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Google is giving chance to earn $200,000



Google is giving a chance to earn $200,000 to anyone who can find a bug in Android OS that has affected millions of smartphones across the World.

It is good opportunity to become rich by earning such a good amount at one go.

This big bounty programme of Google was started a few years back and the aim of the searh giant was to find out researcher, engineers and tech experts who can come up with an exploit that will solve the bug problem.

Earlier the bounty was $30,000-$50,000 but no one was found working exploit for Android’s core components.

This time Google has made a really exceptional offer $200,000 which will definitely turn up the eyes of techies around the World as the challenge has really become awesome.

The malware called “Judy” has affected over 36.5 million smartphones which has made the phones vulnerable to illegal access.

Judy malware was created by Korean company Kinwini which has officially registered itself as the ENISTUDIO corp on Google Play store.

This malware is an auto clicking adware and it was found on 41 apps and it uses infected devices to generate large amount of illegal and fraud clicks on advertisements to earn revenue.

The malware was downloaded between 4.5 million and 18.5 million and the actual data is still not confirmed.

For now Google has removed this Judy malware programme from the Google store.


Parliament may remain hectic on Monday on Alwar lynching ?



The issue of one more lynching in the Alwar district of Rajasthan by the supposed activists of Shiv Sena ruled by the Bhartiya Janata Party has once again given an opportunity to the Congress party and the entire non BJP opposition in Parliament to raise the issue on Monday after being defeated in the no confidence motion tabled by the Telegu Desam Party.

The prime minister who spoke for about one and a half hour extempore ridiculing the Congress president and highlighting his government’s achievements threadbare and eloquently, however not spoke a single word on lynching despite the unambiguous fact that even the apex court of the country has taken an extremely serious view of this increasing menace of mob lynching directing the government to devise a new law to deal with the perpetrators most stringently in order to stop it forthwith.

It rally sounds shocking that the prime minister while speaking on every issue of significance, not forgetting to ridicule the opposition and the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi calling him childish and irresponsible, himself skips this most burning issue that concerns’ peoples’ lives and carries special significance after the country’s top court taking cognisance of the matter.

Everybody was expecting that the prime minister Narendra Modi would clarify his stand on this most pivotal issue and assure the people of the country of the new law it intends to launch to end this menace of lynching once for all which has till now claimed more about 27 precious lives of the innocents and spread an environment of hate, hatred and animosity amongst various sections of the society thus targetting people of a particular community in the name of cow vigilantism, alleged child lifting and eating habits of a particular sect as enumerated by the apex court while delievering its judgement against the petition filed by the grt grandson of Mahtma Gandhi, Tushar Gandhi.

Even the union home minister Rajnath Singh has assured the countrymen of dealing with such lynching incidents extremely seriously and punishing the culprits under the strictest sections of the law. He had even instructed the state governments and the police chiefs of various states to view such instances in all seriousness and ensure that don’t reoccur again but despite so much of hullaballoo and the apex court’s issuance of directives to the central and state governments to appoint nodal officers to avoid such lynchings in future there seems to be no terror of the law and the law enforcing agencies in the country.

The lynching of a person of a minority community in Alwar yesterday by sort of two cow vigilants supposed to be the Shiv sena activists unambiguously speaks of the fact that many such killings would continue in future till a new law with capital punishment or something likewise is not ratified by both houses of parliament.

Such lynchings in the name of religious provocation, child lifting or cow vigilantism etc needs to be curbed forthwith as India is a country with diverse cultures, religions, communities, castes and creed. Vitiation of the communal fabric or environment of the country under the guise of such narrow and squeezed considerations resulting in the deaths of the innocents with the alleged intent to polarise the society to gain political dividends is the hugest sin which has long term serious implications.

What is more worrisome is the fact that majority of the lynching cases have occured in the states ruled by the saffron party like Rajasthan, UP, Jharkhand , MP, Maharashtra and one in Kerala ruled by the left.

