Google launched Allo messenger app like WhatsApp

Google launched Allo messenger app like WhatsApp


Google has launched its new instant messaging app called Allo to give competition to the famous WhatsApp which has a huge user base.

Google has provided some advanced and new features to do chatting and sharing of files with contacts.

This app is available for both Android and iPhone users. It is a smart messaging app which offers more features which are present in WhatsApp.

It is a phone number based App which works just like WhatsApp and allows sending messages to anyone in your phone book. Some features like Google Assistant, expression are available in this messenger with facility of chatting with all Allo users.

Like Facebook messenger you can send stickers and emoji in this app and one of the best and hottest features of this app is called Whisper or shout. This feature lets you to slide up or down on the send button so that the size gets changed.

So basically this app has provided some more ways to express you with text and expressions. It also provides a new feature related to your profile picture called Ink which allows you to doodle on them.

In Allo app Google assistant has also been integrated which will help in many ways like if you are chatting with your friend who wants to eat Chinese food. Google Assistant will proactively suggest list of Chinese restaurants in that area at the bottom of the app and you can tap on that suggestion to bring it on the chat screen and everyone can see that list of restaurant cards.

Allo app is very secure and you do not have worry about the privacy of your chat because all messages are encrypted in this app. It also provides incognito mode just like in Chrome browser does which means you will only get end to end encrypted messages.