China directs Pakistan to shunt Hafiz Sayeed out of the country



An extremely significant political development has come into effect that the traditional ally of Pakistan which has been till date promoting Pakistan in all its anti India endeavours like obstructing international terrorist and head of Jamaait Ul Dawa Mohammed Azar as being labelled as International terrorist in the UN list and India’s entry in the prestigious Nucleur Suppliers Group etc has now castigated Pakistan for aiding and abetting the dreaded terrorist and Mumbai’s 21/ 11 mastermind that killed 160 people and directed Pakistan to send him to any country of the West with immediate effect as the latter is considered to be the greatest threat to the entire Asian Subcontinent.

China’s recent directive to Pakistan in the context of the dreaded terrorist Hafiz Sayeed is being assesed in International forum as China’s vindication of India’s stand that Pakistan had been consistently sponsering terrorists in its periphery particularly the hard core terror sponsers like Lashkare Tayyeba chief Hafiz Sayeed and Jamait Ul Dava’s Mohammed Azhar but had been always turning a blind eye thus boosting Pakistan’s morale to carry on its anti India stance.

Even China’s bete niore USA has also held Pakistan responsible for sponsering terror activities in Afghanistan, India and the Western world and had stopped the annual military aid after Donald Trump assumed the significant office of the US presidentship. Trump literally scolded Pakistan’s political and military leadership of openly supporting terrorists and and terror sanctuaries in various parts of Pakistan including POK and misusing the American Aid by aiding and abetting terror than to eliminating them from their land. As a sequel to this threat Donald Trump stopped the financial aid till Pakistan really proves its mettle in dismentalling the terror camps and terrorists

The entire credit for the sudden change of dragon’s mind in asking Pakistan to shunt Hafiz Sayeed out of the country is being attributed to Prime minister Narendra Modi and the NSA Ajit Doval die hard efforts and meticulous diplomacy, who had done tremendous ground work on this pivotal issue and finally proved successful in convincing the Chinese head Xi Zingping to apply pressure on the Pak leadership who are fully in the grip of him and can in no way avoid his directives.

Today China is running the economy of Pakistan which is literally shattered, particularly after stopping of the financial aid to Pakistan by USA. The country is tremendous financial crunch not even able to pay the interests against the huge international borrowings.

Half of the POK is under Chinese occupation through its heavy investment in China Pakistan Economic corridor worth 40 billion USD.

The national elections in Pakistan are also due in the near future and China who had tremendous stake in Pakistan would never like that dreaded and hard core terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed and his political off shoots enter the Pak assembly creating problems for dragons in future.

Hence in the interest of India, China and rest of the western world crushing such hard core terrorists is the need of the hour.

However, it still remains to be seen as to how much strongly and credibly Pakistan acts on Chinese instructions on the issue of Hafiz Sayeed and if the dragon is really serious and honest on this issue.

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  1. Niharika Ghia

    May 24, 2018 at 3:06 PM

    China has discovered massive gold ,silver and other precious minerals in large quantities near Arunachal pradesh. They have already started mining there. The BSF have already cautioned and alerted the authorities. Be prepared for war in the next few years. Who does not want to explore massive wealth even if.its right near the border ?

    • Sunil Negi

      May 26, 2018 at 7:18 AM

      Hoe wasr never happens.Thanks for u r valuable comments

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Mr. Khattar you’ll have to answer this?



Oh no! 4 siblings in Surajkund, Faridabad die of abject poverty. All of them hang themselves. Few of them have not eaten for the last 72 hours. Their brother and parents had died earlier.

They had the inflated electricity bill of Rupees 25 thousands roughly and were not able to pay the house rent of 10000 per month, except rupees 7000 only and that too after great efforts as none of the family member was employed.

The entire family was completely dejected and was in grave economic crisis. This is the worst disastrous situation any family could ever confront suffering from abject poverty and finally constrained to commit suicide by hanging. So tortuous mentally, psychologically and from humane angle.

Where were the neighbours? Where were the so called government agencies and the NGOs and even the social welfare department of the government of Haryana.

Sounds totally irrational, shocking, anguishing and brutal that a christian family living in a residential colony went un noticed by the concerned department of the government and the neighbours and various social organisations that boast so much of taking due care of the have nots, the poor and the hapless.

