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The government of Uttarakhand is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that law and order is fully maintained during its budget session likely to start from 19th/ 20th March in the newly built Gairsain legislative assembly building. The budget session is being held at the new assembly at Gairsain to assuage the anger and raising temper of the Gairsain movement activists who’ve been protesting in various parts of Uttarakhand for the last two months headquartered at Gairsain itself, say political analysts.

Several women protagonists, journalists, youths, senior citizens and the locals have been up in arms against the government of the day demanding declaration of Gairsain as permanent capital keeping in view the complete lack of decentralized development of Uttarakhand leading to a massive exodus of the villagers to the cities, towns and metropolises of the state and the country, particularly the interiors devoid of employment opportunities, health facilities and lack of education compounded with deteriorating agricultural sector due to lack of economic support and other constructive inducements from the system at the administrative and political helm of affairs.

The protagonists of Gairsain and those behind the protest demonstrations in and outside Uttarakhand, have given a call for the Gherao of the Vidhan Sabha building on the first day of the session and the former chief minister of Uttarakhand Harish Rawat is also staging a one day sit in in front of the assembly building alongwith his supporters and Congressmen to impress upon the incumbent government to acede to the peoples’ long pending demand to declare Garsain as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand. The first day of the assembly session therefore seems to be quite hectic and full of action in and outside the assembly at Gairsain.

Sources reveal that keeping in view the enhanced anger and annoyance of the Gairsain movement activists the government of Uttarakhand is in no mood to tolerate any mischief or high handed attitude of the movement activists and is in a full mood to counter any untoward happening or possibility of massive protest with a heavy hand, come what may.

The myriad amount of policement posted at the assembly building unambiguously speak of the fact that those at the helm of affairs are fully equipped and in complete spirits to counter any form of protest. This is so because the BJP government in the state in historic majority and is not willing to submit under any pressure.

Observers say that posting so much of the police force may also be a tactical strategy of the government to psychologically demoralise the movement activists as most of them are innocent and peace loving citizens, believing in peaceful democratic protests and hence may either withdraw or would be on low keel than being more acrimonious and physically counter offensive.

However, it remains to be seen how strongly would the protesters be able to make their presence felt on the first day of the Gairsain budget session and what would be the government’s line of action dealing with these protestors, after such a massive show of strength of state police force at the Assembly secretariat in Gairsain.

The movement activists claim that it’s already their victory as the government seems to be allegedly afraid of their increasing influence of protests as it has to be ultimately constrained to post so much of the police force to counter them. What do you say friends?


Now its crystal clear that the young face of Bhartiya Janata Party and national Incharge of the BJP’s media cell and one of the spokesmen Anil Baluni hailing from Pauri Garhwal is likely to be the Rajya Sabha MP from Uttarakhand , the upper house seat earlier held by Congress’s M. S. Mahara whose six year term ended last month.

Though there were number of names of many party seniors of RSS background but Anil Baluni finally made it being the blue eyed boy of the national party chief Amit Shah. Having been credited with being the OSD of the former Gujarat Governor Sunder Singh Bhandari, BJP spokesman during Major General (Rtd) Khanduri’s chief minister ship, having unsuccessfully contested from Kotdwar as MLA and finally serving as the national media incharge of BJP in Delhi Anil Baluni also managed the media of prime minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi from where the latter contested for Lok Sabha and won by record margin.

Primarily a journalist by profession, Anil Baluni has also been consistently propagating the party’s views, philosophy and achievements through his writings in the regional and national dailes of the state and the country. Sources say that while party chief Amit Shah had tremendous liking for Anil Baluni but the Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat too strongly favored his candidature.

The reason being he was Trivendra Rawat’s political alternative in the state and could have replaced him in the near future had any eventuality arrived. The chief minister therefore had no option but to elevate Baluni to Rajya Sabha thus finally getting rid of any future danger of the latter being his political alternative,say reliable sources.

Therefore Rawat fully backed his candidature and the social networking sites are full of news pertaining to his candidature having been cleared and subsequent greetings from every nook and corner of Garhwal and the country. Hailing primarily from Danda Nagaraja, Pauri Garhwal Anil Baluni’s elevation has added one more name in the list of earlier important appointees at the state as well as the national level viz, UP CM Yogi Aditya Nath, UK CM Trivendra Rawat, NSA Ajit Dobhal, DG Indian Coast Guard Rajendra , Army chief Vipin Rawat etc.

