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It was indeed a moment of great privilege for Kalinka Charitable Trust and Uttarakhand Journalists Forum to have the pivotal presence of two important celebrities of their respective fields – one, an author and a politician of repute and another a empowered women who carved a niche for herself in the field of acting as a superstar and producer of several Garhwali films, particularly a super duper hit Subheru Gham.

Yes, I am referring here none other than the former Uttarakhand chief minister and MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, an author of several books and eminent parliamentarian as well who’d also made a recent foray in film production with his film Major Nirala likely to be released. Both these eminent personalities were chief guests on 13th January in a largely attended UTTARAYINI KAUTHIG held at Dwarka, New Delhi under the auspicies of KALINKA CHARITABLE TRUST where the singing legend and an iconic personality of Uttarakhand Garh Ratn Narendra Singh Negi and his efficient team of well studded musicians entertained thousands of his fan following.

The ocassion was special because on this very day of Uttarayini the producer, actor of eminence of Uttarakhand Film industry who’d also acted in several Bollywood and regional films like Bhojpuri, Nepalese, Punjabi and produced documentaries for Discovery channel etc was felicitated at the hands of the former Chief Minister, Uttarakhand and MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank as well as the Garh Ratn Narendra Singh Negi with the PRIDE OF UTTARAKHAND AWARD for her valuable and precious contribution in producing quality regional films and playing a vital role in preserving the culture, dialects and traditions of the Himalayan State.

Her home production SUBHERU GHAM, WAS FOR THE FIRST TIME SCREENED IN CANADA’S INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL AND WAS AWARDED AS ONE OF THE OUTSTANDING REGIONAL FILMS’, the first ever internatiinal tecongnition accorded to any regional film of Uttarakhand. Kudos to her. Good luck Urmi Negi.



While during the demonetisation phase there were several casualties in various parts of the country, after the GST implementation, the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand also witnessed a horrifying and anguishing incident of a sad demise of a trader namely Prakash Pandey in the Janata Durbar of the Uttarakhand’s agriculture minister Subodh Uniyal in protest against the implementation of the GST and its subsequent repurcussions , implications and negative fall outs by consuming suicide in the public. This is the first incident in the history of the 17 year old incident when any individual has committed suicide in a Janata Durbar of a monister in his very presence.

The victim was addmitted in the private Doon hospital but unfortunately could not be saved due to various reasons, may be because of being inordinately late in taking him to the hospital or due to the negligence of the hospital staff in not giving him proper, adequate and timely emergency treatment.

This most tragic news of suicide by Pandey in public has spread like a wild fire in entire Uttarakhand, particularly in front of a responsible cabinet minister of the ruling party of the state. The questions being asked are: Why was the victim not taken to the hospital in time despite having consumed poision publicly and how come that the so called high profile private hospital not able to deliver adequate treatment to Pandey to save his precious life and what were the onlookers doing who preferred to take his picture and make vedios than to save his precious life.

The questions are infact genuine, transpatent and require adquate answers. Just imagine what would be the condition of the the most aggrieved parents of the deceased who’d lost their young son hardly below forty ? Now, the whole issue seems to have been embroiled in politics giving it a political colour to derive political advantage from this episode. It may be recalled that the Uttarakhand cabinet minister was holding his Janata Durbar as a routine practice hearing peoples’ grievances.

Meanwhile the state’s main opposition party Congress is trying to exploit the situation to its advantage while the ruling BJP government has taken a defensive posture. However, the news and political analysts say that though the demise of Pandey against GST’s aftermath implications, repurcussions and negative fall outs for small and medium traders and Pandey himself being its supposed victim, has sadly led to his tragic death through suicide but the state agriculture minister Subodh Uniyal is in no way responsible directly or indirectly for this tragedy and GST implementation is a central subject, directly under the jurisdiction of Union Finance minister and ministry. Moreover no right thinking person would ever support or subscribe to an act of poision consuming or suicide usually considered to be an act of cowardice as written in one of the facebook posts by an enlightened writer of eminence.

