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The way, the sad demise of the first woman super star Sridevi in a Dubai hotel is being sensitised and given dubious angles by some of our electronic channels definitely sends across a wrong message.

It seems, it’s either being deliberately given an out of proportion blow in terms of sensitivity to sideline the core issues of the massive PNB scam involving Nirav Modi and others or its a well orchestrated ploy to twist the story giving it a sensational look to increase their TRPs for inviting maximum advertisements.

The way Sridevi issue has been blown out of proportion giving it an angle of supposed foul play directly or indirectly allegedly pinpointing the suspicion towards her producer husband Boney Kapoor with not concrete evidence, unambiguously speaks of the fact as to how badly the journalism of some TV channels have stooped so low thus throwing to winds the values and ethics of free, fair and credible journalism.

You open any channel for the last two days and you’ll find the Sri Devi matter being twisted every hour giving it a different suspicious angle of heavy sensitisation/ sensationalisation whereas the autopsy/post mortom reports have clearly indicated it as a transparent case of unambiguous accident with Sri Devi’s blood samples showing the traces of alchohal.

While everybody in the country is immensely shocked and anguished over the sad accidental demise of this legendary actress the TV channels are busy giving the story allegedly the murdurous angle pinning fingers of suspicion towards her husband Boney Kapoor, says former MP and a veteran journalist Santosh Bhartiya.

The chief editor of a Hindi weekly, Chouthi Duniya and ex MP Santosh Bhartiya is extremely furious, angry, annoyed and concerned over the lowest standards to which the present day journalism is stooping to, particularly the owners, editors and reporters of some news channels who cook stories out of their immature and irresponsible imaginations and put the already traumatised and aggrieved families into more trouble as is the case with Sridevi’s anguished and aggrieved family.

Santosh Bhartiya asked who gave these so called scribes permission and license to point finger of suspicion towards Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor and what legal right do they have to draw conclusions out of their false and biased imaginations. Who are they to ask as to why Boney Kapoor came back to India and why did he go back to Dubai, the day the first woman super star and his wife died.

While catagorically deploring the irresponsible acts of such journalists calling them fake, inefficient and even foolish, Bhartiya said that it’s because of few such producers, editors or reporters of some channels that the already anguished families are put to more trouble and trauma as was the sad case of the former union minister Kalpnath Rai’s death out of the humiliation he suffered for writing a letter of an unwanted element unknowingly but was jailed due to the excessive media hype.

The former minister could not bear the humiliation and died of tensions thereafter. Similarly, some interested elements are bent upon giving Sridevi’s death an angle of murder on false grounds which is totally unacceptable in a free democratic society, without any credible evidence. He added: making mountain out of the mole without any credible evidence is highly uncalled for. Bhartiya aired his views on the subject on his facebook vedio and can be seen in You tube.


Arjun Kapoor speaks up  for Janhvi Kapoor



arjun jhani

Mumbai April 12: Bollwood Actor Arjun Kapoor has slammed an online portal for making derogatory remarks against his half-sister Jhanvi Kapoor. A website has splashed her unflattering photographs on Twitter in an offensive way.

A livid Arjun on Thursday retweeted a post’s about Jhanvi sporting a “sexy dress” as she reached Arjun’s home.

The portal had posted in comenting on the clothes worn by Jhanvi, she was seen sporting a white cotton dress with a low back.

The actor tweeted: “You know what, f**k you man, f**k you as a website for highlighting or bringing it to anyone’s attention and it is shameful that your eye would go searching for something like this. Shame on you… This is how our country looks at young women. Yet another shining example. Ashamed by this.”

Earlier today, Half Girlfriend’s actor opens up for writing a “ cheap headline on Jahnvi Kapoor’s attire. One of such website’s was posted social media with a caption, “@arjunk26 के घर पहुंची #JanhaviKapoor ने पहनी इतनी सैक्सी ड्रैस कि दिख गया सब कुछ, देखें तस्वीरें”

 This is not the first time Arjun has come out in support of Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor, daughters of his father Boney Kapoor and the late Sridevi.

