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Durex launches Fundawear for long distance couples



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Condom company Durex has now come out with innovative wearables(undergarments) which are connected to smart phone apps.

Now couples can be in close intimacy even when they are at different locations. Earlier too a few sex toy companies had tried to do something similar but nothing even close to this.

Durex Fundawear allows couples to touch over the internet. Previuosly long distance couples could only communiate visually or over voice but with this technology they can touch, tease and tantalize. Durex is currently soliciting couples who want to be a further part of this experiment called ‘Durexperiment’.

This experiment is being currently conducted in Australia where durex is a distant second. Condom being such a commodity where a potential buyer makes a decision in a few seconds, it was required for the brand to come out with something innovative to grab the attention of the youth. When a person touches his or her touch screen device – a wireless signal is sent through real time servers to his/her partners smart phone. A signal is then transmitted to the actuators woven into the partner’s underwear transferring the touch sensation. Havas Worldwide Sydney has devised this ‘Durexperiment’ to reposition Durex as an innovative brand in Australia.

According to Fundawear Facebook Page, willing couples can still sign in and be a part of this ‘Durexperiment’ testing phase.

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The younger generation do not prefer to buy houses and cars!



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Nowadays, the traditional measure of success — owning an apartment and/or a car — is out of date. An increasing number of young people around the world don’t want to buy them.

Research shows that the so-called millennial generation, who are now 30-35 years old, rarely buy houses and even more rarely — cars. In fact, they don’t buy super expensive things at all. In the USA, people under the age of 35 are called ’the generation of renters.’

Why does this happen?

Some sociologists say the current generation of young people differs from their parents’ generation. They have other values.

The youth today has reconsidered the concept of success, which means:

Successful people don’t buy property — they rent.

If you want to be considered successful, invest in experiences: travel, do extreme sports, build startups.

The point is that people now don’t want prosperity and stability — all they want is flexible schedules and financial and geographical independence.

People have started to have no interest in material things

Why own a car if you can take a cab? It’s almost a personal car with a driver. And it’s not more expensive than having your own car. Why buy a house in a beautiful place and go there for vacation, if you can find a place to stay through Airbnb in any corner of the planet? You don’t have to overpay for rent or buy a property in a country you love. The same thing with real estate in your hometown:

You don’t know how long you’ll stay where you live.

You can take on a mortgage for 40 years, or you can accept the fact that you’ll spend your whole life in a rented place.

You’ll probably change your job in the next few years. If you rent, nothing prevents you from moving closer to the office.

According to Forbes, modern young people change jobs every three years on average.

The concept of ownership is no longer relevant

James Hamblin, The Atlantic’s columnist, explains the phenomenon as follows: ’Over the past decade, psychologists carried out a great amount of research proving that, in terms of happiness and a sense of well-being, spending money on new experiences is much more profitable than buying new things. It brings more joy.’
Experiences help us make friends

Social interaction between people is crucial to whether they feel happy or not. Talking to others and having a lot of friends makes you a happier person. But would people rather hear about how you spent a year in a wild country or about how many apartments you’ve already bought?

Remember that even a bad experience can become a good story. Material things cannot.
Buying things makes us worry

There’s one more thing. The things we own, especially if they’re very expensive, make us worry about their condition. If you buy a car, you’ll flinch every time someone’s alarm sounds outside. If you buy a house and fill it with expensive items, you’ll be afraid of being robbed. Not to mention the fact that a car can be scratched or break down, and a super expensive TV might break after a year of usage. But no one can ever take away the experiences you have.

Every purchase will go down in price over time

Our parents weren’t able to travel as often as we do. There wasn’t a possibility to have so much fun. They didn’t have so many opportunities to start a new business. Therefore, they invested in houses and cars, and we don’t want to do that. After all, every purchase, if it’s not a house or an apartment, will depreciate over time. And if we think about how quickly real estate depreciates during a crisis, then everything becomes even more obvious.

Experience is the only thing that matters: it won’t go down in price, and no one can steal it.

