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Last year in 2016, Department of national intelligence of U.S. added gene editing to a particularly lengthy list of threats posed by weapons of mass destruction & proliferation. In the month of July, a grant of $65 million in four-year contracts was given by U.S. Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency to seven teams of scientists which included Omar Akbari, for studying gene-editing technologies. This grant made Darpa, officially, the world’s largest governmental funder in gene drive research. Most of this money is going toward designing relatively safer systems and developing better tools to counter rogue gene drives that get into the environment by accident, or are sometimes injected with malicious intent.

That danger, however, is more real than scientists thought at first. Four years ago, Harvard biologist Kevin Esvelt suggested the idea of building gene drives for the first time, with the then recently discovered Crispr gene editing system. Esvelt was thinking about extinction. He was trying to specifically prevent endangered wildlife from disappearing by propagating a fertility-reducing gene through the animals which are invasive by nature and compete with endangered species for resources and shelter. Conservational biologists especially liked the idea and decided to go with it. They are considering the gene drives technology to save native birds in New Zealand, Hawaii, and the Farallones. But now, Kevin Esvelt is saying that they should slow down and consider their actions.

This stand by Esvelt is based on the results of the latest mathematical model, that he and his colleagues have published on Thursday, 16 November 2017. By taking into account like how Crispr screwing up and the likelihood of various protective mutations arising, the model shows how gene drives could be mercilessly aggressive. Just a few engineered organisms are required to permanently alter an ecosystem. While Kevin Esvelt doesn’t view the technology as immediately threatening, he is now advocating a bold new caution in how the technology is used.

He says that the primary risk that is posed by gene drive technology is social. An unethical secret research can lead to unwarranted fears, or a fear of unauthorized release of gene drives will definitely damage the public trust in science and governance. He still thinks that gene drives have the potential to save threatened species and take the battle to public health threats. But before achieving this, the researchers will have to invent technically fool-proof and safer forms of such technology.




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Top10 technology of 21st century



Technology has played a crucial role in performing an art of expressing.It has rebuild opportunities which defines the transformation of knowledge and skills to the next level. Here are some of the coolest technology gadgets which have changed the surface for the human race : 

1. Hover Board or Self Balancing Scooter.

A Hover Board or a Self Balancing scooter is a personal transport vehicle consisting of two motorised wheels and supported by a pair of pads for the placement of human feet. It is subjected to technology by the Chinese which is nowadays one of the most convenient sources of transport for a single person. This device can cover a speed of 9-21 kmph and is strongly recommended to use safety gears while using the vehicle. Powered lithium-ion battery pack, this vehicle is fully automatic and the operator has an advantage of user friendly assistance. In some developed countries like the U.S.A ,Russia or China, this vehicle is high on demand from celebrities to teenagers. But it is yet to overcome minds of many. 

2. A Flying ‘Drone’.

Drones are generally aerial vehicles which can take off into the air without an actual pilot. Drones are generally controlled by remote control system or a ground cockpit. Drones are generally equipped with different technological features including infra-red cameras, GPS and laser technology. The use of a drone is specially conducted with military operations through which navigation gets more easier via such an aerial aircraft. Though it has been involved with trend to capture images for bloggers, film makers and other useful communicative activities. A drone comes in many sizes, shapes and price depending on the work purpose and is specially fitted with a camera for 360 coverage and also live video broadcast. A drone is specifically built in with a wireless FPV transmitter built in along with an antennae and depending on the type of drone, the live video signals are transmitted wither by a remote controller, a computer, a tablet or a smart phone device. With the latest drones coming on, cellular networks such as 4G/LTE can be directly connected with the drones for live video streaming which is nowadays used for events, music shows and blogging for social media promotions and activities. These flying objects are a boon to the human world as is possibly one of the most advanced form of technology in today’s world.

3. Virtual Reality (VR).

Virtual Reality in scientific terms, is a computer technology which are used in Virtual Reality created headsets which is actually a combination of physical spaces or multiple projected environment generating sounds, sensations and images simulating a user’s physical presence in an imaginary or virtual world. These VR headsets are head mounted goggles insisted with a fold strap to get fitted with the human head and a screen in front of the human eyes. Some VR headsets includes inbuilt audio and sound features and some are manual via speakers or headphones. VR headsets like the Playstation VR or the Oculus Rift are often referred to as the HMDs (Head Mounted Displays).The actual aim of the hardware is to create what appears to be life size,3D virtual environment without boundaries. Therefore, whatever we watch, the screen mounted to the face always follows. This is more of augmented reality which involves the work of graphics in the view of the realistic world. The lenses focus and reshape the picture for each eye and create stereoscopic 3D image. This Virtual Reality device is high on demand and is one of the most innovative devices in the modern world.

4. Nintendo Switch

With the tag line of Freedom to have fun. Wherever. Whenever, Nintendo-The Mario Developer has designed the latest Nintendo Switch which has transformed the home gaming console to a portable gaming system which has certainly enabled gamers to play games for more duration. With the latest features involved the Nintendo Switch consists of two controllers vertical and sideways with motion sensing controls and buttons adding total gaming flexibility. It also involves multiplayer option by just pairing up with a friend. The Nintendo Switch includes sense of touch as well as HD rumble. It also comes up with an IR Motion Camera in Joy Con which can detect shape, movement and distance of objects which are captured by the camera generating more advanced game play. The overall system comes up with the Nintendo Switch Screen, Switch Dock, Joy-Con(Controllers),Joy-Con Grips and Joy-Con Straps. The 6.2 inch screen is built in multi-touch captive with display resolution of 1280 x 720. It also includes 32 GB internal memory with expandable micro SDHC or SDXC card slot. Outstanding Battery Life of more than near about to 5 hours. The weight of the fully loaded device is approximately 300 grams with built in NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor and is also enabled with Bluetooth 4.1.The video output via HDMI is up to 1080p. It also consists of Lithium-ion battery of 4310 mAh. The Nintendo Switch also comes up with exciting new colours that fascinates the modern gaming trend.

