Uttarakhand’s extremely popular, highly reverred and adored painter, artist, sculptor and an eminent Garhwali poet B. Mohan Negi left for his heavenly abode leaving a great vaccum in the world of art, painting and garhwali poetries of Uttarakhand. Having reddish colured shining beard with a Himachali cap over his head affable, sober and jolly in nature B. Mohan Negi was born in 1952 in a remote village of Garhwal, called Punderi at Manyarsiun in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand.

Hailing from a modest family back ground he took his education in village school and later on shifted to Pauri township after being employed in post and Telegraph department. He was a born artist and have drawn highly colourful thousands of events alongwith the poeteries in the regional and national newspapers of the country, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. When a prominent journalist of Garhwal, Uttarakhand was murdered by the then liquor mafia of Uttarakhand during the eighties B. Mohan Negi’s powerful posters with poems published in Jansatta and Amarujaala played a pivotal role in mobilising myriad number of people to fight against the then administration to demand the penalisation of the hardened criminals who were finally brought to justice.

An iconic poetic and artistic personality of Uttarakhand B. Mohan Negi was more recognised nationally as a famous artist of fascinating posters and Garhwali poetries than in Uttarakhand. According to the eminent literature historian Bhishma Kukreti B. Mohan Negi created many small poems (Chhitga) in Garhwali. Most of his Garhwali poems are sharp satire in nature. His phrases are common and easily understandable. He ridiculed and criticized hypocrisy in politics, administration and society in majority of his poems and posters.

In the sad demise of B. Mohan Negi Uttarakhand and the country has lost a self made artist of an outstanding callibre and regional poet of extraordinary intellectuality who was a great asset to the society and inspirational force for the present and incoming generation, at large. Uttarakhand Journalists Forum expresses its sincere and heartfelt tributes to this great personality and urges upon the government and the chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat to name an Art College of the state in his name and introduce a library of his entire works for the benefit of students and budding regional poets and artists to follw suit in future.


Sunil Negi is a veteran journalist and President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum. He majorly writes on politics, current affairs and social issues.


Shivraj Singh hopes that Rahul Gandhi fulfils the farmers loan waiver assurance in 10 days time in Madhya Pradesh



The outgoing chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Shiv Raj Singh who had ruled the state for fifteen long years, maintaining his popularity amongst all sections of the society and also famous for hindu appeasement by inducting five saints as cabinet ministers in his previous government has expressed the hope that the new Congress chief minister of Madhya Pradesh and the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi would live up to their pre election promises and fulfill the farmers loan waiver assurances within ten days of assuming the office as CM.

Mr. Shiv Raj Singh was addressing the press conference after congratulating the Congress leader Kamalnath for the victory who’d also visited his house in person to seek his cooperation in the near future.

Whole heartedly accepting his defeat at the hands of the Congress party Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan smilingly said that now his duty as the state chowkidar has begun and he is not the one to take even a day’s rest but will start working from now onwards as an opposition leader keeping tab n checks on the wrong doing of the new government.

Shiv Raj Singh assured the new Congress chief minister and the government of his fullest cooperation in the future in all the developmental works and projects of the state and assured of his total support and cooperation in all the peoples’ developmental initiatives.

He disclosed that he has urged the Congress leader Kamal Nath to continue to carry forward the ongoing schemes and initiatives introduced during the BJP government under his tenure pertaining to various developmental projects and reliefs given to dalits, farmers and the people of the lowest ebb of the society.

Chouhan said he is totally free from today after the dedicated services of the last 15 years as the state’s chief minister despite securing 40% of the largest vote chunk.

This is the decency of our democratic system that people go for change despite voting in good percentage. We have to honour the peoples’ verdict as governments n heads of the state change in democracy but the developmental works should go on uninterrptedly added Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan.

He added that though we’ve lost but the opposition in the state is very strong and this is a healthy trend in a viable democracy.

