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Whatever is happening and happened in Banaras Hindu University makes us hang our heads in shame. Can’ t believe that in a vibrant democracy a vice chancellor can be so autocratic, authoritarian, anti student,dictatorial,inhuman and harsh that in an University founded by late Madan Mohan Malviya the students community, particularly the girls are ordered to be physically thrashed and tortured thus throwing all the university and constitutional norms and decency to winds. Shame. Jere is a whatsapp message send on Press club of India’s whatsapp account for your kind perusal.
ताज़ा हाल
पत्रकार Siddhant Mohan BHU से :
“आज रविवार के दिन बीएचयू में कर्फ्यू की स्थिति बनी हुई है. मैं तीन-चार लाठियां खाने के बाद थोड़ी दूरी पर बैठा हुआ हूं. सुना है कि अमर उजाला का कोई फोटोग्राफर भी लाठियां खाकर बैठा है. यह मीडिया पर भी हमला है, लेकिन मैं उन लड़कियों के लिए चिंतित हूं जो कल रात से लगातार फोन कर रही हैं.
लड़कियों के हॉस्टल के गेट बाहर से बंद कर दिए गए हैं. कल रात की पिटाई में पुलिस ने छात्राओं के साथ-साथ किसी-किसी वार्डेन को भी पीट दिया. अब लड़कियों को कहा जा रहा है कि जिसको भी दुर्गापूजा की छुट्टी के लिए घर जाना है, आज ही निकल जाओ.
ऐसे में कुछ लड़कियों-लड़कों ने हिम्मत की है निकलने की तो कैम्पस में मौजूद सीआरपीएफ और पीएसी के जवान पीटने लग रहे हैं. स्थिति गंभीर है. बीएचयू का आधिकारिक बयान कह रहा है कि “राष्ट्रविरोधी ताकतें राजनीति कर रही हैं”. शायद बलात्कार और यौन शोषण का विरोध करना राष्ट्रविरोध राजनीति है, ऐसा मुझे हाल के दिनों में पता चला है.
बहुत सारे लोग बाहर से जुट रहे हैं. बहुत सारे लोग अंदर जुटना चाह रहे हैं तो कुलपति त्रिपाठी उन्हें पिटवा दे रहा है. कल रात का मुझसे किया गया वादा कि “भईया, हम लोग सुबह फिर से गेट पर बैठेंगे”, धीरे-धीरे टूट रहा है. अब एक नया संकल्प है कि छुट्टी के बाद फिर से आंदोलन करेंगे. हो सकता है कि ऐसा कुछ हो. लेकिन ऐसा नहीं भी हो सकता है. तीन अक्टूबर तक बहुत कुछ बदल जाएगा.
अपनी बेटियों, पत्नियों, प्रेमिकाओं से कहिए ज़रूर कि लड़कियां लड़ रही हैं. मैं भी कह ही रहा हूं. मैंने लिखने वाली नौकरी पकड़ी है, लेकिन इतना तो भीतर बचा है कि कभी भी इन लड़कियों के लिए खड़ा हुआ जाए. इस वादे पर नहीं टिका तो घंटा जिएंगे?
इस कैम्पस के अंदर की प्रगतिशील आत्माएं मर गयी हैं. कोई अध्यापक गेट तक नहीं आया. एक साथ बीस अध्यापक भी गेट पर आ गए होते तो ये लड़कियां उन्हें जीवन भर के लिए अपना शिक्षक मानतीं. इन अध्यापकों का विश्वविद्यालय प्रशासन और राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ भी कुछ न कर पाता.
ये एक बार और क्यों न लिखा जाए कि यहां कोई राजनीतिक दल या विचारधारा शामिल नहीं है. कई लोग जुट रहे हैं आज. कई लोगों को जुटना भी चाहिए. क्या होगा नहीं पता? लेकिन बदलाव लाने का एक तो उजाला अब दिखने लगा है.”


The victory of Congress’ s frontal students’ wing National Students Union of India in the prestigious  DUSU election in the significant President and Vice presidential posts are considered to be quite important as Delhi University is usually considered as the political citadel of ABVP and the latter have been capturing the DUSU in majority of the elections, earlier.

Losing JNUSU first and then giving two major posts to NSUI in Delhi university students union is, in fact, a great loss to BJP particularly when it’s ruling the center and several states of the country. Some of the leading politicians of the country including prime minister Narendra Modi had been the students and student leaders of Delhi University and its students’  Union called DUSU in short form, affiliated with 86 or more colleges, having the strength of about 60 thousand students, may be even more. The prime minister of India Narendra Modi, finance minister of India Arun Jaitley, former Union ministers Mani Shankar Aiyer, Shashi Tharoor,  former minister and current DPCC Chief Ajay Maken, current sports minister of state Vijay Goyal, Delhi’s former legislature Hari Shankar Gupta, Uttarakhand’s legislature and former state minister Madan Singh Bisht, AAP’s  legislature Alka Lamba, BJP’s activist Nupur Sharma, former MLA BJP Vijay Jolly, Shikha Dhawan etc,  eminent advocate and standing counsel and a senior advocate Pinky Anand etc have been the students and fire brand student leaders and office bearers of DUSU during the past decades.