Becoming Rajya Sabha MP at such a young age definitely open many more opportunities for Anil Baluni for more significant positions in the near future. Congrats Anil Baluni. What do you say friends?


Uttarakhand Aandolan, Smritiyon ka Himalaya is a fantastic book brought out by a senior journalist and author Harish Lakera having served in Jansatta, Amar Ujala and several other reputed dailies. Currently he’s joined Daily Tribune. In active journalism for three decades or more, Harish Lakhera has done a laudable job by bringing forth this excellent book comprising of 470 pages almost covering every incident and aspect of Uttarakhand movement that started during the nineties and finally led to the achievement of the protracted dream of each and every Uttarakhandi, the separate state.

The book meticulously portrays very minutely and with due precision, every major event, struggle, demonstration, Dharna happenings and the tortuous victimisation of the men and women andolankaries right from Pauri to Delhi with special emphasis of the not to be forgotten, the most brutal killings and assaults of women in Mujjafarnagar Ram Pur Tiraha ( trijuncton) where today stands the martyrs historic memorial. The book also carries the in depth articles of his and several eminent journalists of Uttarakhand in Delhi who’d penned down their feelings and various socio political, geographical, economic, environmental, demographic and other significant aspects of the movement at peak in Delhi and various parts of Uttarakhand during the nineties. Uttarakhand Andolan/ Smritiyon ka Himalaya, an important read, authored by Harish Lakhera deserves to be complimented for taking so much of pain and devoting several months in the research work and finally authoring this fantastic book. He is genuinely the accolades’ deserving author by all means. I have, though, not gone through the book deeply but while casually going through some chapters at a glance have found that it’s undoubtedly and unambiguously the first ever book on Uttarakhand movement, with which, the writer has done full justice as far as the depiction of incidents of that phase of nineties are concerned.

He has taken special care to mention as much as names of the movement activists dedicatedly involved in the relentless struggle in Delhi and Uttarakhand and has tried his best to incorporate maximum, though selected articles of eminent journalists of Uttarakhand who’d done great service to the Uttarakhand movement to further the separate state demand, thus giving full fledged momentum to the noble cause. I would strongly recommend one and all to buy the book and awaken themselves with those days of relentless struggle of the nineties when every individual, be they be men, women, students, youths, exservicemen, government employees, writers, journalists or thinkers, poor or rich, everybody was fully devoted and selflessly dedicated to the cause of separate statehood finally achieving the targetted goal on 9th November, 2000 after the sacrifice of precious 42 lives. Wishing you all the very best Harish bhai. Jai Hind, Jai Uttarakhand.
Sunil Negi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum


The horrifying leopard attacks in Uttarakhand have become the order of the day and there seems to be no end to this menace. There seem to be no efforts from the state government’s concerned departments to ensure the safety of the hill people, particularly the women and children who’ve become extremely vulnerable to these increasing attacks.

On the one hand there is special emphasis by the wild life department to conserve tigers and leopards as they are considered to be the vanishing spieces but in Uttarakhand which is inhabited by 73% jungles the leopard menace has so far taken around 250 lives in just one and a half decade with majority of the incidents of grievous unjuries not being reported by the poor and hapless villagers.

I have been writing very often on this subject as other scribes too are reporting in print and electronics media but regretfully the government seems to be least bothered to pay special attention on this front. After the exodus of the hill people to cities, towns and metropolises the villages of Uttarakhand are rapidly losing population and as such there is tremendous dearth of pet animals like goats, cows and buffaloes.

Moreover the rampant activities of construction and subsequent intervention with nature has also resulted in disturbance of the wild life, particularly the leopards and panthers. In the absense of adequate food and disturbance due to the enhanced construction activities these freely roaming leopards conveniently enter the villages and human settlements and attack the women or children working and playing in the agricultural fields cladestinely to fulfill their hunger.

Such horrifying incidents of leopard attacks have been frequently witnessed in several villages of Pauri Garhwal district, in and around the 200 to 300 kilometre of the Jim Corbet national park and in Kumaon division as well. The maximum victims are the women and children who are quite vulnerable to such attacks as they work in agricultural fields and often go the jungles for fodder and firewods at odd hours.