We will keep a vigilant eye and apply regulation on the government’s wrong doungs but would also cooperate fully in all the pro people developmental works irrespective of our ideological differences.

He repeated in a humorous tone : let’s see if the farmers loan are remitted and chief minister changed after 10 days after assuming office by the new Congress CM if he fails to do the needful. After all Rahul Gandhi has made a public pledge in front of the state’s populace during his public meetings in this regard.

In response to a question Shiv Raj Singh said that his maximum focus now would be on working extremely hard to ensure that the party wins maximum number of lok sabha seats from the state in the general elections of 2019 to ensure the historic victory of BJP under the dynamic and pro people leadership of prime minister Narendra Modi.

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BMC employees with disabled child to get 730 special leaves




Employees of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will be entitled to 730 days of special leaves to look after their disabled child. The move comes in to benefit Central and State government staff. The proposal was submitted to the BMC for its final approval after receiving a nod from the standing committee in October.

The Bombay High court, around two years ago, had directed the state coordination committee under the Disability Act, to advise the government on the formulation of a policy with regard to Child Care Leave (CCL). The verdict was given over the petition of a lower court staffer whose eight-year-old daughter had cerebral palsy. Eventually, the state and now, even the BMC is ready to grant leaves to women employees, who have children with special needs. Widowed male employees can also seek benefits of the scheme.

Civic employees was allowed to take long-term leaves for reasons related to education, sickness, maternity, child adoption, and so on. However, a provision of CCL was not made available to them until now.

BMC staff, who have children with blindness, low vision, leprosy — cured, hearing impairment, loco motor disability, mental hearing impairment, mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities can avail the benefits of CCL.

An employee can take as many as 730 days in his or her entire service of up to 22 years, if he or she has a disabled child. CCL does not involve any age restriction as long as the case is about 40 per cent disability. The scheme is admissible for up to two children.

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May limit wedding guests, Delhi government tells Supreme Court



The Delhi Government told the Supreme Court on Tuesday that it is in the process of formulating a policy to put curbs on “vulgar” display of food at lavish weddings organised at the Capital’s farmhouses and motels.
The submission came in response to a Court order on December 6 raising questions over how farmhouses were allowed storage capacity of one lakh litres water when residents in the city bared got water to drink. The Court even commented on food being wasted in excess at these functions and wondered if the state favoured the mighty and the rich.
Appearing before a bench headed by Justice Madan B Lokur, Delhi’s Chief Secretary Vijay Dev told the Court about a two-pronged strategy being contemplated by the government. He said that the state government and the office of the Lieutenant Governor were equally concerned about how there is “vulgar display” of water and food, which are otherwise scarce, at functions held at farmhouse and motels. Due to these artificially enhanced demands, the public needs suffer, he said.
He shared certain highlights from the policy under preparation which could include a guest control order, caterers who supply food at these venues to link up with NGOs for supplying excess food, and regular inspections to ensure the food served at these events is not stale or leftover of the previous day. This fact even shocked the bench, also comprising of Justices Deepak Gupta and Hemant Gupta. The bench asked the Chief Secretary to ensure proper inspections are conducted by Food Inspectors to prevent such instances of caterers serving stale food.
As a second step to achieving this end, Dev pointed out that the Government is contemplating changes to the farmhouse policy requiring the owners of these motels/farmhouses to conform to strict conditions.
He said that most of these farmhouses have permanent pandals erected throughout the year when the season of marriage is restricted to few months in a year. He admitted that the previous policy of October 20, 2007, was considered effective even by the Delhi High Court. But the policy was changed by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) in 2018. Amicus curiae and senior advocate Ranjit Kumar requested the Court to revive the 2007 policy but the counsel for SDMC objected.