Conclusively, while everyone in Uttarakhand has fullest sympathy with the family of the deceased all are equally perturbed over this act of suicide and the negligent and complacent attitude of the onlookers and the hospital authorities who have not taken enough pain to save the life of the young trader Pandey, who otherwise have been in our midst. Our heartfelt tributes to the departed soul and condolences to the bereaved family.

Meanwhile, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and Uttarakhand Third Front expreses its deepest anguish over this sad incident and demands an impartial enquiry into the entire episode by the honble retired high court judge to nail the culprits responsible for Pandey’s death for negligence in his treatment and adequate financial compensation to his wife with a job to his son or daughter in the state government.

It may be recalled that the main opposition party of the cpunyry and its leader Rahul Gandhi have been ising the issues of demonetisation and GST in his campaigning in the preceding elections in all the states including Gujarat but could not succeed as BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi have been on the winning spree since 2014 after cpming to power at the centre.The tragic incident of Prakash Pandey however has given the Congress party a powerful anti government propaganda tool in Uttarakhand which was till now in the defensive as the BJP in the Himalayan state in in absolute majority with no risk of any kind of instability.


UTTARAKHAND is already under the grip of the terror of noctural animals like tigers and leopards and incidents of these predators killing children, women and the villagers are on the rise with the forest department of the himalayan state doing very little or negligible to safeguard the lives of the citizens. Recently few days before a tiger entered a house in a densely populated state capital Dehradun who later on betrayed the forest officials who reached the terror stricken locality and house after four hours devoid of the tranquiliser gun, posing further danger to the populace where the horrible cat must have eloped.

Similarly, these days the inhabitants of the Uttarkashi district of the Himalayan state Garhwal, Uttarakhand are in the horrifying grip of Himalayan wild bear terror where from October 2016 to December 2017 about more than fifteen incidents of wild bear attacks have taken place rendering the local inhabitants and women working in the agricultural fields badly exposed to high risks due to incessant wild bear attacks.

Just two days ago two women who had gone in the jungle of GAJOLI VILLAGE under Usi Ganga Valley for cutting grass for the cows and buffaloes were brutally attacked by the wild bear and had to be addmitted in the district hospital of Uttar Kashi with several grievous wounds.

These two women of Gajoli village situated about 18 kilometre away from the district head quarter in Uttarakashi namely Mashanti and Surja Devi had gone to the jungle that is two kilometre away to cut the grass for pet animals during the noon. The wild bear pounced on them while they were cutting grass and injured them grievously.

On desperately retaliating and making tremendouse noice, the bear went inside the bushes and the injured profusely bleeding women came back running. They were later on ferried to the district hospital by the forest officials on 108 ambulance. During the cool winters when the high peaks of the mountains are covered by snow these wild bears don’t get green vegetation to fulfil their hunger and are therefore constrained to come in the down stream areas near the human hamlets for food.

And in order to protect themselves they get provoked and attack the human beings. In Uttarakhand majority of the children, old aged and women are their victims. Sounds shocking that tiger and wild bear sighting’s have become common in Uttarakhand’s villages and even towns and cities posing grave danger to human lives, these days.

Till now just in a year’s time there have been 15 incidents of attacks in Garhwal, Uttarakhand, majority of them in the villages under the jurisdiction of Bhatwari Block followed by Naugaon and Badkot blocks of Uttarkashi districts in Garhwal Himalayas.