Just a day before a dreaded leopard had cladestinely made a seven year old girl its prey and grabbed her thigh and the face leaving her dead, while profusely bleeding, in the jungles after the local inhabitants made lot of noise in unison. According to a news report released from Nainital a maneater leopard literally killed a 7 year old girl child who was going towards a jungle under the jurisdiction of BELUVKHAN GRAM SABHA adjacent to the Nainital Haldwani National highway.

The leopard who was clandestinely keeping an eye on the mother daughter duo literally snatched the girl child from the mothers captivity and dragged her up to five hundred metres in broad day light leaving behing the dead body inside the jungle after the group of the local villagers created panic and noise. When the villagers recovered her dead body the victims thigh and face were completely mutilated with the leopards punch and jaws, profusely bleeding.

The girl died instantly. According to the news report Rekha Devi alongwith her daughter was going to the jungle for firewoods in the afternoon at 2.30 PM. A leopard who was hiding near a house immediately out of the blue grabbed the 7 year old girl with his jaws and dragged her upto 500 metres, finally killing her. There was panic all around. Meanwhile when the victims mother raised an alarm, some of the local villagers gathered and raise an alarm with collective noise after which the man eater( predator) left the dead body behind and skipped away.

By the time the local police, revenue officials and the forest guards reached the spot and brought the profusely bleeding dead body on the road for post mortom. Such incidents of these predators have made the lives of women and children a hell in Uttarakhand and the government seems to be negligibly bothered for the safety and security of the people. If these leopard attacks are frequently continued not only will it lead to more exodus of the villagers to cities but will also affect adversely, the states tourism sector which is considered to be the major earning source of the UK’s economy.



Any state of the country or its people prosper only when adequate health facilities are brought to their doorsteps and if not at door steps at least at a comfortable proximity so that each and every individual can avail of those facilities and remain healthy and desease free.

In states like Uttarakhand, in particular which remained exploited in terms of lack of health priorities due to its being annexed with Uttar Pradesh for a long time and thereafter too after having achieved separate statehood it is extremely necessary and rather mandatory that the government of the day give special attention on health sector. It’s not that Uttarakhand has not prospered during the last 18 years where 8 chief ministers have changed compared to just 6/7 during the last 57 years in Himachal Pradesh but in terms of health, education, agricultural and industrial development, despite the tall claims of successive governments the progress have been extremely tardy and unsatisfying.

Health is one of the core sectors that requires utmost attention and concentration of those at the helm of affairs. If we go by the present health related development at the decentralised level, the situation is not only pathetic but traumatic as well, especially when we see distressed women of the villages giving birth to the new born babies on way to hospitals or they being deprived of medical attention when they somehow reach hospitals after facing tremendous odds and challanges. Its really disheartening to learn that whatever little or limited number of hospitals, health centres or dispensaries that exist in the interiors or suburban areas they are with extreme dearth of doctors, pharmacists, xray, blood bank and ultrasound machines, adequate medicines and even first aid materials.

Though the chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat has recently revealed about 1000 new appointments of new doctors in the state but till the time they don’t climb the hills and dedicate themselves to the service of the hill people, things won’t improve dramatically. The government has made top claims of majorly increasing the health budget of Uttarakhand by 34% to the tune of Rs. 1871 crores as compared to past year. But it still remains to be seen whether this massive budget really percolates to village levels and the poorest of the poor, the rural people, the down troddens, the lower middle class and women are benefitted with free treatments and life saving surgeries.

Uttarakhand has thirteen districts and umpteen blocks apart from myriad number of cities and towns and catering of health services to each and every person is undoubtedly not a child’s play, rather an uphill and stupendous task. The responsibility of the government is onerous and tremendous. However, the government must also be doing its best and whatever maximum, possible. But one can’t deny the fact that Uttarakhand’s health sector today is in immense jeopardy with non availability of ambulances, medical equipments, machines, medicines, doctors, pharmacists and ofcourse rural , suburban health centres.

There is one moot question if hi tech private hospitals can flourish and do outstanding business that why not the government hospitals be fully equipped with latest health related technological facilities despite having so much of budget and government funding at their disposal. There can’t be the biggest irory than this, that when the prominent singer and literateur Narendra Singh Negi suffered a massive heart in Dehradun he was advised by the chief minister himself to admit the celebrity in a well studded private hospital where he was finally brought out of the clutches of death at the last moment.

