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BSP, SP pre poll alliance sideline Congress completely. Accuse BJP n Congress as a common enemy.



BSP supremo Mayawati n SP chief Akhilesh Yadav addressing a joint press conference declaring the BSP SP pre poll alliance
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After completely sidelining the Congress party, leaving merely two seats of Uttar Pradesh viz Rai Bareilley and Amethi for mother son duo, always won by the Congress chief Rahul n Sonia Gandhi and negligible number of seats for other allies not certain still, the presidents of both the anti BJP parties BSP and SP Bahan Mayawati n Akhilesh Yadav have formally made the announcement of forging an electoral alliance for the forthcoming parliamentary elections contesting on 38 seats each out of total eighty, today, in a well attended press conference castigating the prime minister Narendra Modi n the BJP supremo Amit Shah on all fronts as castists, communal, reactionary, anti poor, anti people, anti working class, anti youth, anti women, anti farmer, anti small entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, as corrupt, oppurtunists n the betrayers.

It equally accused the Congress party n its leadership of ruining the country after ruling for six decades or more n giving birth to myriad scams, massive corruption but doing nothing for the welfare, well being and good of the youth women, farmers, backward classes, SC, STs n the people of the lowest ebb of the society.

In the eyes of both the leaders of BSP, SP, both BJP n Congress are responsible for the present mess in the country and therefore the BSP n Samajwadi party will have no electoral alliance with them for the 2019 elections nor thereafter declared the BSP chief Mayawati.

Being too harsh towards the Congress party as was she towards the ruling BJP, Mayawati said addressing the mediamen, while this announcement of SP, BSP electoral understanding will not let the Guru Chela PM Narendra Modi n Amit Shah sleep during the nights, it will equally prove disastrous for the Congress party who has no vote bank in UP and even if it has, its non tranferable n non beneficial to the BSP, SP combine.

This is indeed a great political setback to the Congress party in UP in particular where the BSP, SP not only did’nt forged any alliance with Rahul Gandhi but left merely two seats for them that too because Mayawati feels that she wants that the mother son duo win there defeating the BJP, as their basic fight is against the communal BJP.

While addressing the media BSP Supremo Mayawati termed this pre election BSP – SP alliance as a revolutionery and historical development which will not only open the new chapter of BJP’s ouster from the national politics by dethroning them from power at the centre but will also introduce a new, strong and viable political alignment for the future.

SP president Akhilesh Yadav thanked Mayawati for having accepted his proposal n making the alliance with his party fruitful saying that the saffron party’s days seemed numbered now.

It may be recalled that after the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992, BSP’s founder chief Kashi Ram and SP leader Mulayam Singh forged the electoral alliance with the later becoming the chief minister.

However after some time the alliance government fell as Kanshiram withdrew support.

Today’s development reminsences the the electoral pact of 1993 which gave a great political rebuff to BJP which lost in UP despite the massive Ram Mandir wave.

In the last parliamentary election of 2014 Uttar Pradesh where the BJP won handsdown winning 71 Lok Sabha seats defeating the BSP n Congress badly giving them merely 5 n 2 parliamentary seats respectively. However in 2017 assembly election after  so much of extensive campaigning by Akhilesh Rahul duo n BSP , the vote percentage of SP n BSP despite tremendous Modi wave n hindu polarisation was surprisingly 41.80% whereas the vote percentage of BJP which ruined the BSP, SP n Congress completely was still 42.30%. In this assembly election the SP Congress alliance got merely 56 seats with BSP a distant third getting 19 only out of total 405 assembly seats.

The state has 45 percent other backward classes, 22 percent dalits and 18 percent muslims which is considered to be the traditional vote bank of BSP n SP which got polarised in the name of Hinduism n the Modi wave last time.