It would be in the larger interest of the country and humanity that the parliament discusses this issue threadbare in the incoming parliament session across party lines and the government readily acedes to the Apex court’s directives to frame a new law on lynchings in order to send across a strong message of deterrent to the goons n criminal elements who under various pretexts try to perpetrate violence and lynch innocents for no fault of theirs. What’s your take friends?

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TV journalist seeks justice. Shunted out of job for highlighting Unnao rape case.



The president of the Unnav Press Club and an investigative political journalist, currently a free lance scribe, Veerendra Yadav has been shunted out of News Nation as its Uttar Pradesh correspondent based in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh by the News Nation management.

As per the news pouring in Virendra Yadav has accused the New Nation’s top management for terminating him from the news channel he’d been serving for years as the most dedicated journalist on the pressure and to oblige the top official attached to the CM Uttar Pradesh looking after his media affairs and other powerful ruling political lobby of the state for covering and highlighting the news related to the rape case of the ruling party’s Unnao MLA who is behind bars at present in the rape case for the very first time later on followed by other channels.

According to the victimised journalist the coverage of the alleged rapist MLA was duly shown on News Nation channel initially but after the management acknowleged calls from those at the helm in the government they withdrew the story from being telecast and also shunted him out of the job.

Since then he had also been allegedly receiving threats from different quarters in order to be bogged  down so that he dose’nt raise the issue ahead any more.

The prominent newsportal Bhadas media has also prominently highlighted the plight of Virendra Yadav who had been active in regular TV journalism for the last more than 15 years.

In his face book post as mentioned in Bhadas4media, brave and dedicated journalist Virendra Yadav writes that this is not my personal struggle for justice against the management of the News Nation but this relentless struggle is for those hundreds of journalists who tirelessly and dedicatedly work for news channels day in and day out, facing the scorching sun and rains for a meagre salary, even less than a peon. Not only this but these hard core journalists are shunted out at any point of time when the management of these TV channels think it suits their convenience.

My war therefore is for the justice of a journalist which I will continue till the end irrespective of how grave the consequences, I face during my struggle.

Giving the details about what had actually happened in this whole story that led to his termination Virendra Yadav writes that he was the first TV journalist who had for the very first time unearthed the story of the alleged rape by the BJP Unnao MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar and ran the story on News Nation followed by other channels thereafter.

He was thereafter threatened with dire consequences by the goons of the lawmaker. But I was hardly afraid and went into the depth of the story to expose the ugly and shameful act of the BJP MLA.

The channel repeatedly ran the story and earned tremendous TRP. My brave act resulted in putting the culprits behind jail and justice to the victim whose father also met the sad end during police investigation.

This led to the massive insult of the BJP from the state to the centre as the issue got highlighted nationally. As a result I was the main target right from the lawmaker to the state government.

While I was covering the story I got the news that the goons of the law maker Sengar have hatched a conspiracy to eliminate me. I immediately sent letters to the chief minister, prime minister , president and other concerned bureaucrats demanding gurantee for my security.

When their conspiracy could not fructify everyone of them approached the media advisor to the chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath Mritunjay Kumar who framed fabricated charges on me and telephonically pressurised the channel’s owner Sanjay Kulshresht to shunt me out.

The fourth estate finally bowed down against the ruling party’s pressure. I was thrown out of the channel without assigning any reason. I repeatedly asked the reasons behind my arbitrary termination but of no awail.

I could have easily joined some other channel but my inner instinct did’nt permit me as it would have amounted to accepting the fabricated charges.

I wanted to ask: how long would be journalists exploited by the channel owners and till when they would remain the Rakhails of the ruling establishments.

The CBI had authenticated my story then what was my fault. Why was I punished for showing the truth.  THE RAPE VICTIM GOT JUSTICE BUT WHEN WOULD I GET THE SAME.

I wanted to continue my struggle with these very objectives. I therefore appeal to all of you to stand with me in this hour of crisis and wholeheartedly support my struggle says the post on Virendra Yadav’s face book wall. ABOVE IS the copy of the letter written to the prime minister by freelance scribe Virendra Yadav.

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Cloud bursts and heavy rains in Uttarakhand have created havoc.



