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Fujitive Nirav Modi living in London. Spotted roaming in London street. Vedio goes viral .



Vedio photo of Nirav Modi in London going viral in social networking sites
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A vedio by The telegraph London is today doing the rounds of facebook, twitter n whatsapp groups showing the fugitive diamantaire Nirav Modi roaming freely in the streets of London wearing an expensive 10000 pounds Ostrich jacket. One thousand pounds is equivalent to Rs 9 lakh in Indian currency.

The video has gone viral. The video shows smiling Nirav Modi slightly embarassed to confront a UK Telegraph correspondent repeatedly questioning him with answers of ” no comments” from Modi who hurriedly tries to cross the road in order to get rid of this journalist finally hiring a private taxi n leaving the busy street.

Nirav Modi, an absconder having duped the India Banks of a heavy amount worth Rs. 13347 crores alongwith his uncle Mehul Choksi has clandestinely left India few months ago.

Nirav has changed his looks with a little grown up beard n a sharp pinned moustache.

His Indian properties that include his luxurious Bungalows, diamond jewellery showrooms with expensive jewels worth Rs. 2000 crores or slightly less have been confiscated by the Indian authorities. One of his expensive bungalow build in violation of the building loans incurring the massive expenditure of about 100 crores have also been dismantled and razed to ground.

There have been lots of hue and cry in Indian parliament n political corridors of the country about the alleged safe ejection of fraudster Nirav Modi n Mehul Chowksi out of the country with the Congress n other anti BJP opposition parties accusing the BJP government n its leaders of allegedly giving them the safe passage.

The senior government officials, CBI n the enforcement directorate had already issued a red corner inter poll notice to arrest n repatriate Nirav Modi to India but of no avail.

Sounds shocking that despite so much of hullabaloo in the Indian media, parliament and accusations by the opposition parties against prime minister n his government, Nirav Modi is is still walking freely in the London streets enjoying freedom and highly luxurious life style.

According to Telegraph London he’s staying in an expensive appartment worth 73 crores on a monthly rent of 15 lakhs and has also restarted his diamond business in UK after seeking a special permission from the government.

Fugitive Nirav Modi’s all the Indian Bank accounts have been sealed n have been lawfully declared as an absconder.

An MEA official has revealed that the Indian investigating authorities has through the adequate diplomatic channels already sent arrest warrants n extradition request for sending Nirav Modi back to India for trial but the London authorities are not responding positively.

Meanwhile the Congress spokespersons Randeep Singh Surjewala n Priyanka Chaturvedi today held a press conference at the Congress headquarter in New Delhi accusing the BJP led NDA government n the prime minister for not taking any concrete steps to bring back the international fraudster Neerav Modi to India despite making tall claims of his successful global diplomacy n smooth friendly relations with the United Kingdom.

She repeatedly held the BJP government responsible for allegedly allowing Nirav n Mehul Chowksi to clandestinely flee outside India and now doing nothing to bring back them back to India despite making tall claims and lying to the Indian peoole of doing the needful.

Priyanka Chaturvedu asked what about bringing back the black money from foreign banks n what about depositing 15 lakhs in every Indians bank account ?

Sunil Negi hails from Uttarakhand and is a veteran journalist and author. He is a prolific writer and has carved a name for himself in the media world. He received the 'Golden Achiever Award' in the '90th AIAC Excellence Awards 2019' for his book ''Havoc in Heaven'' based on the tragedy that struck Uttarakhand in which thousands of people lost their lives. He is also the President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and majorly writes on Politics, Current Affairs, and Social Issues.


2019 election was fought on personality cult n Narendra Modi’s image was fully utilised by BJP n its allies



2019 election was fought on personality cult n Narendra Modi's image was fully utilised by BJP n its allies
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The 2019 election was the election of personality cult not based on programmes and policies to a larger extent. Had it been the case the major issues of unemployment, agrarian crisis, especially the matter of farmers’ suicides, demonetisation, GST n traders grievances at large would not have been diluted nor the caste polarisation possibilities blurred as the various exit polls are predicting that even in Uttar Pradesh the saffron party under Modi effect or charisma is likely to fare extremely well giving merely 25 seats to the BSP, SP n RLD combine.