The victory of the BSP SP combine candidates minus Congress’s support in the Phulpur, Sitapur n Kairana by elections defeating the BJP in the home turf of UP CM Yogi Adityanath and deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya enhaced the political morale of  both BSP n SP to patch up prior to 2019 elections keeping the Congress at bay which according to them is politically of no use for them in Uttar Pradesh. In Kairana Lok Sabha byelection from where Lok Dal candidate Tabassum won was jointly backed by SP, BSP.

Moreover the forward or upper caste votes which the Congress party acknowledges in UP largely dents the BJP vote bank and is non transferable to BSP n SP.

Sounds strange that on the one hand the Congress party chief Rahul Gandhi is taking on the BJP n Prime minister Narendra Modi with full zeal, enthusiasm, acrimony n energy on core issues like Rafale, unemployment, inflation, agrarian distress and demonetisation, GST and winning three states from the jaws of BJP including trying his best to form a grand anti BJP led NDA alliance, the leaders of the very conglometation like Akhilesh n Mayawati are publicly n pre strategically sidelining him thus opening a way for division of votes n ensuring BJP’s re come back at the centre. What’s your take friends

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Sunil Negi hails from Uttarakhand and is a veteran journalist and author. He is a prolific writer and has carved a name for himself in the media world. He received the 'Golden Achiever Award' in the '90th AIAC Excellence Awards 2019' for his book ''Havoc in Heaven'' based on the tragedy that struck Uttarakhand in which thousands of people lost their lives. He is also the President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and majorly writes on Politics, Current Affairs, and Social Issues.

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Priyanka Vadra’s arrest reminiscences the Belchi visit of her grand mother



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The arbitrary arrest of Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi heading for Sonbhadra yesterday i.e. 19th July to meet the bereaved families and the grievously injured victims of massacre of 12 innocents of Gond community by a landlord village head Yagya Dutt and his goons who came on 32 tractors killing and injuring several poor villagers has created an immense anger, annoyance, disenchantment and furore amongst the Congress leaders and rank and file at the pan India level with hundreds of workers thronging the arrest site in Chunar to express their solidarity with their leader thus helping in reviving and regenerating a new lease of life in a non functional Congress party after the desperate resignation of her brother Rahul Gandhi as Congress chief taking the responsibility of the election debacle on his head.

You may recall that Congress general secretary  Priyanka Gandhi was arrested on 19th July when she was peacefully protesting after having been restricted by the UP administration to meet the injured and the bereaved families of the diabolical Sonbhadra massacre.
Priyanka’s visit reminds me of the similar visit of her grandmother, former prime minister Indira Gandhi to Belchi, Bihar during the Janata Party rule after 1977 when several Dalits were massacred by the higher caste landlords creating quite a ripple and sensation in the national and international media and political circles as well.
Late Mrs Gandhi was then out of power, having lost her own Lok Sabha seat from Rai Bareilly to late Raj Narain, the then health minister in the govt of Janata Party conglomeration.
She had visited Belchi climbing on an elephant to know the welfare and well being of the bereaved family.
Her Belchi visit was so popularised in the media that it, later on, resulted in her coming back to power at the centre defeating badly the conglomeration of the 22 national political outfits called the Janata Party that ruled for merely 22 months and tore apart like the pack of cards.
Priyanka Gandhi’s visit to Sonbhadra seems to repeat the episode of her grand mother’s Belchi, Bihar visit during Janata Party era earning the sympathy of the Dalits and have nots all over the country.
In a democratic country can’t a peace-loving leader of a national party visit the victims of the massacre to know about their well being asked Priyanka Gandhi before her being arrested.
This raises a question that the UP CM Yogi Aditya Nath and the BJP leadership is highly apprehensive of the increasing political popularity and clout of Priyanka Gandhi who seems to be the next leader in the making in Congress Party after Rahul Gandhi’s resignation.
Voices within and outside the Congress have already started emerging in favour of Sonia Gandhi to make her the Congress president.
The way Priyanka sat on the Dharna in protest yesterday while heading for Sonbhadra after having been forbidden to do so on the bare ground with her supporters and arrested later on, reminiscences of her grandmother again when she during the Janata Party rule in 1978 also sat on the road after having been arrested and paraded on foot while late Choudhary Charan Singh was the home minister in Morarji Desai’s tenure as PM while handcuffed.
Mrs Gandhi had thereafter returned to power with a thumping majority, gaining the sympathy of the people nationwide.
Political analysts say that by repeating the same blunder through vindictive politics, the present political dispensation in Uttar Pradesh and at the centre is not only opening the doors for the revival and rejuvenation  of Congress Party at the national level but also giving leverage/ impetus to the anti-opposition forces under Congress party to unite thus able to forge a formidable challenge to it in the future.
The Congressmen and the people see in Priyanka Gandhi a shadow of late Indira Gandhi, a formidable leader of international eminence credited for dividing Pakistan in 1971, creating Bangladesh whom even the former prime minister, the then opposition leader late Atal Bihari Vajpayee publicly accorded the title of Durga Maa.
Meanwhile, Congressmen from all over the country are converging at Varanasi and Sonbhadra to express solidarity with there arrested leader who was holed up in the guest house whole night under arrest.
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CM congratulates Negi; nominated for Sangeet Natak Academy award



