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Fourteen Women Icons felicitated with Women Empowerment Award at Garhwal Bhawan, New Delhi on International Womens Day



Athelete Garima Joshi being bestowed with Wome Empowerment Award
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About fourteen outstanding women hailing from various parts of Uttarakhand have been felicitated in Delhi at Garhwal Bhawan on the ocassion of International Womens Day.

A woman is special in so many ways, her strength, compassion and indomitable spirit are her inherent beauty n qualities.

The main theme of the event was “Nay Soch, “Nayi Pahal,”.

The event was organised by the eminent social activist and advocate of Delhi High Court Sanjay Darmoda. Good number of women activists and people from Uttarakhand living in Delhi n Uttarakhand participated in good numbers.

The event was highly appreciated as the organisers ventured hard to honour genuine women activists who’d contributed exceptionally well at the grass root level.

The categories under which the outstanding women were felicitated with the Women Empowerment Awards hailed from sports, regional films, bravery, social activism, education, for empowering illiterate poor women at the grass roots, music, singing, cancer n health awareness n treatment, journalism, literacy n health awareness n resolving peoples’ grievances in the rural sector etc.

The award consisted of a trophy, Shawl, appreciation certificate n cash prizes.

The programme was inaugurated by lightening of lamp by the chief guests senior BJP leader Shyam Jaaju, eminent singers Hiran Singh Rana and Narendra Negi n the organiser senior advocate Sanjay Sharma.

The key slogan of the award ceremony was ” NAI SOCH NAYI PAHAL,” Prominent amongst those felicitated with the Women Empowerment Award were : Sangeeta Farasi from Srinagar Nagar Garhwal for educating the poor n hapless children engaged in begging, Narmada Rawat from Neeti Valley, Garhwal for promoting traditional handicrafts, Manju Bhansali from Ghansyali, Garhwal, for engaging hapless women in earning livelyhood through Pony/ horse driving, Rameshwari Devi from Ukhimath for promoting traditional “Jagar” singing n marriage songs in local dialects n connecting the current generation with the cultural heritage of the hills, Kusum Joshi from Rishikesh for resisting n relentlessly struggling for prohibiting liquor during conduction of marriages, Mamta Rawat from Uttarkashi for showing exemplary courage in saving the life of 40 children during the 2014 ecological disaster of Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, Champa Jalal from Nainital for Yoga training, Adli Kushli from Pithoragarh for incessantly publishing a Kumaoni Magazine for preservation of regional laguages n cultural heritage despite having limited resources, Puja Rawat for spreading awareness n helping village women in cashless n banking system, Vidhu Sharma of Delhi for social service n activism, Shakuntala Kukreti for spreading n treating cancer n helping the needy patients, fight this dreaded desease n Dr. Pushpa from Kotdwar for treating the injured animals.

The most courageous seventeen year old athelete who’d brought laurels for Uttarakhand by winning number of Golds in Marathon Garima Joshi was also felicitated on this ocassion. She was injured in a horrific accident in Bengaluru last year. She came in a wheel chair having grievously wounded her spinal chord. Highly courageous n determined Garima has recently won medals in the disabled marathon.

The special attraction of the event was Urmi Negi, the producer of super hit Garhwali movie, Subheru Gham who’d come from Mumbai. Her second movie is in the pipeline called Bathaaun, ( thunderstorm).

She was also bestowed with a special Women Empowerment trophy n a shawl. The awards were presented by the singing legend of Uttarakhand Narendra Singh Negi n cash prizes by advocate n organiser Sanjay Sharma.

The award function was ably compered by eminent literateur of Uttarakhand, veteran journalist and editor of Garhwali literary magazine DHADH Ganesh Khugsaal Gani. The legendary singer Narendra Singh Negi also sang few of his songs which enthralled the audience to the hilt.

Sunil Negi hails from Uttarakhand and is a veteran journalist and author. He is a prolific writer and has carved a name for himself in the media world. He received the 'Golden Achiever Award' in the '90th AIAC Excellence Awards 2019' for his book ''Havoc in Heaven'' based on the tragedy that struck Uttarakhand in which thousands of people lost their lives. He is also the President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and majorly writes on Politics, Current Affairs, and Social Issues.