TAKE HOME MESSAGE – The Author of the above article is from the USA and has explained a growing trait in the USA. But India is not far behind. More and more of my friends, family, and people I know who live in metros like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Bangalore are shifting to the above mindset.

The change is happening really fast.

And experience has become the new age motivator.

Very soon youth in developing cities will understand the power of the above and adapt it.

It’s an evolutionary change, where we are moving away from Materialistic value to Higher Emotional Value to Life!

If we consider Maslow’s Pyramid, this is a further step towards greater happiness.

If we consider what Krishna Said in the Bhagwat Gita- Detachment is essential to experience Bliss!

If you still depend on Materialistic approach to happiness. Then this is a great time in the social evolution of society to experience the other side, without being considered a Rebel or having to break too many comfort zones!

CREDITS: This beautiful post curated and sourced from the web.

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Today marks World Day Against Child Labour  



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Wednesday, 12 June 2019: While the World Day Against Child Labour is being observed today (Wednesday, 12 June) throughout the world in an appropriate manner to raise awareness about the plight of child laborers global.

Almost every year 100 of children drop out from school to help their parents for livelihood, and many are forced into child labour by crime rackets, while many never get to see school because of poverty.

In India, eradicating child labour, creating awareness and discouraging the issues and demands for child labour comes a long way.

Child Labour

In line with this goal, In 2002, the International Labor Organization (ILO) introduced June 12 as the World Day Against Child Labor every year, to give visibility that affects children around the world.

This year’s theme is ‘Children shouldn’t work in fields, but on dreams’.


ILO defines this goal to generate awareness and encourage the basic changes so that no child is deprived of the opportunity of accessing education, health, recreation, and basic freedoms.

According to a report by the National Child Labour Survey, some 1.2 million children are still trapped with the trouble of child labor. And the number is astonishing- around 218 million children between the age 5 to 17 years are in employment, of which 152 are the victims of child labor.

We will be able to stop child labour together if we no longer accept it. Not in mines, not in agriculture, not in factories, not in the household and not in the products we buy.

NewsViewsNetwork Bureau

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Uttarakhand man eaters : Will Trivendra Singh’s government formulate a credible policy to save precious human lives ?



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The Uttarakhand state is under the incessant grip of forest fires and maneater attacks resulting in loss of flora fauna and human livesas well.

The depleting forest cover due to the increasing incidents of forest fires have resulted in not only loss of animal flesh inside the jungles but has also complelled the cheetas, leopards n tigers move towards human settlements near villages n local towns hunting for human beings. This has become an order of the day.

This is a most disturbing trend and a direct unpredictable threat to human lives in the interiors of Uttarakhand hills.

Since pre independence days when British ruled India n Uttarakhand, then undivided part of Uttar Pradesh, there lived a famous British hunter based in Nainital n Kaldhungi called Jim Corbett who is known to had killed 31 maneaters in Garhwal and Kumon divisions.

During those days there weren’t laws for conservation of wild life so strong and credible as are now and hunting animals was the hobby or adventure of interest for the affluents, Maharajas and the professional hunters.

According to old sayings Rudraprayag in Chamoli district had the grave terror of a maneater which had killed several people including children, elders and women as well.

There was terror all around n Jim Corbett was specially called to kill that maneater and he did succeeded in killing it after several days of hard efforts.

During his entire stay till independence before shifting to Kenya where his sister lived Corbett tracked and shot a total of 33 man eaters, the cheetahs, leopards n tigers.

Of the 33 maneaters killed, two of them were dangerous maneaters ” leopards”.

According to a news report of January 2016 only a dozen of these killings have been properly documented. These maneaters had killed more than 1200 people who included men, women n children working in agricultural fields, while in roadside homes and on jungle lonely sites.

After the formation of separate Uttarakhand state 19 years ago in the year 2000, there have been hundreds of casualties of the children, senior citizens and women who are most vulnerable.