The church has come to the rescue of the family, finally after the four siblings committed suicide but never thought of their welfare and well being when they were actually passing through the real upheavals and trauma of life.

The honest and transparent family never thought of seeking the government’s relief and the support of the social organisations but was it not the due vigilance and the sole responsibility of the government, the police, the neighbours and their near and dear ones’s to look after their interest, welfare and well being before they were constrained to take such a drastic step of commiting a cumulative suicide just because they were unable to pay the rent and the 25 thousand inflated bill of the electricity department of Haryana n the rent of the house they lived in.

Our governments talk so much of housing for all, Ayushman Bharat insurance scheme, guaranting free treatment for all, various schemes of free food for all, housing for all etc but can’t guarantee the economic, food and social security to such families who die of hunger, economic disparity and emotional trauma in the broad day light committing suicides through hanging just because the government of the state could not provide meals, jobs, and requisite necessities to the actuallly deserving families, particularly of the downtroddens and the minorities like Christians.

Mr. Khatter the chief minister of Haryana, you will have to answer this question in all earnestness and with total integrity. How long will families in acute financial distress die in your state? This is the moot question. The nation needs an answer from you? Whats your take friends?

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Kejrival tightens his belt to win majority of parliamentary seats in Delhi



While the Bhartiya Janata Party, Congress and the Bahujan Samaj Party are busy in the five state elections trying hard to score victories slated for next month, the Aam Admi Party in Delhi has also initiated its pre election door to door campaign in various parliamentary constituencies of Delhi, particularly New Delhi, East Delhi and the North Delhi with Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival, Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia, ministers Gopal Rai and Satyendra Jain meeting electorates and also holding closed door corner meetings.

While the national elections are still 9 months behind and the elections of the national capital tertitory are in 2020 even further behind, the Aam Admi party born out of the movement of crusador against corruption Anna Hazaare, do not want to take any chance as the party is quite weak in terms of budget and money power as compared to mighty BJP , which is in power at the centre as well as in 19 other states of the country.

The Bhartiya Janata Party which considers Delhi as its traditional stronghold is all geared up to take on AAP fully, despite the unambiguous fact that it has been out of power in the capital for the last two decades, first conceding defeat to Congress led by Shiela Dikshit for 15 long years and lateron to AAP in the previous election.

The reason behind the AAM ADMI PARTY’S hectic preparatory door to door campaign in Delhi so early is primarily because the organisational structure of the former is too disorganised and non professional as majority of its office bearers and lawmakers are inexperienced having won for the first time. Moreover, there have never been any attempt by the party chief to reorganise the party at the decentralised block levels as a cohesive organisation, as majority of its functionaries are busy in the governmental affairs.

If one compares the organisational structure of AAP with the well knitted party organisation of Congress and BJP, AAP is far behind except for the fact that it has definitely been successful in regaining the confidence of the lower middle class and the majority of the voters of J. J. Clusters and the un authorised colonies on issues such as water, electricity, health and education, but that’s also needs to be translated into votes during the elections which is a very urgent neccesity of the party. Hence the party chief and the Delhi chief minister is trying to energise the party workers and the leaders to respond to the peoples’ wishes and demands.

Hence the door to door campaign has been activated to reach to the general public as well as to the cross sections of the people. The chief minister has also given a call for collecting subscribtion from the common people at the grassroots as well the low amd medium businessmen to give the impression that AAP is without funds and that it would fight the parliamentary as well as the state elections on the peoples’ money not on the donations from the big business houses as is the case with Congress, BJP, SP or the BSP.

The party is also banking on the traditional minority votes, votes of the Uttarakhandies and Poorvanchalies including that of Punjabies and other sections of the society. In order to appease these sections, the Aam Admi Party government has established language academies of all the sections of the society viz Uttarakhandi, Bengali, Odiya, Bhojpuri etc etc.

Not only this but has also increased funds for Chat Puja, a festival of Bihar and Uttarayini of Uttrakhand. Not only this but the AAP is also raking up the issue of arbitrary price hike in metro fares including that of the diesal n petrol and is assuring the electorates of taking it up with the government to bring them down by hook or by crook.

During the door to door campaign Kejrival was confronted with angly n furious crowd who’d complained about lack of drinking water, cleanliness, electricity problems and the local elected representatives not attending to these problems. The tone and tenor of the electorates was that of a completely dissatisfied voter with Kejrival and health minister Satyendra Jain in a defensive postute.