National SC ST Commission summons the CS, DGP n IG law n order in Jitendra Dass murder case taking suo motto cognizance



Traumatic family members of the deceased Jitendra Dass killed by some upper caste people in Tehri Garhwal
Read Time: 2 minutes

The member of the National Commission for Sheduled Castes and Sheduled Tribes Dr. Mrs. Swaraj Diwan has taken the suo motto cognizance of the diabolical murder of the resident of Tehri Garhwal Jitendra Prasad hailing from dalit community, who was mercilessly beaten to death few days ago while he was having dinner in a marriage party, sitting on a chair in front of the members of a higher caste.

The culprits have been arrested after tremendous media hype under section 302 n 307.

The National Commission of Sheduled Castes and Sheduled Tribes based in Delhi has summoned the DG Police, Uttarakhand, Chief Secretary, IGP law and Order, CMO and SSP Tehri Garhwal n other senior officers with the details of the case.with performance report.

Mrs. Dr. Swaraj Diwan has expressed her shock n serious concern over the heinous crime by the upper caste members on a dalit for no fault of his and assured the traumatic family members of the Commission’s all possible help and adequate financial support. She assured that the culprits would be penalised with the most stringent punishment.

She has also exhorted n appealed to the general public not to politicise the situation for vested interests as this is the time to bring the culprits of this brutal crime to justice.

It may be recalled that crime graph in Uttarakhand seems to be on the rise as hundreds of incidents of women insecurity and lawlessness has been on ascendence during the past few years.

Few months ago an 18 year old girl who was being stalked for several days was immolated by a young culprit in broad daylight who had a one sided crush on her.

She later on died with 90% burns in Safdarjung hospital. Such criminals with an intent to commit diabolical acts should be dealt with severely so as to send across a strong message of deterrent in the society.

The National Commission of SC/ SC has summoned all the senior state officers on 15 th May in New Delhi’s Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market, the headquarter of the Commission.

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Padma Shree Sehnaz Hussain is a pioneer in herbal healing and promoter of Ayurveda products, globally



Padma Shree Shehnaz Husain, her saloon and beauty brands
Read Time: 1 minute

Padma Shree Shahnaz Husain is one of the India’s leading woman entrepreneurs, who has relentlessly promoted Ayurveda worldwide, with a crusader’s zeal.

She embraced India’s tradition of herbal healing, creating an international market for Ayurvedic beauty and health care.

Today, she heads the largest organization of its kind in the world with a global network of franchise salons, spa, retail outlets, beauty training academies, as well as 375 Ayurvedic formulations for beauty and health care.

Shahnaz Husain is also the pioneer of vocational beauty training in India. More than 4 decades ago, when only apprenticeship training was available, she started her beauty training academy, providing professional beauty training, in keeping with international standards. In fact, she has spoken at leading international universities, like Harvard, MIT, Oxford University and London School of Economics.

She spoke at Harvard Business School on how she established an international brand name without commercial publicity, becoming a Harvard Case Study. Today, she is a Harvard Subject in Business History for “Emerging Markets.”

The beauty world offers several lucrative career avenues, with tremendous opportunities for growth and specialization.

The Shahnaz Husain International Beauty Academy has trained thousands of students for lucrative and successful careers in beauty.

The beauty academy offers basic and advanced Diploma Courses, as well as advanced training in make-up, hairstyling, spa treatments, traditional Ayurvedic treatments, aromatherapy, Shahnaz Signature treatments, etc.

Shahnaz Husain has received several prestigious international awards. She became the first woman in 107 years to receive the World’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur Award from the New York based Success Magazine, as well as Padma Shri Award.

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Yeomen service by the volunteers of Uttranchal Bhratri Sewa Sanstha



Uttaranchal Bratri Sewa Sanstha volunteers carrying out the cleanliness driveat Nigam Bodh Ghat, Delhi
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The youth volunteers of Uttranchal Bhratra Sewa Sansthan based at ( in) Delhi are doing a novel job of cleansing the Nigam Bodh Ghat cremetorium at the Yamuna riverside in Delhi, situated opposite the famous historic old Hanuman Temple at Kinari Bazaar, just twenty minute walk from Kashmiri gate Bus terminus.

