PRIME MINISTER’S master stroke in Indore, Madhya Pradesh today



The way prime minister Narendra Modi has yesterday i.e. on 13th September spoken to the party cadres of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Arunachal Pradesh and Rajasthan’s five parliamentary constituencies particularly before the Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram and Chattisgarh elections through vedio conferencing and instructed them to strengthen the party organisation at the booth level to ensure the party’s victory in 2019 elections as well interacting with them for a pretty good time unambiguosly speaks of the fact that the top leadership of the saffron party has formally started its organisational revival activity at the broad level.

The prime minister Narendra Modi’s today’s visit at a mosque in Indore, Madhya Pradesh meeting and embracing the religious heads of the minority community and then delivering a detailed speech impressing one and all, especially the minorities of the state and the country by praising them for their valuable contribution in the nation building and establishing communal harmony also sends across a message that the saffron party is all set to bring into its fold the decisive minority vote bank which usually is not under its control and the party have never in the past even thought to bank on this significant vote bank.

The way prime minister acknowledged a most rousing welcome and hugs by the spiritual heads of the Bohra Muslim Community of Indore and his impressive hour long speech praising them including his government’s over all achievements have been taken extremely seriously and in right earnest by the muslim community present at the venue.

The prime minister’s speech was also televised by almost all the national news channels giving him, his government and the BJP led NDA maximum political mileage. The prime minister Narendra Modi has been addressing number of public meetings for the last few days and so is the BJP national chief Amit Shah busy in resurrecting and energising the party orgainsation in Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.

If we believe in the political analysis of few experts it is believed that the main reason of the increasing political activities and preparaions of the BJP high ups, particulary the prime minister Narendra Modi has been due to the increasing onslaught of the Congress party and the anti BJP opposition on the increasing prices of petroleum products / LPG, Rafale jet fighter deal, inflation, agrarian crisis and unemployment compounded with the opposition’s unity efforts and the BJP’s loss in 10 parliamentary seats in various byelections during the past recent months in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Maharashtra etc.

Added to this is the issue of Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Choksi who are out of the country duping the state exchequer of thousands of crores of rupees thus giving opposition a chance to put the finger of suspicion on the Modi government.

Never before in the history of any political party has any functioning prime minister interacted with the party cadres through video conferencing, directing them to strengthen the party at the grass root level to send across the message to the entire party and never before had any prime minister’s full speech been live televised by any private television channels except the speech of Independence day.

This is all being managed to establish the prime minister’s reach to each and every corner n house hold all over the country prior to the elections to the four states and the national elections of 2019.

And one should not forget that as a policy matter the prime minister in his every elaborate speech never forgets to highlight its all achievements and proposals in pipeline thread bare right from employment to toilets to Swach Bharat Abhiyan to health insurance to bank accounts to housing for the poor to free gas delivery to the poorer sections to electrification of villages to interest free housing loans to a crore or more houses to the economically deprived sections of the society etc.

The BJP’s well orchestreted policy and planning is to regain all the four states by hook or by crook and open the doors for an unambiguous victory in the 2019 elections as according to PM Modi himself, the badly scattered and sqabbling non BJP opposition desperate for the chair of prime ministership is his greatest strength which will by all means ensure his return to power in the 2019, for sure. What’s your take friends?


Six year old killed by a maneater in Bageshwar, Uttarakhand ! Predator grabs the girl from her house compound, dies on way to hospital



Uttarakhand seems to have been cursed by natural calamities, fatal road accidents and incessant attacks of maneaters claiming lives after lives almost after every alternate days and what is worse is the fact that there seems to be no relief from the government’s side to the utter shock, dismay and despair of the people living there. If one goes into the statistics of maneater killings in the hills of Uttarakhand which are not maintained duly one would be surprised and shocked to find the increasing rate of the predator killings going on unabated with the forest department, wild life and the minister concerned doing little or negligible to set right the situation.

Newsviewsnetwork has just yesterday written on the subject in addition to several other earlier writeups mentioning about the increasing prowl of the maneater leopards and tigers for human flesh near roadsides and houses situated near the forest areas and subsequent killings of children, old aged and women in Garhwal and Kumaon divisions of Uttarakhand.