The unfortunate incidents of cloud bursts in various parts of Chamoli and Pithoragarh districts and the incessant pouring of heavy rains have created havoc in the hill state with Yatra Road blocked at various points due to heavy lanslides and subsequent casualties.

During the monsoon reason in particular, every year, the high stream areas near Kedarnath in Chamoli district and Pithoragarh incidents of cloud bursts and heavy landslides not only result in creating bottlenecks for the local villagers but to the pilgrims as well as most of the roads are blocked with heavy landslides and subsequent deaths including heavy loss to proerties and animals.

During the last two months several fatalities have occured due to the incidents of cloud bursts. The schools have been closed and in some areas the isolated villages which have been entirely cut from the rest of the world are complelled to face hardships pertaining to lack of food, medical facilities and other requirements. In Chamoli district wome and school going children are constrained to cross the river through ropes or on a single tree trunk temperorily made as the makeshift bridge without any support or pillar that claimed the life of a local resident. However this tree trunk was later on withdrwan by the SDM and the people were asked to walk 15 kilometer distance on foot to reach on the other side of the river. So disgusting.

The picture below is of the inhabitants of the last village of Chamoli district under Deval block which has suffered extensive damage de to heavy and excessive rains.

The name of this affected village is VANI and the block is Deval under the Chamoli district. Due to the extensive damage in this block by way of the complete damage of the local bridge and the road that got swept away in the flood caused by the torrential rains has resulted in the isolation of the village inhabitants confronted with shortage of ration, vegetables and the requisite medical facilities.

In the picture one can see how the dedicated villagers of the isolated Vani Gaon at the border area are themselves trying their best to clear the way of the huge debris of the swept away heavily damaged road leading to their village putting their own lives to risk.

Meanwhile, according to the meteorolgical department alert has been issued in Uttarakhand for the heavy rain during the incoming three days.

Just a few days ago Dehradun also witnessed a heavy and torrential rains resulting in heavy loss to property.

Similarly, on last Thursday in the Neeti valley near the Indo China Border in Chamoli district in Jhelum village heavy damage was done to houses and property.

As a result majority of the monsoon rivulets are badly flooded and are on high tide. Due to the heavy landslides and the subsequent over accumulation of silt in a local rivulet/ drain known as Tamak Naala about half a dozen of villages have lost connection with the district headquarter.

About six persons that included two children and 4 labourers lost their lives after having been buried under the huge mud silt. The local people and the disater management authorities have retrieved the corpse of the one and a half year old child and his mother while other dead bodies are being retrieved.

The Joshimath Malaari Highway connecting the Indo China border areas was also blocked as a result of the heavy lanslides. This resulted in the blockade of movement of the villagers of Neeti village near Badrinath temple and the BSP ITBP troopers as well guarding our border at minus degree temperature.

It may be recalled that due to the heavy and excessive rains and incidents of cloud bursts in the Jhelum Rivulets’ front upper portion in the Neeti Valley, heavy boulders and lanslide blocked the Mallari highway creating complete bottlenecks for the border villagers and the BSF and ITBP troopers guarding the sensitive Indo China border.

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Scandals, cases of scams, disproportionate assets and corruption are not new in politics. During the era of the former prime minister Indira Gandhi the Tulmohan Ram and Naagarwala scandals including the unearthing of Rs. 3 crores from the then minister of telecommunication Sukhram during the UPA rule rocked parliament followed by good number of scams like the coal and common wealth corruption scandals and alleged disproportionate asset cases against leaders like Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayavati and the then union steel minister Virbhadra Singh etc have led us to the conclusion that scams in politics are like CHOLI DAMAN KA SAATH with politicians of the country.

Its a worldwide phenomena as well. While political parties in the opposition trade charges of political vindictiveness against the government in power at the centre to witch hunt their political foes misusing the investigative agencies, the same ruling party when dethroned from power repeat the same charge of political vendetta against the opposition when it comes to power.

