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A shocking incident occurred at Kolkata Airport where a drunken trader from Odisha urinated on a passenger’s bag on Thursday night.

This man has been identified as Prabhakar Dora was about to travel from Indigo Airlines on Thursday night and was in drunk state. He was escorted by the security guards who asked to wait for a late flight and meanwhile they were expecting him to become sober.

Around 10:45 pm the last flight was announced for Chennai and Dora joined the passengers in the boarding area but he was still inebriated and he suddenly unzipped his trouser and urinated on a fellow passenger’s luggage that too in front of the public.

After this the fellow passenger got angry and went to the manners room where she filed a complaint against the drunk man who urinated in her luggage and after that the police was called and he was handed over to them. He was locked up in the jail for the whole night and later released on bail after producing in the court on Friday.

This is really a shocking and shameful incident which happened at the Kolkata Airport and in order to teach him a lesson I think his photos should be made public and also be placed at all airports.