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Choice of CMs of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh left to Rahul Gandhi



The issue of electing the leaders for the post of chief ministers in Rajasthan as well as Madhya Pradesh has been referred to Congress chief Rahul Gandhi as the warring factions of Ashok Gehlot, Sachin Pilot, Kamal Nath n Jyotiraditya Scindhya and their supporters raising slogans since morning, demanding selection of their respective leaders as chief ministers of these states are not relenting and nor are either of these leaders.

There has been total confusion at Jaipur since morning as vociferous slogans shouting supporters of Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot looked in a mood to physically scuffle with each other and the slogan shouting continued till evening.

Meanwhile two observers from Delhi namely Venugopal and Avinash Pandey, the party’s national general secretary arrived at the venue at Jaipur and held one to one meetings with all the MLAs.

The senior Congress leader in the race of the chief minister Ashok Gehlot whose chances seem more bright in view of his long term experience as the former CM of the state got a single line resolution passed in the meeting, passing the responsibility of selecting the CM nominee on the Congress high command and Rahul Gandhi which was duly consented by every MLA.

After the deliberations for several hours the observers recommended their findings to the Congress president leaving on him to take the final decision unilaterally.

The MLAs were asked to leave and so were the slogan shouting crowd. It’s expected that since the matter of selection of Rajasthan chief minister became bit tough as none of the two i.e. Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot ready to relent, the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi will reveal the name of the chief minister either at late midnight or tomorrow perhaps after due consultation with his mother Sonia Gandhi or other senior functionaries of the party.

Similarly in Madhya Pradesh the supporters of Scindia and Kamalnath raised slogans demanding their leaders to be chosen as CM of Madhya Pradesh. The senior Congress leader Kamal Nath, Jyotiraditya Scindia and the former CM MP n AICC general secretary met the governor Maniben Patel and handed her the letter n list of 121 lawmakers with the BSP n SP support, requesting her to call them to form the government in the state. Meanwhile the Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia held a meeting of his supporting MLAs and so was the meeting of Kamalnath faction in progress to mobilise the maximum numbers.

Since in Rajasthan n Madhya Pradesh there are two claiments in each state with MLAs and supporters wanting their leaders to be sworn in as the chief ministers respectively, the matter of the selection of the chief ministers have been recommended to the Congress high command n the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi.

The hectic meeting is in progress in the Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee right now and the result is expected any moment. Hundreds of followers of both the factions raising slogans against each other n in favour of their leaders have gathered outside the Party headquarter at Jaipur with heavy police bandobast fearing any untoward incident or scuffle between the suppoerters of Gehlot n Pilot.

However till now, the names of party veterans Ashok Gehlot and Kamal Nath are on the top for the Chief ministership of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Meanwhile according to a survey carried out by Aaj Tak about 57% Congress supporters want Ashok Gehlot to take the cudgels as CM in Rajasthan while 53% supporter favour young Jyotiraditya Scindia while in Chattisgarh 38% Congress supporters favour T. K. Singh as CM than Baghel.

Meanwhile as per the latest development n reliable sources the Congress leader n MP Jyotiraditya Scindia has recomended the name of Kamalnath for the chief ministership in Madhya Pradesh ending all speculations. Kamal Nath has emerged as the next chief minister of the state waiting for the official stamp of the Congress High Command.

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In Mumbai, Google Leases Office Space Of One Lakh Sq. Ft. Area



The Internet giant Google Inc picked more than 1 lakh sq. ft. office space in the First International Financial Centre (FIFC) Tower, located in the Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. This tower is partially owned by the US private equity major Blackstone Group via a long-term lease, the sources said.

This office space is spread across two floors in FIFC and this will attract monthly lease rental of Rs. 275 per sq ft. There will be an elevation in rental every three years and this includes the total time period of the lease is nine years incorporating the contract clause of 15 percent.

According to the sources, the lease transaction was finalized almost a month ago and Google is planning to makeshift the office in new and capacious office space at the earliest. The company has a total of four offices in India and it’s headquarter in the country is located in Hyderabad.

