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Deepika Padukone: Secrets to her Athletic Body

Deepika Padukone is certainly one of the finest and fittest actresses in Bollywood. As a badminton player, she has a great metabolism structure. She believes in not only having a sleek body but also having a healthy body. Her perfectly toned body reflects her disciplined life, hard work & a strict diet. Her fitness mantra is ‘Make fitness a way of life’.


Workout and Fitness Secrets:

Deepika’s fitness regime holds cardio & strength, pilates and weight training. She also does Yoga which includes Surya Namaskar and other asanas such as cat stretch, warrior pose & shoulder stands. Additionally, she does pranayama and meditation to relax her mind. She is not a gym freak, however she loves to engage herself in some or other physical activity such as swimming, running or simply walking. She also includes dance as a part of her fitness regime which helps her get rid of the extra calories.

Diet Secrets:

Her diet is a proper mix of proteins & carbohydrates and includes fresh fruits as well. She is fond of chocolates and sweets. For this, she makes an extra effort by going for extra workout sessions. She is a teetotaler and drinks plenty of water and takes a good night’s sleep to stay healthy & glowing.

Bipasha Basu: Fitness Enthusiast and Strongly Built

The Bong beauty is another Bollywood diva, who works very hard to stay fit and perfect. The dusky beauty keeps her away from alcohol and smoking habits. She follows a strict diet and workout regimen.


Workout and Fitness Secrets:

The Bengali beauty not only does the cardio exercises but also follows a disciplined Yoga regime. She is obsessed about Yoga and does 108 repetitions of Surya Namaskar on daily basis. Her regular workout regime comprised of 2 hours including cardio followed by Yoga. Her favorite cardio exercises are treadmill, cycling and kick boxing. She alternates between different activities to avoid a monotonous workout regime. She takes a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

Diet Secrets:

She is against the crash diet plans or the slimming pills. She believes in balance diet & avoids junk food. She drinks plenty of water to flush out body toxins and fond to have coconut water. This keeps her hydrated and gives her a radiant skin.

Kareena Kapoor Khan: From Size Zero to Overall Fitness

Bebo, a true style icon and the hot sensation of B-town, has surprised all because of her stunning size zero figure. Kareena believes in a healthy diet and follows a strict exercise regime.


Workout and Fitness Secrets:

The heartthrob actress worked really hard for her slim and sleek body. Kareena’s workout routine comprises pilates as well as cardio exercises. She also focuses on Yoga by devoting at least two hours a day, no matter how busy schedule she has. She is fond of power yoga including Surya Namaskar, Virabhadra, Bhujangasana & Bikram yoga. Additionally, her cardio regime includes running, biking and swimming.

Diet Secrets:

Bebo is fond of food and does not believe in not having proper food for longer period in order to lose weight. In her diet, Bebo also includes sugars and ghee but in moderation. Her diet mantra is ‘One should eats everything but in a balanced way’. She takes very small meals in every 2-3 hours. Apart from this, the Kapoor girl has a habit of drinking at least 6-8 glasses of boiled water every day. She also believes in a good night’s sleep.

Priyanka Chopra: Fitness and Diet Secrets Revealed

PC has a perfect sexy figure and looks ravishing even in a bikini. Although she is gifted with natural slim figure and does not put on weight easily, she makes it a note to maintain a healthy and fit body.


Workout and Fitness Secrets:

PC’s regular workout regime includes treadmill & cardio, although she is not a gym freak. Additionally, she also keeps her engaged in running, spinning, push-ups & lunges. She also practices yoga which helps in keeping her mind and body calm. She is fond of stunts such as Gatka or desi martial arts.

Diet Secrets:

As a typical Punjabi kudi, she is a foodie, but follows a simple and well balanced diet that includes plenty of green steamed vegetables and fruits. PC eats in small portions in every two hours. PC also pampers herself with her favorite dishes once in a while and at the same time avoids fried & fatty food. She drinks a lot of fluids specially coconut water.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra: Secrets to her fabulous figure

Shilpa Shetty is the actress who reinvented herself as one of the hottest and fittest with the passing age. She is the inspiration for all new mothers for getting back in shape. Post pregnancy she used to exercise when her baby was in sleep.


Workout and Fitness Secrets:

The Dhadkan girl’s work out regime includes cardio and strength training. She also practices yoga and meditation. She has made a routine for different workouts for all the days in a week.

Diet Secrets:

She follows a balanced diet & starts her day with aloe vera or amla juice. She stays away from white carbs and includes brown carbs in her diet plan. She avoids snacks in between the meals and follows a carbs and non-carbs rich diet in alternate days. She is fond of green tea and stays away from sugary and aerated drinks. Her fitness mantra also includes a strict rule of ‘No-food-after 8 pm’ and she takes her last meal three hours before going to bed.