The entire election was based on personality cult with prime minister Narendra Modi being the choice of the BJP led NDA, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi the projected face of the Congress n Mayawati, Akhilesh and Mamta Bannerjee representing their respective parties’ faces as the future prime minister candidates, though not openly but making it obvious from their respective party angles.

In this whole exercise, while the people of the country Narendra Modi as the most befitting prospective prime minister for the second time in succession, especially on national security matters and post Balakot action, the loose grand alliance and their leaders accusing and castigating each other publicly, could not impress the voters of the country about their future reliability n trust.

There was a clear cut choice amongst the voters of the country between a personality of Narendra Modi who according to them still stands fully successful and accountable to countrymen while on the other hand there are scattered leaders who could not see each other eye to eye despite being a part n parcel of the gathbandhan based on similar ideologies.

While prime minister Narendra Modi was an already declared undisputed prime minster candidate of BJP led NDA, in Mahagathbandhan there was a big question mark about the unanimous prime ministerial candidate.

This was the biggest plus for the BJP n the party considered him as its biggest asset. The country’s electorates have therefore while equating Narendra Modi’s personality with other non BJP opposition leaders found him extremely credible behind whom stood the entire party and its rank n file solidly n credibly while in opposition camp there existed complete confusion and delusion.

The election which started with debates and discussions on programmes and policies and repeated attacks by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi using the Rafale, unemployment n agrarian distress including demonetisation and GST issues, finally came down to personality cult with prime minister Narendra Modi dominating the scene with his impressive political histrionics termed as rhetorics by his arch rivals.

The BJP and even its alliance partners utilized Modi’s image, his fascinating pictures and programmes including capitalising on the post Pulwama situation thus capturing the election at the pan India level, if the current poll exit results are to be relied upon.

If the BJP repeats this time as well and Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister it would primarily ne the Modi personality cult that would be be given credit than anything else as all other issues of regional n national significance stood diluted as was the case in the last assembly elections of 2017 as well when BJP snatched power from Congress in 16 states n in total 19 with its alliance partners.

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Harish Rawat says: exit polls are bogus. Congress is winning all the 5 seats in Uttarakhand



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While the election results will be declared on 23rd May and the recent exit polls have already accorded landslide victory to BJP led NDA keeping the immediate opposition party Congress and its allies at 138 plus, the heartbeat of the contesting candidates, especially those of anti saffron opposition parties have increased manifold.

The satta bazaar is also given maximum marks to the saffron party ensuring the Modi comeback for the second consecutive term.

But despite all this there are leaders like Harish Rawat, the former Uttarakhand chief minister and general secretary of Congress committee who are over confident of Congress’s victory in all the five seats of Uttarakhand. Rawat says : these exit polls are farce n biased.

He castigates the BJP ruling party of allegedly tempering with the EVM machines but says that the people of Uttarakhand had outrightly voted for Congress party and Rahul Gandhi in all the five parliamentary constituencies viz Pauri, Tehri Garhwal, Haridwar, Nainital Udham Singh Nagar and Almora n all the Congress candidates are winning hands down.

In 2014 all the five seats were bagged by BJP MPs and in 2017 assembly elections also the saffron party got a resounding triumph winning 57 seats out of 70, the record outcome by BJP after the formation of the state of Uttarakhand.

Even, the then CM Harish Rawat lost from both the assembly constituencies, he contested from. This time also he fought the parliament election from Nainital parliamentary constituency despite the fact that he earlier represented from Haridwar in Lok Sabha. The various exit polls have given 5- 0 and 4-1 prediction from Uttarakhand and the reason being speculated is Modi undercurrent.

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Priyanka exhorts party workers not to be misled by BJP rumours n exit poles. Appeals them to vigilantly guard EVMs.



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The general secretary of All India Congress Committee Priyanka Gandhi has uploaded a video on her facebook time line appealing her fans, followers, Congress volunteers and supporters not to be misled by the rumours and exit polls being exhibited in print and electronics media showing the Congress party and the non BJP opposition in a defeating position and the ruling party BJP let NDA winning by a historic margin even crossing 300 sests in some of the poll predictions.

Addressing briefly to friends n well wishers, confident Priyanka Gandhi cautioned the party workers manning the storng rooms where the EVMs are stacked to be rather more vigilant and cautious in guarding them then to get influenced by these baseless rumours and poll predictions.