Jubilant singer Narendra Singh Negi, his wife Usha Negi with CM Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat
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Read Time: 2 minutes

The chief minister of Uttarakhand in a rare gesture of generosity and kindness personally visited the residence of the legendary singer of Uttarakhand also pronounced as Garh Ratn (precious stone of Uttarakhand) Narendra Singh Negi. The CM conveyed his heartiest greetings to Mr. Negi for being chosen as one of the recipients’ of the prestigious Sangeet Natak Academy award for folk singing.  Some other dignitaries to have been chosen for this award include eminent singer Malini Awasthi, Sonal Man Singh, veteran classical dancer, Ustad Zakir Hussain, eminent Tabla player, etc.

This coveted award will be delivered to Narendra Singh Negi at Rashtrapati Bhawan by the president of India at a glittering function in the presence of several dignitaries and 44 other recipients for their outstanding contribution in singing, dance, arts, theatre, etc.
Congratulating Negi, Uttarakhand chief minister hailed him as the flag bearer for conserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Uttarakhand. He also stated that this honor to him is an honor to the entire state of Uttarakhand and its people as Narendra Singh Negi’s contribution to Uttarakhand’s folk culture, songs and music is unparalleled.
The chief minister while conveying his regards and best wishes for his long life said that Negi’s lyrics and song carry a significant socio-cultural message and are, therefore, a valuable asset for the hill state.
The Uttarakhand CM has a special soft corner for Mr. Negi as he had helped him get admitted to a private hospital last year and helped saved his life when the latter suffered from a massive cardiac arrest.
It may be recalled that the coveted Sangeet Natak Academy Awards are bestowed on eminent personalities in singing, arts, and culture, theatre and music every year to 44 persons of eminence in the aforesaid fields hailing from the different states of the country.
Negi has so far written and sung thousands of songs in his melodious voice conveying socio-cultural messages thus entertaining the myriad population of Uttarakhand globally.
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Casagrand Developer Launches Casagrand Zenith In South Chennai



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Casagrand, the reputed developers of South India launched Casagrand Zenith at Medavakkam, South Chennai. This is a smart wellness community spread in 7.46 acres of land that offers serene beauty of nature. The project is expected to have 949 modernly-designed apartments to offer international living experience.

The project is registered under Tamil Nadu RERA TN/01/Building/0101/2019 and the possession will be offered to the buyers within 24 months.

Casagrand Zenith is a smart residential project as it comprises of more than 78 different amenities. The green space of more than 75% offers dedicated recreational areas and a vehicle-free zone and allows the elderly people and children to move freely.

Casagrand has metal Casagrand Zenith which is meticulously planned to offer luxurious 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK residential units. The smartly-designed outdoor activity area, community engagement, recreational facilities, amphitheaters, reflexology pathway, kids swimming pool, adult swimming pool and organic farming area are some high-end amenities offered at Casagrand Zenith. Apart from this, the terrace is designed to have sky-walk, pergolas and leisure seating do that the residents can enjoy social gatherings.

