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Bombay High Court asks SBI to preserve video of cops hitting teen



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The Bombay High Court has directed the State Bank of India (Bandra east branch) to preserve the CCTV footage of an alleged incident of policemen — attached to the Kherwadi police station — assaulting a class 12 student, who allegedly did not stop at a nakabandi, last month.

A division bench of Justice BP Dharmadhikari and Justice Revati Mohite Dhere gave the direction while hearing a petition filed by Chandrakant Shivram Karambale, father of 18-year-old deceased, Satej.

Advocate Jayant Bardeskar, appearing for the petitioner, argued that on January 7, Satej had driven his father’s two-wheeler to college. “While returning, he was stopped by a police officer at a nakabandi in front of Mahatma Gandhi Vidyalaya and State Bank of India for not wearing a helmet. However, when he stopped a little ahead of the nakabandi, one or two police constables struck him with a wooden rod on the head two to three times,” Bardeskar said.

The plea states that Satej got unconscious due to the assault and was rushed to the Holy Family Hospital where he was kept in the ICU for two days. Karambale had on the same day approached the Kherwadi police to lodge an FIR against the accused policemen but no action has been taken by senior police officers.

Bardeskar said, “The petitioner has approached the court to attain justice for his son as none of the authorities is granting him and his family what he deserves.”

The petition states that the victim is a young boy, and his life has come to a standstill due to undesired actions of the police constables. Further, not only have they flouted their duties, but they have also taken undue advantage of the same. Thus, the petitioner wishes that the misbehaviour of these persons is met with justice and equity.

The petition prays for directions to the Kherwadi police to register an FIR against the accused and direct SBI to hand over the footage captured on three cameras installed by it.

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The centre should immediately resolve the Pan India docters’ strike. Mamta should cooperate



Striking doctors
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The docters strike started from Kolkata West Bengal after some doctors were thrashed by the relatives of a dead patient, has now assumed an all India proportion with doctors of Delhi, Bihar, Maharashtra, Pune and several other states going on strike, though not fully but partially wearing helmets and black badges thus protesting against the increasing attacks on doctors and asking for their permanent security during duty hours.

The Indian Medical Council has issued the call for strike nationally. The union Health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has written to the chief minister of West Bengal Mamta Bannerjee to open a dialogue with the striking docters and resolve the issue forthwith assuring the docters of their full safety and security and also demanding stern action against the erring relatives of the deceased patient who’d physically attacked the docters of the Kolkatta NRS hospital blaming them of utter negligence and failure to revive the life of the patient.

The union health ministry has also issued an advisory to the Trinamul Congress government of West Bengal to resolve the impending impasse and arrest the gulty.

On the other hand the West Bengal CM Mamta Bannerjee has refused to take any stringent punitive actions against the striking doctors of entire government Hospitals of West Bengal under ESMA ( Maintenance of essential services act) as she do not want to destroy the career of the medical practitioners of her state but has requested them to withdraw the strike.

The striking docters on the other hand has asked the chief minister to hold direct dialogue with the striking doctors in the open session that talking with few representatives of the protesting doctors within four walls.

It may be recalled that the relations between the West Bengal government led by Mamata Banerjee and the centre are already strained with the BJP led NDA government allegedly standing with the striking doctors of West Bengal as well as at the pan India level.

Today is the third day of the strike. Ms Benerjee is already at loggerheads with the prime minister Narendra Modi and the union Home minister Amit Shah since the general election campaigning.

There had been lot of violence between the workers of TMC and BJP in West Bengal pre and post election claiming several lives of the workers of both the parties accusing each other for perpetrating the violence n killings.

The BJP leadership had blamed the TMC government of misusing the police to avenge the enmity with the BJP workers through use of force and perpetrating violence in the state. The state’s governor Kesri Nath Tripathi, formerly a senior BJP leader has also met the union home minister Amit Shah and apprised him of the latest law and order situation in West Bengal.

He had also convened an all party meeting on this issue to take rest of the opposition into confidence on the incessant killings and the breakdown of law and order situation in West Bengal. But Mamta seemed to be hardly worried saying that such central advisories to states are a common feature.