The present office of Google Inc in Mumbai is spread over 20,000 sq. ft. area and is located at BKC’s North Avenue Maker Maxity. The new office space in the First International Financial Centre (FIFC) Tower is five times bigger than the current office.

The First International Financial Centre (FIFC) Tower in the Bandra Kurla Complex is a 12-storey FIFC Tower having offices of various reputed global companies that include Oracle and McKinsey & Company, and the Citigroup acquires a total of six floors in the tower. The company’s headquarter is also located here only.

Back in 2013, the software giant Oracle India signed a nine-year lease deal contract for 50,000 sq. ft. of office space in the same building. Apart from this, the US technology company Apple also leased around 12,000 sq. ft. office space in the same tower.

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Have Modi’s and Yogi Adityanath’s oratorical skills failed as compared to Rahul’s speeches in the 3 states’ assembly elections



After the victory of the Congress in three states of the hindi heartland, two questions are being prominently asked by the politival analysts. One: is the prime minister Narendra Modi’s charisma fading out gradually n two, is the Nehru Gandhi scion who’d just a year ago taken the party’s cudles in his hand as its president being accepted by the masses of the country as a prospective alternative?

The questions seem to be quite relevant as prime minister Modi who’s leadership led to the saffron party’s incessant victory in 20 states of the country after the 2014 polls since he assumed office as prime minister jas this time lost the three BJP rule states at the hands of Congress which the saffron party considered as a non entity till now.

The speed, zeal and enthusiasm with which Rahul continued his attack on prime minister Modi n the BJP on issues of national significance particularly Rafale, unemployment, agrarian crisis, demonetisation, inflation, corruption, farmers loan waivers and his rhetorics and finally won three states, it seems that over two dozen public meetings of Prime minister Modi n over 100 meetings of star campaigner UP CM Yogi Adityanath could not exhibit any positive impact on the voters mind and hearts leading one n all to believe that the charisma of the BJP’s topmost leaders is fading out expeditiously.

Not only this but the defeat also makes it unambiguously apparent that the oratory skills of leaders like Modi, Shah and Yogi Adityanath have not been recognised and accepted by the electorates of these three states thus giving a huge rebuff to their various claims of development and so called achievements on various fronts. On the other hand Rahul Gandhi who was once branded as an immature leader as Pappu by the BJP has through his oratorical skills and eloquence given an impression of his being the leader with integrity and transparency, particularly when he repeatedly assured the crowds of these states that if his party’s chief ministers will not waive the loans of farmers within 15 days of coming to power he will change him or her immediately.

Moreover, his assurance for employment and resolving the agrarian crisis including developments prospects have also been taken extremely seriously by the electorates of the states who comprised of minorities, the farmers, the youths, women, the dalits and peoole of the lowest ebb of the society. The massive loss of BJP in the cities n towns of these states was the result of the negative impact n implications of GST and demonetisation that made millions of poor jobless and petty entrepreneurs bankrupt.

In addition to this, the three term rule of fifteen years in states like MP, Chattisgarh n in Rajasthan as well has made the BJP ministers and lawmakers over confident and proudy thinking that they are invincible who will again come back victorious in view of the Modi charisma or wave including on the Ram Mandir issue through polarisation on majoritarianism which was their wrong perception.

There is always a saturation point and 15 years period is too much which usually enthuse the voters to go for change particularly when the governments in power forget to give results as happened in all these three states of Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Now, this victory has given Rahul Gandhi and the Congress a new lease of life which was reduced to mere two states due to the thundering impact of Modi’s juggernaut. While the BJP is trying to again raise the Ram Mandir bogey to polarise the entire country in the name of Hindu saffronisation, the Congress party chief Rahul Gandhi has to playa bigger role as a chief anchor n a nucleus of the larger non BJP opposition unity with minimum basic programmes in the run up to the general elections of 2019.