Further, the wellness amenities such as air pavilion surrounded by air purifying plants, a tree-house for kids, chlorine-free non-chemical swimming pool, Vitamin C shower, air purifier in the master bedroom, oxygen infuser in the clubhouse and gym are the smart living amenities introduced in Casagrand Zenith.

This residential project is situated merely 15 minutes away from Velachery. Casagrand Zenith also has a close proximity to Sholinganalur, Perumbakkam, Selaiyur, Tambaram and OMR. The project is close to various educational establishments, hospitals and entertainment zones.

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Sai Baba devotees donate in excess of 5 crores on Guru Purnima



Sai Baba of Shridhi and donated currency
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Read Time: 3 minutes
Shirdi Sai Baba is considered world over as the last walking God on earth. He took salvation in 1919 in Shirdi, a small and modest village in Maharashtra. He was worshipped by over 1.8 lakh devotees on Guru Purnima festival with ardent Sai bhaktas thronging the historic temple in thousands from various parts of India. Some even visited him barefoot and the total donation amounted to INR 5.62 crores.
A “Jatha” of 1500 Sai devotees also arrived in Shirdi from Pune barefooted after having covered the long and arduous distance in several days. Such is the blind faith of ardent Sai devotees.
Sai Baba is considered as a God of miracles. He more than 175 years ago, while still, a child had visited the modest village of Shirdi in a marriage party. He finally settled there in a dilapidated mosque for his entire life. He helped the poor and all the sects irrespective of their caste and religion, he even cured them with His supernatural powers. Thus he always there to rescue the needy.
Sai Baba was considered as a God of miracles. He begged door to door leading a modest life in tatters. He was initially even stoned by naughty children of Shirdi.
It is said that after Baba started living in Shirdi,  his miraculous feats, gradually impressed the local inhabitants of the village. They gradually recognized his greatness and his supernatural powers and started worshipping him.
Once while begging for mustard oil for lighting lamps, he was refused oil by a local shopkeeper. After the shopkeeper even insulted Sai Baba, he returned to his mosque disappointed. It was the day of Ram Navmi and he had to light the earthen lamps in the mosque he lived in. As he had no oil, he poured water in all the earthen lamps and had them lighted.
Those present there were shocked to see the lamps lighted with water. Soon his miraculous feats spread to the nearby villages and people started thronging Shirdi for his obeisance, finally, according to him the status of God.
Today, after hundred years Shirdi Sai Baba Trust managing the historic Shirdi temple is the richest shrine in India. It has a total deposit of nearly INR 2400 crores, donated by Sai bhaktas from all over the world in Indian and foreign currencies. The donations also include gold, silver, diamonds and even lands.
According to sources, about  70000 devotees visit Sai Temple every day. The annual income of Shirdi Sai Baba Trust is Rs 700 crores.
About 3.5 lakh devotees visit the historic temple during festivals, as during the three days of Guru Purnima festival from 15th to 17th July. About INR 5.62 crores had been received as Guru Dakshina during these three days. Sai Baba Trust has a whopping Rs. 2330 crores deposit to date.
The Sai Sansthan has 500 crores with 443 kilograms Gold and 5368 kg silver annual donations. The trust has an annual income of INR 700 crores.
About 1.75  lakh devotees sought Baba’s darshan on Gurupurnima day. The total collection included Hundi of Rs. 2 crores 12 lakh, 1.7 crores on donation counter and 1 crore 8.49 lakh through foreign currency contributions.
The report says that about INR 2 crores are acknowledged as a donation from ardent Sai devotees from different parts of the country and globe. The major part of the donation collected is used for the construction of hospitals and modern Dharamshalalas in Shirdi. These donations are also used for meals etc at subsidized rates to lakhs of devotees visiting the historic temple.
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Increase in the circle rates will also increase the land cost in Uttarakhand



Rishikesh in Uttarakhand
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Read Time: 4 minutes

The government of Uttarakhand running into a deficit of several thousand crores, probably more than Rs 45000 crores, is devising ways and means to bridge this deficit and also to use this revenue generated in various developmental projects within the state.