Uttarakhand today needs a well studded hospital and health centre in each and every district and blocks of Uttarakhand with team of efficient doctors, pharmacists, blood banks, all medical machines, equipments and full fledged ambulance with regular monitoring at the chief ministers level. if we really want to see a healthily prosperous Himalayan state achieved after so much of sacrifices and relentless struggles and are also seriously desirous of ensuring reverse migration, health revolution in Uttarakhand is the need of the hour.

We have also been hearing a lot about the health insurance cover given by the state government to majoriry of the population. While appreciating the gesture would it not be relevant if the hospitals are made fully equipped with the necessary hi tech treatment equipments, machines and know how at par with the private hospitals so as to enable these medical health insurance beneficieries acknowledge assured treatment and succesful surgery results from the critical ailments.

My humble appeal and request to honourable CM UK to kindly take more health related pro people emphatic decisions for the good of the state and its subjects.


While the project of Rs. 1,383 crores for constructing a hi tech tunnel to ease the movement of the pilgrims to Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamnotri shortening the distance of 20 kilometres have been cleared by the cabinet committee on political affairs chaired by prime minister Narendra Modi and the work on the all weather roads is on full swing, the recent statement of the chief minister of Uttrakhand T S Rawat favouring annexation of Saharanpur with Uttarakhand in future has created tremendous amount of furore and anger amongst the people of the Himalayan state, majority of whom not only fully disagree with his statement but also see it as a deliberate pre strategic ploy to put the pivotal issue of Gairsain capital on the back burner.

Political analysts say that such a statement could not be issued just casually but must definitely be bearing some important reason and keeping in view the growing demand for Gairsain as the new permanent capital of UK , it may be the ploy to side line the core issue bound to have several ramifications. In Uttarakhand and even amongst the community living in Delhi and elsewhere majority of the people have felt hurt by possibility of Saharanpur’s annexation with UK and even if it is not a certainty, the statement of the CM saying that he always favoured bringing Saharanpur into UK’s fold has also annoyed them to a great extent.

People say that while the real issue associated with the sentiments of majority of the Uttarakhandies like Gairsain is not being attended to, despite the BJP being at the political helm of affairs at the centre and the state as well, but the irrelevent issues such as Saharanpur are gaining upper hand thus hurting the peoples’ emotions. Political analysts say that while there have been not a single statement from the state govt, the CM or any minister on Gairsain despite so much of hullaballoo and spate of agitations but on the issue of Saharanpur’s alleged annexation with Uttarakhand, there have been an extraordinary hurry with lead front page headlines appearing in all the regional and national dailies of the state given it a new political dimension and relevance.

Since then, the social networking sites and even the media is full of anti Saharanpur statements as the one below putting a cross on the CM’s story in a newspaper and saying ” TSR HOSH MEIN AAO, PAHAAD KI ROTI NAHI BATEGI, BAHISHKAAR KARENGE. ( TSR be in senses, will not let the Uttarakhand divide, will openly boycott). The way Gairsain capital movement is gaining ground and momentum these days the ruling party at the state and the centre should in all earnestness honour the peoples’ mandate and declare Gairsain as the permanent capital of UK than inviting the peoples’ wrath on irrelevent issues such as that of Saharanpur’s possible annexation with UK.

Even a laymen in Uttarakhand knows that due to the delimitation of the Assembly seats on population parameter, the hills of Uttarakhand had already lost good number of seats with the MLA seats of Uttarakhand plains increasing manifold. Just imagine if Saharanpur comes with Uttarakhand officially, what would be the fate of the already misrepresented rural Uttarakhand which has alrady lost its share of 32 lakh people through large scale migration during the last 17 years. What’s your take friends?


The veteran Uttarakhand movement activist Baba Mathura Prasad Bamrara is no more. It’s really a very sad, shocking and disheartening news and an end of a protracted chapter of relentless struggle. I personally knew Baba Mathura Prasad Bamrada who breathed his last today.

He was a relentless fighter who was imprisoned number of times in separate Uttarakhand movement. In 1978 under the leadership of then MP from Tehri Garhwal, late Trepan Singh Negi Mathura Prasad Bamrara voluntrily courted arrest at Boat Club while forcibly marchig towards parliament and was in Tihar Jail for ten days.

