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Condom company Durex has now come out with innovative wearables(undergarments) which are connected to smart phone apps.

Now couples can be in close intimacy even when they are at different locations. Earlier too a few sex toy companies had tried to do something similar but nothing even close to this.

Durex Fundawear allows couples to touch over the internet. Previuosly long distance couples could only communiate visually or over voice but with this technology they can touch, tease and tantalize. Durex is currently soliciting couples who want to be a further part of this experiment called ‘Durexperiment’.

This experiment is being currently conducted in Australia where durex is a distant second. Condom being such a commodity where a potential buyer makes a decision in a few seconds, it was required for the brand to come out with something innovative to grab the attention of the youth. When a person touches his or her touch screen device – a wireless signal is sent through real time servers to his/her partners smart phone. A signal is then transmitted to the actuators woven into the partner’s underwear transferring the touch sensation. Havas Worldwide Sydney has devised this ‘Durexperiment’ to reposition Durex as an innovative brand in Australia.

According to Fundawear Facebook Page, willing couples can still sign in and be a part of this ‘Durexperiment’ testing phase.