This trend is going on for the last 70 years since we achieved independence but seldom are the political defaulters usually punished except in negligible cases. How, in some of most sensitive cases the highly responsible agencies like CBI and ED had proved to incompetent can be easily gauged from the accquital of the former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi in the most hyped Bofors case which changed governments and the recent controvertial Maxis Aircel and 2G spectrum case in which the the prime accused like former telecom minister G Raja, DMK leader Karunanidhi’s daughter n MP Kanimojhi and Daya nidhi Maaran etc got scot free after so much of hullaballoo and the then opposition exlpoiting such issues to the hilt to come to power at the centre.

Such instances of the acquittals of the prime accused only leads one to the conclusion of witch hunt by the government in power. When the National Herald case against Sonia , Rahul Gandhi and veteran leader and Congress treasurer Moti Lal Vohra were instituted during the curent political dispensation followed by the alleged involvement of the former finance minister P Chidambaram the Congress party created uproar in the both houses of parliament accusing the BJP led NDA government of political witch hunt to intentionally demoralise and harrass its arch political opponents.

The registration of the CBI case against P. Chidambaran just a day befor the tabling of the no confidence motion in the Lok Sabha has been labelled by the Congress party and UPA as taking political revenge from its arch political detractors.

The CBI case has been registered against the former union finance minister P. Chidambran and his son for illegally favouring the Maxis Aircell company of Mauritius by way of granting it official permission to invest Rs 3500 crores in contravention of the rules and regulations of Foreign Invention Promotion Board as the finance minister is only entitled to give the clearence upto the limit of Rs. 600 crores.

Any over limit than 600 crores requires the due approval of the cabinet committee on economic affairs which was not sought by Chidambaran while arbitrarily crossing his discreationery limit of approval. Not only this but after the approval granted by the minister finance Chidambaram’s son who was allegedly acting as a conduit to the Aircell Maxis Company, received several lakh rupees in his bank account which the investigative agency considers as the bribe given to him at the behest of his father, the then finance minister by the said company.

According to the CBI’s version, while registering the case against P. Chidamram, the latter has deliberately and knowing committed this illegal act or irregularity to help his son in league with the officials of the Foreigh Investment Promotion Board.

The matter is currently in the court of law and as such the fate of Chidamram lies in the court’s future judgement. But one thing is for sure that the way the prime investigation agency has been under question for the acquittal of several scamsters in the past its’ usually considered that involvement of white caller politicians is seldom proved?

Let’s see whether the agency is able to prove its worth by winning this case hands down and finally proving that its not a political witch hunt but a genuine and transparent case of misuse of power and position to favour a company with arbitrary and unfair means. What’s your take friends?

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Highly laudable ambivalent gesture by the Addl Chief Delhi High Court Justice Gita Mittal



The judiciary and the fourth estate of our country are indeed remarkable. There may be difference of opinions in an open democracy about the faith of section of the people in these institutions or about their style of functioning but as far as my personal opinion is concerned I have full confidence and trust in both of them except few negligible instances pertaining to various controversies taking place from time to time.

There are hundreds of examples that whenever the nation’s executive have failed to exercise their duties as per the constitutional norms it’s the forth estate and the judiciary that have played their vital role in highlighting the injustices confronted by the people and the judiciary intervening at an appropritate time to deliever due justice to the aggrieved whether it’s the trivial and most vexed issue of the the controvertial Jessica Lal murder case, the despicable killing of Nitish Katara or the 2012 Nirbhaya episode.

In all these most sensitive, shocking and anguishing cases of national and international concern ot was primarily the media and judicial trial that provided justice to the bereaved families resulting in change of governments and influencing public mindset to the core. As a sequel to these pro people judicial interventions a novel example of the judicial humility and ambivalence have been noticed, felt and experienced on 21st of July in Delhi High Court when the additional chief justice Gita Mittal stopped her hear in one of the ongoing matter in her court when parents and their children entered the courtroom with a request to issue directives to Delhi government to admit their 10 to 15 year old children in the government schools of Delhi who had been denied addmissions in various classes thus playing with their future.