About two dozen volunteers wearing their organisations’ orange colured T shirt arrive at Nigam Bodh Ghat cremetorium usually on Sundays or on holidays with brooms n cleaners and dedicate themselves to clean the entire area to ensure that it becomes neat n clean devoid of rubbish n filth.

The selfless volunteers of this NGO/ social organisation also manage adequate sitting arrangements like community benches,water taps n other facilities etc from the donors who are approached by the volunteers of this organisation.

In these days of materialism and hectic involvement, when human beings are busy minting money n running behind comforts, selfless volunteers Uttaranchal Bhratra Sewa Sanstha are undoubtedly doing a yeomen service by keeping the Nigam Bodh Ghat crematorium neat and clean n also providing amneties for the convenience of the people coming here for bidding last adieu to their near and dear ones. Such a selfless social service indeed deserve myriad appreciation.

According to one of the volunteers of this organisation Akhilesh Bhatt such activity and selfless service accords them immense internal satisfaction and pride to do something concrete for the place where one day each n every person has to come to bid final adieu to this materialistic world.

It may be recalled that hundreds of dead bodies arrive here on daily basis for performance of last rights according to the Hindu traditions.

The MCD n Delhi government in league with several socio religious organisations are looking after the maintenance and cleanliness of Nigam Bodh Ghat.

But despite the best efforts of the stakeholders it still gives a sorry look and the Yamuna river alongside is also extremely filthy n polluted.

Selfless social organisations like Uttaranchal Bhratra Sewa Sangathan volunteers are indeed a source of inspiration for others to follow suit n deserve kudos. They want to bring the Ghat to the standards of Haridwar ghat in the days to come.

Uttarakhandies has a sizeable population in Delhi and Nigam Bodh Ghat is also used by them to perform the last rights at the riverside of the ghat whereas other communities use the sheds n inner area to perform last rights here.

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The division of votes between the Congress n AAP will harm both of them in Delhi. Low turnout goes against them as well.



Read Time: 4 minutes

The capital city of India called National Capital territory of Delhi polled five percent less than the total poll percentage of 2014 when the country was experiencing the extensive Modi wave. Than too elections were held in April though this time in May, a month ahead.

But both are the summer months. There is no doubt that the voting percentage comes down during the peak summers but 61% polling can’t be construed as low as well especially keeping in view the triangular contest in most of the Delhi lok sabha seats though in some of the constituencies the ruling party of Delhi was not witnessed in the fray as was being claimed by Delhi CM n AAP’s national convenor Arvind Kejrival, exhorting the Delhi voters to give all the 7 seats to AAP in order to ensure that Delhi gets complete statehood.

The biggest blunder however had already been committed by him by not alligning with Congress and giving the saffron party a walk through in majority of the constituencies by his usual arrogance and obstinate attitude.

Moreover, the startling disclosure by one of his party’s candidate from West Delhi seat Balram Singh Jakhar’s son Uday Jakhar about Kejrival n Gopal Rai allegedly accepting a whopping six crore rupees to allot him the ticket right a day before the polling has also degraded the image of AAP in the entire Delhi election further giving boost to BJP n Congress in various parliamentary constituencies. Moreover, there is a general saying that whenever the poll percentage increases dramatically it’s usually the vote against the ruling party dispensation and if the polling percentage lessens it usually goes against the opposition party candidates especially when there exists the polarisation trend im favour of majoritarianism as is existing today in Delhi n other parts of the country calledthe post Pulwama effect.

However, it is not the thumb rule as well. The polling on 12th May in the context of Delhi’s seven parliamentary seats about 60.17 % of electorates out of the total of 1.43 have cast their votes which is 5% less to the polling percentage of 2014 election. However as per the Election Commission of India yesterdays polling percentage can still be construed as the second highest poll cast during the last four decades. However in 1977 the Delhi’s poll percentage was 70% , five % more than the polling of 2014 that witnessed an extensive Modi wave. You will all admit that in 1977 it was a massive anti establishment vote against the then Congress party government n prime minister Indira Gandhi against the imposition of draconion emergency and the vote of anger, annoyance n disenchantment symbolising strengthening Democratic Values of Constututional freedom went enblock to the then Janata Party that came into existence on the call of the then leader of total revolution late Jay Prakash Narayan.