SUNIL NEGI, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum


Today is the ninety third birth anniversary of the renowned peace loving icon, cultural activist and symbol of relentless struggle, The Gandhi of Uttarakhand late Indra Mani Baduni, the main inspiring force behind the separate Uttarakhand movement that finally led to this 17 and a half year old state coming into existence. 24th December is commemorated as the” lok sanskritik diwas” in Uttarakhand and elsewhere, the day this iconic personality was born in the land of abode of Gods,the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand.(then the Tehri Riyasat ruled by the Garhwal kingdom)

While the entire Uttarakhand and people of Uttarakhandi origin living elsewhere , globally are paying their rich tributes to Baduniji today they are equally sad and disappointed that the concurrent state governments of the state have not done anything fruitful to keep his inspirations alive. Indra Mani Baduni is not a name but an inspiration as an institution who dedicated his entire life as a freedom fighter, social and separate state movement activist, a trekker and inventor of mysterious Khatling glacier, a cultural activist and a social reformer of eminence.

While the demand for separate Uttarakhand movement was first raised in 1952 by the then communist leader PC Joshi it actually gained tremendous momentum in 1994 when this popular Gandhi of Uttarakhand organised a huge rally in Pauri and undertook thirty days incessant hunger strike, finally addmitted in Meerut and then AIIMs compelling the union government to acede to the peoples’ long aspirations of a separate entity known as Uttarakhand state.

A frail looking determined Gandhi as are the Himalayas, Indra Mani Badooni was a simple man with extreme popularity and highest TRP of acceptability within Uttarakhand. He was arrested again while going to Mussourie to pay tributes to the martyred andolankaries and was in jail for a pretty long time. He was grievously injured in the Lal Quila Maidan Rally in 1994 where he was likely to address a massive rally protesting against the shameful incidents of Ram Pur Tiraha, Mujaffar Nagar where several movement activists were killed and women coming to participate in the Delhi rally sexually assaulted and brutally raped.

Indra Mani Badooni was a true selfless mass leader whose entire life was dedicated for the cause of Uttarakhand and who’d always been in the forefont to safeguard, promote and conserve the culture and dialects of Uttarakhand. His tremendous contribution in promoting the folk lore of great icon Madho Singh Bhandari who sacrificed his son’s life for peoples’ cause, bringing water in Maletha, finding the Khatling glaciar and bringing it to the knowledge of the world and conserving its civilisation including infinite contribution in Uttarakhand movement as its only inspiration as a fatherly figure, its undisputed leader and a sacrificial figure, The Gandhi of Uttarakhand will always be remembered in the annals of the history of India and Uttarakhand. Our tributes to this great soul.


The long pending issue of declaring Gairsain as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand has gained tremendous momentum with people of the state, especially the various anti BJP and anti Congress socio political organisations of the seventeen year old state witnessing series of demonstrations, hunger strikes and dharnas all over the state.

The current capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun today witnessed a massive demonstration and a vociferous march with anti BJP government slogans from Gandhi Maidaan till Ghanta Ghar. The extremely furious pro Gairsain capital processionists holding playcardsand banners in their hands raising slogans deploring the government of the day and demanding declaration as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand converged at Ghanta ghar warning the BJP ruled state and central government for being prepared for the sevete and serious consequences in case they dose not declare Gairsain as the capital of Uttarakhand instead of Dehradun.

Extremely angered and annoyed all the processionists wanted Gairsain as capital at all costs who feel completely ditched by the both the Congress as well as the BJP governments who’d ruled this Himalayan state for the last seventeen and a half year but always betrayed the people despite promising the issue in their pre election menifestoes. The chief minister of the state was in Delhi a day ago to meet the central leaders and discuss this issue which has become the subject of tension for the current state government.

The demand for Gairsain which was being feebly raised earlier gained momentum recently from Rudraprayag and Gairsain the sparks of which later on engulfed the entire state. The young journalist Mohit Dimri and others has played a key role to gave it a special momentum and energy by holding protest meetings and demonstrations in Rudra prayag and the adjoining areas including mobilising the media, print, electronic and social networking sites.

Even the once defunct regional political party, the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal has became too active and is organising sit ins at district and block headquarters alongwith the general masses and the social organisations.