Uttarakhands Garhwal and Kumaon divisions’ newspapers are full of news of maneater attacks every week but the successive governments seemed to be more worried for the conservation of wild life n the depleting endangered spieces of leopards, tigers n cheetas than to worry for the safety and security of human beings.

They go to foreign countries to seek training on wildlife conservation on highly expensive government budgets but are least bothered for the safety of human lives from the attack of these dreaded carnivorous animals.

The contruction activities inside or near the jungles like buildung of resorts, Hotels and increasing load of traffic creating sound pollution compounded with the increasing jungle fires resulting in the depleting forests, the carnivorous animals have been badly disturbed constrained to approach near the human settlements in search of human prey to fulfill their hunger.

The greatest alleged bottleneck in this context was the was the order of the Uttarakhand High Court of 2016 in which it strictly imposed a blanket ban on the killing of tigers, leopards and panthers that were declared maneaters/ predators/ rogues. While imposing the complete ban on the killing of these carnivorous animals the court also directed the forest and wild life department officials to catch the maneaters alive by tranquilising and capturing them simultaneously and either keep them in Zoos or release them in the nearby forests in their own habitats. It was indeedanice n concrete directive.

In addition, he court also restricted them to hire the private hunters for killing these man eaters.

It was after this order of the High Court, inview of the increasing incidents of maneater killings, the then state government of Uttarakhand was constrained to approach the apex court of the country which granted it a stay.

The government’s constant stand was that the big cats are a serious threat to human lives in Uttarakhand.

However, in special cases the state government has to seek special permission from the High Court to execute killings of the maneaters who’d been a constant threat to human lives.

The maneater of Bageshwar n some parts of Pauri Garhwal who’d created havoc bykilling several innocents including children, had been killed with court’s permission by the professional hunters’ like Joy Ukhil.

Hukil is a government appointed hunter who has by now during his lifetime killed about 31 maneaters and is summoned in cases of repeated man eater attacks in Garhwal and Kumaon divisions.

Just recently few days ago a ten year old girl was killed by a maneater in Paabo block of Pauri Garhwal while she had gone to the agricultural field where her mother and another women were involved in the work.

The maneater looking for the human pray cladestinely pounced on her and grapped her body by the throat.

The poor girl died on the spot after her dead body was forcibly snatched by both the women literally fighting the maneater n getting injured themselves.

As per the 2008 survey about 2300 leopards presence was shown in the Uttarakhand hills as per an old news paper report.

However a separate survey was carried out in 2015 but the wild life department was unable to furnish the latest statistics.

However the latest reports suggest about the presence of 400 leopards, panthers n tigers in entire Uttarakhand with half of them becoming man eaters n few of them extremely active thus posing a direct threat to human lives especially children, school going kids, women n age olds.

The government of the day should formulate credible ways n means in the shape of a formidable policy to ensure safety and security of human lives from maneater attacks in the Uttarakhand hills which has increased manifold these days.

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Harish Rawat congratulates Nishank but says only future will tell if the NDA would be fruitful for Uttarakhand or not



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Several political leaders n members of parliament have expressed their good wishes to the newly sworn in union cabinet minister, now given the HRD charge, from Uttrakhand quota, the former chief minister n two time MP from Haridwar, 59 year old Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank.

What’s most interesting is the fact that Congress general secretary n member Congress Working Committee considered to be arch rival of PM Narendra Modi n BJP Harish Rawat has also heartily congratulated Dr. Nishank but with a statement ridiculing the new n part 2 NDA government of Narendra Modi.

The former minister of state for textiles Ajay Tamata, who has been completely sidelined this time, despite his marvellous victory by a margin of three lakh votes against his Congress rival and sitting Rajya Sabha MP Pradeep Tamata has in a tweet heartily congratulated Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank on his new assignment as a cabinet minister and said that his social and political experience will eastablish milestones in the development of the country and Uttarakhand as a whole.