Apart from the massive liquor sale that gives the government of Uttarakhand an annual income of approximately Rs. 2300 crores, it’s also trying to generate revenue from other sources.
The government which pays a heavy interest on external borrowings has no alternative but to generate sufficient revenue from different other sources within the state, in order to not only pay the interest but also to further the development programs and also to run the state’s economy efficiently.
To generate this additional revenue the Uttarakhand BJP government led by Trivendra Singh Rawat is likely to enhance the circle rates of lands in the various cities and towns and its surroundings. This is to generate significant revenue in the process of buying and selling through earnings on stamp paper duties and from the registry of properties.
After Uttarakhand came into existence 19 years ago. Initially people hardly had any interest to invest in land or housing but after its formation the land sale has increased manifold in Uttarakhand particularly in the plain areas such as the capital Dehradun and its outskirts, Rishikesh, near Mussourie, Haridwar, Haldwani, in the outskirts of Mussourie, Dhanaltie, Udham Singh Nagar, Nainital’s outskirts and even at secluded hill areas. These investments are mostly with an aim to open resorts, hotels as well as for residential houses business establishments by businessmen and the middle class. There are also some large scale investments by the rich.
The real estate agents, land brokers, and colonizers are even selling agricultural lands on a square meter basis after purchasing large tracts of lands by cutting colonies, thus minting huge profits.
In almost all the townships and cities and their outskirts, people are thronging in large numbers to purchase properties and land.
The main reason behind this phenomena is shifting of major offices to Dehradun and other cities and the opening of new offices.
The bureaucracy, the business community as well as the employees of these establishments have therefore thronged the plains of Uttarakhand in multitude and have constructed houses for which they had earlier purchased lands.
An additional reason for investment in these hilly areas is it being environment-friendly and having pleasant people.  Therefore not only people from Uttarakhand but also people from Delhi and other metropolises including NRIs have invested money in Uttarakhand by purchasing lands. The idea is to benefit from an increase in the land rates after a few years and if need be to otherwise settle there after retirement.
The property business in Uttarakhand has prospered by leaps and bounds as the rich and affluent have purchased large tracts of land at throwaway prices a few years ago for establishing hotels, resorts, private hospitals, and other businesses which are now fetching them huge profits.
At several places in Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Dehradun huge multi-stories and hi-tech buildings have sprung up.
After this increase in the circle rates the cost of land at Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Mussourie, Haldwani, Pithoragarh, Nainital’s outskirts, etc will further increase inflating the land cost. It would not be that easy for the new buyers to purchase whereas those who have already purchased these lands would reap handsome profits in the near future if they sell them.
There had been an investment of several hundred crores in Uttarakhand by land sharks and mafias. They’re bound to benefit from this move of the government if the circle rates move up by 25 to 35%.
While the state government will benefit from this move, the poor and the middle-class would be overburdened if they want to buy land for constructing houses says Congress leader of Uttarakhand Kishore Upadhyay. It’s an anti-poor and anti-middle-class decision says, Upadhyay.
On the other hand, Uttarakhand’s Agriculture minister Subodh Uniyal appreciates the government’s decision and has stated that an increase in the circle rates will result in the cost of the land to increase. The land and house owners and especially the farmers will benefit from high rates for their land.
Not only this but they will also be able to get higher amounts of loans from banks after an increase in the land rates adds Uniyal.
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Listen to your broccoli and it will tell you how to eat it!!!