She even went to the extent of saying in one of the public meetings that she is even ready to give up her government but would go to any extent to protect the minorities in her state.

The BJP has won 18 seats in West Bengal at the hustings and raised its tally by 16 Lok Sabha seats as compared to 2 in 2014.

What I mean to say conclusively is that politics should not enter in the docters’ strike issue and the union government led by BJP as well as the trinamul Congress govt of West Bengal should in all earnestness keep the interest of millions of patients in mind and resolve the issue at the earliest keeping aside the narrow political differences.

Thousands and lakhs of patients lives undergoing treatment for critical illnesses is in jeopardy due to this strike in AIIMS, Ram Manohar Lohia, Lady Hardinge College and several other government hospitals of the country including those in Bengal.

Health priority is a central subject and the newly elected BJP led NDA part 2 government has a major responsibilty to come to the rescue of lakhs of patients suffering badly due to this ongoing docters strike.

Let’s see whether the government led by prime minister Narendra Modi takes a positive lead in this strike or not. What’s your take friends?

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BJP and TMC leadership should show brave heart to shun violence in West Bengal



West Bengal Governor deliberating with HM Amit Shah in his office at North block, accquainting him about WB violence and the latest situation of the state, though he termed it as a courtsey call.
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The general elections are over and a new government is also in place at the centre though having repeated for the second time in succession with charismatic Narendra Modi as its prime minister again.

Despite all this, the political confrontation and subsequent voilence with number of killings of political workers of both TMC and BJP in West Bengal is going on unabated.

Never ever in the recent past has such a strong violence sequence experienced in any state of the country though naxalite violence and terror deaths are the order of the day in strife torn Kashmir and various naxalite infested states of the country viz Gadh Chiroli in Maharashtra, Jharkand, Daantvada Chattisgarh and in Odissa etc.

The violence of West Bengal with the use of lethal weapons and bombs by political workers and leaders of both BJP and TMC to wrest power from each other and incessant accusations against each other involving the West Bengal CM and the BJP chief Amit Shah even prime minister had hyped the election in West Bengal with the print and electronics media repeatedly showing the violence .

The Bhartiya Janata Party which had merely two MPs after 2014 elections has invaded the strong hold of ruling TMC and wrested 18 seats from Mamata Bannerji’s party with increase in its vote share to 40%.

This has infact made her extremely angered and furious. There was the time when Bengal was ruled by communists for more than three decades with veteran late Jyoti Basu as the longest serving chief minister.

The CPM led left front government under Jyoti Basu ruled the state for protracted 3 decades .

TMC’s Mamata Bannerjee wrested power from the CPM and is the chief minister of West Bengal for the last ten years.

Mamata deedi as she is fondly addressed by one and all, even prime minister Narendra Modi has casted serious aspersions on the prime minister during the election campaigning and even went to the extent of saying that she will send her the ladoos of the dust of West Bengal to which the prime minister responded in all humility saying that he is humbly waiting for her mud ladoos.

Today even after the completion of the elections in West Bengal violence between the TMC and BJP workers is still going unabated.

The situation has deteriorated to such an aweful extent that the state’s governor Kesri Nath Tripathi has also expressed his serious concern and regret over the increasing incidents of killings of political workers through hurling of bombs saying that the situation has warranted the intervention of the central government indicating that if the violence and killings are not stopped in the state he may even think of recommending for imposition of president’s rule in the state. He also met the union Home Minister Anit Shah to post him about the latest violence and kilkings of BJP workers in the state. On being asked by mediamen he however termed it as a mere courtsey call.

Meanwhile the former TMC MP, now in Bhartiya Janata Party and Mamata’s arch rival Mukul Roy has shot a letter to the union home minister Amit Shah accusing the state chief minister Mamata Benerjee aka Deedi for instigating clashes in North 24 Parganas, Sandesh Khali on Saturday where three people belonging to BJP died.

Mukul Roy said there is complete anarchy and chaos in the state where the state machinery and the police force are being pre strategically misused to kill the BJP workers.

Mukul Roy demanded registration of a First information Report against the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee for instigating violence in the state.