Since then he was involved in every struggle and movement of separate Uttarakhand state having dedicated his entire life for this noble cause. Mathura Prasad Bamrara in actual sense was a symbol of struggle who dedicated his entire life for Uttarakhand and its problems at the expense of his family who suffered tremendously, financially and otherwise. During the separate Uttarakhand phase during the nineties too till the formation of the separate state he was fully involved in the struggle to achieve separate Uttarakhand state.

His entire family was in financial jeopardy during his entire phase of struggle. In addition to this sordid story, what is more shocking and anguishing is the fact that the successive governments that ruled Uttarakhand during the last 18 years provided no financial assistence to him or his financially shattered family, not also for his basic treatment of various ailments he was suffering from.

The tragedy of the whole episode is that he was constrained to sit on hunger strike during the previous Congress chief minister Harish Rawat’s tenure to include him as a recognized ANNDOLANKARI officially and provide employment to his son. He even held several press conferences with the help of his well wishers to draw the attentiontowards his genuine plight but of no awail. Baba Bamrara’s old age phase was extremely challenging carrying so many ailments with no facility for privileged government treatment.

After suffering so much despite his lifelong relentless struggle neither was he declared an official Uttarakhand andolankari, nor his son got employment in any of the government department and he finally met a sad end today. Sounds really bad for a veteran movement activist to meet such a sad end. Om Shanti. May God give peace to the departed soul and sufficient strength to the bereaved family tobear this most irrepetable loss.


Uttarakhand is in the news again these days for four major reasons. One, the movement for the new capital of the state, Gairsain which gained tremendous momentum due to widespread protest demonstrations and hunger strike protests in various parts of Uttarakhand acknowledging extensive media coverage. Second, the visit of the nationally acclaimed crusader against corruption Anna Hazare. Third, the most sensitive issue of Pancheshwar Dam likely to be built over the Saryu and Mahakali rivers in Champavat district posing grave danger to more then 30 thousands families of the three districts of Uttatakhand including 130 villages. Fourth, the issue of collection of Funds of Rs 25 crores on the directives of the national BJP chief Amit Shah creating ripples and controversy in the political corridors of Dehradun and fifth, the rumours regarding the possible change of state chief minister.

To be very frank though this himalayan state does not hold much political significance in the central politics, particularly in the making or dethroning of the union government as it gives only five Lok Sabha MP’s to the parliament but it has always been at the centre of controversy in terms of corruption, change of 8 chief ministers in just 18 years and several other reasons whereas a small state like Himachal had been governed by merely 5/ 6 CMs since attaining statehood during the protracted tenure of 57 years.

What a difference of political character between both the Himalayan states. Well, the issue of Gairsain is still hot and the government of the day has relented to some extent by agreeing to hold the budget session in Gairsain in order to appease and asuage the feelings of the movement activists. Anna has also made his mark by holding few well attended rallies in Garhwal, Srinagar and mobilising people in favor of the new capital.

Pancheshwar issue being the central subject is being taken care by the union government with the state BJP government trying to work on the better compensation formula to appease the affected families and village population. The issue of 25 crore fund raising has also not gained much momentum despite little coverage in print and electronic media.

But it seems that the most controvertial and sensitive matter of the possible change in state leadership is spreading like a wild fire though there is no definite or authentic feedback on this pivotal issue except rumor mongering and speculations by the political analysts.

Even social networking site like facebook and several newspapers and electronic channels are carrying stories about the possible change in leadership with Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank as a prospective alternative. While as of now, I personally deny this speculation as merely a cooked up story but am also of the opinion that nothing is impossible in politics.

The present CM incumbent Triverndra Singh Rawat is considered to be the first hand most reliable and trusted man of national party chief Amit Shah and a trusted RSSite. Apart from this, he is trying his best to do whatever he can in a phased manner for the development of the state say his ardent followers. He’d satisfied the high command by collecting the requisite fund for the party to the tune of 25 crores in record time and had also been visiting Delhi very often to keep the central leadership happy and in good humour. Then what’s the problem.

The problem actually is that there are many over ambitious leaders in UK BJP who are still not able to tolerate the upgradation of their junior on the top slot of the state. These detractors are Satpal Maharaj, Harak Singh Rawat, Vijay Bahuguna, Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank and even Bhagat Singh Koshiyari including Major General Khanduri.