According to a journalist, activist and an author Chandra Shekhar Joshi living in Uttarakhand, a maneater in search of human flesh literally grabbed a 6 year old girl from her house in Nadi village of Bageshwar, Uttarakhand at 8.30 PM and tried to drag her towards the forest. The brave and desperate terrified family members were however successful in snatching the injured girl from the grip of the predator but could not survive while being ferried to the hospital which took near an hours’ time.

The dead girl was playing in the compound of her house when the maneater cladestinely grabbed her by the jaws and started dragging her to the near by forest when the desperate members of the family snatched her from the grip of the tiger profusely bleeding after deep jaw injuries. Chandra Shekhar said that on 3rd September too a maneater in Katyur Valley’s Salamgarh village a four year old daughter of Chatur Singh Parihar was cladestinely taken by the maneater who left her badly mutilated dead body after eating it in the nearby rivulet found the next evening.

Similarly on 24th March and 12th July these carnivorous animals killed two children aged 3 and 7 years respectively afyer dragging them to the nearby jungles namely Karan Ram and Deepak. It’s really disheartening to note that while the villages of Uttarakhand are constantly being emptied due to the incessant influx of the villagers to cities and metropolises in search of job avenues, health facilities and better quality education for their wards, the villages are being dominated by animals such as wild monkeys, pigs and maneaters who are on the prowl for human flesh with the state government agencies literally doing nothing to set right the situation by safeguarding the lives of the remaing inhabitants in villages and towns near the forest areas in particular.

About 155 leopards and tigers have been declared as maneaters in Uttarakhand hills while about 350 people have been killed roughly by maneaters in various areas of Uttarakhand. However the wild life department pleasingly boasts of the increasing number of tigers in Uttarakhand hills teaching more than 400 in numbers.

Pictures by Chandra Shekhar Joshi and Hill Post

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Rafale issue gaining momentum in three state elections likely to go to polls in December! Rahul in an offensive mode



The controvertial issue of Rafale is gaining momentum day by day with the Congress Party and its chief Rahul Gandhi not ready to relent at any cost, making it his main issue of propaganda in all his public meetings being addressed in the states going for election in December.

The Congress Party has already made Rafale, inflation and banking frauds its main election plank for 2019 elections on the same lines as was Bofors kick back issue tactically used by Rajiv Gandhi’s bete noire and the then PM Vishwanath Pratap Singh and the rest of the non Congress opposition including the BJP resulting in ousting Rajiv n the Congress party at the hustings during past decades.

However, despite so much of hulla balloo and the media hype including filing of several court cases and demeaning of the late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi image, the former PM was finally acquitted but after his sad and tragic assasination and so much of trials and tribulations.

It seems now that the Congress party president and the Nehru Gandhi scion is in no mood to relent on Rafale jet fighters issue thus avenging the Bofors attack of the anti Congress opposition that resulted in immense harm to the 135 year old party during Rajiv Gandhi’s era.

The systematic and relentless anti Rafale campaign by the entire party and its president Rahul Gandhi compounded with the ongoing attacks by the old BJP stalwarts, now PM Modi’s arch rivals and former ministers Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha and Prashant Bhushan, senior advocate and leader of Swaraj party through incessant press conferences and public meetings has finally compelled the BJP led NDA and the top party leadership to adopt a somewhat defensive posture though they are trying their every best shot to counter the Congress attack. The war of words on Rafale between the Congress and the BJP has reached to such a pass that now the prime minister Narendra Modi, Defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman, Law minister Shiv Shankar Prasad and the most vociferous and law expert former union minister Subramaniam Swamy has taken the ruling party cudgels in their hands to counter the most vociferous onslaught of the Congress leaders viz. Rahul Gandhi, for defence minister A.K. Antony, Randeep Singh Surjewala and others accusing the saffron party government of misleading the entire nation of Rafale Jet fighters deal with French Company Dassault Aviation by not only increasing the cost of the jet fighters three times from 526 crore per aircraft to 1700 crores but also lessening tbe numbers of the Jet fighters and pre strategically keeping out HAL inlieu of Reliance defence, the private company allegedly accorded favours for offset contract despite possessing no experience in defence production.

The Congress led entire non BJP opposition has demanded the joint parliamentary probe into the whole episode as was asked for by the then anti Congress opposition on controvertial Bofors kick back issue while Rajiv Gandhi was the prime minister of the country.