She addd that there is no need to get panicked or demoralised rather this exercise of dowgrading the morale of Congress party gives us an opportunity to be more vigilant to guard the EVM machines at the strong rooms n counting centres.

She added that it is a pre strategic conspiracy to demoralise the party workers n leaders.

The poster released alongside with her photogragh mentions: SATTA KUCH LOGON KE SAR PAR CHADH GAYI HAI, LEKIN HUM DARNE WALE NAHI HAIN. ( Power has climbed over the head of some people, but we will never be cowed down)

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Non BJP opposition unites on EVM malfunctioning. Meet ECI in New Delhi



Non BJP opposition leaders in New Delhi
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Non BJP opposition leaders apprehensive of malfunctioning of EVMs. Meet the election commissioner.

The leaders of the 22 non BJP opposition parties gathered in New Delhi’s constitution club and also met the chief election commissioner citing their doubts over the EVM machines and alleged manipulation of the election results on 21st May.

They were apprehensive about the malfunctioning of the Electronic Voting Machines and wanted verification of the VVPAT slips of randomly identified polling stations execited prior to starting of the counting of votes and not after the completion of the last round of counting.

According to the opposition leaders especially Ghulam Nabi Azad and Abhishelh Manu Singhvi of Congress, the election commission should accept their demand for for counting of the VVPAT first n incase of detection of malfunctioning in atleast 5 VVPATs then the entire constituency should go for repolling.

The former chief minister of Jammu n Kashmir and the PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti was specifically doubtful about the misuse of the EVM machines by the ruling political dispensation in Kashmir n had complained that despite her number of complaints to the ECI nothing has been done to set right the situation.

She also tweeted in this regard. After the completion of of the polling with results expected on 23rd May there have been lots of hulla baloo in the country through electronic n print media as well in social networking sites that number of EVMs have been found in fields in Bihar as well as in the godowns, cladestinely stored with an ulterior motive.

A picture n vedio of some EVM machines being captured by the local police in Chandausi UP went viral in the facebook.

Even the general secretary of the AICC Priyanka Gandhi had posted a vedio on her FB time line appealing to party workers not to be misled n demoralised by the exit polls n rumours of the BJP but instead tighten their belts to vigilantly guard the strong rooms in the respective constituencies.

The Bhartiya Janata Party and a section of the media has ridiculed the EVM excuse of the non BJP opposition parties and said that since they are losing the elections badly they have now devised a new excuse of faulty, malfunctioning or misuse of EVMs.

Why have they not opposed when the Congress won in three hindi heartland states through EVM’s voting, questioned some BJP leaders ?

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Tributes to late PM Rajiv Gandhi on his 28th death anniversary



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It was the most unfortunate day when the nation lost a most adored prime minister, a humble, a great son of the soil, affable, down to earth human being and above all a statesman.

Rajiv Gandhi was adored and lauded above party and ideological affiliations. A yrue leader of the masses he was a strong pro poor leader who had the guts to accept in public that corruption is so overwhelmned in our body polity that merely 20 % of a rupee sanctioned from the public exchequer for the welfare n well being of the poor is actually used, while a major part of 80% is siphoned off by the corrupt system via middlemen.

A gentleman prime minister to the hilt it was him who was gracious enough to help late prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee while he was the opposition leader, enabling his treatment for a severe ailment abroad, not let the leader know about it.

This unambiguously speaks about the large humanitarian heart possessed by Rajivji.

His gentle mesmerising smile, his honest urge to improve the lot of the poorest of the poor and his successful foreign n domestic policies made him the prime minister laudable across board nationally n globally.

His outstanding speech in the United States senate impressed one n all in the international diplomatic scenerio.

Rajiv Gandhi strived hard for a true secular, democratic n progressve India who opened doors for globalisation and bringing Information Technology revolution in India. In nutshell, he was a true architect of modern India.

His most diabolical death at the hands of evil forces led to India ridding itself of an era. His martydom will never go waste.

Let’s all follow his ideals, principles, humanity , humbleness and great visionery aporoach n contribute in making India a strong, cohesive and reputed country where all could survive peacefully n in harmony in the days, years and months to come. Long live Rajiv Gandhi. Long live India. Jai Hind.