It is being said that since Satpal Maharaj, Harak Singh Rawat and Vijay Bahuguna are old Congressmen and do not fit in the trusted catagory of being CM the choice is non other then former CM and Haridwar MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank. As far as Koshiyari and Khanduri are concerned they have already crossed 75 years of age and are considered to be misfit for being the state’s CM.

Moreover, if the news making the rounds of the political corridors in Delhi and Dehradun are to be believed the recent meeting called by Dr Nishank at his Dehradun house had good number of BJP MLAs present who pledged to support him in the event of the prospective change in leadership in the state.

Meanwhile, one of the strong and powerful MLA earlier in Congress, a protege of former cm Vijay bahuguna from Mangalore and now in BJP has already met Amit Shah in Delhi and presented him a memorandum demanding immediate change in the state leadership possibly favoring Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank.

Though nothing concrete can be predicted as of now but one thing is for sure that a spark of change has started spreading giving a clear signal that some development of a new kind may perhaps take shape in the coming future in the himalayan state of Uttarakhand.



The former Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawat having lost from both the legislative assembly seats of the state during the previous election and leading to the shameful defeat of the division ridden Congress party in Uttarakhand is a disturbed politician these days.

The reason being he is being pre strategically isolated and sidelined by his own party president of the state namely Pritam Singh, the former cabinet minister in all the state Congress governments including in Rawat’s cabinet. One time a close confidante of Harish Rawat, like the former state Congress chief Kishore Upadhyay, who too is extremely anti Rawat, though leading an inactive political life these days, Pritam Singh is the son of late Gulab Singh Rawat a towering leader of the backwards and Rajputs in Jaunsaar Bhabher area and minister in the Uttar Pradesh government representing Uttarakhand. Pritam Singh is a five time MLA from Chhakrauta, Garhwal, Uttarakhand and is quite eloquent, youthful and carries a good image amongst his electorates and the organisation.

After the horrible defeat of the Congress Party in Uttarakhand the former CM Harish Rawat, a septuagenerian, who instead of leading a comfortable retired life has preferred to be more mobile and active politically by attending each and every socio political programme, function and event in UK, Delhi and even Mumbai and is easily available to accept the invitations. He perhaps intends to be the next time MP or is again eyeing on the chief ministership of Uttarakhand thinking that since the Himalayan state has always gone for change after every five year, in 2022 the party is again poised for a re come back. However, the new emerging youthful leadership like Pritam Singh, the present Congress state chief now see himself as the new force and the CM in the waiting after four years.

Hence, he want to keep his bete noire Harish Rawat away from the Uttarakhand politics, by all means. Sources reveal that the former CM Harish Rawat is never informed or invited in any party programme in any part of Uttarakhand. The group of Rawat has been completely sidelined and majority of them have either joined the Pritam Singh camp or joined BJP. The situation has gone awry to such an extent for Harish Rawat that he is now compelled to express his annoyance, reservation and complaint in social networking sites like facebook and Twitter, not even worried that such posts will invite the attention of media about the increasing inner party dissensions in Uttarakhand Congress involving the former CM and the current party president thus making mockery of the party in print and electronic press.

Actually, the crux of the matter is that the Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress Committee has recently organised a successful motor cycle rally against the increasing price rise and poverty in the state capital Dehradun and Harish Rawat was not invited, not even informed. The rally was a grand success and acknowledged tremendous success. In the past programmes too Harish Rawat wasn’t invited. He is therefore badly furious but has no option but to air his grievances through the social networking sites like FB and twitter. Just have a look at the FB post of Rawat. Harish Rawat has, while congratulated the rally with a heavy heart but has expressed his annoyance, in the form of a complaint that had he been informed by the state president Pritam Singh, he would have loved to participate in the motor cycle rally, but he wasn’t.

He further writes that it would be in the fitness of things if he is informed and invited about the future programmes of Congress party in Uttarakhand as we the Congressmen should be united in order to confront the future challenges. But political analysts say that when Harish Rawat was the chief minister he too sidelined and cut to size all his political detractors and those who were capable, intelligent and asset for the party. After all it was during his tenure only that heavy weight leaders like Satpal Maharaj, former CM Vijay Bahuguna, former State Congress Chief Yashpal Arya and several MLAs were compelled to leave Congress and join BJP who are now enjoying the fruits of power and are ministers in the state BJP government.