Roy also demanded investigation into the violence by anti terror agency NIA.

The blame game between the TMC and the BJP continued after the Saturdays Basirhaat killings.

The West Bengal chief minister Mamata Bannerjee on the other hand blamed the ruling BJP of lynching the TMC workers and assured the populace that she is fully committed to rescue the minorities in her state from the alleged attacks of Hindu chauvinists even if she has to lose power.

She said that she has been struggling for decades and she never longed for power.

Sheasked the people : should she drive muslims out of the state? She will never do so even if she has to lose power and the seat of the chief minister ?

It may be recalled that approximately more than 40 workers of Trinamool Congress and BJP has died in violence and clashes during and after the elections in Bengal.

The deads include people from the minority as well as majority communities.

However, time has come now that both the BJP and the Trinamool Congress should shun violence in West Bengal and pave the way for the peace, tranquility and communal harmony to prevail.

The laws of the land and our constitution has no place for violence and killings in the society.

The political leadership of both, BJP and Trinamool Congress should give priority to the state’s overall welfare, development and well being of the people, instead of involving themselves in the practice of sheer vandetta.

Democracy believes in peaceful and constitutional change of power through mandate and the peoples’ mandate demands peace, tranquility, harmony, amity and brotherhood to prevail.

It’s finally the peaceful environment that can guarantee the safety and security of the electorates thereby pedalling the state on the path of progress and prosperity.

Since now the BJP led NDA has acknowleged a landslide mandate including 18 seats and 40% of the large vote share in West Bengal and power at the centre for the second term in succession, it should exhibit a large heart by delivering to the people of the state most earnestly and with transparency instead of keeping the confrontation alive with the government of West Bengal led by TMC chief Mamata Banerjee.

After all prime minister Narendra Modi has said in several of his post election thanks giving public meetings across India that even those who were opposed to him during the elections are his friends now, not foes and from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, all are one.

Then why the confrontation with political adversary? Why not to show a broad heart and perspective ? What’s your take friends?

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Mamata refuses to attend Niti Ayog meet. Writes to PM Narendra Modi.



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The West Bengal Chief minister Mamata Bannerjee who is always at loggerheads with the saffron party and prime minister Narendra Modi has refused to attend the meeting of the newly formed Niti Ayog to be held on 15th June in New Delhi.

Fond of creating controversies and extremely annoyed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi ideologically as well as the venom spitted by both of them against each other during the general election in Bengal resulting in several killings and unabated violence, Mamata Benerjee has written a strong letter informing the PM about not attending this crucial meeting.

According to the West Bengal CM Ms Bannerjee there is nothing important to be deliberated in the meeting as the new body/ structure of Niti Ayog has no fruitful financial provisions for the states.

First give the state sufficient n credible financial support n packages and then talk of inviting me in the meeting.

Ms Mamata Bannerjee has skipped earlier meetings of the Niti Ayog in the past as well and has been the greatest opponent of prime minister when he changed the Planning Commission into Niti Ayog during the previous BJP led NDA government after 2014.

The meeting of Niti Ayog scheduled for 15th June first after the formation of NDA 2 government would be discussing on issues of inter state water disputes, matters pertaining to national security and volatile situation in Jammu and Kashmir including other pivotal matters of state allocations n farmers issue etc.

The Planning Comission of India was formed by the late prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru after Independence with the objective to formulate five year plans for the country’s development and also to allocate budgets for various schemes to states and the centre.

After prime minister Narendra Modi came to power at the centre in 2014 he changed it to Niti Ayog.

The chief ministers of all the states, union territories, governors , RBI governor, senior most bureaucrats and some central ministers are its members led by prime minister of the country.

About 4 meetings of the Niti Ayog had been held in the past to discuss important matters of the country viz financial and agrarian issues, issues of national security, Jammu n Kashmir crisis etc.

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PM Modi assures people of Bengal that those affected by Sarada scam will get back their every single pie



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The prime minister Narendra Modi while addressing the people in Mamata Banerjee’s political citadel West Bengal assured that he will leave no stone unturned to punish the guilty of Sarada, Narada and Rose Valley scams and ensured that each and every family affected by this multi crore scam will get back their every single pie.