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PM Modi proved that he is a devout Shiv Bhakt. Visits Kedarnath for the fouth time.



PM at Kedarnath shrine for the fourth time
Read Time: 2 minutes

A known devotee of Lord Shiva who’d been to Lord Kedarnath Shrine number of times, having taken personal interest in the reconstruction and revitalisation of Kedarnath Shrine in Garhwal, Uttarakhand, prime minister Narendra Modi reached the famous Kedarnath Dham for paying obiesance to Lord Shiva.

His chopper reached there at 9.30 AM. Prime minister Narendra Modi will stay tonight at Kedarnath in a Gufa where he had meditated during his 2 months sujourn at Kedar Ghati years ago.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has worn the woolen overcoat/ Kurta with an orange Patta tied over his belly, with Himachali cap and is seen going towards the temple encircled with the SPG security. He was welcomed by some temple priests who presented him a booklet.

On May 19th prime minister Modi will visit Badrinath Dham. The entire Kedarnath Dham vicinity has been cleared of devotees for security reasons.

He entered the famous Kedarnath temple at 10.00 AM where he offered prayers n also performed the RUDRA ABHISHEKHA of Lord Kedar.

It’s obvious that he visited the Kedarnath shrine 5 days before the declaration of results to seek blessings for his party’s victory.

The priests chanted the spiritual hymms while prime minister Modi meditated in front of Lord Kedar’s Shivling inside the temple.

Sources reveal that prime minister’s office sought special permission from the Election Commission of India to visit Kedarnath as the code of conduct that started on 10th May is still in force.

It is learnt that since the prime minister visited the ancient shrine in his official capacity he was duly accorded the permission.

It may be recalled that in the aftermath of 2013, June’s dreaded ecological disaster, when he was the chief minister of Gujarat , Mr. Modi offered to take over the complete renovation n reconstruction charge of devastated Kedarnath temple but the then chief minister of Uttarakhand who was then in Congress, Vijay Bahuguna rejected his request to do so.

It may be recalled that projects worth 700 crores for the reconstruction of Kedarnath temple n its surroundings were inaugurated by him though the work of renovation was started since 2016 during the Congress’s rule in Uttarakhand given further impetus by the prime minister Modi. Prime minister Modi also deliberated with officials regarding the various renovation work in the Kedarnath vicinity n its surroundings.

Note: This story was published in newsviewsnetwork on 18th May but due to a technical fault got erased. Hence it’s being re posted.

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PM Narendra Modi’s press conference raised eye brows in Congress n non BJP camps



Read Time: 3 minutes

It was for the first time during the last five years of his rule that prime minister Narendra Modi addressed the media, at the party headquarter at Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg, New Delhi.

Journalists who were quite eager and enthusiastic to field questions to the prime minister having never addressed the press conference during his entire tenure however, have to come back empty handed except constrained to field questions to the party supremo Amit Shah only.

However, prime minister minister Narendra Modi did addressed them after a long speech of Amit Shah but it sounded more like a mere formality.

The prime minister while being highly optimistic of his party gaining more than three hundred seats’ majority as repeatedly said by Amit Shah as well, assured that he will now endeavour hard to fulfill all the election promises giving outstanding governance to the people of the country.

BJP Supremo however answered all the questions himself ranging from Rafale to Pragya Thakur to violence in Bengal to Mamata Bannerjee and even prime minister Modi supported him by saying that it’s the party president who answers to the media than the PM as far as the organisations’s descipline or norm says.
Obviously avoiding the media on several complex questions.

Prime minister Narendra Modi while thanking the media persons for their incessant cooperation during the elections said that there was a time when he used to interact with the journalists at the party headquarters very oftenly.

Lots of new faces have come now while some old friends are still there he added.

He spoke about the Indian election being the largest festival of democracy and appealed to the journalists to accquaint the world about the merits of the Indian democracy.

Praising his government’s model of best governance he said it was because of the success of his BJP led NDA’s outstanding governance that IPL, exams, all Indian festivals whether Ramzan, Ram Navmi or Navratras etc were held in the country simultaneously alongwith the peaceful, fair n easy conduction of general elections whereas during the previous regime’s tenure the IPL tournaments have to be shifted outside.

Prime minister Modi said today is 17th May and for him this day holds immense significance because it was on this day that the Congress govt confronted a huge casualty and the country witnessed the emergence of a new honest government in 2014.

