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We have been hearing for a long time that doing Yoga is good for health but have we really given it a thought that how exactly it helps us to overcome various diseases and also let our body and mind to fight against dangerous diseases which people are facing on large scale because of change in lifestyle and environment. Pollution has increased so much and our immunity levels have gone down which has made people dependent on antibiotics and regular visits to the doctors. The average age of Indians have also come down where earlier people easily used to live for up to 90 plus years.

In today’s age doing Yoga is the solution which can help people to fight against various odds. It is like that you do not want to do but when you do it you feel good and like it. There are numerous benefits of doing Yoga but here are top 8 benefits which may be more than enough to motivate you to start doing Yoga and get rewarding and unbelievable benefits.

Yoga will help you to build up your confidence
There are 10 specific poses in Yoga which will help boost one’s confidence. In the initial poses beginners can use them and last few poses are for more advanced yogis. We all need good confidence level in our lives and if could get it by doing some yoga poses then it is awesome.

It can be done anywhere
The best part of Yoga is that it can be done anywhere whether you are traveling or enjoying at beach and you do not even need any tutor or Guru because YouTube has answers for all Yoga poses and exercises.
Any ways whole World has started acknowledging the importance of Yoga and its effects on mind and body which are obviously great effects and it should not be connected with any religion and if possible treat it as a food for mind and body because by doing so a person will live a good healthy life and this is what everyone wants to have so why not give it a try and improve your life with more energy.