiya Congress with copies sent to the General Secretary of All India Congress Committee Ashok Gehlot, General Secretary Incharge Dr. PC Chacko and the DPCC president Ajay Maken, Upreti said that he is resigning from the party president’s post as well as the primary membership of the party in protest against the stepmotherly treatment meted out to the Uttarakhandi origin Congress workers in the state party organisation.

Citing three reasons, Upreti said that during the 2017 Delhi Municipal Corporation elections not a single ticket was allotted to the party worker of Uttarakhandi origin despite assurances.

In the recent party revamp no Uttarakhandi Congress worker was adjusted in the state party organisation in any central, district or block level and the single district president Lakshman Rawat had also been ousted.

While making the state delegates, the Uttarakhandi Congress workers were totally sidelined. He stressed and emphasised that the Delhi Parvatiya Congress workers had always been in the forefront to participate in Delhi Congress’s rallies and Dharnas but when it came to obliging the Congress workers of Delhi Parvatiya Congress they were always sidelined knowingly.

Now enough is enough. This is the insult of the 25 lakh Uttarakhandies living in Delhi, having faith in Congress party, he added an I am tendering resignation frm the ArvatiyaCongress presidentship as well as frm the primary membership of the party.




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Six year old killed by a maneater in Bageshwar, Uttarakhand ! Predator grabs the girl from her house compound, dies on way to hospital



Uttarakhand seems to have been cursed by natural calamities, fatal road accidents and incessant attacks of maneaters claiming lives after lives almost after every alternate days and what is worse is the fact that there seems to be no relief from the government’s side to the utter shock, dismay and despair of the people living there. If one goes into the statistics of maneater killings in the hills of Uttarakhand which are not maintained duly one would be surprised and shocked to find the increasing rate of the predator killings going on unabated with the forest department, wild life and the minister concerned doing little or negligible to set right the situation.

Newsviewsnetwork has just yesterday written on the subject in addition to several other earlier writeups mentioning about the increasing prowl of the maneater leopards and tigers for human flesh near roadsides and houses situated near the forest areas and subsequent killings of children, old aged and women in Garhwal and Kumaon divisions of Uttarakhand.

According to a journalist, activist and an author Chandra Shekhar Joshi living in Uttarakhand, a maneater in search of human flesh literally grabbed a 6 year old girl from her house in Nadi village of Bageshwar, Uttarakhand at 8.30 PM and tried to drag her towards the forest. The brave and desperate terrified family members were however successful in snatching the injured girl from the grip of the predator but could not survive while being ferried to the hospital which took near an hours’ time.

The dead girl was playing in the compound of her house when the maneater cladestinely grabbed her by the jaws and started dragging her to the near by forest when the desperate members of the family snatched her from the grip of the tiger profusely bleeding after deep jaw injuries. Chandra Shekhar said that on 3rd September too a maneater in Katyur Valley’s Salamgarh village a four year old daughter of Chatur Singh Parihar was cladestinely taken by the maneater who left her badly mutilated dead body after eating it in the nearby rivulet found the next evening.

Similarly on 24th March and 12th July these carnivorous animals killed two children aged 3 and 7 years respectively afyer dragging them to the nearby jungles namely Karan Ram and Deepak. It’s really disheartening to note that while the villages of Uttarakhand are constantly being emptied due to the incessant influx of the villagers to cities and metropolises in search of job avenues, health facilities and better quality education for their wards, the villages are being dominated by animals such as wild monkeys, pigs and maneaters who are on the prowl for human flesh with the state government agencies literally doing nothing to set right the situation by safeguarding the lives of the remaing inhabitants in villages and towns near the forest areas in particular.

About 155 leopards and tigers have been declared as maneaters in Uttarakhand hills while about 350 people have been killed roughly by maneaters in various areas of Uttarakhand. However the wild life department pleasingly boasts of the increasing number of tigers in Uttarakhand hills teaching more than 400 in numbers.