He will have to show humility, sobriety, affableness and kindness while forging a grand alliance at the national level with the secular, democratic n left parties including with all the regional satraps and convince them to stand united at all costs even if the Congress party is constrained to lose their regional seat share to fight the mighty BJP led NDA. The victories of the byelections of Gorakhpur, Sitapur, Bihar, Kairana, UP, Karnataka, Maharashtra n the three states have amply made it unambiguous that if the non BJP parties unite no power on the earth can stop them replacing BJP led NDA in 2019.

Therefore, forging of a grand alliance keeping the vested political interests aside is the only and sole is the only alternative that can pave the way for a new government replacing the present one. But the way is too challenging n full of thorns? What’s your take friends?

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We’ll defeat BJP in 2019 as we defeated it in three states



The elections of 2014 were very significant for me as it’s during these election that I leart lot of things, particularly from Modiji.

I learnt humility, the nerve of the country, the peoples’ mind, the problems of farmers, unemployed youths, women and the people of the lowest ebb. I learnt to connect with the masses and how to deal with them. I also learnt as to how these people were betrayed by the incumbent government.

This was what I told to my mother yesterday while interacting with her but unfortunately our prime minister Narendra Modi has failed to learn n fulfill his promises given to the people of the country.

It was indeed a very important period for me to have learnt so many hard facts of the political life. The main issues on which the Congress fought were employment, farmers’ crisis and corruption and will continue to make them our election plank in 2019 as well. We defeated the BJP in three states, the main hindi heartland and will further defeat them in 2019 as well added Rahul.

The Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said that prime minister Narendra Modi won the elections in 2014 on three main points viz corruption, employment and farmers welfare but after being elected he failed on all these fronts that ultimately led to the Congress’s victory in the three states of Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. He added that corruption was committed on Rafale.

He showed the ample courage of saying on camera about Modi’s alleged complicity in corruption and added that the whole country knows about it.

Rahul Gandhi was today evening addressing a press conference after the Congress Party’s victory in three states at the party’s headquarter in New Delhi.

He looked completely relaxed, jubilant and confident and answered to number of questions of senior journalists.

Rahul said we’ll defeat the BJP in 2019 as done in the three states now. While congratulating the party leaders of the state as well as the Congress workers Rahul Gandhi pronounced them as Babbar Sher ( Lions) and appealed them to exhibit the same unity and spirit in the general elections.

On the question of BSP Supremo Mayawati criticizing the Congress leadership and going for a minus Congress alliance with Ajit Jogi’s party in the assembly elections Rahul Gandhi said : there can be differences on forming state alliances but in the context of the anti BJP’s national opposition unity to the run up for the 2019 general election we are all together and will move ahead unitedly to pose a formidable challenge to BJP in 2019.

He catagorically said that the prime minister Narendra Modi betrayed the youth, farmers and the people of the country on issues of employment, farmers well being and ridding the country of corruption and its because of these failures that the BJP has lost in the three states.

The Congress party headquarter in New Delhi was full of jubilant Congress workers bursting fire crackers and raising pro Congress and pro Rahul Gandhi slogans. Congress workers were seen dancing and merry making to the tunes of drum beats n sprinkling rose petals all around.

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Time has come for the elimination of the BJP from the country says Mamata Bannerjee



Highly enthused by the victory of the Congress Party in the three states viz. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, the West Bengal chief minister and the TMC chief Mamata Bannerjee has said that the season of elimination of the BJP led NDA from the country has started and the defeat of the latter in these state elections has proved home the point.

Speaking to the media Mamata Bennerjee said these shameful defeats of the saffron party will now open the new expeditious chapter of non BJP opposition unity in the country, particularly in view of the fast approaching general elections of 2019 and assured that the process of unification will now go ahead with more expedience and credibility.