The biggest loser in Delhi so far has been the Congress party which has despite its best effort not able to restore its minority, J. J. cluster and unauthorised vote bank which has been grabbed by the Aam Aadmi Party since the previous victory.

However, there is no denying the fact that many prominent leaders like Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav, Ashutosh, Khaitaan, professor Anand Kumar and others have left the party but hardly moved by these developments strong, viable, energetic and fearless Arvind Kejrival is marching ahead with his all powerful juggernaut having pleged to win majority of the Delhi’s parliamentary seats from the BJP.

He has recently tried his best to offer two parliamentary seats of Delhi to popular but controvertial Patna MP and former Bollywood star Shatrughan Sinha and the former union minister Yashwant Sinha though they have still not responded to his offer. Let’s see what comes out of it in the near future?

It may be recalled that AAP has 66 lawmakers in Delhi assembly and three MPs from Delhi in the upper house whereas it represents 4 MPs from Punjab.

However, the crux of the story is this time it would not be convenient for AAP n Arvind Kejrival to clear the decks. He will have to do a lot of hard work n fight against all odds to see of he can really make out ?

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Kejrival blames BJP for instigating the petrol pump dealers strike. Charges BJP of pressuring pump owners to call the strike.



Kejrival blames BJP for backing the petrol pump dealers strike. Charges BJP of instigating pump owners to call the strike.

The strike by about four hundred petrol n diesal dealers n petrol pump owners in Delhi has made the lives of Delhi citizens in a real mess with commuters going to offices, students to schools, colleges n entrepreneurs conducting small and medium size businesses suffering tremendously.

The striking petrol pump owners are demanding withdrawal of VAT on petrol prices as the rates of petrol, diesal are skyrocketing in the capital despite Rs. 2.5 decrease in the price of petrol per litre by the union government which has ultimately resulted in lessening of the sale of diesal by more than 25 percent including petrol thus affecting their margin of profit and simultaneously putting the Delhites to inconvenience, particularly those who regularly use the fourwheelers and two wheelers.

The public transport i.e. the already lerhargic DTC has also suffered adversely with buses going off the roads in majority of the routes compelling people n students to either skip their offices, schools, colleges or businesses and board metros paying more.

The majority of the cab services, public transport and private transports have been adversely affected in the capital where about 70 lakh or more vehicles big or small ply on the Delhi n NCR roads on daily basis.

The chief minister of Delhi who’d always been criticizing the union government as well as the entire non BJP opposition parties against the petrol n LPG price hike accusing it of not withdrawing the taxes on the petro products has not given any assurance to the striking petrol pump owners regarding withdrawal of the VAT, which is the state subject, as certain state governments have withdrawn VAT on petro products in their respective states, particularly the BJP led Rajasthan government who’d reduced the petrol rates by 2.5 Rupees per litre.

Instead, clever and vociferous Kejrival has put the blame on the union govt accusing it and the saffron party of being the party behind the strike by way of allegedly threatening them that in case the Delhi petrol pump owners don’t go on strike against the AAP government it will get their pumps raided by the income tax authorities.

Subsequently the oil companies have also allegedly threatened the petrol pump dealers to resort to strike failing which the cosequences would be disastrous. Kejriwal has tweeted this in his twitter handle today. A serious charge indeed.

Apart from this tweet Kejriwal has today in another tweet written: Oil prices lowest in Delhi amongst the four metros. Why aren’t the petrol pumps in Mumbai, which has highest prices, on strike. Because Mumbai is the BJP government and the BJP government is behind the strike in Delhi.

The BJP government should apologise to the people of Delhi. In another tweet in Hindi Kejriwal writes: the Modi government has imposed ” Anaap Shanaap” irregular taxes on petrol. Not we. Modiji should lessen the taxes and give relief to the people. We demand that petrol, diesal should be brought under the ambit of GST.

Why is the central government not bringing the petrol, diesal under the jurisdiction of the Goods and Services Tax tweeted Kejrival. His tweets acknowleged thousands of likes n retweets.

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Last Adieu to political stalwart N D Tiwari



leaders paying tribute to NDT before cremation in Chitraghat, Almora, Uttarakhand


The 93 year old veteran Congress leader and three time UP and one time UK chief minister Narayan Dutt Tiwari has been given the last farewell today when he was consigned to flames at the Chitra Sheela Ghat at Haldwani in the presence of thousands of his followers.