On seeing about 52 children aged between 12 to 15 years in their school uniforms entering her courtroom peacefully the sombre, affable and ambivalent additional chief justice of Delhi High Court not only stopped the hearing of the ongoing case in between but also directed her private secretary to immediately arange snacks ( samosas) and cold drinks for the entire lot of school children.

She then patiently heart the plight of the distressed children and their parents and after feeling convinced of their genuine plight took immediate congnisance of their plight and issued urgent directives to the Delhi government to admit all the four hundred students in their respective schools under intimation to the court at the earliest possible.

The court was of the opinion that no government has any right to play with the future of the students and as such it is bound to admit these students in their respective classes and schools forthwith. It may be recalled that the Right to Education, an act enacted by the central government makes it mandatory for all the state and the union government to deliever free and compulsory education at least up to twelth standard in all the government and government aided schols of the country and this ambivalent gesture of the additional chief justice and two other justices deserve fullest appreciation and kudos for comig to the rescue of 400 children ofDelh8 wh were denied addmission in government schools for one reason or the other.

It is apt to menton here that the Delhi High Court Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal is the first woman in the field of law and justice to have been brstowed with the presigious ‘Nari Shakti Puraskar’, one of the India’s highest civilian honour for women.

The coveted Nari Shakti award was presented to her for her exemplary contribution in the upliftment of women community of the country. The award was presented to her in a private ceremony by the President at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on International Women’s Day.

Justice Mittal, who took over as Acting Chief Justice after the retirement of Justice G Rohini in April last year, has introduced many welcome changes in the functioning of the Delhi High Court. She has been closely monitoring the dispensation of justice in Delhi and has also initiated a clean-up drive of the lower judiciary.
What’s your take friends?

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The no confidence motion tabled against the BJP let NDA by the Telegu Desam Party and supported by the Congress and its UPA allies was defeated in Lok Sabha tonight as was expected.

Everybody, even the ruling NDA and the opposition Congress led UPA knew pretty well about the possible outcome of the no confidence motion tabled by TDP which recently left the company of NDA demanding special package for Andhra Pradesh.

The motion was defeated with the BJP led NDA securing 356 votes despite its three members not participating in the voting due to unforeseen circumstances while the non BJP opposition got 125 votes with the BJD’s 20, Shiv Sena’s 18 and TRS’s 11 law makers abstaining from voting. In all about 451 MPs participated in the voting.

While it was the great relief for the BJP and NDA as it could muster the additional support of AIADMK and feel satisfied in the abstension of its arch rival Shiv Sena and Biju Janata Dal. It is also believed that some of the non NDA members of Parliaments have also voted for government.

The basic purpose and objective of the no confidence motion by the non BJP opposition was primarily an exercise to revitalise and revive the anti BJP coalition that seems to be in the offing for the 2019 general election and it was also an effort to expose the present political dispensation on failures on unemployment, corruption, demonetisation, GST, agrarian distress, arbitrary Rafael deal, women insecurity and the rhetoric politics of prime minister Narendra Modi say the political analysts.

Today’s sitting amidst hectic deliberations continued for more than twelve hours with the lok Sabha starting at 11.00 AM and concluding at 11.30 PM after the voting on non confidence motion.

The house today witnessed the interesting and fiery speeches of Congress president Rahul Gandhi and prime minister Narendra Modi casting serious aspersions on each other.

The live telecast of the hectic debate on various news channels kept the people tuned to their TV sets especially in the evening when the prime minister Narendra Modi responded to the accusations of Rahul Gandhi in his most aggressive and a humorous speech ridiculing the Nehru Gandhi scion as a childish and irresponsible leader on various counts, particularly on sensitive matters pertaining to the security of the country.

The news and vedio clippings about Rahul Gandhi’s going towards the prime minister’s seat and embracing him after shaking hands and there after winking are being repeatedly exhibited on television screens of various news channels and in social networking sites as well.

This was indeed a historic moment never ever happened in the Lok Sabha history when the Congress leader or president of a party after giving a hard hitting and aggressive 40 minute speech against the prime minister goes to his seat, shakes hand with him and then hugs him.

