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After taking a genuine stand on the historical monument Taj Mahal thus giving a huge rebuttal to his own party legislature infamous to raise controversies on issues of no relevance or raking up the issues leading to unambiguous confrontation between the majority and minority the saffron clad Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath has made a global record by lightening the historic pious river Saryu’s bank and the adjoining precints with a whopping 1lakh 71 thousand earthern lamps where once in the TRETA YUG as the saying goes Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana landed in a Pushpak Vimaan after completing the 14 year old exile.

This historic moment never ever witnessed ever in any festival of India during the last 70 years after or before independence this outstanding efflorscent event during two days Deepawali, the festival of Hindus celebrated every year as a symbol of expressing happiness and ecstasy on the eve of Lord Ram, his wife Sita and brother Lakskmana returning back to Ayodhya after arduous 14 long years of most challenging exile. About 12.5 thousand litres of mustard oil with over 5 lakh cotton batties and two lakh earthern pots ( Diyas) were used to lighten the lamps on the banks of historic and pious Saryu River where Lord Rama stepped in for the first time after reaching Ayodhya from his most arduous and challenging 14 year protracted exile.

This is a world record, as never ever such large number of earthern lamps in any festival have ever been lightened in India’s or world’s history in a single go and in a single night. Though the various political parties may draw different political cannotations of this event but the fact can’t be denied that Lord Ram is the undisputed God of billions n billions of Hindus world over who are not athiest and believe in the Almighty.

The Bhartiya Janata Party’s main plank had been Lord Rama and the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya, though the matter is presently subjudice as it’s in the Supreme court awaiting the final decision. The BJP had already derived political advantage on this issue when the BJP led NDA formed government at the centre under the then PM Atal.Bihari Vajpayee but the issue was sidelined on the opposition and advice of the then NDA partners, thus the matter finally going under the purview of the Court. God knows, what will be the fate of this complex issue in future that involves the majority and the minority communities.

But as far as the inkling of the Uttar Pradesh Chief minister is concerned he has already unambiguously made his stand known that he would wholeheartedly welcome the honourable court’s decision but is fully committed to not let the issue of Lord Ram go unnoticed or diluted and has as such allocated Rs 133 crores for the complete face lift of Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Rama. A more than 100 metre high Statue of Lord Rama is being elevated on the banks of river Saryu with total modernisation of the area at an adjoining the river and Ayodhya.

This is for the first time that such a massive budget for the development and the facelift of a religious place has been arranged by any government of the state. However no rival of chief minister Yogi Adityanath or his party can point a finger of opposition, as a massive budget, just double of what is being spent on Ayodhya viz 360 crores, for the face lift of Agra and the precincts near the historical monuments like Taj, Agra Fort n Fatehpur Sikri has also been earmarked.

The chief minister Yogi Adityanath is visiting Agra on 26th October to formally inaugurate this over ambitious project. The complete facelift of historical and spiritual places of Agra and Ayodhya will not only improve the quality of life of the local populace but will also boost tourism on a tremendous scale earning immense profits and foreign exchange for the country n the state.



The recent outburts of controvertial lawmakers’ n BJP leaders like Sangeet Som and several others in the past have definitely made the people of the country, especially the literate and those worried for Roti, Kapada aur Makaan think seriously whether rhetorics on religious lines is important or employment generation or rise in growth rate of the country to enable overall and all round welfare of the nation on pro people and pro development based polity is essential.

Well, eradication of corruption is utmostly essential for a nation like ours where this cancer has eaten its very vitals but to keep our country fully cohesive and integrated by keeping its communal fabric intact is also the key need of the hour. When our prime minister Narendra Modi talks of various developmental schemes and assure people of the country of providing house to every Indian and making every poor and peasent of the country economically self reliant by 2022 we do feel highly elated and satisfied with hopes and pessimism but when leaders of the same party show their squeezed communal colours like keeping the internationally popular UNESCO HERITAGE monument, the seventh wonder of the world out of the official tourism booklet and talk of it being built by traitors and therefore of no historical relevance to India for mere cheap popularity thus inviting the more acute negative versions of the rivals leaders of the minority sections of the society thus directly or indirectly giving green signal to the possibility of a supposed communal flareup, then things become more worse and worrisome and everybody is bound to think whether we have voted these politicians to create such a fracas or unmitigated confusion in the society than working on the the credible programmes of peoples’ welfare.