Late Narayan Dutt Tiwari breathed his last at the Max Hospital Saket on 18th October coincidently on the day he was born. It was his 93rd birthday having born on 18th October 1925 in his village in Kumaon Uttarakhand. The Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, the state minister of Textiles Ajay Tamata, the former chief mnister and MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhroyal, Nishank, the Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress Committee president Pritam Singh, the BJP chief of Uttarakhand Ajay Bhatt several state ministers, MP’ s and MLAs including a good number of late leaders followers were present at his funeral.

Prior to his cremation his body was kept in Delhi and Lucknow where the national leaders including former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi n Rahul Gandhi including several VIPs laid wraths and paid last floral tributes. After the sad departure of ND Tiwari the last political stalwart of the Nehru- Indira era has gone.
Born on 18th October 1925 in a tiny village of Uttarakhand N. D Tiwari was greatly influenced by the freedom movement and despitehis father not able to fund his higher education went to Allahabad and passed MA in first division winning the Gild medal.

He actively participated in the freedom movement and was recognised by Nehru n later Indira Gandhi for his immense political acumen.
Primarily a socialist in the first election in Uttar Pradesh after the independence for the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly held in 1952, he was elected from Nanital constituency and became an MLA for the first time on Praja Samajwadi Party ticket. In 1957, he was elected from the Nainital legislative constituency, and became the leader of Opposition in the Assembly.
In 1963, Tiwari joined the Indian National Congress party, and was elected Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from the Kashipur constituency in 1965 and was subsequently appointed a minister in the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

After that he also remained Minister for Finance and Parliamentary Affairs in the Chaudhary Charan Singh Government (1979–1980). In 1968, he established Jawaharlal Nehru National Youth Centre (JNNYC), a voluntary organisation. He remained the first President of Indian Youth Congress from 1969 to 1971.
Tiwari was the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh for three yerms: from January 1976 to April 1977, from August 1984 to September 1985 and from June 1988 to December 1988. He was elected to 7th Lok Sabha in 1980, and served as a union minister in several portfolios in the 1980s: starting with Planning, and also remained Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission.

Thereafter he became a member of Rajya Sabha 1985-1988, during this period he also remained the Minister of Industries in September 1985 and in addition to that portfolio, became minister of Petroleum in 1986. He then served as India’s External Affairs Minister from October 1986 until July 1987, at which point he became Minister of Finance and Commerce. He served in that position until June 1988, when he became chief minister of Uttar Pradesh for the third time.

He was an unsuccessful contender to be Prime Minister of India in the early 1990s but was pipped to the post by P. V. Narasimha Rao. In 1994, he resigned from Congress and formed his own All India Indira Congress (Tiwari) along with senior Congress leader, Arjun Singh in 1995. He joined back when Sonia Gandhi came at the helm of affairs of the party two years later, and after a devastating defeat of the party under Narasimha Rao during the general elections in 1996. Tiwari was elected to the 11th Lok Sabha in 1996, and again to the 13th Lok Sabha in 1999.
He later served as the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, which was carved out of Uttar Pradesh, from 2002 through 2007. He resigned on 5 March 2006, citing his age and left office in March 2007 following setbacks from his party in the state elections.

Narayan Dutt Tiwari was appointed as Governor of Andhra Pradesh on 19 August 2007 and was sworn in on 22 August. Following a controversy over his involvement in a sex scandal, he resigned as the Governor on 26 December 2009, citing “health grounds”; subsequently he relocated to Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
He married Dr. Smt Ujjwala Sharma at the age of 88 and accepted Rohit Shekhar as his biological son who had gone to the court to claim his right as the biological son aling with her mother who wanted to be called his legal wife.

On 18 January 2017, along with his son Rohit Shekhar Tiwari (Advocate & Former Advisor, Government of Uttar Pradesh) and his wife Dr. Smt. Ujjwala Tiwari, Tiwari gave his blessings and support to Narendra Modi and the BJP for the assembly elections held in the states of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh in presence of BJP President Amit Shah in the name of development.

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Is the Railways really faultless or scot free in the Amritsar tragedy?



Railway minister of state Manoj Sinha, union minister Railways Piyush Goyal and the Railway Board chairman Ashwani Lohani

The political parties of the country have no right to play politics on the corpses of the deceaseds of the most despicable killings by the two trains in extreme speed in Amritsar on the day of Vijaydashmi claiming 60 lives and grievously injuring more than 50 innocent persons.