While leaving , the Prime minister calls him again and pats him after whispering something in his ear. After Rahul occupied his seat he winked to one of his fellow lawmaker. The issue took a more interesting turn when union home minister Rajnath Singh instead of appreciating his gesture ridiculed by saying that he has started a Chipko movement in the house whereas the Congress leaders termed it as the Congress party’s gesture of harmony and amity.

The BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has however said that it was actually not a hug but a complete surrender of the Congress leader to Modi and The BJP.

Though the no confidence motion was tabled by the Telegu Desam Party which is not the UPA ally but the entire focus was on the Congress president Rahul Gandhi as if its the no confidence motion of the UPA. The Lok sabha has now been adjourned till Monday.

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In a rare gesture of decency, political flexibility and outstanding diplomacy the Congress president Rahul Gandhi to the utter surprise and shock of prime minister Narendra Modi went to the latter’s front row seat at the treasury benches in the Lok Sabha and hugged him in front of cameras’ making the prime minister stunned for a moment.

Another picture of his blinking his eyes after the speech has also become viral in the social networking sites like facebook, twitter and whatsapp reminding everyone of the South Indian actress who too became globally popular for her eye blinking style.

This rare and decent gesture of Congress president Rahul Gandhi after finishing his aggressive, fiery and to some extent a humorous speech levelling several serious charges of favoritism to the ultra rich and not caring for the poor and controvertial Rafael deal against Modi has infact established a healthy trend of morality and ambivalent gesture in the parliamentary history of the country though in the past too leaders like Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya and Jawahar Lal Nehru etc despite being one another’s arch political rivals used to talk, hug, and dine together.

But since the last two, three decades this trend of mutual trust, amity and brotherhood was missing to a great extent.

After Rahul went to the prime minister’s seat and expressed his gratitude stunned Modi shook hands with Rahul after a generous hug to the surprise and shock of one and all.

The entire television channels of the country are exhibiting this picture as a rare display of humanity and parliamentary decency with Congress and BJP leaders busy in tweets making it more humorous from their own ideological points of view.

In one of the tweets Tejaswi Uadav, Laloo’s son and leader of Janata Dal had loaded a picture of Rahul winking in parliament tweeting : Oh that wink my friend, Hit them (BJP) hard where it hurts. Congratulations for unearthing their mines of lies. Fantastic speech.

Another Rahul fan tweets: Our leader #RahulGandhi is an inherently decent person. Hugs the PM though we are on opposite sides. PM Modi says sabka saath but can’t embrace those lynched by mobs inspired by RSS-BJP politics. #NoConfidenceMotion.

Similarly Indian Express tweets : By coming back to his seat Rahul Gandhi emphasised that by his act of embracing prime minister Narendra Modi he wanted to show the difference between the ideology of the Congress and the BJP.

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The Congress President Rahul Gandhi was today in a very matured and eloquent form. His speech on the no confidence motion tabled by the Telegu Desam Party in the Lok Sabha in the presence ofthe prime minister Narendra Modi and his entire cabinet was a fiery one with the opposition benches creating uproar and disturbance in between.

While the prime minister was seen smiling  but his posture seemed to be bit demoralised, particularly when the Nehru Gandhi family scion levelled one after another allegatons in a highly powerful tone terming him as the prime minister with repeated rhetorics (JUMLAS) who had during the four year rule has completely belied the hopes and aspirations of the poor, down troddens, youths, women, small and medium entrepreneurs and minorities of the country. He started his speech terming prime minister Narendra Modi as the PM with Jumlas who belied the hopes of all the sections of the society.

He catagorically said PM’s rhetoric number one was : We’ll bring the black money stacked in foreign banks and fill the back accounts of every Indian with Rs.15 lakh each with treasury benches creating uproar and the opposition  members thumping their desks in appreciation of their leader.

Rahul added his JUMLA number two was, he’ll provide two crore jobs to our unemployed youths of the country who were looking towards him with great expectations.