The non BJP opposition leaders led by Rahul Gandhi say that if the deal is really honest and transparent then why and what’s the hitch for the ruling party to allow the JPC probe into the controvertial Rafale deal , which has been outrightly denied bythe rulingparty govt tillnow.

The Defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman instead, has now fired a fresh salvo accusing the then UPA government for ousting the HAL out of the Rafale deal saying that it was actually the Congress government that has kept the HAL out and not the BJP led NDA government as being falsely accused by the Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

The former defence minister and member of the party’s CWC A. K. Antony has rebutted the charges of Dr. Nirmala Sitaraman saying that the latter is blemishing the transparent image of Hindustan Aeronautics limited.

Last week the defence minister said that the previous negotiations for 126 jet fighters had collapsed as the HAL was not posessing the requisite capacity and capability to produce the fighters in collaboration with Dassault.

Antony asked the present government, praising and vindicating the deal finalised during the UPA regime, as to why had it not purchased the entire lot of 126 aircrafts instead of 36 and that too at the cost going up by three times.

However, Rahul Gandhi in all his addresses whether in Karnool Andhra Pradesh or Bhopal yesterday n few days before has accused the PM n the BJP for irregularities in the Rafale deal demanding the Joint Parliamentary probe forthwith.

Political analysts say that while the issue of Rafale is a hot topic in the ensuing four state elections in addition to the banking frauds and increasing prices of petroleum products, the issue of farmers suicides and agrarian crisis is also gaining ground in the states likely to go to the polls with the anti incumbency factors adding to the woes of the ruling BJP. What’s your take friends?

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Contractors protest ! accuse XEN of demanding 2 to 5% extra commission to be allegedly paid to higher authorities in Uttarakhand



Arvind Moudgil, a senior journalist and a wild life and environmental actvist from Pauri Garhwal who’ve been greatly instrumental in highlighting socio political stories of Garhwal region minutely analysing the various aspects of the problems of hill people has put a unique picture on facebook exhibiting an office chair of the high profile excecutive engineer of the public works department duly covered with the white towel and two papers attached over them reading KURSI KA GHERAO ( Gherao of the chair) and ,” MIN BHRASHTACHAAR KI JANANI HOON” (I am the mother of Corruption).

These stickers with slogans exposing the Pauri, Garhwal district’s executive engineer as a corrupt were stuck on his chair bynone other but the contractors of Pauri, Garhwal carrying out various construction and repair works under the jurisdictin of the state PWD. These works include construction of roads, repair works, filling pot halls on roads, construction of road sidecemented fencing etc etc. Who does know that in India for every developmental work an alleged commission of few percentage is distributed amongst the engineers n bureaucrats connected with tendering or execution of various works of construction, repairs or renovation in states n the centre by the contractors as a set practice but when limits are crossed even Thekedaars, particularly of limited works find them selves in financial quandary and thus have to resprt to agitational methods knowing very well that it can also harm their future prospects and this is what has happened in Pauri Garhwal district.

According to senior journalist the local contractors have in his absence find a unique way to register their protest against the harrasment being meted out to them by the Executive Engineer PWD by way of sticking two slogan written hand posters saying Kurshi ka gherao and main bhrastachar ki janani hoon. The contractors have also sent a written complaint to the Sub Divisional Magistrate of Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand that the executive engineer is charging the two to five percent extra commission in addition to what they habe been paying under the pretext that the same has to be paid to the higher authorities to get the money/ funds sanction for various works allotted to these contractors.

After the protest and subsequent written complaints from the contractors it was unanimously decided by the erring XEN that in the new future (1) The tendering process wouldbe transparent in future, (2) No work would be done under the pressure of the politicians, (3) All the pending payments would be cleared forthwith, (4) The CCL would be allocated equally in all the blocks and (5) All the registered contractors would be allocated the work on mandatory basis.

A written mutual agreement has been arrived at, in this respect under the signatures of the XEN and all the registered protesting contractors. Sounds interesting that the contractors finally got the justice but no where is there a mention of the commision to be paid in future or notand commitment that all the works would be in satisfactory condition under the government’s prescribed norms and conditions. What’s your take friends?