Every third family in Uttarakhand has a jawan in Indian Army says Genl. V. K. Singh! Salutes to them



The regional film industry of Uttarakhand has witnessed an upward swing in terms of production of quality big screen movies during the last five years or say a decade. It’s not that big screen multi coloured films were not produced in Uttarakhand in the past decades.

They were infact produced but unfortunately except the negligible few like Gar Jawain and Kauthig no fims could make their presence felt on a mass scale. However these films too were not the box office hit or block bustre but to an extent they did made their sizeable presence felt. But in the last five years some good and professional producers having indepth knowledge of films have definitely made a dashing and dynamic entry in Uttarakhand film industry, particularly in Garhwali cinema.

The producer of Mumbai based Snowy Mountain production movie in Garhwali SUBHERU GHAM in fact made a special significance in the UK film industry enticing massive audience in entire Uttarakhand and even in Delhi and Mumbai including at NCR Gurgaon thus covering a major part of the budget incurred in the making of this movie. It was for the first time ever that SUBHERU GHAM got the entry in the Canada Film Festival and awarded the best regional feature film felicitation which is indeed a great international recognition.

Made with a staggering budget of more than 90 lakhs and shot in the best locations of Uttarakhand Subheru Gham was the super duper hit comprising of quality cinematography, scenic beauty, best dialogue delivery, carrying a unique social message, outstanding performance of the actors and one of the best lyrics, songs and music of Uttarakhand Samrat n singing legend Narendra Singh Negi. Two three more films arrived thereafter, one being Bhule e Bhuli directed by a professional director Mr. Khanna who is unfortunately no more with us.

But the film could not make much impression in the minds of the audience or regional film lovers. As a sequel to these regional Uttarakhandi movies in Garhwali dialect a new multi starrer film MAJOR NIRALA is in the offing and is likely to bereleased in the moth of June in Uttarakhand and several metropolises of the country where the Uttarakhandies live in abundance. Based on the story, script and lyrics of the former chief minister of Uttarakhand Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank, this movie has been produced by his classical dancer daughter Aarushi Pokhariyal, Nishank.

The movie is primarily Army centric based on the life, commitment, dedication and struggle of a FAUZI who sacrifices his family interests, comforts of life and his duty as a beloved father of his children and a duty bound husband but posseses a relentless devotion to serve his mother land. The film made with a budget of nearly one crore as per the unauthentic news from sources, would be dubbed in 8 different languages in the near future and screened in variius states of the country including abroad where Uttarakhandies live in majority.

The promo of the film was released today in New Delhi in the presence ofseveral important dignitories such as the present state minister of External Affairs Genl. V. K. Singh, MP and Delhi BJP president and prominent singer Manoj Tiwari, eminent journalist and literateur Ram Bahadur Rai and Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank. The entire star cast of the film was present on this ocassion. The movie Major Nirala has been directed by Ganesh Veeran and the lead role of the hero as Major Nirala was enacted by Rajesh Malgudi. Prominent actors of Uttarakhandi origin but extremely popular in Bollywood viz. Himani Shiv Puri and Hemant Pandey are also acting in this film. Ut is for the first time that eminent Bollywood singer Kailash Kher has sung the main song of the movie in Garhwali.

The promo release function was organised in Natiinal Museum auditorium and was aytended by good number of theatre artists, film personalities, Delhites, journalists and peoole from uttarakhand as well. Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank said that the main objective of making this regional Garhwali is not to earn monetary profit but to highlight the culture of Uttarakhand and the selfless contribution of the FAUZIES who sacrifice their everything even family interests but due for the coubtry during wars.

The union state minister of external affairs lauded the contribution of our selfless army men in the service of the nation particularly the fauzies of uttarakhand and said that the film Major Nirala will contribute tremendously in boosting the morale of our Army personels nationally and will also help in generating tourism globally as the movie depicts the outstanding serene beauty of Uttarakhand which is non existent anywhere in the country. He praised the Uttarakhandi army personels for their unstinted bravery, impeccable integrity, patriotism and dedication for the nation and said that the country feels proud of them as there is one Fauzi in india Army from every third family of Uttarakhand.