On May 23 we will again have a very strong n cohesive government with more than 300 MPs.

While thanking the people of the country for giving his party an overwhelmning majority in 2014 and also now, Modi said that with the blessings of the countrymen we are again forming the government with a more majority than before.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has joined the press conference at the party headquarter in New Delhi coming directly from Airport where he’d landed from Khoregaon Madhya pradesh after addressing his last rally.

PM Modi said that he started his first address in Meerut from where the country witnessed the first freedom revolution against the British under the leadership of revolutionery freedom fighter late Mangal Pandey and finished his last rally at Khoregaon, Madya Pradesh where a revolutionery soldier of Mangal Pandey’s revolution 1957 Bhima lived n died.

Prior to prime minister Narendra Modi’s brief address to the media BJP president Amit Shah gave a detailed account of the BJP rallies, speeches by the leaders n PM and the entire strategy undertaken by them to fight their rivals in this general election.

He revealed that prime minister Modi travelled more than a lakh kilometres and addressed more than 150 public meetings during his three months extensive campaigning.The crux of the PC was , PM Modi did’nt answered any question n passed the buck on BJP Supremo Amit Shah.

Note: This story was published on 18th but got erased due to some technical errors. Hence it’s being re loaded.

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A samaritan Priyanka Gandhi



Read Time: 2 minutes

A Samaritan Priyanka Gandhi

The general secretary of Congress and incharge of East Uttar Pradesh Priyanka Gandhi showed an exemplary feat last week at Varanasi when during her hectic and well attended road show she got down in between and personally lifted an injured boy and made necessary arrangements directing her security personal to take the injured boy in her car n admit him to the hospital ensuring full n best treatment.

She instructed her staff to ensure that he gets the proper treatment. She thereafter continued her roadshow.

Priyanka Gandhi has been very caring always and this was not the first instance when she’d helped somebody injured during her roadshow but in the recent pass too in one of the public meetings when a mother approached Priyanka about a severe ailment of her adolescent daughter pleading that being poor she doesn’t have enough money for her surgery, the Nehru Gandhi family daughter not only hugged the girl but also arranged a plane on her own expenses and instructed her close aide , senior journalist and former union minister Rajiv Shukla to get the girl addmitted to All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Rajiv Shukla and former cricketer n MP Azharrudin accompanied the girl till Delhi AIIMS. It is learnt that the girl has been operated n is hale and hearty post surgery, currently recuperating at AIIMS.

Not only these two instances of hospitality n charity but both Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka few months ago helped an injured photo journalist in South who got injured due to heavy rush in their road show.

Both Priyanka and Rahul stopped their road show and immediately came to the rescue of the severely injured journalist. The injured was addmitted to the hospita and was duly cured thereafter.

In one more such incident few months ago while Rahul was travelling in Delhi with his entourage he saw a journalist injured in an accident. Not only did Rahul Gandhi stopped his car but also got that injured journalist addmitted at AIIMS.

These rare gestures exhibited by both Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi are not one but several incidents rendering help to the critically ill as well as the injureds in the roadshows.

It primarily reflect their ambivalent bent of mind and positive attitude to help people in distress.

Just two days ago while in Indore, Priyanka Gandhi stopped her car on the way and literally got down to shake hands n greet the activists of BJP raising Namo slogans. She also wished them good luck saying that she is happy to note that I m doing my job and you, yours.

What’s your take friends?

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Indira Puram police is apathetic to trace 15 year old Mohit Kathaith even after 22 days. Widowed mother in immence distress n shock



Read Time: 2 minutes

There is tremendous annoyance, disenchantment and anger amongst the people of Uttarakhand in Delhi n Ghaziabad regarding the extreme apathetic attitude of the Indira Puram Police, Ghaziabad and its children finding squads etc who had done literally nothing for the last 22 days to trace the 15 year old Mohit Kathaith, mysteriously missing from Vaishali since 1st of May while going to his school, namely Police Modern School situated in Vaishali itself.

The best efforts on the part of the relatives and the near and dear ones have broght no fruitful results till date. the widowed mother of Mohit is in immense trauma having not eaten anything for tha last several days, uninterruptedly crying with pain losing her adoloscent son.