Sounds really shocking that while the Punjab government led by the Congress party has ordered an enquiry into the whole episode the report of which would be tabled in four days including the instant announcement of the compensation of 5 lakh rupees each to the bereaved family of those bludgeoned in this horrible mishapening compounded with the 2 lakh rupees compensation by the union government, the adamant Railway department has not taken the courage to either institute the enquiry for the alleged lapse on its part nor has it exhibited the courage n decency to compensate the completely ruined bereaved families monetarily.

Despite the hard fact that the entire agencies of the state government and the railways had been allegedly guilty for mishandling the situation leading to this most tragic mishappening the balme game has started with every agency trying to come scot free as they were only the public or the deceased who were responsible and not the Railways or the state government.

What is most worrisome is the fact that the Railway ministry has expressed its total ignorance or had come in the denial mode despite the known fact that the people had been crushed or mowed down under the speeding trains , MDU n the Amritsar bound express thus destroying the the future of several traumatic families who’d lost their near and dear ones’ and the sole bread earners.

Where will they go now ? How will they survive ? Is Rs 7 lakh provided to them as monetary compensation would suffice for the distressed families for survival during their entire lives.

Sounds completely irrational and shocking. The union minister of the Railways Piyush Goyal who is currently in the US in connection with the official work has continued his stay there though he had earlier promised to come to India cancelling all engagements.

The state minister of Railways Manoj Sinha who was very prompt to visit the tragedy site in Amritsar says that the trains are meant to ply in speed and since they were not informed by the Punjab administration in advance about the Vijaydashmi event despite the fact that the effigy burning programme had been happening since long in this ground near the open railway tracks, there is no reason for him to order for an enquiry.

He added : I have personally visited the site and examined every aspect of the mishappening and found that the Railways were not at all at fault, then what for is the need for any enquiry ?

The chairman of the Railway Board Ashwani Lohani says that the railway lines are not meant to squat, loiter or stand on them hence the accident occured. And as such how is the Railways responsible for this tragedy ?

The point is if the Railways are not responsible under whose trains this heart rendering and treacherous massacre occured, then who is respinsible ? The trains were of the railways, plying on full speed, the tracks are of the railways.

The moot point is if functions are organised in the open ground situated near the open Railway tracks every year and the railways as well as the local administration very well knows that the people of the adjacent colonies cross the tracks usually and even witness events from here then why had the railways not constructed boundaries along the railway tracks to avoid the tress passers cross them, especially when the tracks are attached with the ground ?

Where was the Railway police to avoid this tragic mishappening and how long will such horrible accidents continue to happen in railway tracks close to such grounds where functions are held ?

Simply passing on the bucks on other agencies won’t do. Analysts say that since there is the government of the Congress in the state and the BJP is at the centre the entire episode has assumed political character with both the parties and governments accusing each other by shifting the blame game on the other side. This is most inhuman and uncalled for.

Under such circumstances the Punjab Government and the Railways should have taken the cumulative responsibility on their shoulders together and have instead of shying away from owning the responsibilty for this huge lapse must have jountly come forward and adequately compensated each and every family of the deceaseds n grievously injured and punish the guilty to maintain the highest traditions of decency n morality.

There was a time when the former Railway ministers like late P. M. Lal Bahadur Shastri n late Madhav Rao Scindia had resigned from their respective posts when accidents occured to maintain the greatest tradition of morality and decency in public life but unfortunately, now even after 60 tragic deaths no minister at the helm seems to have bothered to take the moral respinsibilty n show valour to resign on moral grounds?

What’s your take friends?

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The guilty of the Amritsar train massacre should not go unpunished, enquiry by a High Court judge mandatory ?



Its indeed shocking, highly traumatic and anguishing beyond imagination that when the entire country was involved in celebrating Vijaydashmi, a festival of triumph of truth over evil with full gaiety and fervour , several of our brothers and sisters were dying of unbearable pain while being ruthlessly crushed under the two speeding trains in Amritsar, Punjab and several others badly injured losing their body parts.

Never ever in the history of any train accident after partition has such a tragic killing happened in which two speedily running trains in opposite directions, mercilessly crush more than a hundred people merrily watching a religious event taking the 60 lives on the spot and grievously injuring over 40 persons having lost their vital body parts.