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Read Time: 3 minutes

Broccoli, a high nutritive value veggie was cultivated in Europe for the first time. The versatile veggie ranks as the fifth popular vegetable in the world. It is an exotic vegetable that resembles cauliflower, a common vegetable in India. Broccoli in the raw state contains near about 90% water, 7% carbs, 3% protein, and almost no fat. The low-calorie veggie not only supports weight loss but also the calcium-rich cruciferous member helps in reducing the new fat cells production and stimulates the breakdown of deposited fat in the body. So let us learn a few broccoli recipes.

Sicilian Spicy Pasta

Ingredients: 1 cup boiled penne or spaghetti any form of pasta of your choice, 2 tsp chopped garlic, 1/2 tsp chopped red chilies, 1/4 cup broccoli, 1/2 tbsp grated parmesan cheese, pepper, oil and salt to taste.

Let us cook:
1. Take a pan and heat oil, add chopped garlic and sauté
2. Then add red chilies along with salt and pepper.
3. Then add broccoli and saute for two minutes.
4. Add boiled pasta and then parmesan cheese.
5. Saute and cook for 2-3 minutes.
6. Serve hot.

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Ingredients: 200 gm broccoli finely chopped, 2 Tbsp butter/oil, 2 Tbsp sifted flour, 1/4 tsp powdered black pepper, 3/4 cup milk, 4 cups stock or water, 1/2 tsp celery salt, salt to taste and Cream for garnishing
Let’s cook:
1. Take a heavy saucepan and heat the butter or oil.
2. Then add half the broccoli into the butter or oil.
3. Stir fry for 30 seconds on medium flame and then add the flour and panfry the mixture until it leaves the sides of the pan.
4. Then remove from heat and add the stock slowly while keep stirring to avoid lumps.
6. Once the mixture reaches to normal temperature blend it in a blender.
7. Now take a pan and add the rest of the broccoli, milk, celery salt, and black pepper.

8. Cook over a high flame, keep stirring for few minutes and bring it to boil, and then simmer over low flame for about 10 minutes.
9. Garnished with cream and serve hot.

Chatpati Broccoli

Ingredients: 250 gm broccoli cut into small pieces, 2 Tbsp oil, 2 tsp mustard seeds, 4-5 curry leaves, 3-4 whole red pepper, 1/8 tsp asafoetida powder, 1 tsp cumin, 50 gm ginger-shredded fine, 2 tsp garlic finely chopped, 20 gm tamarind-soaked in 1 cup water and strained, salt to taste.

Let’s cook:
1. Take a pan and heat oil to add mustard, curry leaves, red pepper, asafoetida, and cumin.
2. Add the ginger and garlic as soon as the seeds splutter and saute till it becomes light brown.
3. Then add the broccoli and saute over high flame for few minutes then lower the flame, cover and cook until it becomes tender.
4. Add tamarind and salt; let it come to a boil
5. Remove from heat and serve hot.

Happy cooking!! 


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Truck driver who had caused the death of 2 youths of Pauri Garhwal nabbed



CM Uttarakhand and the seriously injured boy / pic samay
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The recent deaths of two youths namely Ramesh Singh 23 years old and Vir Singh aged 22 years old at Sarhaul border, Gurugram hailing from Kathur and Salon respectively from district Pauri Garhwal was not a murder but accidental deaths.

One of their friend from Ghulek village who was grievously injured is still in hospital under critical conditions and recovering gradually.

Today more than 150 people of Uttarakhand from Delhi and different parts of Haryana gathered at Udyog Vihar police station in Dundahera, Haryana to register their peaceful protest demanding immediate arrest and stringent action against the culprit. The culprit who had caused this accident three days ago at the wee hours of the morning because of his rash driving – had fled the scene instead of helping the grievously injured youths who could have been saved had he ferried them to the hospital in time.

The third injured youth was lucky and had survived was rushed to the hospital by the locals available at the accident spot.

According to a video released in a WhatsApp group by some social activists these deaths were the result of a dangerous accident that occurred last Monday early in the morning while these three youths namely Ramesh Singh (23), Verr Singh ( 22) and Narendra Singh were returning back from their respective duties from Empire club in MGF Mall Gurugram.