Today’s massive rally in Dehradun from Gandhi Maidaan to Ghanta ghar and burning of CM’s effigy has proved beyond doubt that the sparks of Gairsain issue has now assumed the shape of a widespread fire and the demand, if not met or fulfilled at the earliest mayresult in one more statewide massive movement against the present BJP government of Trivendra Singh Rawat. What do you say friends?


The chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Rawat and the Union minister of state for Textiles Ajay Tamta has assured a delegation of few Uttarakhandies living in Delhi to provide maximum financial help to the poor family of the deceased fifteen year old budding footballer Nitisha who met her sad end at Glenegl beach waters in Adelaide, Australia on 10th of Decembar.

The delegation met the CM Uttarakhand and the union textile minister of state at their respective Delhi state residences yesterday under the leadership of social activist and DPMI chairman Dr. Vinod Bacheti. In an half an hour parleys the Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat expressed his heartfelt tributes for the adoloscent girl and an outstanding footballer and also assured of his government’s maximum financial assistence to the family of the deceased.

The delegation also included the grand father of late Nitsha primariliy hailing from Uttarakhand but born and brought up in Delhi. The union state textile minister simultaneously also assured of help from his side to the maximum at the earliest. But what would be the amount of financial aid has not been revealed till yet. It’s really unforunate and shocking that 15 year old Nitisha Negi who had gone to participate in the pan global students games at Australia got drowned in the high tide waters of Glenegl beach at Adelaide Australia due to the negligence and complacence of the coaches who are allegedly being patronised by some higher ups and no action what so ever has been taken against them till date including the management of intl. School Federation of India who managed the whole event.

A candle march vigil is being organised by the Indian community at Adelaide Australia on 24th December to pay their heartfelt tributes to the departed soul and for demanding impartial and transparent investigation into the whole matter. Nitisha lived in Khichripur and belonged to lower middle class family. Losing such a brilliant and outstanding budding footballer at such a tender age is the hugest tragedy for the parents.

The deputy chief minister of NCT of Delhi has already instituted an enquiry at the Secretary of education level and had asked for the report within a months’ time. The Uttarakhandies living in Delhi and other metrolpolises of the country including in the 17 year old state are extremely furious and angry over the untimely death by drowning in Australia of Nitisha and have demanded the most stringent punishment for those directly or indirectly responsible for this tragedy.



In Uttarakhand Himalayan State where internationally popular movements like Chipko Andolan took place years ago and its mother late Gaura Devi and the globally famous environmentalists Chandi Prasad Bhatt and Sunderlal Bahuguna were accorded several prestigious and coveted awards like Padma Shree, Padma Vibhushan and Megsaysay for arousing mobilisation worldwide to preserve and conserve trees and our environment, the same seventeen year old state is today in the grip of rampant illegal felling of fully grown up green trees considered to be the lungs and oxygen exhalers of the environment and the society. In a shocking revelation by the prominent New Portal of Uttarakhand namely ,”JAGO UTTARAKHAND,” and a pro active journalist Ashutosh Negi, the office bearers of the district levels of the ruling party have under the alleged influence of the minister concerned pressurised the forest officers and executed the arbitrary and illegal felling of dozens of trees in Lansedown area of Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

The story clearly reveals haw rampantly are some of the local office bearers of the party in power are cutting fully grown up green trees considered to be the society’s lungs given us oxygen for our survival. The Uttarakhand Jaago news channel has caught an officer of the forest department on camera reluctantly addmitting and revealing as to how the district level office bearer has under the guise of the high up’s and the minister of the department concerned allegedly political influenced and subsequently compelled the department to issue illegal orders for the large scale cutting of pine trees in the area called HATNIYA on the KOTDWAR PAURI RASHTRIYA RAJMARG.