So my saying is vindicated that whenever there is immeasurable n extensive anger and annoyance against the ruling party establishment the vote percentage increases manifold with a sentiment for change but it hase’nt hapoened in Delhi this time rather the percentage went down unambiguously indicating that the anti BJP voters in Delhi have either stayed indoors, gone for picnic on the day of polling or got divided massively between AAP n Congress but the saffron party and Modi voters have come to polls come committedly n with dedication.

It is usually said that they have a committed 46% vote in Delhi which even remained intact when AAP got 67 seats in the Delhi assembly elections in 2015 while the entire Congress vote got shifted to AAP that included the minority vote, the votes of unauthorised colonies and JJ Clusters including the middle class vote opting for change. What is the most interesting aspect in one of the constituencies of Delhi, North East from where former CM Shiela Dikshit, Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari n the AAP’s candidate is contesting the polling percentage has gone up by63.46% highest in all the Delhi constituencies.

This speaks of the fact that the sitting BJP MP has tremendous anti incumbency against him this time which unambiguously suggest that his chances seem to be bleak and perhaps the Congress candidate may emerge victorious from this seat. However, the New Delhi constituency which was witnessing a direct fight between the former union minister n ex MP from here n the sitting BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi witnessed the lowest poll percentage of 56.47 till 6.00 PM. However the trader n muslim dominated constituency of Chandni Chowk too witnessed not so bad turnout of 63% unambiguously showing a good fight between BJP’s Harsh Vardhan n a four time MP with good reputation Jai Prakash Aggrawal of Congress. Rest of the constituencies of West Delhi, South Delhi, East Delhi and North West Delhi witnessed 65%, 57%, 62% and 59% respectively. Delhi elections this time have been fought on issues pertaining to national security, sealing, regularisation of unauthorised colonies and above all on unemployment issues.

But I repeatedly say that the people of Delhi despite being convinced about Modi’s faikures on unemployment, demonetisation, GST n closure of small businesses etc looked more interested in installing him the prime minister of the country again as they feel that he has raised the nation’s prestige on the country’s security aspect post Pulwama. Sounds interesting that majority of the electorates dilute the key n burning issues by chant Modi Modi.

In addition to this factor the hugest blunder of AAP n Congress fighting separately in Delhi has given the BJP an added advantage of division of anti Modi n saffron votes which otherwise ( had both of them.contested together) would have gone to this combine resulting in atleast victories in four Lok Sabha seats of Delhi. What’s your take friends?

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West Delhi AAP candidate’s son Uday Jakhar says his father paid 6 crores for seeking ticket



West Delhi AAP's candidate Balbir Singh Jakhar's son holding the press conference
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A day before the polling, AAP which was already confronting a controversy regarding distribution of a highly derogatory pamphlet against its woman candidate from East Delhi Atishi Marlena today got a shock as well when one of its West Delhi candidate’s son dropped a bomb shell allegedly accusing Delhi CM of accepting a huge amount in exchange of a ticket to his father.

In a startling disclosure at a hurriedly convened press conference, the son of the West Delhi’s AAP candidate Balbir Singh Jakhar, Uday Jakhar said that his father who’s contesting the parliamentary election from West Delhi on AAP’s ticket has given Rs. six crores to Delhi chief minister and AAP’s national convenor Arvind Kejrival in lieu of the party ticket.

This serious charge against the Delhi CM has raised many eye brows in the political corridors of Delhi.

Jakher’s son Uday disclosed that his father has refused to fund his education abroad but preferred to give that money for seeking ticket of AAP which unambiguously speaks of the fact that the so called postures n commitments of Arvind Kejrival against corruption and claiming to be honest are all fake and factually incorrect.

Uday Jakhar also revealed that his father Balbir Jkhar, who’d joined AAP just three months ago said that instead of providing him money for his higher education he( Balbir) would prefer to use it for contesting election on AAP ticket and also helping 1984 riot convict Sajjan Kumar n others.

Uday appealed to Delhi voters not to vote for such candidates who harbour criminals of 1984 anti Sikh riots and have no emapthy for the bereaved families of those killed in these riots.

He also appealed to the voters of Delhi not to vote for such corrupt candidate n the party who are involved in unethical and corrupt practices n misguiding the people of Delhi under false pretexts.

The press conference making such a startling disclosure just a day before the election by a son of a contesting candidate against his own father sounds extremely shocking n raise several questions.