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Dedicatedly carrying forward his father’s legacy ! Rakesh Bharadwaj, a mestro of rhythm music



Dedicatedly carrying forward his father's legacy ! Rakesh Bharadwaj, a mestro of rhythm music

Chandra Singh Rahi is one of the most popular singing legends of Uttarakhand adored and remembered fondly by one and all, all over Uttarakhand globally. Though, not within us, Rahiji is an institution of Uttarakhand folk and old traditional singing, having accorded it new heights during his lifetime. His peculiar songs possessing the unique blend of indepth pahari culture and language are still adored and loved by his millions n millions of fans nationally.

Having dedicated and devoted his entire life to vastly promote and preserve the Uttarakhandi culture of Garhwal and Kumaon through his melodious singing and mesmerising music, late Chandra Singh Garhwali is a name afresh in every Uttarakhandi’s mind and heart most reverentially even today n will continue to be in future as well.

Taking cue from his father, his capable son Rakesh Bharadwaj, a maestro in rythem music, has now dedicated his entire life to further promote ahead his father’s enriched legacy but in a different form.

A perfect singer and a musician of repute being well versed in playing every musical instrument with tremendousamont of dexterity , keeping in view the changing times and coping with the interests and preferences of the new generation Rakesh has tried to redevelop his late father’s legacy of popular songs in different tunes to suit the present generation though not disturbing the actual lyrics and their meanings there of.

His latest band with orchestra mixes his father’s old popular songs to give them a new interesting blend best suiting to the music intetest of the current young generation inviting tremendous applauds and appreciation. Till now Rakesh Bharadwaj has under fusion held hundreds of shows all over India including foreign countries amongst the Uttarakhandies inviting tremendous applauds n bringing laurels to the family and the music fraternity. Let’s have a look at a newpost . live post on talented Rakesh:

Year 1999. Dr. Palash Sen’s Euphoria comes out with ‘Mayari’ a song which instantly tops music charts across the country and around the same time, making his debut in the Euphoria band was a young lad from Pauri, Garhwal called Rakesh Bhardwaj.

18 years since then, Rakesh Bhardwaj a maestro in rhythm instruments including those from Garhwal and its folk songs, hasnt looked back. Initiated into the world of fusion music Rakesh was born into the family of legendary Garhwali singer Chander Singh Rahi, the first Garhwali to sing at the All India Radio Station, so it doesn’t come as surprise when Rakesh tells us, ‘Music, was my first love, I started playing musical instruments at a young age and would hear my father sing. Then at 13, I started my formal education at the Gandharwa Mahavidyalay, learning tabla from Ustad Faiyaz Khan guru and at present I am a disciple of Taal Yogi Pt. Suresh Talwarkar ji.’

In the year 2014, the famous percussionist conceptualised, ‘Pahadi soul,’ a company dedicated to revive and renew old, authentic pahari songs giving it a fresh tinge. ‘I always wanted to do something worthwhile for my hill-state, give it that recognition, it truly deserves, specially in the field of music.’

He bravely chose ‘Bedo Paako’ as his first choice of song to reinvent. The song considered as the anthem for Garhwalis all over the world became an instant hit. Since, then Rakesh has painstakingly reinvented music videos, some based on his father’s early songs such as ‘saat samundar paar,’ ‘apni thati tay‘, ‘Gado Guloband,’ and more recently followed by ‘Kukdi.‘

‘I am not in it for the money,’ he tells us. ‘It is about my passion for our culture, tradition and more so our music that keeps me going. Music is a wind that blows away years and distance within minutes. I want to revive forgotten, soulful songs from our magic mountains without loosing their authenticity.’

Rakesh states that he will not stop reinventing regional songs until he comes across a young lad or girl playing pahadi songs on his/her mobile instead of a Punjabi song.

Definitely our man, is on a mission and he is not going to miss a beat, until it is achieved.

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Bollywood’s sister Bebo & Lolo spend some quality time together in Delhi




NewDelhi,28 April: B’Town sisters Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karishma Kapoor  have spent some quality time together in Delhi and his latest picture give us major sister goals.

The Kapoor sisters are seen relaxing on the couch to after their busy day on Friday and possed for Fun.

Karisma shared picture of both on  her social networking sites where the duo sister can be seen flaunting their swag.

She captioned her post, “When your sister and you are working in the same city on the same day! #gangstagirls #delhi.”

When ur sister and you are working in the same city on the same day ! 😎🔛 #gangstagirls#delhi

A post shared by KK (@therealkarismakapoor) on

Bebo darling is wearing sunny yellow kurta whie Lolo is wearing her usual comfy blackT-shirt and jeans.

Recently Bebo has been in buzz for upcoming movie ‘Veere Di Wedding’ with co-actress Swara Bhaskar, Sonam kapoor and Shikha Talsania.

Shashanka Ghosh directorial Veere Di Wedding is releasing onJune 1.

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