It may be recalled that the West Bengal chief minister and TMC chief Mamata Benarjee was in the forefront of initiating the non opposition unity efforts and was the first leader who took credit to initiate the exercise by personally meeting all the opposition leaders viz Sonia Gandhi, Sharad Yadav, Sharad Pawar, Akhilesh Yadav, Chandra Babu Naidu, Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Benerjee n others and was also present in the Congress JD(U) government formation n swearing in ceremony in Bengaluru where the entire conglomeration of anti BJP leadership was present including the former PM H. D. Devgowda.

Thereafter the cudgles of the unity efforts to form the national grand alliance were taken over by the Andhra CM n Telegu Desam Party chief N. Chandra Babu Naidu who ‘d till now met all the opposition leaders and convened the meeting on 11th, 12th December in New Delhi after meeting all the party chiefs and state CMs opposed to the BJP.

In the meanwhile, the Congress victory in three states have further enthused the spirit and moral of the main proponent of non BJP unity Chandra Babu Naidu thus inviting the statement of full fledged support of Mamata Bannerjee as well.

In this whole development , the BJP Supremo Mayawati who broke the alliance with Congress Party in Chattisgarh and contested with Ajit Jogi’s support in Chattisgarh n alone in Rajasthan and MP losing in majority of seats ( picture still not clear) is completely mum and has not issued any congratulatory message till yet despite her beng the part and parcel of the non BJP opposition unity efforts and herself venturing on her own to be one of the prime ministerial candidate of this alliance.

However, N.Chandrababu Naidu including the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi had already made it crystal clear that the leadership issue would be resolved after the general election n there would be no prume ministerial candidate of the proposed grand alliance.

According to the reliable sources, both Mamata Bannerjee and Mayawati were trying to project themselves as the prime ministerial candidates of the grand alliance though not directly but sending signals, sidelining Rahul Gandhi but after today’s massive victory of Congress in three states it’s almost definite that the Nehru Gandhi scion has emerged as the strongest leader of the non BJP opposition unity, also being the chief of a 135 year old party having full fledged party organisation till block levels from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari n also having ruled the country for 60 protracted years.

But despite all this there lots of challanges to be confronted by him at the hands of the regional leaders always trying to establish their political supremacy by asking for the maximum seat share particularly leaders like Akhikesh Yadav, Mayawati n Mamata Bennerjee.

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Watch: Mid-air smoke forces IndiGo flight to make emergency landing in Kolkata



A Jaipur-Kolkata IndiGo flight with 136 passengers on board made an emergency landing in Kolkata after smoke engulfed the plane mid-air, prompting the government to order a probe, an official said Tuesday.

However, no passengers were injured in the incident that happened on Monday, a senior DGCA official said.

The pilot had to issue a ‘May Day’ call, made to seek help in times of distress, and the Pratt & Whitney-powered Airbus A320 Neo plane landed at the Kolkata airport under full emergency conditions, a source said.

IndiGo confirmed the incident but said the aircraft did not face any technical issue in the past.

“An IndiGo flight (A320 aircraft) 6E-237 operating on Jaipur-Kolkata route made an emergency landing as a precaution at Kolkata due to suspected smoke in cabin,” the airline said in a statement.

There was no report earlier of any malfunctioning in the aircraft, it said.

The flight landed safely at Kolkata, it said, adding that on reaching the bay, a few passengers were evacuated via the “aft exit deployed slides” while most passengers deplaned via the front step ladder.

The Airbus A320 Neo planes with Pratt & Whitney engines, which are being operated by budget carriers IndiGo and GoAir, have been frequently facing serious glitches mid-air and on ground since their induction.

The senior official of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said the “flight made an emergency landing at Kolkata due to smoke in cockpit and cabin”.

On landing, the aircraft was taken to an isolation bay, where aft or emergency passenger chutes were deployed and few passengers were evacuated, the official said.

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB), which comes under the Civil Aviation Ministry, has launched a probe into the incident, he said.

  • The airline has also been asked to submit a preliminary report after a detailed technical inspection, he added. (more…)

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Congress Party’s victory in three states makes Rahul the nucleus of the anti BJP opposition nationally



The Congressmen are jubilant today and so might be its chief Rahul Gandhi who has finally proved himself as the force to reckon with and the undisputed leader of the grand alliance being formed in the run up for the 2019 general elections.