THIS OPEN VIOLATION OF THE FOREST ACT is a clear illegal and arbitrary action against the honourable Supreme Court and NGT’s orders under which no tree above 1000 metres can be cut at any cost. As per the story of Jago Uttarakhand despite the NGT and Supreme Court’s orders forbidding tree cutting in the hills, hundreds of files for tree cuttings have been sanctioned by now and hundreds of trees also cutted illegally to the utter dismay, surprise and shock of the environment lovers.


In Uttarakhand the terror of leopards, tigers and horrifying cats in on the uncontrollable increase and there have been several incidents of these horrible animals targetting children and the villagers with the forest department doing extremely little or literally nothing to control the situation.

It is usually said that several tigers and leopards are freely roaming in the Uttarakhand forests and in dearth of the prey and the increasing construction activities as well as the noise pollution they usually come closer to the human settlements and make the human beings they easy prey, particularly the hapless children.

I have been watching an incident on TV today where in it was revealed that a tiger ( Bagh as we call in hindi) has entered a house in Dehradun posing grave danger to those living in and the residents of the nearby locality. The highly threatened and terrorised residents informed the police who further called the experts of the forest division well versed in catching these horrible cats.

To the utter dismay, shock and surprise of everybody, while the police reached the spot in time but the forest division officials of Dehradun took four hours to reach the house where the tiger was resting amid restiveness and tumultuous sounds all around. See the efficiency and the alertness of the forest division officials, who reached the spot in four hours after repeated calls and forgot to bring the tranquiliser with which the animal had to be tranquilised and caught.

The reason given was that, the person concerned having the tranquilizer is in Haridwar and not being traced for the time being . However, after an hour or so when the concerned person reached the spot, the cat has by then made its way to some other destination in a huff further posing danger to people of other localities where it might be now.

This is the complacent and negligent attitude of the forest officials of Uttarakhand who reached the house with this horryfying predator in four hours and that too without tranquiliser thus not able to catch him. What a petty and ironical situation.

This is how, unfortunately, things are moving in the 17 year old state of Uttarakhand. As per the latest report about 175 children and 500 people have fallen prey to tiger attacks in Uttarakhand during the last eight years. What do you say friends?


A massive movement is brewing up in Uttarakhand on the pivotal issue of capital Gairsain. The passionate issue of Gairsain to be declared as the capital of Uttarakhand is very much in the news these days with people in and outside this 17 year old state protesting on roads and holding seminars demanding fulfilment of this long pending emotional demand.

Baba Mohan Singh Uttarakhandi, a renowned movement activist gave up his precious life by undertaking indefinite hunger strike at Gairsain in support of this unanimous demand. Uttarakhand movement activists, intellectuals and socio political activists from all over the country held a brain storming session in Dehradun two days ago and demanded declaration of Gairsain as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand whereas some people in Gairsain sat on indefinite hunger strike to compel the present BJP government acede to their long pending demand. Demonstrations are also being held in various parts of the state to impress upon the current political dispensation do the needful at the earliest.

It may be recalled that Gairsain is situated in Chamoli district and is equi distant from Kumaon as well as Garhwal geographically. The demand was first raised by the Indian freedom fighter and revolutionery late Chandra Singh Garhwali who belonged to Dudatoli, Gairsain and was later on included in the menifesto of the regional socio political outfit UTTARAKHAND KRANTI DAL and other progressive organisations then fighting for separate Uttarakhand state. During the first election of Uttarakhand state at the time of the state’s formation both the Congress and the BJP included this pivotal issue in their respective menifestoes but after coming to power in state both these parties literally forgot to fulfill this long pending popular demand.

However, after the constant pressure and protests of the Uttarakhand andolankaries in and outside the state and mobilisation in the print and electronic media the Congress government was compelled to declare it a partial summer capital of Uttarakhand during the chief ministership of Vijay Bahuguna during the previous regime later on followed by Harish Rawat. A central fund of Rs. 500 or more crores was sanctioned for construction of a huge i.e. a palatial VIDHAN SABHA which was ultimately constructed after lots of hiccups and reluctance. Since then few sessions of Vidhan Sabha satr were organised here to divert the peoples’ attention and make them happy temperorily.