But what happened on the contrary, he asked ? The BJP government under his PM ship shattered all the hopes of the youngsters and could only provide jobs to merely 4 lakh people of the country.

Comparing Indian government’s job providing capability with China Rahul said that while China provides 50000 people employment in mere every 24 hours,  our government could shamefully manage only with 400 employments.

Taking a dig at the prime minister’s crusade against corruption Congress President Rahul Gandhi castigated Narendra Modi for favoring the few ultra rich by helping them with contracts worth thousands of crores while not at all caring for the poor and the down troddens of the country, his obvious reference to the Ambanies and the Adanies without naming them..

Accusing the BJP led NDA government Rahul catagorically said that a Rafale Jet which costed Rs 520 crores during the UPA governments tenure all of a sudden inflated its cost to Rs 1720 crores. Amidst laughs from the treasury benches Rahul asked I don’t know what magic Modiji has created after meeting the french that the cost of the aircraft got raised from 500 crores to 1720 crores.

Looking on an attacking mode Rahul Gandhi accused the PM n the union BJP government of arbitrarily favoring a company that had no past experience in defence production thus allegedly giving it a huge beneficial contract of Rs. 35000 crores. Doubting the integrity of the present defence minister Rahul Gandhi said that when he asked the government to make the rates and other deals unambiguous about Rafael with the French govt. she denied giving any information saying that it can’t be revealed as there is an agrrement of secrecy signed with French on their insistence.

But when I ( Rahul) personally met and equired about any such secrecy pact the French president outrightly denied saying that its a blatent lie. Such is the character of this government he said. However, the defence minister Dr. Nirmala Sitaraman and the members of the treachery strongly raised objections and agreed to give the minister chance to rebutt Rahul’s charges.

He also raised the issue of the the BJP chief Amit Shah’s son Jayant’s bank account swelling by 16000% from mere Rs. 50000 to 80 crores ans asked if this is BJP’s real crusade against corruption.

However after the house resumed for discussion the speaker Dr. Sumitra Mahajan though in a light mood raised objections to personal accusations with names in order to maintain the dignity of the house referring to Rahul Gandhi’s personal reference to Dr. Nirmala Sitaraman in the context of her alleged lie about signing a secret pact of not revealing the details of the Rafael deal to the opposition parties of the country.

While Rahul Gandhi looked quite seious after his speech occupying his seat prime minister Modi was seen smiling during Rahul’s attacking speech while the members in the treasury benches vociferously opposing Rahul trying to obstruct his eloquence at times.

Meanwhile strongly rebutting the charge of Rahul Gandhi about the secrecy deal with the french government in the cintext of the Rafale deal, defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman said that the Congress president’s accusations are entirely wrong and baseless as the deal was signed not during her tenure but in 2008 when the UPA government was ruling at the centre.

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The naxal problem has assumed gigantic proportion in various states of the country with Chattisgarh being the most talked about state where killings of the security forces and the maoists in the counter insurgency operations have almost become the order of the day.

The states like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra in Gadchiroli, Chattisgarh in Dhantewada, Odhissa in particular are the main centres which are interconnected in terms of naxal activities.The grusome and diabolical killings of 76 troopers in Dantewaada in 2010 followed by the recent killings of several other security forces jawans in the same district through land mine bombings and lynching of the Congress president of Chattisgarh including several other politicians few years ago are some of the gravest incidents that have finally compelled the union home ministry to start a special drive to wipe out the increasing naxal invasion and as a result the security forces have started their deep combing operations in several naxalite infested areas of the country with Chattisgarh’s Dantwada being the centre of special focus.

If we go by the statistics of some of the major terror atacks by the naxalite insurgents in Chattisgarh alone during the last eight years since 2010 the total naxalite killing figure shockingly comes to over 274 numbers which includes the lynchings of security forces troopers in Dantewaada in 2010 , Bheji in 2017, Jhiram in May, 2013, Tadmelta in April 2010, Narayanpur, in June 29, 2010 and in Beejapur on March 15, 2013.

Just yesterday, the Chattisgarh police has achieved a huge success in killing 11 hard core Maoists that included three women in an encounter that lasted for several hours.