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Uttarakhand’s forest minister says, he’ll speak to Yogi Adityanath on Garhwaliji’s family’s eviction issue



The forest minister of Uttarakhand Dr. Harak Singh Rawat has assured that once he receives the copy of the notice and other relevant papers from the family of late Garhwaliji or the department concerned he will take up the issue in all earnestness with the government of Uttar Pradesh by confabulating with the saffron clad chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath who also primarily belongs to Pauri Garhwal district.

These days there is tremendous hue and cry over the issue of the stepmotherly treatment being meted out to the third generation family of a great revolutionery freedom fighter and legend Vir Chandra Singh Garhwali who alongwith his platoon was imprisoned for life in Abattabad prison, Pakistan n later in Naini Jail for not obeying the orders of the then general Ricket of British origin who ordered them to fire on the armless Pathan freedom fighters in Kinari Bazaar in Peshawar, Pakistan led by frontior Gandhi late Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan.

After his release from the jail Garhwali stayed in Anand Bhawan n Sabarmati Ashram with his family in distressbut never asked for favors or concessions. He was even asked for his induction in the union cabinet by prime ministerJawahar Lal Nehru but Garhwaliji refused.

In the eighties Garhwali was alloted 10 acres of land in Haldukhata, Kotdwara, Bhaver which cannot be renewed due to the death of both of his sons Anand and Mohan who lived in great financial agony alongwith their families after Garhwaliji’s sad demise.

Since the land was allotted on lease for 90 years by the then UP government during the undivided UP era which could not be renewed by his sons who are now dead, the forest department has issued eviction notices to the third generation family of Late Vir Chandra Singh Garhwali after being constantly harrassed physically, mentally and psychologically.

The furious n annoyed family members say that while on the one hand the Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand governments and even the prime minister give number of assurances of starting new schemes in Garhwaliji’s name to derive political advantage, on the other hand his family members are being constantly harrased and victimised.

The family says : if the land had been allotted to them why is it not being registered in Chandra Singh Garhwali’s family’s name and why are we being evicted ? There is tremendous condemnation on social media regarding the harrasment being meted out to the family of a revolutionery freedom fighter who dedicated his whole life for freeing the country from the foreign British yoke.

The news has become viral and the government has not issued any statement in this regard except the Uttarakhand forest minister Harak Sigh waiting for the necessary documents to further pursue the matter with the UP CM Yogi Aditya Nath. Sounds shocking indeed?





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Delhi government hospitals need more registration and medicine delivery counters including more clinics



Though the AAM ADMI PARTY government in Delhi has done a remarkable work in terms of improving and modernising the health services in the Delhi’s various government hospitals, dispensaries, health centres and poly clinics for which the Delhi chief minister deserves Kudos, there is still a need for improvising the conditions and delivery system by way of enhancing the number of registration and medicine delivery counters, pharmacists and doctors, particularly in view of the rapidly increasing numbers of poor and lower middle class patients thronging the government hospitals on daily basis.

The hospitals despite rendering maximum possible services to cater to the good number of patients also lack good hyginic and sanitary conditions which need to be attended on a mass footing so as to keep them neat and clean and prone to better health conditions of one and all attending these health institutions. The AAP government Delhi deserves all round appreciation for targetting the health and education sector for improving the peoples’lot and also shaping the academic career of the students hailing from the poor, down trodden and the economically deprived sections of the society.

Today, the government schools of Delhi have been upgraded from the infrastructural, educational and basic civic facilities point of view and so have the condition of government hospitals, dispensaries and the polyclinics where not only are the poor and general patients are being delivered free medicines, treatments and free expensive tests and diagnosis but the Delhi government has also permitted every section of the society free of cost treatment and surgery of critical ailments in private hospitals if the same is not being executed in the Delhi govt hospitals, the cost of which will be borne by the government.

In addition the Delhi CM has authorised few Delhi government hospitals like Delhi Tegh Bahadur hospital for giving 80% treatmentto be given to the Delhites and 20% to the patients of outside states as previously the medical interest of Delhi patients were being largely affected. Today, I happened to visit the Dr. Ambedkar Hospital and Medical Institute , a hundred bedded hospital in Rohini where I saw hundreds of uncontrolled crowd of poor and hapless patients standing in unending queues anxiously waiting for registration, medicines and check ups outside the counters and doctors clinics quarrelling and creating acrimonious scenes.