While addressing the media Uday Jakhar expressed his serious apprehensions as well, about his safety and insecurity from his father after his finishes the press conference.

The vedio of the press conference has become viral in the social media. Entire television channels are also telecasting this political development as the main breaking news.

According to news sources Balbir Singh Jakhar has refuted the allegations of his son as baseless where as the latter says that he has enough credible evidence to prove his allegations.

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It’s Modi Vs Congress, not AAP, this time in Delhi



Read Time: 4 minutes

It’s Modi VS Congress not AAP in Delhi

The capital city Delhi, considered to be the heart of India with diverse cultures is going to poll on 12th May alongwith other constituencies of various states.

12th being Sunday, followed by hectic campaigning by three political parties viz BJP, Congress and AAP, it seems that the vote percentage may go up but looking at the hot temperature it remains to be seen whether the voters really turn to polling stations in good numbers than remaining indoors to celebrate the holiday.

It’s usually said that those not interested to vote usually use Saturday n Sunday to visit the nearby hill stations keeping themselves away from this hullabaloo.

But this time hyped temperature n sentiments of national security n ultra nationalism including minority votes consolidation would see good polling in majority of the constituencies of Delhi especially where the majority n minority voters are in good numbers in addition to other voters.

About 1.4 crore electorates are registered for voting in Delhi’s seven parliamentary constituencies with candidates of BJP, Congress and AAP giving a triangular contest in majority of the constituencies.

While the Bhartiya Janata Party has fielded union minister n sitting MP Harsh Vardhan from Chandni Chowk, Cricketer Gautam Gambhir from East Delhi, sitting MP Meenakshi Lekhi from New Delhi, Sitting MP Biduri from South Delhi, eminent singer Hansraj Hans from North West Delhi, sitting MP n song of former Delhi CM Sahib Singh Verma from West Delhi n Manoj Tiwari from North East Delhi the Congress party has fielded four time MP JP Agrawal, former minister AS Lovely former union minister n MP Ajay Maken, prominent boxer Vijender Singh, Rajesh Lilothia, former MP Mahabal Mishra and former CM Shiela Dikshit from the aforesaid constituencies. The AAP has also fielded their seven candidates from all these seats trying to make inroads into Delhi’s parliamentary politics assuring full statehood in case it wins all the seven seats of Delhi, which indeed is no less than a mere dream.

There is no doubt that the AAM Admi Party is the single largest party in Delhi assembly, ruling over Delhi after its historic victory in the 2015 election bagging 67 seats out of 70 giving the BJP merely three with Congress nil.

However three of its MLAs have thereafter quit the party and joined BJP. The prime minister Narendra Modi addressed a mammoth public meeting to canvass support for BJP candidates in Delhi while Rahul Gandhi too addressed two impressive meetings in Chandni Chowk n East Delhi in support of Congress candidates.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival had been extremely active even before the declaration of poll dates n had till now attended good number of meeting n several roadshows in almost all the parliamentary constituencies in support of AAP candidates.

Congress’s new national general secretary Priyanka held two road shows in support of Shiela Dikshit and South Delhi candidate Vijender singh n elicited good response.

Both prime minister Narendra Modi and Congress chief Rahul Gandhi accused each other in strongest possible terms in order to entice voters to vote for their respective parties.

This time’s Delhi parliamentary elections though giving a triangular contest angle in some of the constituencies seem to be more or less a fight between BJP and Congress as Modi n Rahul Gandhi are face to face in front of each other at the pan India level as well.

While the BJP seems to have an upper hand in majority of the constituencies as a single party with Modi charisma n post Pulwama effect, the Congress is trying to secure itself n enhance its vote bank it has lost to the Aam Admi Party in Delhi reducing it to a negligible position.

While AAP’s chief and Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival is targetting both BJP and Congress as its arch rivals, the Congress party is focussing it’s guns against BJP as it’s primary fight is against its main national rival, the saffron party to dethrone Modi from power.

The Delhi electorates it seems have already made up their mind to vote for Modi’s party BJP for installing him as the country’s prime minister while the second option seems to be Congress than AAP as 2020 awaits Kejrival than Congress. People say that we will talk of AAP in the assembly elections but now it’s the question of national security n installing Modi as country’s PM.