It has not yet been known as to why these youths had gone to Sarhaul border. While they were walking a vehicle at extremely high speed ran over them grievously injuring all the three. While two youths namely Ramesh Singh and Veer Singh died on the spot succumbing to grievous injuries, the third one Narendra Singh was admitted to hospital where he is still under treatment.

There was shock wave all around amongst their families and amongst the people of Uttarakhand community. Photos of these dead and injured youths with news about their alleged murder were loaded on various social media platforms and went viral. The cause of these deaths could not be ascertained earlier. However, after a day the Udyog Vihar police had revealed that they were accidental deaths but nobody was willing to accept the police version.

They were angry that even if it was an accident the driver of the vehicle who killed these youths so brutally under his vehicle should not have fled the scene and instead should have informed the police or at least helped the injured to the hospital. But by fleeing from the scene of the accident after two deaths he behaved like a killer. However, due to excessive media hype and the Haryana CM’s directives after Uttarakhand CM Rawat’s request to him, the erroneous and rash truck driver involved in this fateful accident has been caught, as per sources.

The chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat had spoken to Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khatter requesting him to direct the police to bring the culprit to justice at the earliest.

The Udyog Vihar police of Haryana has shown immense vigilance and dedication in nabbing the culprit within a couple of days. However, this has happened only after media hype and peoples’ pressure. Further Haryana CM’s intervention after the request of his Uttarakhand counterpart helped in the quick resolution of this case.

This is the tempo driver nabbed by the Palam Vihar, Gurugram police namely Neeraj Bhatt of Nepal.

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Ownership rights to residents of unauthorised colonies in Delhi says Kejriwal



Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival
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Read Time: 2 minutes
The chief minister of the national capital territory of Delhi and AAP’s national convenor Arvind Kejriwal has made a positive announcement for more than fifty lakh populace of the unauthorized colonies of the capital regarding granting of ownership rights to the house owners through registries.
Till now the sale purchase of lands and houses in the unauthorised colonies was done  through power of attorney which was not fully legally tenable.
This announcement would benefit more than half a crore Delhites living in unauthorised colonies for years under shabby conditions without any adequate civic facilities.
The Delhi government will charge a minimum development charge of merely Rs. 6000 from each house owner before registering their power of attorney.
The Delhi chief minister said that the Delhi cabinet has passed a proposal to this effect and has sent it to the central government for clearance. Kejriwal is of the opinion that it will be duly passed by the central government after posing a few questions which will be clarified in a due course.
He thanked the union government for putting its seal of approval on his government’s recommendation.
In a tweet in Hindi Arvind Kejrival stated:
‘Kachi colonion mein rehne vaale logon ko badhayi. Jald aapko milega apne makaanon ka maalikana haq. Hamari sarkaar ke November 2015 ke prastaav ko kendra sarkaar manjuri dene ko tayyar. Jald registry karne ki tayyariyaan shuru. Dilli ke logon ki ore se kendra sarkaar ka bahut bahut shukriya.’
Translated in English: ‘Congratulations to the people living in unauthorized colonies. Soon you will get the ownership rights for the house you own. The central government is ready to give clearence to our government’s proposal of November 2015. Now, soon there can be a registry of your houses. On behalf of the Delhi people, I thank the central government very much.’
It may be recalled that there is not much time left for the Delhi elections due in February 2020. The Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is, therefore, throwing googlies after googly.
He had recently announced that in Delhi Metro, the women will be provided free travel facility. He had earlier also announced that a 1000 or more electric buses will be introduced in Delhi, which is greater than the commitment of all Indian cities put together. Now this googly from Kejriwal of granting of ownership rights to lakhs of residents of 1727 unauthorized colonies of Delhi.
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US and FATF pressure led to the arrest of Hafiz Sayeed in Pakistan