The queues were so long that it takes hours to get the needful done. Since the expectation of the patients, particularly, of the poor and the lower middle class have been generated too much after the facilities generated in the govt hospitals the influx of patients have increased manifold and as such the latter doe not seem to be fully equipped to cope with the increasing rush of the patients which would ultimately result in lessening of the quality of treatment and much inconvenience to the Delhites banking on government hospitals for seeking free treatment.

The government of the NCT should therefore emphasise much on increasing the number of registration and medicine delivery counters including enhancement in number of clinics, doctors and pharmacists componded with various facilities like provision of sitting arrangements, fans, water coolers and if possible airconditioning of the inner areas of the hospital buildings. This revamp in the entire system would improve the present aweful situation and relieve the poor, hapless and suffering patients and their families to a great extent.

It may be recalled that the former Secretary General of United Nations and Senior officials of WHO had recently visited various Mohalla polyclinics established by AAM AADMI PARTY government in Delhi and have widely appreciated it as a model to be replicated by the other developing and under developed countries of the globe.

What’s your take friends?

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Maneaters freely prowl for human flesh on Uttarakhand’s roadsides in the night



This how maneaters/ predators move openly on the roadside areas of entire Uttarakhand as seen in the above picture clicked by me from a facebook vedio of Gopal Rawat.

The tiger here is seen relaxing during the night hours on one of the roadside cemented structure looking for the human prey.

These are common scenes on the roads of the inner peripheries of Uttarakhand, particularly on the roads inside the forest areas after 8.00 PM in the night when you can witness these predators either on the roadside cemented structures ( puliyas) or in the middle of the lonely roads relaxing comfortably unless some vehicle comes and waits for these canivorous animals to slowly get up n go on the sides of the roads waiting for the vehicles to pass away.

But what is more surprising and worrisome aspect of these maneaters is that in some of the areas they even appear on roadsides during noon or just before sunset clandestinely looking for a lonely human prey like child, old aged or a woman.

In several cases these hungry leopards having tasted human blood and flesh exclusively look for prey in the road side houses and grab the children by even entering human habitats and thereafter taking them to the nearby jungles to eat.

There have been umpteen intances of such brutal killings of human beings during the past several months and years in the Garhwal and Kumaon divisions of Uttarakhand.

The forest department finds itself helpless as the courts have applied legal brakes on the killings of these predators. Moreover the department of wildlife does not possess enough equipments or know how to physically capture these maneaters except the primitive methods which are too tardy and ineffective.

Even for killing some of the highly dangerous maneaters it takes lot of time to seek the permission ofthe court and thereafter tardy killing process to hire professional and expensive shooters. By that time enough harm is already done to human lives.

As per the latest survey carried out by the Tiger count department about more than 400 tigers of different speices exists in the Uttarakhand Jungles that include majorly the Corbett and other national parks.

On an approximate estimate about 150 leopards/ tigers in Uttarakhand hills have been declared man eaters who’s from 2000 till now as per the current official estimate till May 2016 killed / eaten 300 human beings, though the figure in actuality still stands higher.

As per the news report of 23rd September 2016 leopards killed about 440 people in the Nepal and Kumaon areas after a prominent Shooter of the British era killed the maneater for the first time in 1907.

It is believed that about 40 to 50 maneaters have been killed so far in Uttarakhand after their human killing spree continued for several decades.

However, the maneater attacks in various parts of Uttarakhand have become a routine affair for these carnivorous animals as there seems to be dearth of animal preys inside the forests of Uttarakhand which have become the victim of excessive sound pollution, tourist activities, movement of vehicles, roads, commercial buildings, shops and hotels construcion of concrete houses and buildings including huge dams, tunnels and deforestation.

The increasing use of dynamites in road explosions and increasing natural calamities are also some of the prime reasons for imbalancing the wild life and their subsequent dissapearence from the forest ultimately resulting in the carnivorous animals to come towards human settlements and make them their easy prey. What’s your take friends?

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Ajay Maken resigns as DPCC chief , cites personal health reasons?