In the month of April too the Maharashtra police and the security forces had killed more than thirty naxalites in the naxalite infested Kasnapur forests in Gadchiroli considered to be one of the most sensitive maoist hide outs.

The union home minister Rajnath Singh and the home secretary Rajeev Gauba has said that the naxalites are slowly but steadily losing their areas of influence in the country compared to the situation in 2010 and the rate of naxalite fatalities have also come down considerably as the government of India has not only allocated over 1000 crores for the anti naxal insurgency operations as well as for carrying out developmental projects in the naxal infested areas but has also armed the security forces with the hi tech unmanned areal vehicles, latest guns and automatic rifles, anti bomb resistence equipments , shoes and other techological devices.

There were earlier in all 140 districts in the country which were badly inflicted with naxal menace but the number has now come down to ninety. During the UPA government anti naxal cobra force was also established to counter the naxalite attacks in various parts of the country but little is heard about them now.

Hundreds of thousands of crores have so far been spent by the central and state governments to effectively deal with the increasing Naxal menace but little is heard in terms of countering this deadly problem.

The intelligence agencies, the security forces involved in the anti maoist operations and the state police of the naxal infested areas should maintain the best possible coordination in order to counter the growing naxalite activities compounded with developmental projects like roads’ infrastructure, water, health, agricultural and educational facilities for the tribal population of these naxal infested areas. What’s your take, friends?

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The nation has today lost a renowned literateur, eminent and towering poet Gopal Das Neeraj who was honoured with coveted and most prestigious awards of the country viz. Padmabhushan and Padmashree and who carried behind him a vast fan following amongst the educated and the intellectual classes of the nation.

Neeraj breathed his last today at the AIIMS, New Delhi at 7.30 PM. He was addmitted to AIIMS on Wednesday evening after his condition deteriorated in a private hospital in Agra called Lotus Hospital.

He was suffering from the bacterial and fungal infection revealed his medical reports.

A highly reverred and extremely popular poet of the country who’d also scripted songs for several Bollywood movies Gopal Das Neeraj was born on 4th January 1925 in Agra, Uttar Pradesh during the British rule.

Hailing primarily from village Purawali in Ettawa his surname was Saxena. His father Brij Kishore Saxena passed away when Neeraj was just 6 years old.

Having been brought up in extreme poverty Gopal Das Neeraj passed his high school securing a good first division and later on served as a typist in a local court followed by another job in a shop at a picture hall and finally arrived at Delhi to serve in a municipal office as a typist.

After leaving the job here, he again served as a clerk in Kanpur and thereafter as typist at the office of Balkatt brothers.

In 1953 he completed his post graduation in Hindi securing a good first division. He thereafter served as a Hindi lecturer in Meerut college from where he was reprimanded and shunted out for regularly missing classes and having been involved in a romance with a girl.

Thereafter Neeraj shifted to Aligarh on permanent basis and got a job of a Hindi lecturer in Dharm Samaj college. He started his career as a poet from Aligarh where he used to participate in various Kavi Sammelans and Mushaaiyraas.

Neeraj thereafter became quite famous and was being continuously invited in prestigious poet conferences at an all India level inaugurated by distinguished political personalities and renowned dignitories.

His name and fame as a renowned poet spread nationally. He was invited by film producers and directors from Mumbai to write lyrics for various new films.

Neeraj could’nt afford to miss this golden opportunity and he shifted to Mumbai. He scripted songs for several popular films like Mera Naam Joker, Prem Pujari, Sharmeeli etc which were super duper hits.

As a result in 2017 he was felicitated with prestigious Padma Bhushan and many other coveted awards. However, Neeraj could’nt confine himself more in the Bollywood industry and came back to Aligarh participating thereafter in various national and international poetry conferences very often.

He was addicted to whisky and smoking. At the age of 88 Gopal Das Neeraj finally baded Good Bye to this world on 19th July 2018 creating a massive and huge vaccum in the literary and poetic world. ALVIDA NIRAJJI.

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