The picture is therefore absolutely clear that the seat of Shiela Dikshit former CM Delhi and Chandni Chowk being contested by Congress’s Jai Prakash Agrawal who is a four time MP and a local has better chances of winning or giving strong direct fight to the BJP’s Manoj Tiwari and Harsh Vardhan especially in view of the majority muslim votes consolidately going in favour of Congress whereas in other constituencies of New Delhi, South Delhi, Outer West Delhi, East Delhi n West Delhi the BJP seems to have a confirmed upper hand as people had already decided to vote for Modi.

Moreover, the enhancement in income tax limit from 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs has also made the service class population happy n as such the New Delhi and South Delhi parliamentary constituencies primarily dominated by govt servants etc are voting for Modi.

In nutshell Delhi would be witnessing either 5/2 results ( 5 for BJP n 2 for Congress ) or may be 7/ 0 , incase the Modi undercurrent works.

Moreover the division of the anti BJP votes between AAP n Congress also gives added advantage to BJP.

As far as AAP is concerned, the Delhi electorates may vote for it in 2020 assembly elections but from the national outlook, it’s preferring Congress as the second option ( if not first). What’s your take friends?

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It’s primarily Modi mania in Delhi ?



Read Time: 2 minutes

It’s primarily Modi Mania in Delhi ?

The second last phase of polling is on 12th May, just a day after and the capital city Delhi is also going for polls for its seven parliamentary constituencies. It’s usually said n predicted that which ever party wins in Delhi sets the mood for the national victory. In a nutshell, Delhi is usually considered as the political barometre of the nation’s mood.

But since Delhi state assembly elections are in 2020 it’s not the case this time. However, there are exceptions sometime.

While the BJP won the Delhi ( central) citadel in 2014 securing an absolute majority on extensive Modi wave, in Delhi’s assembly elections it lost to AAP badly/ miserably getting just three seats with Congress nil.

However, despite suffering a humiliating defeat, the saffron party’s vote bank remained intact at 46% or little below, while the new political entrant AAP snatched the entire anti BJP Congress vote bank on anti corruption plank.

But this time being the general election and post impact of Pulwama effect, there seems to be special adoration for prime minister Narendra Modi in majority community n major parts of the country and in Delhi as well. It’s primarily Modi mania in Delhi.

If you go in any part of Delhi and talk to people in any section of the society, except the minorities , people are fully tuned in, with the sentiments of ultra nationalism n national pride , quoting national security as an important issue that can be taken care by only prime minister Narendra Modi.

All other issues like demonetisation, GST ,agrarian crisis, sealing n unemployment etc have taken the back seat. Sounds shocking.

My friends may disagree with me, but I have no hesitation to say that despite the existence of the majority community’s ultra nationalism stance n prevailing Modi undercurrent, both the anti BJP parties and their leaders have taken a hypocritical stand by contesting separately n thus directly helping the saffron party score 7/O or at the most 6/ 1 victory in Delhi.

This is something like knowingly committing the political suicide. It’s a simple laymen’s arithmetic in Delhi. While the BJP had total 46% committed n dedicated votes out of the total both Congressn AAP had 54% or more percentage.

Had both the parties been together they would have more cohesively given the BJP a resounding defeat as the division between the committed minority, unauthorised colony n JJ cluster votes n to some extent the middle class n traders’ votes which is happening now, would have stood with them ( the AAP n Congress combine) unitedly who are badly annoyed with the BJP due to sealing n unemployment issues.

But contesting separately in order to finish each other politically in the capital, both Congress n AAP have become a mockery in the eyes of electorates who’ve not only shifted their loyalties from them but would result in the division of votes say in the ratio of 25% n 30%votes thus giving a direct benefit to BJP whose vote bank may enhance more than 46% due to this division between AAP n Congress.

Moreover the existence of Modi under – current followed by the wave of ultra nationalism, the majority of the voters have been polarised in favour of the saffron party thus killing the chances of both Congress n AAP. What’s your take friends?

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Atishee meets DCW chief, files complaint against Gautam Gambhir. Gautam sents notices to Atishee n Manish



Read Time: 2 minutes

The Aam Admi Party’s candidate from East Delhi Aatishi Marlena has got her complaint registered in the Delhi Women Commission office at Vikas Bhawan ITO today against BJP candidate and cricketer turned politician Gautam Gambhir charging n accusing him and his party BJP of pre strategically n cladestinely circulating highly objectionable handbills in East Delhi constituency outraging a women’s modesty.