The Congress party organisation which do not have a single lawmaker in Delhi assembly today suffered a massive set back yet again when its energetic and organisationally capable president and former union state minister for Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation resigned from the presidentship of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee citing personal health reasons.

He sent his written communication seeking resignation to the Congress president Rahul Gandhi who appointed Maken the Delhi state president four years’ ago. It has been reliably learnt that Ajay Maken has been ill for the last few months and is currently abroad for the treatment as well.

Maken had submitted his resignation in 2015/16 as well taking the moral responsibility of the party’s defeat against AAP when it could not even win on a single seat in the Delhi Assembly election but was asked to continue by Rahul Gandhi who personally requested the former to take back the resignation. It is believed that there may be some serious reasons’ behind Maken’s resignation probably his isolation in the mainstream Congress politics or Rahul Gandhi’s negligible attention to DPCC affairs or may be his interest to join national politics in view of the fastly approaching elections in four states and the national election of 2019.

Sources reveal that despite the best efforts of Ajay Maken to strengthen and revitalise the DPCC by holding maximum protest demonstrations and other activities the Congress party was not able to win the heart of the Delhites and in view of the internal party squabbles and non cooperation of the former president J. P. Aggrawal’s lobby etc who instead of cooperating were trying to create bottlenecks in the functioning of state Congress under his leadership.

Moreover, the AAM AADMI PARTY and its Delhi VM Arvind Kejrival’s histrionics and his governments pro people achievements and performance has also not left any scope for the Congress to re prosper or flourish after the previous shameful defeat and has literally captured the majority of the Congress vote bank of the minorities andthe backward, lower middle class and dalit vote bank residing in the resettlement colonies and the JJ Clusters of Delhi which form about 60% vote chunk. Under such compelling situations of non revival of the party in Delhi, despite best efforts and no credible hope of winning maximum seats in 2020 it is believed that the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee’s current chief Ajay Maken has no option but to resign giving personal health reason.

There is one more possiblity that has arose now and i.e. the doors for the future poltical electoral patch up with the AAP party in order to jointly counter the BJP onslaught in the next state election. Ajay Maken was not in favour of any such patch up fearing his leadership dilution.

After the collosal defeat of the party at the hustings in Delhi at the hands of the Aam Admi Party  several Congress leaders including the former state president and minister Arvinder Singh Lovely, Delhi Youth Congress Chief Mullick and the former Chief of Delhi Commission for Women had resigned from the party expressing criticism of Maken’s leadership n joined BJP though later on Lovely rejoined Congress.

Meanwhile, in an interview given to TV 18, the senior AICC leader and Delhi Congress’s incharge Dr. P C Chacko has denied the news of Maken’s resignation saying that he is out of the country for treatment of an ailment with which he was suffering even four years back when he took charge as the DPCC president. He had just send me and Rahulji a letter informing about his foreign visit for treatment and has not resigned. Maken will be back on 22nd and everything will be resolved then. Ajay Maken is very much the DPCC president even today and wouldbe in future too.

What’s your take friends.

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Freedom fighter GARHWALI’S family in immense distress ! Appeal to PM



The highly distressed families of some of the freedom fighters and revolutioneries who’s laid down their lives for freeing the nation from the foreign yoke and suffered the whole life particularly Chandra Singh Garhwali, the hero of Peshavar episode of 1930 are still fighting for justice even after the seven decades of independence.

The second and third generation of Mahanayak Chandra Singh Garhwali are in financial and existential jeopardy not in a position to survive comfortably. Late Chandra Singh’s two sons Mohan and Anand Garhwali died in extreme financial distress and now shockingly their wives, sons and daughters are fighting for justice but of no awail.

Today they are so badly disturbed and perturbed by the fresh eviction notices issued by the Uttarakhand government’s forest department that they have been constrained to appeal to Indian prime minister to send them to neighbouring Pakistan rather than confronting harassment and victimisation in their own state.

It indeed sound’s strange and shocking that a country for which a valiant soldier, the then Hawaldaar major during the British rule in 1930 Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali refused to fire on the armless freedom fighters of Peshawar, defying the orders of general Ricket thus imprisoned for 15 years in Solitary Confinement in Abattabad Jail in Pakistan n later on in Naini Jail, his own family is today after 7 decades of independence in extreme jeopardy after having been issued eviction orders by declaring them as unauthorised encroachers.