The Congress leader Shahi Tharoor has termed the NSUI victory as the triumph for liberal views on the campus. Meanwhile, the NSUI has also claimed its victory in the third seat as well and has accused ABVP of playing tricks and tempering in the counting process in league with the authorities who were allegedly pressurized by the RSS and the Ministry of HR said the NSUI leaders. It has challenged the victory of the Secretary’s post and said that the organisation would move the High court to seek justice. The ABVP’s DUSU president will now be replaced by the NSUI’s Rosky Tuseer. Extremely jubilant over the victory of NSUI in two important posts of President and vice president, the jubilant Congress said that it’s  wake up call for Prime minister Modi and BJP Chief Amit Shah.

Last year both the President and Vice presidents’ seats were triumped by the ABVP. DUSU has been the main citadel of ABVP since long with Congress too bagging its major share at times but if we go by the statistics it’s primarily the BJP’s ABVP that won majorly in majority of the DUSU POLLS as compared to NSUI since the days of  Arun jaitley and Vijay Goyal – since  seventies or even before.



The results of the students union elections of the globally renowned institution of higher education known as Jawahar Lal Nehru University and nowadays turned into an aggressive political wrestling ground, has emphatically proved that the liberal and progressive thinking has once again won over the politics of right wing that was trying to invade in the campus of the left, winning the elections since ages. An institution of free debate, discussions and liberal thoughts JNU has been the centre of controversies during the last few years particularly during the tenure of left president Kanhaiya Kumar and activists like Umar Khalid who’ d been branded as anti nationalists by right wing activists with charges of sedition going on against them in Delhi courts for allegedly raising anti India slogans. Kanaiya Kumar hails from Communist Party of India having negligible say in Indian politics.

The vociferous and eloquent well read eminent parliamentarian, member of the upper house twice and General Secretary of CPI(M) Sitaram Yachury, whose party is ruling in Tripura n Kerala and the Indian Defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman both are the JNU alumnus. Yachury had been the President of JNUSU during the eighties and a relentless fighter having been to jail number of times on issues pertaining to students welfare. JNU is credited with producing best brains, civil servants, IPS officers, journalists, bureaucrats, academicians and politicians.

Though JNU has always been the stronghold of the left in the past, the left student organisations have been fighting against each other resulting in the victory of NSUI and ABVP in some of the seats, though not all. But in view of the increasing invasion of the right wing effect in the citadel of the leftists, particularly after 2013 when the rule of BJP led NDA came to Delhi the left student wings felt the dire need for unification. The way during the previous left president Kanhaiya Kumar’s regime things went awry in the campus with registration of cases of sedition against him and they being allegedly called traitors by the right wing ABVP, especially after the alleged raising of anti India slogans, the left student organisations active in JNU campus felt the strong need to unite in order to strongly counter enhancing influence of the ABVP the student wing of BJP.

And as a result of the three effective left student organisations viz. AISA, All India Students Association, DSF, Democratic Students Federation and CPM’s SFI, Students Federation of India came together under one umbrella and fought aggressively on issues of fellow student Najeeb Jung’s mysterious disappearance, 83% cut in the seats in admissions in MPhil and PhD courses compounded with other significant issues as politics of polarisation and lynchings in the name of cow vigilantism and the sensitive diabolical murder of an outspoken anti establishment progressive women journalist Gauri Lankesh.

This one sided victory of the left panel is also in a way an unambiguous expression of total non-confidence towards the stewardship of the JNU vice chancellor who was hell bent upon altering the fundamental character of this internationally renowned university. Being a globally acclaimed university – a centre of high learning such assaults on university’ s academic character by withdrawing 83% seats in MPhil and PhD admissions meant for the students of various classes and down trodden strata of the society and making JNU a battleground instead of letting it be a centre of free debate, discussions and activism has evoked tremendous resentment amongst the left wing supported students.

The present poll mandate in JNU therefore is a massive vote of no confidence against the Vice Chancellor as well as those who are supporting the interest of the ultra conservative, right wingers and the anti intellectual groups which is in no way connected to mould the future and well being of the students as well as the JNU. A new entrant, however, known as BIRSA AMBEDKAR PHULE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION, though contested earlier elections also have performed well but remain to be seen whether this pro-Ambedkar student outfit bridges its relationship with the left or sides with the anti left establishment. The victory also gives a great jolt and rebuff to the sectarian forces and fundamentalist fanatics who killed Gauri Lankesh. What do you say, friends ?