What happens in 2019 and whether the Modi rule is dethroned or not, in the general elections, is still unpredictable but the spate of triumphs for Congress in the three major states Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh where the Nehru Gandhi scion n young Congress chief , 20 year younger to PM Modi, has worked so hard, have definitely made one thing quite unambiguous that Modi, Shah n Yogi Adityanath’s charisma is on a decline, if not fully but surely to a great extent who’d left no stone unturned by their histrionics and oratory to ensure their ruling party’s victory at the hustings, but unfortunately failed. The political graph of Rahul Gandhi n the Congress Party therefore seems to be on the ascendence.

There had been opinion poll predictions which showed the Congress winning in two states or in one state of Rajasthan but the way it won in all the three states as of now, it has become absolutely clear that not only has the anti incumbency factor played a mojor role in these elections but the charisma of Rahul Gandhi has too has worked in influencing the dalits, farmers, youths, students, women, minorites and the people of the lowest ebb of the society.

While it can’t be denied that the Congress leaders like Ashok Gehlot, Sachin Pilot, Kamalnath, Scindia and Baghel have played a major role in reviving the party in all the three states respectively, but Rahul Gandhi’s intense campaigning on issues like alleged Rafale scam, farmers’ crisis n suicides, deteriorating agrarian sector, increasing unemployment, and the rhetorics of Modiji have definitely paid dividends as the people of these states outrightly rejected the saffron party and its efforts of polarisation thus giving a clear indication that it wants a change for sure.

The way prime minister Narendra Modi led BJP has won all the state elections in 20 states hands down after coming to power at the centre in 2014 including in states like UP n Assam, the strongholds of Congress n the Samajwadi party, it looked as if the Modi factor has assumed an invincible proportion and status but in just a year’s time after these incessant victories, the dexterity with which the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi had through his hectic campaigning n incessant attack on the incumbent government on various pivotal issues like Rafale, agrarian crisis, demonetisation, inflation, farmers suicides, naxal attacks, women insecurity n GST etc the way the 135 year old party has defeated the BJP in these three states proving his mettle, it has become unambiguous that a new political alternative with Rahul Gandhi as its leader is in a making that may pose a formidable n strong challenge to PM Narendra Modi and NDA in 2019 with the entire non BJP opposition leaders backing him undisputedly.

The Congress’s victory in these states has also taught the over ambitious BSP supremo Bahan Mayavati a strong lesson, who’d betrayed the Congress n gone for alliance in Chattisgarh with Ajit Jogi who’d hardly won any seat and are being negligibly counted in the catagory of others.

Conclusively, it can be said that the entire moves of the BJP and its various saffron outfits including the assurances of the top most leaders to the electorates of these three states pertaining to Ram Temple construction, development or for their over all socio economic, agricultural or other welfare have not fructified and the electorates preferred to go for the Congress party. This unambiguosly show that alleged polarisation efforts of the ruling political dispensation and its various off shoots in the name of Ram Temple construction at Ayodhya has not worked with people believing more on issues like employment generation, relief to farmers, communal harmony, loan waivers, controlling inflation, curbing corruption, women security, improving their living standards and programme oriented governments. And have therefore voted for change.

If we assess and analyse the impact of these elections in the forthcoming general elections, the BJP’s defeat in these three states has resulted in losing about 35 to 40 Lok Sabha seats. The saffron party has won 63 Lok Sabha seats from these five states in 2014 elections giving only 6 seats to Congress and 14 to others. According to political analysts these semifinal elections have added glory and weitage to the prestige and status of the Congress party n its leader Rahul Gandhi and will definitely enthuse the non BJP opposition parties to give a formidable challenge to the BJP led NDA whose leader is PM Narendra Modi.

What’s your take friends?

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