The aggreaved family has urged the Modi government to send them to neighbouring Pakistan than declaring them as illegal encroachers in their own land in Uttarakhand.

It may be recalled that the family of Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali was allotted few bighas of land after great efforts by the then Uttar Pradesh government before the formation of separate Uttarakhand state near Kotdwar’s Haldukhaata Area but not given the fundamental owning rights called Pattadhaari on records despite hundreds of repeated reminders.

What is most worsening and shocking now is that the forest department of Kotdwar, Garhwal, Uttarakhand has declared them as illegal and arbitrary encroachers and issued them written notices asking them to evacuate the land with immediate effect.

This is a biggest betrayal and insult to the family of a revolutionery freedom fighter Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali whose entire life was dedicated for the country and 15 important years in the prisons in solitary confinement.

It is said that the INA under Dr. Subhash Chandra Bose was formed after being inspired from Chandra Singh Garhwali’s brave and valiant act of defying the British orders to fire on Pathans of Peshawar, then in Pakistan in 1930.

This episode really compels us to hang our heads in shame that the distressed family of the late freedom fighter has now to appeal to the PM to sent back to Pakistan in view of declaring them illegal encroacher in their own land and threatening them with eviction notices.

The Uttarakhand Journalists Forum urges upon the government of Uttarakhand to immediately withdraw the eviction notices issues to Garhwaliji’s family members living in Haldukhata, Kotdwar, Garhwal and issue authorised PATTAAS for this entire donated land to this family with immediate affect.

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Where is Rajiv’s and Rahul’s close family friend and advisor?



Where is Captain Satish Sharma these days, a septuagenerian now and till recently a close aide of Nehru Gandhi family, the former MP and one time the right hand man, a politician looking after the Amethi affairs of Rajiv Gandhi and thereafter Rahul Gandhi ,the then prime minisyer, his close aide and advisor. Captain Satish Sharma was the former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s class mate in Doon school and as such was brought in active politics as the RS and elected MP who assisted him in all his constituency related affairs and other mattersof political significance.

Captain Satish Sharma was union minister of Petroleum and Chemicals during the Congress regime at the centre who was generous enought to oblige too many Congressmen and even his driver and ministerial staff to allot petrol pumps and gas agencies the case for which was filed in the apex court of India, now in low profile, perhaps settled. Politics is strange.

When a politician is a high up or popular close to the political hierchy he or sheis adored and valued like anything. But when in oblivion no one cares to bother for him or her. A closest family friend, an advisor and the most trusted one time MP and Congressman and a keen n trusted friend of Rajiv Gandhi today is in political oblivion in his Mehrauli farm house with his french wife. Reliable sources reveal that this important family member and Rajiv’s and his family’s close aide is today suffering from acute problem of a maligned ulcer and is under treatment of senior doctors. An septuagenerian Captain Satish Sharma has been in political oblivion for the last four years and nobody in Congress or political fraternity has ever cared to know about his well being.

As per the reliable source, an ex MP who’ do not want to be named Captain Sharma is suffering from a serious ulcer problem for the ladt several months having become serious under the regular monitering and medical care of senior doctors. Today, he is in political oblivion and recuperating in his house in total lonliness. It may be recalled that when Rahul Gandhi joined active politics as the general secretary of the All India Congress Committee and theteafter as the prime minister afterthe sad demise, assasination of his mother he brought his Doon School friends Captain Satish Sharma, Ahmed Patel, Arun Singh, Mani Shanlar Aiyyer and Suman Dubey as his trusted leuitinents in politics to assist him. While senior journalist Suman Dubey and Arun Singh, former Defence minister sought retirement from active politics Ahmed Patel, Satish Sharma and Mani Shankar Aiyyer remained active in future Congress politics even after Rajiv Gandhi’s assasination.

However, today while Ahmed Patel is still in Sonia Gandhi’s and Rahul’s good books, Mani Shanker Aiyyer is out due to a political controversy and Captain Satosh Sharma seriously ill and politically isolated. What’s yourtake friends?