India became free from the neo colonial cluthes of the British who ruled and exploited India and Indians for two hundred years, after snatching power from the Moghul rulers. As Mughuls did, the Britishers too exploited n tortured Indians n built hundreds of historical buildings in India right from Rashtrapati Bhawan to India Gate to Gateway of India to Indian Parliament to Old Assembly Secretariat, Delhi to several offices n the entire Lutyens Zone apart from hundreds of constructions all over India. Had the Britishers not hanged our hundreds of freedom fighters, tortured thousands of them, killed unaccounted number of revolutioneries and created division between India and Pakistan ultimately leading to Hindu Muslim riots and lynching of infinite number of innocent people from both the sides.

The Britishers took away our total wealth as India was once pronounced as SONE KI CHIDIYA. After independence India started from a rubble and after travelling slowly and steadily is now a Super power in the making.The previous governments and now the current political dispensation under prime minister Narendra Modi is doing its best to see that India speedily marches ahead towards the 21st Century. However the contribution and the role of the previous regimes can’t be ruled out as well.If India truly needs to progress by leaps and bounds, its mandatory that the nation’ s communal fabric remains cordially intact and in order to achieve this objective of peace and tranquility the party in power and its highest leadership at the helm will have to, in all seriousness control and restraint its leaders and lawmakers prohibiting them from using undesirable language and public utterences that may possibly vitiate the otherwise peaceful communal environment of the country n lead to communal flare up.

Today Som calls the Moghuls traitor, Tommorrow it will be the Britishers. Then Owasis and Azam Khan will retaliate and call for demolition of Moghal n British Monuments. The fire will spark further. The political parties will score browny points but it will be the people of the country and the nation who’ll finally loose and suffer. After all what’s the use of raking up the irrelevant and baseless issues of the distant past? Let’s not rake up the past and instead should work for an enlightened future. For God sake give up all this.


Redhead girl with suitcase at outdoor.

Being a girl, I think it would be quite rare for you to travel alone anywhere to distant places, for instance- “traveling outside the country”. So, have you ever seen the outside world alone? Has it been possible ever for you to roam around outside of the country with no company? Travelling alone can be the best thing that can happen to a female in her life. You can go to any place without the judgment or restrictions from any side.  Well, yes, undoubtedly the trip belongs to you and only you. Make it the best you can.

Well, ladies! get ready for this one. No need to be afraid of the world. Yes, you can travel alone. We have brought the list of various necessary stuff that you need to carry with yourself while you are on a Solo trip.

Things to do before you are leaving for the trip:

  1. Be sure and well acknowledged about the place you are going to. Websites like makemytrip.com or tripadvisor.com can be of a great help. Just check out all the necessary information for yourself about that place, the hotels, and the neighborhood.
  2. Food? Yes, of course, it should be the best. Check out for the food providers in that area where you are going to travel and choose the best one based on the reviews they got for their services and other variants.
  3. In order to deal in case of the emergency, just give the complete information to someone you know so that you can contact him/her in case of need.
  4. Carry the necessary documents with you or put their images saved in the Google Drives so that you can access them with any device.
  5. Be clever! No need of you to keep the money all at a single place. Keep some in your pocket, some in the cash card and the remaining in the hotel back in case of an emergency.

Things to do when you have finally reached your dream place:

  1. Communicate with the employees of the hotel where you are residing or make friends there and ask them about the place. Where to go and where not to go?
  2. Know your limits. In case you are consuming Alcohol or liquor, you need to know this- “drink moderately”.
  3. Be equipped with the safety mechanism where ever you will be or are traveling. If you are going to the bathroom carry your bag with you. Stay safe!
  4. No need for you to start checking your phone and maps for navigation in the middle of the road. Just check in to a nearby shop or cafe and then see where to go and where you presently are.
  5. Carry a whistle with or any other safety stuff for your safety as you are alone there.

So, you are ready for the trip now! Keep the above-listed points in mind and start traveling. Have a great trip. 


The premier investigative agency of our country Central Bureau of Investigation despite fulfilling its outstanding investigation resolving several most complicated high profile cases of the country is usually in controversies and faces the reprimand of the honourable courts.

The CBI had to its credits resloving good number of extremely complex cases despite shortage of field inspectors and DIGs in large number though on the contrary extremely overburdened with cases of different nature nationally.

Just a day or two ago after the release the Talwar couple in the much hyped 9 year old case of late Aarushi n Hemraj, the investigative agency came in for severe criticism by the honourable Allahabad High Court for negligence and mishandling.