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Pakistan is badly baffled and furious after its defeat in the International Court of Justice in Hague, Netherland, where 15 out of total 16 judges have accepted India’s pleas in Kulbhushan Jadav’s matter and rejected Pakistan’s contentions.
The court held Pakistan responsible for several deliberate breaches of international Vienna conventions and reprimanded it for not granting Kulbhushan Yadav consular access. ICJ also reprimanded Pakistan for not informing India while arresting Kulbhushan on the frivolous charges of spying. They also questioned the death sentence awarded to Jadhav by a Pakistan court, etc.
Despite now being in a defensive position after the ICJ verdict,  Pakistan is rather trying to misuse its media by claiming its victory instead of a clear cut defeat at ICJ.
All of Pakistan’s channels are showing news fully laced with falsity about the victory of Pak in ICJ, thus misguiding its countrymen.
After the ICJ’s judgment reprimanded Pakistan, Pak’s PM Imran Khan tweeted the following and took credit of its so-called victory in ICJ:
‘Appreciate ICJ’s decision not to acquit, release and return Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav to India. He is guilty of crimes against the people of Pakistan. Pakistan shall proceed further as per law.’
Meanwhile, it has again  enacted another drama to bring to the world’s notice the arrest of Jamat Ul Dawa chief and international terrorist Hafiz Sayeed, to not only misguide the United Nations and the member countries but to also impress upon the Financial Action Task Force of UN and US President Donald Trump as to how seriously it’s honoring the US directives to curb terrorism and arrest hardcore terrorists on its land.
There is a bounty of 10 million US dollars on the head of Hafiz Sayeez for arresting him dead or alive imposed by the United States of America.
He is not only responsible for 26/11 Mumbai attacks which claimed 161 innocent lives but along with Azhar Mehmood is also the chief culprit of Pulwama massacre, both dreaded international killers on US’s most wanted list.
After the news of Hafeez Sayeed’s arrest reached US President Donald Trump, he tweeted:
‘After a ten-year search, the so-called mastermind of Mumbai Terror Attacks has been arrested in Pakistan. Great pressure had been exerted over the last two years to find him.’
Sources reveal that Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has enacted this drama just two days before his US visit to impress upon the American president about Pakistan’s seriousness to deal with terror with a heavy hand as directed by the US.
Moreover, since Pakistan’s economy is in extremely bad shape and the country is banking on massive loans from the World and Asian Development Banks, if it does not act on the directions of FATF and puts hardcore terrorists like Masood Azhar and Hafiz behind bars it would be denied financial aid from these international banks and US. Without these financial aids, Pakistan’s economy will be badly crippled.
The Indian external affairs spokesman Ravish Kumar has meanwhile termed Hafiz Sayeed’s arrest in Pakistan as a mere cover-up to misguide the United Nations and the US. He has stated that Pakistan is trying to misguide all the nations by showing that it is now serious towards curbing terrorism with a heavy hand.
He unambiguously said that till Pakistan does not eradicate terrorism and terror sanctuaries from its soil inch by inch, India will never have any deliberations with Pakistan.
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Let’s have some flower fun on denim!!!



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Embroidery on denim is a stylish yet funky fashion. Though it began a few years ago, it’s still in fashion and always offers a trendy look with super fun. Since many don’t have an embroidery machine, so it becomes tough to design some embroidery on jeans by yourself. For this, we have an excellent idea. Just grab a vintage silk embroidered fabric and carefully cut out the floral embroidered designs and then stitch them onto your jeans manually.

Here’s what you need:

1. A pair of jeans which should not be stretchable denim!
2. Any fabric with pretty embroidery of your choice on it or patches.
3. Scissors, needle and matching thread.

Here how to proceed:

Carefully cut out the embroidered patches and leave about a little fabric around the edges. Make sure not to cut into the embroidery or it will loosen.

Place the patches on the jeans and decide where exactly you want your embroidery to be fixed. Then, carefully pin the embroidery piece in place.
Now begin with stitching, run the needle/thread around the edges with a hemstitch and make sure to run it through the sides or the edges of the embroidery, so that the thread loops will keep it in place.

And there you have your trendy pair of denim…

Happy DIY!! 


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