Prime minister Narendra Modi accused the West Bengal chief minister Mamata Bannerji known as Deedi of letting loose her reign of terror in West Bengal and patronising the corrupts of these scams.

He said Modi is being targetted by these so called opposition leaders because they are afraid that he ( Modi) will not tolerate the corupts n those who shield and patronise them.

He asked the people of Jaipalguri as to why these so called opposition leaders are afraid of Chai vala Narendra Modi. He said: JO MAHA BHRASHT HAIN VO MODI SE TRAST HAI.

Prime minister Narendra Modi charged West Bengal CM Mamta Bannerjee of ruling over Bengal through Dadagiri and protecting the corruots of Narada, Sarada n Rose Valley scams and exploiting the situation politically in view of the general elections round the corner in the name of anti BJP Gathbandhan poitics. Hundreds of thousands of people attended the rally to hear PM Modi.

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Apex court directs police commissioner Rajiv Kumar to cooperate in CBI investigations. Restricts the agency to arrest him.



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The West Bengal government vs Centre imbroglio has taken a curious turn today after the apex court’s directives to the Police Commissioner of Kolkatta Rajiv Kumar to fully cooperate with the CBI and join the investigations in Shillong with unambiguous instructions to CBI prohibiting the former’s arrest.

The court has also asked the police commissioner n the chief secretary of Bengal to present themselves before the court to explain the reasons in writing as to why they have breached the court’s orders by not cooperating in the investigations.

It may be recalled that the CBI investigations in the Sharda Ponzy scam of West Bengal is being carried out under the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction n directives.

With these court orders against the CBI’s petition in the Supreme court, the next hearing of which is due for 20th February, politics have further geared up amongst the BJP camp as well as in TMC’s corridors.

While West Bengal chief minister Mamata Bannerjee has termed this decision of Supreme Court as her n the entire non BJP opposition’s victory the union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had termed it theirs.

While speaking to media union minister Ravi Shanker Prasad while hailing the apex court’s decision said that the police commissioner Rajiv Kumar was skipping the CBI warrants for the last three years n Mamata Deedi is protecting n patronising him tooth n nail raise suspicion about her act. Union minister Tomar too accused the TMC CM of patronising a wrong doer police officer involved in the multi crore Sharada scam and said that creating deliberate hiccups n bottlenecks in the way of CBI investigations through political drama of Dharna is highly uncalled for which the whole nation is witnessing. He added that Mamata Bannerjee is trying to exploit the situation to her advantage politically in view of the general elections likelt to take place after few months.

Addressing the press from her three day long Dharna sthal in Kolkatta right after the Supreme Courts verdict, Chief minister Mamata Bannerjee welcomed the apex court’s order and termed it as the victory of the people of the country, victory of democracy, constitution and the entire non BJP opposition.

She openly accused the BJP led NDA government of destroying the constitutional, democratic and federal institutions of the country and threatening the opposition ruled states, leaders and even the media with dire consequences n threat to put them in jails in case they do not toe the saffron party line or ideology.

There is an atmosphere of hate, terror and fear in the country and whosoever speak against the BJP or the government is threatened with dire consequences through the misuse of CBI n ED etc n arbitrary cases registered against them added Mamata Bannerjee.

Asked by mediamen about lifting of the Dharna since the apex court has now given its orders for the commissioner’s cooperation with the CBI, Mamata Bannerjee said that it’s not the TMC’s Dharna but of the entire opposition parties n any decision to withdraw or continue it would be taken in proper consultation with all the leaders of the grand alliance.

Today is the third day of Mamata Bannerjee’s Dharna and the issue was raised by the opposition in the parliament compelling the home minister Rajnath Singh to issue state on the vexed matter. The Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival visited the Dharna in Kolkatta and met Mamata to express his unstinted solidarity to the cause alingwith some other opposition leaders.

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Will Mamata centre confrontation consolidate opposition unity more cohesively



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As the general elections are nearing the confrontation between the BJP led NDA government and the anti BJP opposition is increasing day by day.

