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The Indian external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj today in her hard hitting impressive address to the United Nations General Assembly teared apart Pakistan and its rulers by openly giving them a huge rebuff by warning that they should never ever think of capturing Kashmir as it was, is and will be the undisputed and integral part of India and that no power in the world can ever think of capturing it.

Those who have their own glass houses should never throw stones on others. Without naming Pakistan Sushma Swaraj urged and appealed to the UN and other peace loving countries of the world to fully isolate and sideline countries aiding, abetting and cultivating terror factories in their country and further exporting them abroad to kill innocents for no fault of theirs.

Remembering the 15th anniversary of US’ s 9/11 that massacred hundreds of innocents in New York Sushma Swaraj emphatically reminded the delegates present in the UNGA that despite so much of worldwide concern killing of innocents by these terrorists in England, Istanbul, United States, Baluchistan and several other countries are still going unabated as countries’ like Pakistan instead of honoring UN commitments for peace and tranquility are busy protecting the terror sanctuaries in their country and creating havoc elsewhere.

Sushma added what is happening in its own country in Baluchistan is an eye opener where innocent Baluch citizens are being subjected to incessant torture and brutal killings by ISI, Pak military and police. She exposed Pakistan and its then ( former) Prime minister Nawab Sharief of putting unnecessary conditions for starting the peace talks and questioned : did Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and she asked for any preconditions when he cut short his return visit, midway and attended the wedding of his daughter in Lahore or her visit to Islamabad.

She appealed to UN and all the member countries to stand united to fight terrorism as terror is a devil with multi pronged effects (hands and legs) which can turn towards any nation, any time creating havoc with humanity. Meanwhile Pakistan is badly furious and disturbed by Sushma Swaraj’ s UNGA address and termed it as a most irresponsible speech by a responsible minister. The speech of Sushma Swaraj is rated as one of the best speeches’ in international fora covering each and every aspect of India’s foreign policy. Congrats to her for brilliantly espousing the India’s cause in UNGA.