Former Uttarakhand chief minister and MP from Nainital Lok Sabha seat who’d been denied the BJP ticket this time due to overage, Bhagat Singh Koshiyari also congratulated Dr. Nishank on his new assignment as cabinet minister in the NDA part 2 government and tweeted that he will take the state of Uttarakhand on the development path as the trusted associate of prime minister Narendra Modi.

The Congress general secretary n member CWC who represented the state of Uttarakhand as its chief minister in 2015/ 16 has also lauded the inclusion of Dr. Ramesh Pakhriyal Nishank by tweeting that becoming the minister in the NDA government Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank is indeed a good news n therefore I congratulate him heartily for his good fortune.

However, he also rediculed the formation of the new government by saying that how far the NDA government will be beneficial for Uttarakhand state, only future will reveal.

Ajay Bhatt , newly elected lok sabha MP from Nainital Udham Singh Nagar and state BJP chief n Tirath Singh Rawat from Pauri Garhwal constituency who defeated senior Congress leader Harish Rawat n Manish Khanduri with a margin of three lakh votes each have also congratulated Dr. Nishank on his assumption of new office as the union cabinet minister.

The Uttarakhand Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj also extended his greetings to Dr. Pokhriyal on his becoming the cabinet minister in the NDA govt. part 2.

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Prestigious Garhwal Heroes are the champions for the third time. Defeated Indian Air Force Soccer team.



Jubilant team of Garhwal Heroes Football Club with the winning Championship Trophy n a cheque of Rs. 1.5 lakhs
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The prestigious Garhwal Heroes Football Club today became the champions of the Delhi Soccer Association open club leagues competetion for the third time defeating outstanding Indian Air force Delhi Soccer team by scoring a penalty after a tie up in a highly interesting competetive final match.

The highly enthusiastic n jubilant audience under 44% celcius temperature fully enjoyed the finals with large numbers of old players and veterans present in the stadium cheering both the teams.

Highly spirited, enthusiastic n with a unique killing spirit both Garhwal Heroes and Indian Air force players played extremely well creating a great competition and trying to be offensive on each other.

But the Garhwal Heroes Football Club team with young energetic n dexterity oriented players had a special killing knack with aggressive attack formulation giving the IAF team a great competition.

It was just before the half time that Garhwalies scored a fantastic hard hitting goal against the IAF team degrading their morale n sporting spirit.

But the IAF maintained their energy and fighting knack and scored a goal making the equalizer before the half time.

The Garhwal Heroes were bit demoralised but maintained the spirit.

They played the attacking game but the IAF were no less lagging behind and tried their best to dominate the scene till twenty minutes for the game to end.

Garhwal Heroes too revitalised their efforts n killing spree but the IAF was not ready to submit having equalised the goal.

Finally the game ended with a tie of 1-1 Goal and the referees had no option but to give both the teams another half an hour.

The temperature was slightly coming down but the morale of both the teams was tremendously high. The spectators were tight lipped n praying in their own ways foor the succes of their respective teams.

The match was again a draw after the additional half an hours’ grace.

Finally it was the time for penalty 5 each penalty kicks for both the team and the football dexterity and luck finally favoured the Garhwal Heroes Footbal Club who finally became the champions with a prestigious trophy n a cash prize of Rs 1.5 lakhs.

The runners up team was also presented a Runners up trophy and a cheque of Rs 75 thousands. It may be recalled that Garhwal Heroes Football Club that was founded in 1953, has won the prestigious DSA champion in 1986, 2013 n now in 2019. WOW

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Ajay Tamata out. Dr. Nishank to be new minister from Uttarakhand in the union cabinet



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The former chief minister of Uttarakhand Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank will be the new entrant in the NDA government likely to be sworn in today evening at Rashtrapati Bhawan alongwith with other ministers.

However, it remains to be seen whether he gets the full fledged cabinet portfolio or the state minister rank.

It it learnt that he will be the only minister being sworn in, in the 2nd NDA council of ministers.

According to Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank he got a telephonic communication to be present in the swearing in ceremony for oath taking.

This means that the former union minister of state for textiles from Almora Ajay Tamta would not repeat this time.