But what make the situation worse is the fact that the present government has outrightly issued statements denying to make it a permanent capital annoying the people, intellectuals and socio political activists of Uttarakhand. BJP says that this demand was not in its agenda and is of wavering mind on this emotional issue with its leaders issuing self contradictory statements from time to time to the discomfiture of the state’s electorates.

Since the current political dispensation headed by Trivendra Singh Rawat is in absolute majority, rather more than that, it dosen’t have any vulnerability in terms of governments destabilisation and as such they are over confident of continuing their rule for complete five years while the Congress party being in the opposition is taking the full advantage of publicly accusing the BJP government as anti Gairsain thus winning the support, confidence and sympathy of the anti BJP socio political forces and the general masses. Time is not far when the state of Uttarakhand may witness a massive statewise movement on the issue of Gairsain in the near future.


The himalayan state of Uttarakhand despite adequate greenery and forest cover is reeling under acute water crisis, particularly due to the large sized dams constructed at the cost of environment and displacement of the local populace. While the Uttarakhand himalaya is the largest source of Ganga and Yamuna it’s surprising and shocking that the state itself is reeling under acute water crisis particularly during the summers which is also one of the main reason leading to the large scale influx of the people leaving their villages and thronging the cities, towns and metropolises of the country.

There is a general saying and the established fact that if the science plays with the natural flow of the rivers by constructing huge dams and blocking the uninterrupted natural flow of the river waters emnating from the Himalayan glaciers like the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi that finally meet each other at the main confluence point at Devprayag, at Garhwal, Uttarakhand to make it pious Ganges, the rivers become narrow and dry gradually as majority of its water is stored in the dam for the production of electricity. Sounds shocking that the natural rivers of Uttarakhand have been disturbed by these huge dams resulting water crisis and the environmental imbalance in the himalayan state of Uttarakhand.

A recent shocking instance of the Alaknanda river flowing uninterruptedly and seamlessly from the Himalayas and passing through Srinagar town in Garhwal Uttarakhand has lost its maximum water capacity because of the storing of the excessive water by the large sized Dam built at Srinagar, Koteshwar producing 330 megawatt of electricity. As per the latest reports pouring in, due to the excessive storing of the water of the running river, Alaknanda the same has lost its maximum water and has tremendously squeezed in shape and size with literally negligible water even during the peak winters at Srinagar, resulting in acute water shortage for lakhs of inhabitants of Srinagar Garhwal.

The shortage of water has also led to dying of aquatic creatures like fish etc in large quantity. The environmentalists are therefore badly concerned on the disturbing state of the seamless flowing river since centuries with complete water pressure and full of capacity. It may be recalled that a huge hydropower project had been constructed by the union government with the concurrence of the state government few years ago at Koteshwar, Srikot near Srinagar, Garhwal, Uttarakhand to produce 330 megawatt of electricity.

The environmentalists and the local populace had objected to the construction of this mega Dam but the authorities continued with the project which finally got completed three to four years ago. There is a huge pipeline and high capacity pumps of Garhwal Jal Sansthan installed between Srikot and Srinagar to supply adequate drinking water to the residents of the area. But due to the Alaknanda having been squeezed and subsequent water shortage, the water is not reaching the supply pumps of Jal Sansthan resulting in acute water crisis to lakhs of people of Srinagar, Garhwal.

Not only this but it has also invited people for illegal fishing on vast scale. The aquatic life of the river has also been affected by the water shortage in the river Alaknanda at Srinagar Garhwal. The authorities are now approaching the Dam management to release the water in the Alaknanda river so that the water shortage problem of Srinagar could be resolved and aquatic life of animals in the river is not affected further. In Uttarakhand about 598 large sized dams are said to be in pipeline for construction but have been prohibited by the Supreme Court of India for the time being.