The Punjab government has announced official holiday for 20th October as a mark of shock in honour of those killed in this incident. It’s no less than a massacre say the people present on the spot who’ d lost their own blood relations and the near and dear ones.

The visibly moved chief minister of Punjab captain Amrinder Singh has sanctioned Rs 5 lakh as monetary compensation to each of the bereaved family of the deceased immediately and ordered free treatment of each and every injured even if it is in any high profile private hospital.

The tragedy took place in the constituency of the former cricketer and minister in the Punjab Congress government Navjyot Singh Sidhu. The union Railway minister of state Manoj Sinha has already left for the accident spot while the union Railway minister Piyush Goyal has cut short his US visit and is coming back to India, by tomorrow.

The Punjab chief minister Captai Amrinder Singh too has cancelled his pre fixed visit to Israel where he was slated to go to sign certain MOUs for the state’s develoment.

The prime minister Narendra Modi and the finance minister Arun Jaitley have expressed their heartfelt grief and condolences to the bereaved families and assured of all possible assistence from he centre.

There have been massive resentment n anger against the wife of Nav Jyot Singh Sidhu as well who was the chief guest at the Vijay Dashmi function. People annoyed and angered with her said that not only was she late in the function because of which the effigy burning got late and people in such a large number killed but at the time of the tragedy she left the place intentionally, instead of helping and evacuating the injured to the hospital.

There have been many faults and discrepencies which if not happened, this massive tragedy could have been averted/avoided. People say that the organisers of the programme which took place in Nav Jyot Singh Sidhu’s constituency, have not sought the official permission. Secondly the railway authorities had not been informed about the event so as to ensure that the train to pass from the event area colud have either been delayed or its speed decreased to avoid this tragedy. Thirdly, the organisors should have avoided this place when they knew that the railway lines/ tracks are too near to the ground where the event was being held. Fourth, the local police or the railway authorities should have been vigilantly on duty near the railway tracks to instruct the audience/ people not to sit or stand on or near the railway lines, particularly at the time of the arrival of the trains n fifth, the guards of the nearest railway station should have been informed quite in advance to give the pre information to the train driver to decrease the speed of the train in the evening hours when the effigy of the Ravana, Meghanath and Kumbh Karna were to be burnt.

Had these instructions been followed this tragic and most horrible accident could have been avoided. But the point is who cares? Latest report suggest that till now over 60 peoples’ death have been confirmed n forty persons are grievously injured some having lost their hands n legs while some badly struggling for survival.

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Sixty feared dead as two trains crush people watching Ravana effigy burning in Amritsar at 7.00 PM today



crowd standing near the accident site at Amritsar where 50 people have been unfortunately crushed under the trains

About sixty persons are feared dead in Amritsar as the speeding train crushed them while they were watching the Rawan Dahan at the Joda Faatak area of Amritsar. The death toll may exceed more than hundred say news sources.

Hundred of persons with their families were busy watching the burning of the effigies of Ravana n Meghnath. The police authorities who’d expressed the casualties from forty to fifty earlier have now confirmed the total death tally at sixty n are still apprehensive that the figure may go up to more than hundred. The injureds have been ferried to hospital while the unacounted bodies in multilated condition lying scattered here and there.

According to the police there was tremendous crowd in the ground. While the Effigies were burning there was bursting of crackers and people out of fear ran towards the track which are quite near the ground and all of a sudden two trains, one Howrah n another DMU came in speed from both the directions simultaneously, crushing people most gruesomely with their badly mutilated body parts lying here and there.

People are badly angered, furious and shocked over this most tragic incident claiming over fifty lives. This is the constituency of Navjyot Singh Sidhu and people are badly annoyed and angered against him as his wife who was present in the function as the chief guest disappeared from the scene.

This is the massive tragedy in the recent times. Sounds shocking as to why the authorities have given permission to the mela management to organise the effigy burning event on Vijay Dashmi when there are no arrangements of safety of the people knowing very well that the rail tracts are just adjacent to the ground where people gather in hundreds. The point is why has the raikway authorities not delayed the trains knowing very well that the Effigy burning event on Vijay Dashmi as usual is taking place at the venue extremely close to railway lines/ tracts.