However, Ajay Tamata has won by three lakh votes defeating his nearest Congress rival n siting Rajya Sabha MP Pradeep Tamata of the Congress Party whereas Dr. Nishank has won by 2.5 lakh vote margin, lowest amongst all the other 4 MPs of BJP from Uttarakhand. Tamta is from Dalit catagory and is a humble politician quite popular in his constituency.

Former Uttarakhand chief minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has been the MLA several times n is a two term MP from Haridwar.

He is a prolific writer and a poet too, having won several awards for his books n poetries. He started his political career in 1991 n had for the first time defeated the then politucal heavy weight n H. N. Bahuguna protege and then education minister of Uttar Pradesh Dr. Shivanand Nautiyal. He was the state CM in 2008.

By appointing Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank,the prime minister has maintained caste balance in Uttarakhand as the incumbent state CM Trivendra Singh Rawat is a Thakur. Moreover, Dr. Nishank is an old n dedicated RSSite as well. There were speculations abot the stae BJP president Ajay Bhatt’s inclusiin in the uniin cabinet as he’d defeated Congress stalwart Harish Rawat from Nainital with a heavy margin of more than three lakh votes n the BJP had won with a historic 57 seats in Uttarakhand in 2017 under his tenure as state chief n this time

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Philanthropic organisation S. Foundation’s two day seminar on education n employment held in Pauri Garhwal



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An important two day seminar was organised by NGO Shuruwaat Foundation wedded to the cause of imparting free education to the students of poor n underpriviledged families of rural villages in the Rikhnikhal Development Block of Pauri Garhwal n subsequently providing employment for the last 13 years.

The seminar attended by educationists, social activists, journalists and teachers under the ages of Hans Foundation was convened at Hotel Corbett Paradise at Kotdwar, Pauri Garhwal. The first day seminar was inaugurated by lightening of lamps by the editor of the vernacular Hindi Daily Jayant newspaper Nagendra Uniyal n the Education Officer of Rikhnikhal Development Office Anil Kumar Rawat.

The two day seminar to discussed ways and means to impart quality education to the children of the rural villages of Rikhnikhal, Pauri Garhwal with limited resources and the role of parents and teachers in this regard was attended by good number of teachers, principals and students of over two dozen schools of Pauri Garhwal compounded with the significant participation of journalists n representatives of various social organisations.

One of the initial speakers Deepak Dhyani who is closely associated with this project of Shuruwaat Foundation explained in detail as to how their organisation is immensely contributing in the sohere of imparting free n cheap education to the students of economically deprived families and subsequently opening avenues for their jobs in Rikhnikhal development block of Pauri Garhwal for the past 13 years.

The second day of the seminar was inaugurated by lightening of the lamps by eminent journalist n literateur Pradeep Vedval and Vice chairman of Soldier Welfare Board Colonel CM Nautiyal.

Addressing the seminar on the second day the executive chairman of Shuruwaat Foundation Deepak Choudhary said that the foundation is successfully moving forward on the basis of valuable suggestions acknowleged by MANTHAN 2018. ( Seminar n exchange of views session held in 2018).

He added that a steering committee comprising of important members of Hans Foundation, teachers n journalists has been formed on the basis of the various suggesstion being acknowledged in this seminar.

At the conclusion of this two days signifivant seminar the Uttarakhand incharge of Hans Foundation Parmendra Singh Bisht alias Taigu Bhai n its executive chairman Deepak Choudahary presented the participants’ a tradional Hill cap as a gift of honour.

Prominent amongst those associated with Hans Foundation n who actively participated in this two days seminar n also expressed their pivotal views were : Dr. Anamika Dhyani, Deepak Lakhera, Annu Pant, journalist Chandra Mohan Shukla, Girish Tiwari, Ashish Balodi, Subhash Chandra Nautiyal etc. Many proment intellectuals n writers, literateurs also spoke on this ocassion.