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Deepika Padukone confession On her Rumoured Wedding to Ranveer



Ranveer Deepika

Mumbai, 11 April:Bollywood most romantic couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh  has been trapped in the gossip for long that they are going to married soon. There is already so much hungama surroundings them.

While none of them has come out and admitted their relationship openly and not even denied it. Few days back only Ranveer Singh had opened up about the wedding rumours,  and now, Deepika got candid about her relationship with the ‘Gully Boy’ actor and talk about her marriage rumors.

Talking about her bond with Ranveer, Deepika stated, “For me, he is a friend. He is a confidante. He’s someone I can talk to. There is debate, there is conversation. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree, but I guess that’s what makes the friendship beautiful.”
Admitting Raveer as her boyfriend, the 32 year old actress said, “It is what it is and I wouldn’t challenge it.”


The actress revealed about her marriage plans, “It’s definitely part of my life. It’s definitely something that I want for myself. But when that happens, how it happens, I think it’s just instinct.” She also concluded, “I think it’s important to know when it’s right.”

The duo have been often photographed at many social gatherings and other parties together. Both Ranveer and Deepika have featured in four films together. Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-LeelaBajirao Mastani and “Padmaavat.


Currently, Bollywood’s Bajirao is busy with Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy starring Alia Bhatt.

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Upper house with good number of richest billionares, including 51 MLAs as crorepaties in Uttarakhand



The forty percent of the population of the country is still under poverty line and about seventy percent of the population of rural India or suburban areas is still below middle class standards incessantly struggling hard to cope with the sky rocketting prices, agrarian complexities, distress, acute corruption and relentless struggle for survival.

There are umpteem problems of malnutrition, school drop outs, suicides of farmers and widening of the gap between the rich and the poor day by day with negligible few accumulating the wealth and economy of the 80 % population.

Under such circumstances if 90% of the parliamentarians of the upper house are crorepaties and similarly the legislatures of various states including of the poor and developing states, it sounds shocking and anguishing and gives the unambiguous impression that our pious parliament and state assemblies where actually the underprivileged and the economically deprived classes of the country would have been represented by the grass root nominees or MPs and MLAs unfortunately are being represented by the richest of the rich of the country.

The recent survey of the NGO called ADR, Association for Democratic Rights about 90% of the elected MPs of the upper house in parliament hailing from the ruling BJP, Congress, SP or BSP are all billionares / crorepaties and one such Rajya Sabha MP having the total worth of about more than 4 thousand crores never lost the election of upper house who travels more than 7 months abroad in a year.

Jaya Bachchan of Samajwadi party who has been re elected this time as well has the asset worth 1001 crores and RS MP of BJP Sajid worth of 850 crores is running a 3000 crore annual turnover company. Everybody know that multi millionaire Vijay Mallaya who’d dupred consotium of Indian Banks worth of several thousand crores was also the Rajya Sabha MP before he fled away.

There are umpteen such examples. Sounds interesting and ironical that our parliament has become a sought of privilege for these richest law makers. There have also been myriad examples of the law makers multiplying their income and worth by several hundred percent after becoming MPs or ministers at the centre and in the states.

Though there are hundreds of such instances of rich law makers representing themselves in state legislatures and parliament but if we take the case of just an 18 year old state of Uttarakhand suffering from the fiscal deficit of over 44000 crores about 51 lawmakers out of total 69 are crorepaties with more than 10 MLAs holding the asset and wealth of more than 10 crores and the rest rich by 1 to 10 crores.

What is allegedly surprising about these lawmakers is the fact that majority of them literally had nothing when the state of Uttarakhand came into existence 18 years ago from now. As if this was not enough the salaries of these MLAs are being further increased as the bill in this regard has been approved by the state cabinet and being brought in the legislative assembly for being passed unanimously as the BJP is in more than absolute majority in the 69 member assembly with 57 MLAs.

The present salary and other perks of the Uttarakhand MLA is 157000 per month. In addition, every lawmaker in Uttarakhand acknowledges coupens worth Rs three lakhs every year for rail and air travels for him and his family with two free mobiles with 15000 Rs every month for meeting the phone expenses including cashless treatment in any private hi profile hospital including interest free annual 8 lakh rupee loan for house building and purchase of vehicle.

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