She is reported to have also met the chairperson of DCW Swati Maliwal and personally handed over the complaint demanding an impartial enquiry in order to nail Gautam Gambhir as the alleged culprit in the case.

The cricketer turned BJP candidate Gautam Gambhir has while terming himself as an innocent, had outrightly refuted the charges and said that if the charges are substantiated against him he will quit from the contest, politicsn even hang himself.

Meanwhile, latest news suggest that Gambhir has also sent notice through his lawyer to AAP candidate Atishee not only outrightly denying the false charges but allegedly threatening her for defamation suit.

In the meanwhile the area District Magistrate had already directed the local police to lodge an FIR against unknown persons for this wrong doing and the investigations have been started.

It may be recalled that Aatishee Marlena who is quite popular in East Delhi having started her political campaign quite before the declaration of the election dates is credited for improvising the education system in Delhi’s government and Sarvodaya Schools acknowledging high appreciation from the Delhites.

Aatishee Marlena alongwith Delhi’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia yesterday held a press conference and accused BJP’s candidate Gautam Gambhir of pre strategically n cladestinely distributing highly objectionable hand bills against her allegedly outraging her modesty using highly derogatory, immoral n sexist remarks n also against thedeputy CM Manish’s mother. She even broke down during the PC.

Today she went to the DCW headquarter n got the complaint registered against Gautam Gambhir.

Addressing the press conference on 9th May Atishee said if a party like BJP could get these anti women handbills distributed in the constituency how can it guarantee the safeguards and protection of women’s dignity and safety.

Meanwhile, Gautam Gambhir has refuted this allegation as completely baseless, fabricated n biased and send notices to Aatishee and Deputy CM Manish Sisodia for defamation.

Gambhir challenged AAP n both Athishee and Manish Sisodia to prove the charges against him or face the serious consequence through a defamation suit likely to be filed by him.

Expressing innocense Gambhir said if charges are proved against him he will resign from the contest and even as MP in case he wins in the fray. He even went to the extent of saying that he will commit suicide by hanging. But heblamed AAP n Marlena of accusing him withoutany evidence for an act not committed by him.

It may be recalled that the Delhi Commission for Women had yesterday itself taken the suo motto cognizance of the entire case on the basis of media reports and had asked the DCP , East district through its notice to inform the commission whether the FIR has been lodged in the case n the culprit arrested or not.

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Degrading socio political standards of our destiny makers?



Leaders barred earlier by the EC for 72 hrs for their highly objectionable speeches n AAP's candidate Atishee Marlena who've allegedly charged BJP's Gautam Gambhir for allegedly circulating a highly objectionable handbill against her in the constituency. Gautam refuted the charge sayingthat he will quit fromthecontestif proven guilty. May go for defamtion suit ?
Read Time: 3 minutes

It’s really and indeed disheartening to note the degrading level of politics that we are witnessing today.

In order to win the elections by hook or by crook, candidates, politicians and political parties have stooped so low that morality, ethics, values and transparency have become the things of the past.

There was a time at least three decades ago when politics n elections were contested on the issues of programmes, policies, development and ideological planks with religion, personal bias etc kept at bay, honouring the moral, democratic n constitutional values.

There were fracas, fights n skirmishes between the political workers and low level leaders then also but never had politicians at the helm stooped so low to abuse each other and use unparliamentary phrases to degrade one another, in the public under media glare.

Women politicians were especially respected and honoured irrespective of their party and ideological affiliations.

We had stalwarts like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Atal Bihar Vajpayee to several others, the list is unending.

These leaders mutually respected each other and ensured that political dignity is maitained at all costs n democratic n constitutional institutions are protected simultaneously.

But what is happenning today ? Leaders of various ideological affiliations are not shying to cast unparliamentary abuses and uncalled for languages against their political rivals and those holding high offices are not respecting their constitutional positions, rather openly misusing them undeterred.

The level of political debates during elections has touched the all time low n unethical standards taken the front seat with leaders avoiding debates on core n burning regional n national issues but focussing more n more on inflammable speeches laced with communal and reactionery overtones, allegedly leading the society towards vertical division n polarisation on communalism, caste and community considerations and narrow religious vested interests to beget votes.

