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why mamta is opposing demonetisation


Mamta Banerjee is so obsessed in opposing PM Narendra Modi that she and her party in Lok sabha has claimed that PM is using army for his personal purpose to take toll in West Bengal but the Indian army has answered Mamta Banerjee by releasing 4 letters which were sent to different authorities about the  exercise and request their cooperation.

Now it has become clear after the Army released letters that the concerned authorities even received them. She tried to politicize this act and alleged that Modi had deployed the Army at toll booths across the State as vengeance for Trinamool Congress’s opposition to demonetization.

These letters were sent to the concerned authorities and permission was also granted to the Army that too a week before the exercise.

These letters are authentic because these have been released by the Army corroborate Maj Gen Yadav’s.

Check out the four letters which were released by the Army.





Why Mamta is against Demonetisation and against Narendra Modi?

She did not even thought about her personal chemistry with Narendra Modi and wants to come into the National Politics by starting a do or die mission against Modi and cash clean up drive.

She even shook hands with her arch rivals against Modi and called some parties Gaddar when they did not support her and now maybe the strongest reason why she is opposing the Modi and Demoetisation drive is because she is taking BJP as the biggest rival in Kolkata and strong opponent and having fear that it may have a wide impact in the coming elections.

Second reason could be that in UP Samajwadi Party is already having issues within their family and in Bihar everybody knows that there is some friction between Nitish and Lalu Prasad Yadav and Congress do not have any strong opponents against BJP so it is the strongest party who will do well in the coming elections.

Third reason could be that Mamta Banerjee knows that there is some discomfort in the public while standing the ATM queues and she trying to use this anger by speaking against BJP.