The mother is apprehensive of her son going in wrong hands or gangs of children lifters or traffickers. The police is taking it a a merely missing report n nor exhibiting much interest to trace the child.

Even the FIR was lodged after great efforts with the help n support of Kusum Kandwal Bhatt n Anil Chand both social activists on wnd of May.

The maternal uncle of the missing boy Anil Chand has now send letters to the prime minister, Indian HM, Uttar Pradesh CM, UP chief secretary, the DGP of UP and the SSP, Ghaziabad, but of no awail.

As the days are passing, the situation is becoming untolerable as the hope and optimism of the widowed mother is losing grip.

It may be revalled that 5 year old Kashish Rawat who also got mysteriously disappeared three years ago is not yet traced despite the best possible efforts of the various social organisations n the Noida police.

Sounds shocking that despite so much of police force, via media and resources the Indira Puram Police is not showing due interest to trace the missing Mohit.

The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh is requested to personally intervene in the matter in order to help trace 15 year Mohit Kathaith at the earliest.

Sunil Negi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum, Former Media Consultant, Delhi Commission For Women

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Forest fires create havoc in Uttarakhand. 6 die while dowsing jungle fire.



Read Time: 3 minutes

While the summer season arrives, entire hills of Uttarakhand, both in Kumaon and Garhwal divisions engulf themselves in massive fire destroying hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest cover including the wild life i.e. the flora and fauna of the Uttarakhand Himalayas thus not only endangering our environment but also the variety of endangered wild life spieces.

This is not the first time that the jungles of Uttarakhand are on fire but it has been happening in quite a sequential manner every summer in the past too with no concrete or credible remedy in sight either by the forest department, the disaster management system and the incumbent or the successive governments despite so much of hefty budge at the state n central government’s disposal.

Same is the case in terms of ecological or natural disaster like the one happened in 2013 June at Kedarnath, the scars of which are still being witnessed n fresh in peoples’ minds.

Last year’s masssive firing in the jungles which was fully uncontrollable had drawn the attention of the entire world leading to collossal loss of thousands of crores and immeasurable loss to wild life in myriad numbers.

Lakhs of hectares of jungles having been destroyed with approximately 16 human deaths was also reported.

What adds more worry to the firing episode is the senior most officers of the forest department n the key health officers including those dealing with the wild life conservation, chose only the summer season to undertake expensive foreign trips under the guise of seeking hi tech training on wild life and forest conservation, as happened this season as well, when six senior most officers namely Chief Conservator of Forests Jairaj, chief conservator of forests, Kumaon Dr. Vivek Pandey, Incharge Western forests Dr. Parag Madhukar Dhakate, Nitin Mani Tripathi, forestor, Dr. Dushyant Sharma, senior vetenary doctor, Jim Corbett Park and Dr. Himanshu Pangati chief veterinary doctor of Nainital Zoo had gone abroad for 15 days n not returning India soon despite repeated calls n ultimatums.

The situation is so grim that during the past 40 hours the fire has so massively spread its tantacles in about 110 jungles of Kumaon n Uttarakhand forests that it seems to be beyond control especially in view of the high speed winds at high altitudes encouraging the fire to further spread.

About six employees of the forest department have succumbed to the fire injuries while trying to control the situation inside the jungles.

According to the latest reports, in about 711 incidents of fire in Uttarakhand about 992.465 hectares of jungles have been completely destroyed and the loss has been estimated to Rs. 1656628.

Meanwhile the forest minister of Uttarakhand Harak Singh Rawat has threatened to tender his resignation as according to him the administrative department of the government of Uttarakhand has bypassed his discreationery powers and accorded permission to all the above forest conservators and veterinary doctors to go abroad without his permission.

In the absense of the senior most forest officers there is no competent officer to take decision to control the situation.

It is believed that in view of the media hype and the demoralisation of the government, all the officers have been asked to cut short their visit n reach Dehradun at the earliest. The increasing forest fire is also a huge challenge to the already degrading environmental condition of the Uttarakhand himalayas.

These fires enhance the temperature and result in melting of the himalayan glaciers as well thus resulting in several serious environmental consequences.

It may be recalled that the forest fires since 2010 till now has resulted in damage to lakhs of hectares of forests in Uttarakhand with no concrete policy framed to control this unending fire sequence during the summers.

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