Police fear that the deaths might be more than fifty n can exceed to hundred/ two hundred. It is said that dozens of people were standing/ sitting on the tracts and when the crackers exploded/ burst all of a sudden people ran towards the tract n got crushed under two trains coming n going in the opposite directions. There is panic all around the accident site. The source of the news is PTC being flashed by TV channels. People say that the permission to organised the MELA was not sought nor the railway authorities informed accordingly.

The visibly moved chief minister has announced the financial compensation of Rs. five lakhs to the families each of the deceased in this tragedy and has directed the home secretary, health secretary n the state police chief to reach the accidental spot immediately. The CM Captain Amrinder Singh has also left for Amritsar.

The prime minister Narendra Modi has expressed his grief over this tragic incident by tweeting: Extremely saddened by the train accident in Amritsar. The tragedy is heart wrenching. My deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their loved ones and I pray that the injured recover quickly. Have asked officials to provide immediate assistence that is required.

Meanwhile the union finance minister Arun Jaitley has also blamed the Punjab administration for being completely negligent by not seeking permission and awaring the authorities concerned to exercise restraint. He assured of the complete support and assistence of the government towards the victims, injureds and the bereaved families.

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Manmohan, Sonia, Rahul and TSR pay last respects to late N. D. Tiwari. Last rites at Kathgodam on Sunday.



The former president of AICC Sonia Gandhi, former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and the present Congress chief Rahul Gandhi were among the several significant political dignitories who laid wrath at the body of the veteran Congress leader, former union minister and chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand late Narayan Dutt Tiwari, today at his Tilak Marg residence in New Delhi.

The political Secretary to Sonia Gandhi Ahmed Patel, former union ministers and senior Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad, Anand Sharma, and Congress general secretary Harish Rawat also laid wraths on late N. D. Tiwari’s body.

The chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat and his cabinet colleagues also laid their floral tributes n last respects to the former Uttarakhand CM late N. D. Tiwari.

The body of the late leader would be flown to lucknow on Saturday where it will be kept for open Darshan for the whole day and thereafter taken to Uttarakhand, Kathgodam for the last rites n cremation.

Late Narayan Dutt Tiwari suffered a cardiac arrest on 18th October, coincidently on his birthday at Max Hospital Saket where he was on ventilator since last September after several of his vital body parts like lungs, kidneys etc became non functional.

He was under regular medication n monitoring and the docters trying their best to revive him failed finally on 18th Sept after he suffered the massive cardiac arrest.

He earlier suffered from the brain stroke when addmitted last September and was on regular medication but gradually impacted other vital parts. His half body portion was also paralysed. He was 93 years old.

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Prime minister Narendra Modi pays obeisance to God of miracles ! Presents’ keys of houses to underpriviledged



Prime minister Narendra Modi n Maharashtra CM paying obeisance to Sai Baba at Shridhi

Prime minister Narendra Modi had visited maximum number of temples in and outside the country being a devout Hindu and is very particular to visit historic religious shrines where ever he goes.

Though he also visits Mosques, Gurudwaras and churches but during his tenure as the prime minister his visits to various temples, particularly the historic religious shrines like Kedarnath n Badrinath temples in Uttarakhand, historic Pashupati Nath n Janki Devi Temple in Nepal, Somnath temple in Gujarat, temples of Varanasi in his parliamentary constituency and in various Hindu temples abroad as well, including getting their modernisation done, have been maximum, rather record breaking as a prime minister.

His visit to the Shiva temple in Oman n Abhu dhabi including Budhist and Hindu temples in Singapore were widely publicised in the past. The prime minister presented 2500 kilograms of Sandalwood at Pashupatinath temple in Nepal earlier.

Being a devout Hindu prime minister Narendra Modi has visited the maximum numbers of temples in the country as compared to other prime ministers India say sources. In the historic Kedarnath temple which was the victim of the huge deluge and the catastrophic disaster in June 2013, the prime minister Narendra Modi has contributed by way of announcing various developmental works like roads, guest houses n Dharamshalas for the tourists and the pundits of the sanctum santorium, the work on which have been almost completed by now.

He is likely to visut Kedarnath shortly again for Lord Shiva’s obiesance and also to acknowledge the report about the works’ completion. The prime minister Narendra Modi had years ago, when he was not holding any office had taken refuge here as a saint for several months and had medidated with full dedication as a mark of respect to the Lord Shiva.