It may be recalled that another prominent NGO Hans Foundation is being run by popular pro people saints Bholeji Maharaj n his wife Mata Mangla highly reverred in the socio political circles of Uttarakhand. Hans Foundation is credited for building a huge hi tech hospital in the interiors of Garhwal Uttarakhand Satpuli area for the cheap n even free treatment of the poor n hapless villagers.

The Foundation gives economic aid to the poor n genuine patients of various critical illness n surgeries of heart, kidney transplant n for cancer as well. It’s track record is fantastic n highly appreciative.

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Arun Jaitley requests PM Modi not to include him in the union cabinet. Cites health reasons.



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The union finance minister in the previous NDA government Arun Jaitley who had recently been abroad for treatment of a severe ailment has requested prime minister Narendra Modi to keep him out of the new NDA government to be sworn in on 30th May.

In a letter sent to the prime minister, the former union finance minister Arun, also posted in his twitter handle, has thanked Modi for various responsibilites given to him as the union minister in the first NDA government to serve the country and the party in important capacities. He added that he could not have asked for more.

Mr Jaitley said that during the last eighteen months he has confronted some serious health challenges and has overcome some of them through treatment.

But he still needs adequate treatment to fully resurrect himself medically.

Mr. Jaitley reminded the PM that when he was leaving for Kedarnath he had said that he would be fully devoting the time n energy in the campaign which I did but would like to be free for sometime for proper treatment.

He greeted the prime minister for historic party victory n requested him not to include him in the council of ministers for the time being as he is under treatment at present.

In the last two paragraphs of the letter Jaitley writes verbatim: I am writing to you to formally request that I should be allowed a reasonable time for myself, my treatment and my health n therefore not be part of any responsibility, for the present, in the new government.

I would obviously have a lot of time at my disposal to undertake any work informally to support the government or the party.

It may be recalled that Arun Jaitley has been ill for quite a long time but have been attending his office as finance minister occassionally n has also been active during electioneering as Modi’s troubleshooter countering the opposition’s tirades through press conferences.

It was due to his bad health that this years’ vote on account was presented in parliament by another union minister for Railway Mr. Goyal.

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BJP chief Amit Shah to be inducted in new Cabinet. Nadda may take over as new BJP chief



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The mastermind of the general elections of 2019 n BJP supremo Amit Shah who led his party to a landslide victory is likely to be inducted as a full fledged cabinet minister next to prime minister Narendra Modi.

Amit Shah has won from Gandhi Nagar with a whopping 5.87 lakh votes a record in itself, the constituency earlier represented by the BJP veteran and former deputy PM n HM, India Dr. Lal Krishn Advani.

If it happens under the BJP’s norm someone else in the saffron party would be handed of the party’s cudgels as its next chief and the name of the union minister of Health and Modi’s most trusted leuitenent J. P. Nadda of Himachal Pradesh may take over. The swearing in ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhawan on 30th May would be quite a historic event as prime minister designate Narendra Modi will be sworn in for the second time as the 17th prime minister of the largest democracy of the world after securing a historic 353 seats in the lok sabha with more than 300 seats of BJP, itself not at all requiring the support of the NDA allies.

The swearing in event would witness leaders of international repute from BIMSTECH, many of whom have already accorded their consent to participate viz President of Bangladesh Md. Abdul Hamid, President of Lanka Maithripala Srisena, President of Kirgyiz Republic Sooranbay Zeenbaykov, President of Myanmar, PM of Mauritious P. K. Juganauth, PM Nepal K P Sharma Oli, Bhutan’s PM Grisada Boonrach n special envoy of Thailand etc.

Good number of ministers from various states n NDA allies would be inducted in this swearing in. It is believed that by today evening the prime minister Narendra Modi or the party chief Amit Shah would inform the would be ministers about their inclusion in the union cabinet. The NDA allies whose aspirants are likely to be inducted in the union ministry are Shiv Sena, AIADMK, Akali Dal, Lok Jana Shakti Party, MNF, Apna Dal, JDU.n some former allies from Maharashtra.The states to be represented in the union cabinet are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Himachal, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Assam etc. All the chief ministers of the Congress ruled states n states ruled by non BJP opposition parties have also been invited at the swearing in ceremony.