5. Snapchat Spectacles.


The Snapchat-connected spectacles is proving to define social media experiences to a next level. These spectacles can record a ten second video which can be added to memories via wireless networking. This technology is trending and one would love to get involved with activities using these sunglasses. The spectacles can save about 200 snaps.Social media gets more interesting with such devices on the edge.

6. Fly board.

A Fly-board is the latest trend for obsessive water sport and which is actually a hydro-flight device that supplies energy to drive the Fly-board up into the air. In the Fly-board,the rider stands on a board that is connected by a hose pipe from the water craft.The water is now forced by nozzles to a boots pair that is underneath which actually allows thrust for the Fly-board rider to fly in the air up to a level of approximately 50 ft and a splashing dive under water to 8 ft. A Fly-board world championship was also held in Doha,Qatar 2012. A Fly-board is considered to give one of the most sophisticated and trailblazing sensation to a human soul.


It is an electronic head band with EEG Brain sensing function,Integrated health tracking sensors,auto learning software algorithm,audio-visual stimuli through RGB LEDs and compact pillow speakers as well. It also provides a human mind with pre-loaded audios, and it provides sleep statistics and improvement suggestions too. This headband is a strap consisting of high quality soft fabric for superior comfort.It comes up with Bluetooth 4.0 to get directly connected with a smart-phone. RGB LEDs also comes up with customized color patterns. The bluetooth also allows to check sleep statistics.

8. Go PRO – HERO 5


An American technology which is all fired up with portable cameras,mobile applications and video editing softwares from the year 2002 has newly developed a 4K action camera specifies with 4K Video recording at 30fps, Ultra HD,electronic video stabilization and voice control as well. It can also capture 12mp photos in single,burst and time lapse modes.It also insists WDR photo mode capture with added details in shadows and highlights in the scene. It is also enabled with Advanced audio processing that captures left and right stereo audio channels.It is also GPS enabled.The Go Pro Hero 5 is actually proved to be sitting in the co-pilot sit for some real time heroes who covers action,adventure and travel from time to time.


An outstanding effort by the Motiv’s developers for such a tiny techno wearable to add an amazing experience towards the fitness tracking wearables. The titanium encased wearable can track sleep and fitness,steps covered,calories and distance.It also comes up with am optical heart rate sensor, a well organized battery life managing a period of three to five days.Yes, this fitness ring is waterproof upto 50 metres and it comes up with 7 different sizes. It includes colors like gray and rose gold and also features an LED band for charging and synchronizing notifications. This fitness ring can outburst as a pocket size dynamo in this no time world very soon.


Unbelievably fast,the Kawasaki Ninja H2R is launched and to get considered as the new supercharged super-sport motorbike manufactured by Kawasaki that features a variable speed centrifigual type supercharger.With a racing weight of 216 kg,the Ninja H2R comes up with a 17 litre fuel tank and can run wild 0-400kmph in just 26 seconds,twice the speed of Lamborghini Aventador. A 1000cc engine comes up with 6 speed, 16 valves, dual injection, liquid cooled, 4 stroke in line four cylindrical. Come up with Maximum power of 310 PS @ 14000 rpm and Maximum Torque of 165 NM @12500 rpm. The brakes are Dual semi floating 330mm discs,4 piston calliper single 250 mm disc, 2 piston calliper. The suspension includes 43mm inverted fork with rebound and compression damping new Uni-Trak with gas-charged shock,Piggyback reservoir and dual range. The Kawasaki H2R is believed to be the fastest 1000cc motorbike till date.Thanks to Kawasaki for putting forward this 4 cylindrical monster to the never ending roads of technology.


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The Auroras of Jupiter



The magnificent, dazzling auroras produce breathtaking views in the regions of Alaska, Northern Europe, Canada and other areas situated near the northern and southern poles. These colorful, bright lights appear in twisting patterns thus, creating wonderful views. These intense, discrete auroras are due to the fact that electrons accelerate to the atmospheric layers with high energies.

However, the most surprising findings emerged when NASA sent the Jupiter-orbiting Juno spacecraft in the year 2016. It was found that aurora is a distinguished phenomenon on Jupiter too. It is to be noted that Jupiter is the oldest and the largest planet in our solar system. The scientists of NASA observed that this gas giant is associated with the most powerful auroras in our solar system.

As expected and via the data aggregated from the ultraviolet spectrograph and energetic-particle detector instruments, pulsating energy swirl around Jupiter in large amounts thus, producing these distinct auroras. The energy is produced due to the acceleration of electrons towards the Jovian atmosphere thereby, producing the potential difference of 400,000 electron-volts which is about 10-40 times higher than the energy produced on the earth’s atmosphere.

However, the mystery of the distinct auroras on the planet Jupiter remains unsolved as these auroras are seldom seen and are not prominent as the discrete auroras of the Earth. According to the leading researcher, Barry Mauk from the Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory at Laurel in Maryland these auroras are due to some kind of turbulent acceleration of electrons and as the process of auroral generation takes place, it reaches a peak thereby, increasing their strength to such an extent that the process of auroral generation becomes unstable and a new process takes over thus, producing new aurora. Thus, these auroras have a drastically high intensity. However, since the phenomenon of turbulent acceleration is unclear, the complete phenomenon of auroral generation remains a mystery.

The research is continued under NASA so as to unveil the mysterious phenomenon behind the strong auroras of Jupiter which are observed sometimes. According to NASA, these findings will contribute to understand the space weather environment in terms of Jupiter, the gas giant of our solar system.


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