The recent confrontation over the CBI inquiry against the police chief of West Bengal ruled by the TMC in connection with the multi crore Ponzy scam, skipping CBI warrants n subsequent forcible arrest of CBI officials, compounded by mass Dharna of West Bengal Chief minister Mamta Bennerjee accusing the union government n the BJP in particular of calculatedly harrassing n victimising the opposition ruled states, its CMs n political arch rivals, thus openly misusing the premier investigating agency has raised a vital question of unconstitutional mis governence n misusing of constititional bodies in the country.

Almost all the opposition leaders of 22 parties regional and national have come together to solidly stand behind West Bengal CM Mamata Bannerjee who has accused the government of misusing investigating agencies right at the time of general elections in order to politically demoralise the opposition parties n its rank n file.

West Bengal CM Mamata Bannerjee said that she is ready to give life but won’t tolerate insult to the police commissioner’s chair.

The West Bengal CM has recently organised a massive rally inviting 22 opposition leaders in Kolkatta which was a grand success and has also disallowed permission to land the choppers of BJP Supremo Amit Shah and UP CM Yogi Adityanath who had come to address pre election rallies in Bengal in the run up to the general election scheduled for May 2019. This has badly annoyed n disenchanted Amit Shah n UP CM. Since then there had been lot of controvercies n media blitzcriez from both the sides.

The West Bengal CM n non BJP opposition charge that it was against this step of Mamata Bennerjee that the CBI case was again raked up n officials sent to Kolkatta to harrass the police chief n her government.

The timing of the enquiry sounds to be highly suspicious and questionable, question’s Mamta Bennerjee n other opposition leaders.

The senior leader of the Congess Party n former union minister Ghulam Nabi Azad has while giving byte to the ABP correspondent in parliament has accused the central govt of calculatedly harrassing the opposition leaders one by one by arbitrarily registering n raking up CBI cases against them in number of matters where as cases of the corruption against the BJP’s own party leaders have been kept in cold storage.

He said if the government is really serious about abolishing corruption why dose’nt it get the multi crore Rafale matter investigated n brings the truth to the fore.

Harrassing n victimsing the opposition leaders by misusing the investigating agencies n institutions like CBI n ED etc will not be tolerated at any costs n will be opposed tooth n nail added Azad.

It may be recalled that CBI case against the former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav has also been registered after the conduction of raids in several premises of the IAS officer Chander Kala.

Akhilesh Yadav too has cried foul in this regard by holding a special press conference. It seems that the leaders of the Mahagathbandhan comprising of 22 national n regional parties are now consolidating fast on this issue of alleged BJP’s revenge politics against its political opponents apart from issues like Rafale, unemployment, aftermath ill effects of demonetisation, GST n agrarian crisis.

There was a time when the TMC chief n CM Mamata Bannerjee had raised movement n sat on several Dharnas outside the Writer’s building in West Bengal to opposes n oust the Tatas from Singur for capturing farm lands of the poor peasents.

She opposed the 30 year old left front government tooth n nail for several years and finally made West Bengal the TMC’s stronghold.

But today being the chief minister of the state she had to sit on Dharna against the BJP led NDA government against the CBI’s intervention which she terms as arbitrary n pre strategically vindictive.

The basic reason behind this is the Bhartiya Janata Party’s increasing influence in the 22 hindu dominated constituencies which it wants to win at all costs.

The saffron party is basing its propaganda against the ruling TMC of its over appeasement towards the muslims of the state and the recent new citizenship legislation having been passed in the Lok Sabha granting citizens rights to the minorities ( Hindu) in the North eastern States n Bengal being oppressed in Bangladesh, Pakistan n Afghanistan.

The Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and several opposition leaders have telephonically assured of their full support to Mamata Bannerjee on this issue and some have even joined her in Bengal to express solidarity to the cause.


Meanwhile the BJP’s leader n union minister Prakash Javdekar has held a press conference in New Delhi accusing Bengal CM Mamata Bannerjee of sitting on Dharna in order to safeguard herself from the CBI.