The West Bengal CM Mamata Bannerjee and Arvind Kejrival considered to be the arch rival of PM Modi are also attending the ceremony. The leaders of all the non BJP opposition parties like Rahul Gandhi, Sharad Pawar, Sitaram Yachury, Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav, Mulayam Singh, Chandra Babu Naidu, BJP chief n Orrissa CM Biju Patnaik has also been invited. The newly elected CM of Andhra Pradesh Jaganmohan Reddy with 22 MPs n TRS chief n CM Telengana are also attending the swearing in ceremony. Keeping in view the immense majority of BJP lead NDA in the Lok Sabha the prime minister has a very tough task in hand to oblige large number of MPs in the new cabinet including his allies.

Sources reveal that it will be a two tier ministry initially n thereafter in case the possibility arises to oblige new entrants, it can be strethed to a three tier ministry. There is every possibility that initially a limited number of MPs with experience n the old hands would be included in the council of ministers n special impetus would be given to women as well.

This time out of total 78 women MPs BJP has near fifty of them. Every care n precision would be taken to adequatelt represent each n every state, castes n communities. One or two muslim ministers would also be inducted this time. Two names are popularly taking rounds one of Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi n another of Shahnawaz Hussain.

In the absence of union finance minister Arun Jaitley who is abroad for treatment some new but old experienced hand would be replacing him. It may be recalled that during the 2014 swearing in ceremony prime minister Narendra Modi has incited the leaders of SAARC nations including the then Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharief who had attended the ceremony in all earnestness but this time the new prime minister Imran Khan would be conspicuous by his absence.

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54 Cows donated to 5 villages of Gangotri ghat as Uttarakhand administration did’nt come to their rescue



Amma Parmanand donating 54 cows to the poor and hapless villagers of Gangotri Ghat, Uttarkashi, Garhwal, Uttarakhand
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A prominent social welfare organisation Purn Vidhya Sansthan has donated fifty four cows to the villagers of five villages of Upla Taknaur area in Uttarkashi district of Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

In view of the incessant snow and extremely chilling cold weather for continuously two months, the cows n other pets were unable to come out in the open resulting in their unfortunate deaths.

As a result the owners of these cows n buffaloes have to suffer immense financial loss n their survival is at stake. These pet animals were their main source of income on which the survival of these villagers n their families depend.

The chief of the Purn Vidhya Sansthan, Uttarkashi Parmanand Amma who was immensely moved by the aweful financial condition of these villagers, took a unique initiative of donating them 54 cows so as to enable them earn their living by selling their milk.

Parmanand Amma today under the aiges of Netala Tapasya Ashram donated 54 cows to the hapless poor villagers of Jaspur, Purali, Jhaala, and Sukhi Mukhba in Uttarkashi district.

In view of the incessant snowfall n rains for continuous two months in Gangotri valley, from where emanate several rivers, the inhabitants of several villages of this valley had to confront huge losses, financially n otherwise especially after their entire crops were fully damage due to excessive snow fall.

The local administration n the incumbent government has literally done nothing to come to their rescue n compensate them financially for the huge losses.

The Uttarkashi administration did nothing to save the lives of the pet animals which is really shocking and highly uncalled for.

Several political n social dignitories were present during this cow donation event. Prominent amongst those present were : Gopal Rawat( MLA Gangotri) as chief guest, Harish Nautiyal, Rajesh Semwal, Mohan Singh Rana, Sunil Chandra Negi, Ram Nautiyal, Dharmanand Semwal, Kameshwar, Dayanand Dabral, Manju Rana, Parvati Ramola, Hemlata n Pushpa Chouhan.

Praising the philanthropic efforts of Parma Nand Amma, Gangotri MLA Gopal Rawat said that Cow, Blood, Daughter donation are the pivotal part of Uttarakhand’s culture n tradition n everybody should follow suit as well.

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