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Bharat Ratna demanded for ex CM UP and several times union minister H N Bahuguna, posthumously



The former cabinet minister of Uttarakhand and the leader of opposition in the Uttarakhand assembly Indira Hridayesh castigated the late leader’s family of leaving the Congress party and joining the ruling BJP for political gains while fully compromising the principles, values, political ethics and secular credentials for which Bahuguna fought all his life and gave up power and significant political positions.

Indira Hridayesh was on 16th September addressing late Bahuguna protagonists and all party workers in one of the functions’ organised by the HN Bahuguna Centenary Celebrations Committee at the press club Dehradun, Uttarakhand amid chanting of Bahuguna Zindabad slogans.

Lauding late Bahuguna as a towering political legend and a true secularist who never compromised on principles and secular ethics Indira Hridayesh said that outstanting and transparent secular leaders like HN Bahuguna are seldom born in this land of abode of Gods and therefore ome and all present here should imbibe his principles, noble works and secular values which are the need of the hour to keep our society, nation and the state communally free from all shakcles in order to ensure its all round progress.

Hridayesh assured the audience that she will do her best to recommend the lateleader’s name to the centre for Bharat Ratna and also ensure that his picture is permanently fixed in the Uttarakhand Secretariat and the assembly as well as a mark of reverence and recognition to this great mass leader of his time who had been the great freedom fighter, ex union minister several times and the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.

The former leader of democratic socialist party in parliament during Bahuguna’s time during the eighties and two time minister in the LDF government in Kerala Neela Lohitadaasan Nadar hailed H. N. Bahuguna as a statesman and said that he had followers from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari as he was a mass leader with transparent secular and socialist credentials always wanting to wipe the tears from the eyes of the last person of the distant villages of the country and bridging the gap between the haves and have nots.

The southern leader and the national general secretary of Janta Dal ( Secular) Nadar said Bahuguna sacrificed his political positions and ministerships for the sake of protecting secular principles and keeping the country together.

He said: Bahuguna’s entire life was dedicated for freedom struggle liberating the country from the clutches of the British and leading the nation towards development by way of establishing communal amity and pursuing pro poor developmental policies. Sr. advocate of Supreme Court and Bahugna’s colleague ZK Faizan said leader like Bahuguna take birth once in a century whose single point agenda was the over all development of the nation by keeping the society amd the country communal tensions free and improving the socio economic lot of the poor, oppressed, depressed and the backwards of the country.

He believed in the ethos and principles of Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru and wanyed to be the PM of the country to eradicate poverty, unemployment, communal dis harmony and the disparity between the rich and the poor but the destiny did not allowed him to do so who left all of us when the country needed him the most.

The sr journalist, president of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and Bahuguna’s desciple Sunil Negi hailed the late leader terming him as a statesman who are born once in a century.

He hailed Bahuguna for being critical of draconion emergency thus being concerned for the human rights and the freedom of the people of the country and added that he preferred disintegrating the Janata party than compromising on secular values and principles.

Reminding the audience of the historic Garhwal election of 1984 which got postponed twice due to the malpractices let loose  by the then Indira government at the centre,  Negi said brave, courageous and intrepid Bahuguna had then fought the entire political establishment at the centre under Indira Gandhi’s leadership single handedly and had won the election despite the complete thrust of the union and state governments of Congress ensuring his defeat, thus popularising Garhwal’s name internationally then.

Negi said he was in close proximity of Bahuguna for more than a decade anf have learnt a lot from him. Bahuguna was outstanding leader with socio secular credentials whose only aim was to keep the socio cultural and communal fabric of the country intact andprone for progressive mational development emphasising on the decentralised socio economic development at the grass root levels of the country.

Negi said the country today needed leaders’ like Bahuguna when the nation’s communal fabric is in shambles and disarray. Others who spoke on the o ocassion were the Uttatakhand Kranti Dal president Kashi Singh Airy, former UK minister and convenor of the event Dhirendra Pratap, Dr. Lukman, former V C HP University , Comrade Samar Singh Bhandari of CPI, Com Bachi Ram Kanswal, Mahesh Kalauni, JP Pandey, Sarita Negi, Krishnanand Maithani, and others.

The next programme under the auspicies of HN Bahuguna Centenary Celebrations is due in Mumbai on Devember 23rdn 24th after three even already held in New Delhi, Cochin and Dehradun.

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