He said there is a state of emergency in West Bengal and BJP political workers are being killed pre strategically. We had opposed emergency imposed by late PM Indira Gandhi in 1975 n will oppose it in West Bengal too.

He castigated the West Bengal CM for denying permission to the choppers of BJP supremo Amit Shah n UP CM Yogi Adityanath and said that it’s against the democratic n constitutional norms.

A question also arises: Will centre Mamata confrontation soldify oppsition unity.

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Late-night fire at Gariahat in south Kolkata, many shops burnt



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Bringing back memories of Bagri Market incident, a midnight fire engulfed a building in south Kolkata at Gariahat. The fire started around 1 am on Sunday and 19 engines took about 10 hours to bring it under control.

It was an uphill battle for the fire department because it’s a heavily-populated area. They used gas cutters and skyman ladders to enter the highrise.

To deal with the situation, traffic in the opposite Basanti Devi College stretch in Gariahat is being diverted. Some of the stores have been burned to the ground.

The building houses several commercial and residential units. Fire officials suspect that a short circuit might have sparked off the fire at one of the temporary shops on the footpath and spreaded on a branded garments’ showroom. Over one dozen shops on the footpath have been gutted along with several shops in the building which have been razed.

There have been no reports of loss of lives so far as residents who were mostly asleep quickly rushed out of the five-storey building. Fire and disaster management team quickly got into the action and sources said that one 70-plus lady had to be helped out of the building. Extent of damage to property had not been ascertained.

State fire minister Sujit Bose and director general of fire services rushed to the spot. “The cause of fire is not clear. Many shops have been burnt and 19 fire engines are struggling to bring it under control. Shop owners had stocked inflammable objects in the shop which fuelled fire. An investigation will be done into the matter,” he said.

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Nine arrested for vandalising Kolkata multiplex during screening of The Accidental Prime Minister



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Nine protestors have been arrested on Saturday for holding a demonstration against the screening of ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ inside a cineplex in Kolkata. A video of the incident was recently made public by ANI. In the clip, a group of protestors can be seen moving around the mall sloganeering against the screening of the movie.
The protestors can be heard shouting slogans against actor Anupam Kher, who played the lead role in the movie. The Congress protest against the screening of the movie was organised on Thursday, during the evening show inside the Quest INOX Cineplex.
Earlier on Friday, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had asserted that the Anupam Kher-starrer ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ was made with an intention to distort facts and keeping the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in mind. Firing a fresh salvo at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she had asserted that a movie titled ‘Disastrous Prime Minister’ should also be made.
The Manmohan Singh biopic drew a lot of flak from the Congress party, even before the movie hit the theatres. Maharashtra Youth Congress, in December, had raised objections over the film and demanded its special screening to ensure that none of the scenes are factually incorrect.
The film is based on facts chronicled in a book by Sanjaya Baru – Manmohan Singh’s media advisor between 2004 and 2008. It revolves around Singh’s life, the economist and politician who served as the Prime Minister of India from 2004 to 2014 under the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government.

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Watch: Mid-air smoke forces IndiGo flight to make emergency landing in Kolkata



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A Jaipur-Kolkata IndiGo flight with 136 passengers on board made an emergency landing in Kolkata after smoke engulfed the plane mid-air, prompting the government to order a probe, an official said Tuesday.

However, no passengers were injured in the incident that happened on Monday, a senior DGCA official said.

The pilot had to issue a ‘May Day’ call, made to seek help in times of distress, and the Pratt & Whitney-powered Airbus A320 Neo plane landed at the Kolkata airport under full emergency conditions, a source said.

IndiGo confirmed the incident but said the aircraft did not face any technical issue in the past.

“An IndiGo flight (A320 aircraft) 6E-237 operating on Jaipur-Kolkata route made an emergency landing as a precaution at Kolkata due to suspected smoke in cabin,” the airline said in a statement.

There was no report earlier of any malfunctioning in the aircraft, it said.

The flight landed safely at Kolkata, it said, adding that on reaching the bay, a few passengers were evacuated via the “aft exit deployed slides” while most passengers deplaned via the front step ladder.