Since then Prime minister Narendra Modi have deep faith in Lord Shiva especially towards Baba Kedarnath. He therefore never forgets to visit this historic shrine, come what may. While the prime minister Modi was the CM of Gujarat in 2013 and when he visited the shrine after the ecological catastrophe he’d requested the Uttarakhand government n the then chief minister Vijay Bahuguna to give him the total charge of the renovation and modernisation of the Kedarnath temple and its surroundings on Gujarat government’s expense but the former rejected his proposal n the subsequent governments thereafter carried out the repairs n rehabilitation job.

Today, prime minister Narendra Modi visited globally prominent Shrine of Shridhi Sai Baba on the occassion of the completion of hundred years of Baba’s salvation. ( death) called taking Samadhi.

He alongwith the chief minister of Maharashta paid his obeisance at the Samadhi temple at Shridhi befor taking part in the rituals at Sanctum Sanctorum of the Sai Baba Samadhi Temple Complex in the presence of hundreds of thousands of the Sai devotees convereged at the venue from all over the country and abroad.

The prime minister also addressed a huge gathering of people on the ocassion of pious Vijay Dashmi, the hindu festival symbolic of the victory of the truth over lies or evils, (Dushehra Day) and handed over the keys to several owners of the low cost housing scheme flats under the prime minister’s Housing Scheme in Shridhi, one of his flagship programmes for the poor and the down troddens of the country under his dynamic initiative of housing for all till 2022.

It may be recalled that the Sai Temple was recognised as a trust in 1922 and it has hundreds of crores as a deposit from the donations its recieves daily from Sai devotees from India and abroad.

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RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat asks govt to bring ordinance for Ram Mandir construction



The statement of the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak chief and the fountain head of the Bhartiya Janta Party Mohan Bhagwat in his significant Vijay Dashmi speech that the government should come out with an ordinance to fulfill its long pending demand to construct the Ram Temple and that it will help in reducing the communal riots in the country is being allegedly seen and analysed as yet another attempt by the saffron party to polarise the Hindu majority votes right at the time when elections to the five states are likely to take place next month and the general elections are just 8/ nine months ahead.

Addressing the swayam sewaks the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has unambiguously said that now enough is enough and the Ram Temple needs to be build at all costs and with the support of the law which the BJP led NDA government should enact by bringing an ordinance on this specific issue.

Mohan Bhagwat said Ram Temple is a protracted demand and it should be built now, through the government’s ordinance. The Mandir would have been built by now but the politics and politicians delayed it intentionally. Had the issue been not involved in politics Mandir would have been constructed by now n with concensus.

The government should now bring a legislation/ ordinance and construct the Ram Temple. The RSS chief said : everybody know that the matter is in the court and will be decided by the court only but bringing an ordinance by the government is the only substitute to this long pending issue. The temple will be contructed but with the government’s law .

The renowned legal expert and the former law minister in BJP Dr. Subramaniam Swamy fully backed the RSS chief’s statement saying that it’s not the court but the ordinance that will help resolve the issue and temple contructed in Ayodhya as matter of faiths are decided through laws not courts and there is nothing wrong in what Bhagwat said. It’s the best constitutional remedy, he added.

However, the first to criticize the statement of the RSS chief was the All India Muslim Personal Law Board as senior advocate Jafaryab Jilani said that he is not at all surprised over the statement of Mr. Bhagwat asking the government to bring an ordinance on Ram Mandir construction.

This is an old ploy of the saffron party leaders to raise this sensitive issue during elections in order to polarise the majority community votes.

Now, since the matter of Ram Mandir is subjudice and the ministers of the ruling party can’t speak on this complex issue so they have given the responsibility to the RSS chief to raise the issue on their behalf n talk about ordinance on Ram temple.

It’s nothing but a political ploy to misguide the electorates on the Ram Mandir issue especially when the elections are round the corner added Jafaryab Jilani ALIMPLB.

Political analysts say that the controvertial issue of Rafale Jet fighter deal with France and the offset contract to Anil Ambani, banking frauds, inflation, increasing petro products hike and agrarian crisis etc have brought the saffron party in the defensive position and as such the Ram Mandir issue is a best alternative to misguide the electorates of the country and dominate over these issues.

And this has been amply proved in the past when the saffron party banking on majoritarianism has succeeded in the elections of twenty states held between 2013 n 2018. What’s your take friends?

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