Pictures by Chandra Shekhar Joshi and Hill Post

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Rafale issue gaining momentum in three state elections likely to go to polls in December! Rahul in an offensive mode



The controvertial issue of Rafale is gaining momentum day by day with the Congress Party and its chief Rahul Gandhi not ready to relent at any cost, making it his main issue of propaganda in all his public meetings being addressed in the states going for election in December.

The Congress Party has already made Rafale, inflation and banking frauds its main election plank for 2019 elections on the same lines as was Bofors kick back issue tactically used by Rajiv Gandhi’s bete noire and the then PM Vishwanath Pratap Singh and the rest of the non Congress opposition including the BJP resulting in ousting Rajiv n the Congress party at the hustings during past decades.

However, despite so much of hulla balloo and the media hype including filing of several court cases and demeaning of the late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi image, the former PM was finally acquitted but after his sad and tragic assasination and so much of trials and tribulations.

It seems now that the Congress party president and the Nehru Gandhi scion is in no mood to relent on Rafale jet fighters issue thus avenging the Bofors attack of the anti Congress opposition that resulted in immense harm to the 135 year old party during Rajiv Gandhi’s era.

The systematic and relentless anti Rafale campaign by the entire party and its president Rahul Gandhi compounded with the ongoing attacks by the old BJP stalwarts, now PM Modi’s arch rivals and former ministers Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha and Prashant Bhushan, senior advocate and leader of Swaraj party through incessant press conferences and public meetings has finally compelled the BJP led NDA and the top party leadership to adopt a somewhat defensive posture though they are trying their every best shot to counter the Congress attack. The war of words on Rafale between the Congress and the BJP has reached to such a pass that now the prime minister Narendra Modi, Defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman, Law minister Shiv Shankar Prasad and the most vociferous and law expert former union minister Subramaniam Swamy has taken the ruling party cudgels in their hands to counter the most vociferous onslaught of the Congress leaders viz. Rahul Gandhi, for defence minister A.K. Antony, Randeep Singh Surjewala and others accusing the saffron party government of misleading the entire nation of Rafale Jet fighters deal with French Company Dassault Aviation by not only increasing the cost of the jet fighters three times from 526 crore per aircraft to 1700 crores but also lessening tbe numbers of the Jet fighters and pre strategically keeping out HAL inlieu of Reliance defence, the private company allegedly accorded favours for offset contract despite possessing no experience in defence production.

The Congress led entire non BJP opposition has demanded the joint parliamentary probe into the whole episode as was asked for by the then anti Congress opposition on controvertial Bofors kick back issue while Rajiv Gandhi was the prime minister of the country.

The non BJP opposition leaders led by Rahul Gandhi say that if the deal is really honest and transparent then why and what’s the hitch for the ruling party to allow the JPC probe into the controvertial Rafale deal , which has been outrightly denied bythe rulingparty govt tillnow.

The Defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman instead, has now fired a fresh salvo accusing the then UPA government for ousting the HAL out of the Rafale deal saying that it was actually the Congress government that has kept the HAL out and not the BJP led NDA government as being falsely accused by the Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

The former defence minister and member of the party’s CWC A. K. Antony has rebutted the charges of Dr. Nirmala Sitaraman saying that the latter is blemishing the transparent image of Hindustan Aeronautics limited.

Last week the defence minister said that the previous negotiations for 126 jet fighters had collapsed as the HAL was not posessing the requisite capacity and capability to produce the fighters in collaboration with Dassault.

Antony asked the present government, praising and vindicating the deal finalised during the UPA regime, as to why had it not purchased the entire lot of 126 aircrafts instead of 36 and that too at the cost going up by three times.

However, Rahul Gandhi in all his addresses whether in Karnool Andhra Pradesh or Bhopal yesterday n few days before has accused the PM n the BJP for irregularities in the Rafale deal demanding the Joint Parliamentary probe forthwith.

Political analysts say that while the issue of Rafale is a hot topic in the ensuing four state elections in addition to the banking frauds and increasing prices of petroleum products, the issue of farmers suicides and agrarian crisis is also gaining ground in the states likely to go to the polls with the anti incumbency factors adding to the woes of the ruling BJP. What’s your take friends?

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