The Airbus A320 Neo planes with Pratt & Whitney engines, which are being operated by budget carriers IndiGo and GoAir, have been frequently facing serious glitches mid-air and on ground since their induction.

The senior official of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said the “flight made an emergency landing at Kolkata due to smoke in cockpit and cabin”.

On landing, the aircraft was taken to an isolation bay, where aft or emergency passenger chutes were deployed and few passengers were evacuated, the official said.

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB), which comes under the Civil Aviation Ministry, has launched a probe into the incident, he said.

  • The airline has also been asked to submit a preliminary report after a detailed technical inspection, he added. (more…)
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The overall Bharat Bandh organised by the Congress party with the participation of majority of the non BJP opposition led by the Congress president Rahul Gandhi could be a matter of great satisfaction and rather success for them as all the saffron oppositing parties have at the all India level actively participated in the Bandh eliciting tremendous press coverage in the print and electronic media despite the best efforts of the ruling party calling it the opposition’s failed attempt.

While about 16 parties’ workers and leaders have participated in the Ram Lila Maidan conglomeration/ rally, the left parties and their leaders held their dharna cum protests at Jantar Mantar compounded with the protest marches by the Congress, Samajwadi Party and the BSP in Uttar Pradesh including demonstrations n sit in in almost all states of the country right from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari.


Even the partner of the BJP Shiv Sena has actively supported the Bandh in Maharashtra. The call for the national Bandh evoked mass protests including incidents of ransacking in Maharashtra and Bihar etc strongly condemned by the ruling BJP including a shocking and a sorry incident of the death of an infant girl in Bihar whose father could not get a timely conveyance to ferry her to hospital for the timely treatment.

The countrymen are badly furious, disenchanted and annoyed over the unabated arbitrary increase in the prices of petrol, diesal and the LPG and have expressed their antagonism by participating in this opposition sponsered Bandh all over the country.

The entire news channels of the country carried the Bandh related news and developments for the whole day on 10th with some of the news channels slamming the non BJP opposition for creating loot and putting the people of the country to massive inconvenience.

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi who actually dominated the show got the maximum political mileage annoying the left parties and its towering leaders like Sita Ram Yachuri etc thus compelling them to hold a sepatate protest against the rising fuel prices n the BJP government at Jantar Mantar.

But despite all this, what was ironical to note that while the BJP leaders like Law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and the BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra were unsuccesfully endeavouring to protect their government on the fuel prices rise terming it as the international compulsion,  the prices of petrol and diesal further went up on the day of the national Bandh with petrol in Delhi costing Rs. 81 a litre and diesal at Rs. 73 a litre.

It is believed that the fuel prices that have gone up by 5% and 7% respectively in the rates of petrol n diesal since 1st of August are going to further enhance in the near future as the Rupee against the US dollar has again gone to the all time low on Monday at 72.18 against the dollar.

The current price of the brent oil is hovering around 77$ a barrel and India imports about 80% of the entire crude oil requirement obviously affecting the Indian foreign exchange reserves and increasing inflation manifold.

The greatest achievement of this Bharat Bandh was that it has once again given an opportunity to the leaders and workers of the non BJP opposition parties at the national and state levels’ to unite together publicly to send across a good message acrros the length and bredth of the country that though slowly but quite steadily, the entire anti saffron politicial conglomeration is taking a cohesive shape which may by 2019 become a credible and strong anti BJP political entity.

However, even if the ruling political dispensation of the country terms this Bharat Bandh as a failed attempt of the non BJP opposition, one thing that has been unambiguously transparent in this whole development was that the opposition parties of the country under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership have proved quite successful in standing alongwith the disenchanted anti BJP masses of the country, the common man annoyed by the unabated fuel prices rise and delivering the message far and wide that the governmentat the centre led by BJP has been incompetetive to control the inflation that is the direct result of the inflationery price rise of petro products, the highest in the last seven decades.

The levying of maximum taxes on petro products and not bringing them under the framework of the GST to reduce peoples’ woes have exposed the BJP of professing double standard politics and betraying the countrymen through rhetorics says a senior Congress leader.

What’s your take friends?

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