Even the former deceased prime minister is not being spared and a woman candidate’s dignity is being challenged by clandestinely circulating baseless, immoral and indignified charges thus throwing all the constitutional and democratic norms n principles to winds.

The Election Commission of India too seems to be in dissarray as it’s too has its own limitations and compulsions.

Things are really in extremely bad shape and the society shockingly seems to have been vertically divided on communal lines just to beget votes having long term dangerous implications and repurcussions.

Never before had, in the country’s polity n elections, the pride of the defence forces been exploited to the core as being done by the interested political parties nor had the level of speeches of the leaders of various hue n cries gone so low, compelling one and all to hate such politicians n political outfits.

It is for the first time in India’s political/ election history that senior leaders of the status of a largest state’s chief minister like Yogi Adityanath, union minister Maneka Gandhi, Giriraj Singh, SP’s Azam Khan, BSP Supremo Mayawati and several others have been barred from campaigning or delivering speeches for 72 hours for their hate n communal speeches and also for issuing highly degrading comments against a woman candidate like actress turned MP Jaya Prada.

The character of our states’ polity and level of the speeches of leaders at the helm of various political parties n ideological affiliations has unfortunately led to not only degradation in the quality of the leaders thought process n mental status but has also brought down the characteristics of these leaders to its worst low, on whose shoulders rests the future destiny of our nation.

The point is, if the leaders will go off track so shamlesly, how can we expect the countrymen to be desciplined, transparent and honest in their deeds and action. This is unfotunately the most shabby aspect of our nation builders on whom depends the country’s future. The need of the hour is – these so called hypocritical leaders need to change themselves upside down. What’s your take friends?

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Lord Badrinath Temple opened for pilgrims from today onwards



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One of the four historic ancient shrines ( Dhams) Badrinath Temple’s doors have been opened today at 4.15 AM early morning with complete traditional rituals. The chief spritual head of the temple hailing primarily from Southern state Kerala known as Rawal had already reached the temple precincts an evening before on Thursday.

Hundreds of devotees from all over the state and the country were present at the time of opening of the Badrinath Dham’s doors closed during the winters. The Uttarakhand governor Baby Rani Maurya was the chief guest at the Temple’s door opening ceremony.

The band of the Garhwal Scout’s mesmerising tunes and ritual hyms by spiritual scholars rented the air with the Bhotiya women performing their traditional dances in front of the chief guest Governor Baby Rani Maurya.

Soon after the doors of the temple opened, hundreds of devotees of Lord Vishnu entered the Temple chanting lord Vishnu slogans hailing Him.

It may be recalled that eatablished by young Shankaracharya from South about 1200 years ago Badrinath Temple is established at the bank of river Alaknanda in Chamoli districts of Garhwal Uttarakhand.

Badrinath Temple is considered to be one of the known SIDH PEETH in the world n one of the historic Dhams amongst the 4 historic religious/ spiritual destinations of the country and the globe viz. Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamnotri n Badrinath.

From the geographical point of view Badrinath temple is situated in the middle of the high Himalayan ranges in the Garhwal, Himalayas about about 3, 133 metres( 10, 227 feet) from the main sea level.

Due to extreme minus degree cold temperature the temple remains closed for six months from November till April.

Lord Badrinath Temple is one of the busiest temples in the world with lakhs of devotees visiting here on daily basis during the peak season.

In the year 2012 n thereafter there had been over 12 lakh pilgrims visiting this secred place from around the country n the globe including from various parts of Uttarakhand.

The Temple has been fully decorated with magnificient flowers giving it a mesmerising look. The management of all the Char Dhams is looked after by the chairman and managing committee of Badrinath Kedarnath Mandir Samittee nominated by the chief minister of Uttarakhand on the advice of the minister for Tourism, government of Uttarakhand or on CM’s own discretion.

It may berecalled that the government of Uttarakhand has been giving special impetus to strengthening spiritual n religious tourism in the state,especially after the the occurance of deadly Uttarakhand disaster leading to several thousandcasualties andcollssal loss to the state’s exchequer. Tourism, especially religious tourism is considered to be the backbone of the state’s economic generation. especially when it’s facing tremendous fiscal deficit.


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