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Sounds interesting, rather a matter of proud that one of the renowned folk singers of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand Preetam Bhartwan is a music teacher to the American students. A highly sought after JAAGAR SINGER, specialised in melodious singing of spiritual and folk songs in veneration of the regional dieties, God and Goddeses Pritam Bhartwan has to his credit hundreds of such mesmerising spiritual songs called Jaagar in regional Garhwali and Kumaoni dialects enticing and entertaining millions of the music lovers in and outside Uttarakhand including abroad. Bhartwan is a popular and well acclaimed singer not only in Uttarakhand but globally and is rated number one in JAAGAR SINGING. Jaagar, primarily means to be awakened.

Jaagar is primarily melodious singing to invite local dieties on various spiritual ocassions in Uttarakhand for the welbeing of its inhabitants. Its an ancient practice earlier confined to the hilly areas but now after the massive migration of the hill people to cities, towns and metropolises this old practice of JAAGAR singing has crossed boundaries and even transcended India boundaries. The main intruments used in Jaagar are Dhol Damaus, the ancient musical intruments but these days in order to make Jaagar singing more attractive, mesmerising and modern various hi tech musical instruments are used. In metropolises like Mumbai and Delhi when this highly in demand, Uttarakhandi music and singing player, specialist of JAAGAR performs the crowd surges in thousands and is rated as one of the most sought after Folk and Jaagar singer in Uttarakhand globally.

It has been learn that his singing has become so popular and acceptable that even the American students are interested to learn Jaagar Singing over DHOLS. These days the Indian and Uttarakhandi King of Jagaar Pritam Bhartwaan is given training to the American boys and girls and is in Minisota, USA. Its indeed a great achievement and privilege fir Uttarakhandi folk and spiritual singers that they are being recognised worldwide, not only by their people but by foreigners as well. It may be recalled that in Uttarakhand these days only two singers are extremely popular and highly sought after and they are, veteran singer, literateur and linguist Natendra Singh Negi and Pritam Bhartwan who also have to their credit besides hundreds of public performances thousands of music CDs being heard globally.


Arjun Kapoor speaks up  for Janhvi Kapoor



arjun jhani

Mumbai April 12: Bollwood Actor Arjun Kapoor has slammed an online portal for making derogatory remarks against his half-sister Jhanvi Kapoor. A website has splashed her unflattering photographs on Twitter in an offensive way.

A livid Arjun on Thursday retweeted a post’s about Jhanvi sporting a “sexy dress” as she reached Arjun’s home.

The portal had posted in comenting on the clothes worn by Jhanvi, she was seen sporting a white cotton dress with a low back.

The actor tweeted: “You know what, f**k you man, f**k you as a website for highlighting or bringing it to anyone’s attention and it is shameful that your eye would go searching for something like this. Shame on you… This is how our country looks at young women. Yet another shining example. Ashamed by this.”

Earlier today, Half Girlfriend’s actor opens up for writing a “ cheap headline on Jahnvi Kapoor’s attire. One of such website’s was posted social media with a caption, “@arjunk26 के घर पहुंची #JanhaviKapoor ने पहनी इतनी सैक्सी ड्रैस कि दिख गया सब कुछ, देखें तस्वीरें”

 This is not the first time Arjun has come out in support of Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor, daughters of his father Boney Kapoor and the late Sridevi.

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Deepika Padukone confession On her Rumoured Wedding to Ranveer



Ranveer Deepika

Mumbai, 11 April:Bollywood most romantic couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh  has been trapped in the gossip for long that they are going to married soon. There is already so much hungama surroundings them.

While none of them has come out and admitted their relationship openly and not even denied it. Few days back only Ranveer Singh had opened up about the wedding rumours,  and now, Deepika got candid about her relationship with the ‘Gully Boy’ actor and talk about her marriage rumors.

Talking about her bond with Ranveer, Deepika stated, “For me, he is a friend. He is a confidante. He’s someone I can talk to. There is debate, there is conversation. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree, but I guess that’s what makes the friendship beautiful.”
Admitting Raveer as her boyfriend, the 32 year old actress said, “It is what it is and I wouldn’t challenge it.”


The actress revealed about her marriage plans, “It’s definitely part of my life. It’s definitely something that I want for myself. But when that happens, how it happens, I think it’s just instinct.” She also concluded, “I think it’s important to know when it’s right.”

The duo have been often photographed at many social gatherings and other parties together. Both Ranveer and Deepika have featured in four films together. Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-LeelaBajirao Mastani and “Padmaavat.


Currently, Bollywood’s Bajirao is busy with Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy starring Alia Bhatt.

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Apex Court’s ruling against the centre’s review petition serves as strong deterrent to rioters



The supreme court of India has made it amply clear that it will never be bogged down by the increasing spate of violence in various parts of the country and has stuck to its earlier decision ensuring that while the interests of the SC/ ST communities would be fully protected it will under no circumstances allow the innocents to be victimised on false, fabricated, flimsy or biased grounds under the Prevention of Actrocities against the SC, ST Act.

The honourable apex court has very specifically and unambiguously stated that judiciary can’t be blackmailed through violence and killings as there is nothing wrong in ensuring the safety and security of innocents who unfortunately become the targets of vindictiveness and conspiracies under such acts though the lowest sections and the oppressed classes of the society has every right and privilege to safeguard themselves under such acts, which is also the need of the hour.

The most unfortunate part of the whole episode is that people of various communities get influenced by the political motives of parties who use such occassions and opportunities to divide them for polarisong votes on caste and communal lines. This needs to be curbed in the wider national interest. After the judgement of the apex court on this act the way our country witnessed horrible riots killing several persons all over the country and leading to collosal loss of hundreds of crores unambiguously speaks of the fact that caste and communal oriented political parties n leaders exploit such situations to their full advantage by propating rumours through the social networking sites and other means thus allowing the law of the land go to winds.

This is the greatest tragedy of our country. Riots are no solution to any problem as in democratic polity courts are there to give justice and if one has any grudge against any judgement he or she can go for review justice by approaching higher courts or channels entertaining review petitions. While there have been hundreds of thousands of examples of misuse of such acts enacted to protect the oppressed classes there is no denying the fact that even today, after seven decades of independence the inhabitants of the oppressed classes in the rural areas and illeterate sections of the society are tortuous victims of forward classes, the rich, affluent and the influential, who need to be protected and safeguarded at all costs and acts like prevention of atrocities against the SC n ST work as their legal and judicial safeguards.

It may be recalled that during the hearing the apex court has put forward the statistics of such cases saying that out of total 15000 cases registered under the SC, ST prevention of atrocities Act, 1989, more than 11 thousands accused have been freed, whereas about five thousand cases were found to be concocted, fabricated, frivolous and biased.

We sincerely hope that the better sense will prevail amongst the leaders and political parties including those involved in such deadly riots by realising their past blunders and ulterior motives of politically capitalising such situations for petty interests and instead pay heed in future to respect and honour the sentiments and judgements of the judiciary. After all political morality and ethical considerations demand such decency. What’s your take friend?

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