Similarly in the matter of the mysterious dissapearence of a student of JNU the honourable high court of Delhi has reprimanded the agency for not doing its work seriously and with due interest to trace Najeeb Jung despite so much of hulla balloo in the media, JNU and the political corridors of the country.

In the past this premier investigative agency have been branded by various political parties as caged parrot of the governments in power while trading charges against each other in and outside parliament. Its former two directors also came in the news several times in cases pertaining to alleged favors to some interested high profile businessmen or corporates and some of the cases are already in the court of law.

One should not forget that every important case of high profile nature or the complex one not within the investigative reach of the state police due to their negligence, complacence and lack of know how if raised in the media goes to CBI from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari as if the agency posseses a magic wand knowing very well that its already running extreme shortage of investigative staff and highly overburdened with small and big cases.

An above all this in each and every case the expectation from them is hundred percent whereas in the police departments of several states the resolution status of the cases is very little to the utter dismay, shock and despair of everybody. If we go into the details of shortage of staff in tbis premier investigative agency one would be surprised to know that shortage of staff in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has led to an increase in the number of pending cases which the agency is investigating. Currently the CBI has a total strength of about 5,870 employees against the allocated capacity of 7,274 officers of lower and higher ranks.

There are close to 800 vacancies in the executive ranks, a shortage of approximately 100 law officers and 90 technical and 90 officers. Subsequently, it has badly affected the performance and investigative acumen of the staff as the cases are piling up incessantly and CBI becoming overburdened.

The agency is on an average receiving around 255 cases every year which requires indepth meticulous investigation to nail the actual culprits and expose the deep rooted conspiracies behind these well planned cases
As per government data in 2016, 791 cases were recommended to the CBI between June 2014 and June 2017, which approximately leads one to believe that, the CBI was allocated 260 new cases every year of which , 207 were handed over to the investigative agency in 2014, 326 in 2015, 151 in 2016 and 107 between January and June this year.

In order to fast track the investigation with credible investigation reports thus expeditiously nailing the culprits, the government should fill up all the pending vancies accord special incentives to the agency staff.



After we elect any party to govern the state or centre, the primary demand or objective of ours is to seek better job opportunities, find avenues in career making, ensure better life standards and would always want that life of a common man becomes comfortable not cumbersome and the education and consummable commodities are cheaper.

But if any government or political leaders of a particular party believing in playing with the passions of the people on religious lines or say trying to distort or refurbish the history just because majoritarianism gains an upper hand or the passions of the majority community could be aroused than those who’d voted to bring such parties or party in government for creative reasons, not for such fanatic fundamentalist logics, would definitely feel hugely betrayed or decieved.

What’ s happening in Uttar Pradesh, sounds not only ridiculing but shocking and anguishing as well and more concerning is the fact that the media is according so much of mileage to such news of no relevance except that they amount to arousing the dubbed passions out of a non issue. When several hundred children die in a hospital due to the utter negligence and shocking ignorance and complacense of the health department of UP than leaders like Som don’ t come on camera to accuse or rap their ministers or leadership of such blunders rather a sin but when opportunity to flare up passions of the majority community out of a non relevant issue comes to the fore, they loose no time to raise the controversy to the core.

Now, after the Akhlaq controversy, historical facts about the seventh wonder of the world Taj Mahal which raises the prestige of India internationally, around the world, is being challenged for no reason and with the ulterior motive of deriving maximum political advantage out of it. What makes things even worse, when educated, highly literate people, intellectuals and those who call them progressive maintain their conspicuous silence. India got independence 70 years ago and since then billions of litres of water have flown into the Yamuna, hundreds of heads of the states have visited this marvel and Atal Bihari Vajpayee ruled for full term but never ever was this issue raised.

Now, why all this fuss unnecessarily inviting confrontationist statements from another community which may allegedly possibly amount to souring of communal passions. After all why? Similarly, the issue of Ram Temple despite being subjudice for being in the court of law, our political masters are trying to exploit the situation to their fullest advantage, politically, perhaps to divert the peoples’ attention from the core issues.

The matter is fully subjudice and awaiting decision from the honourable apex court of India. It would be better and in the fittest interest of the nation if instead of touching on issues of religious and historical significance our political leaders at the helm concentrate adequately and entirely on issues of socio economic, educational, medical, scientific, cultural, industrial, agricultural, environmental development n significance .

This would not only keep the communal fabric of the country and states intact but will also ensure our faith in the democratic and constititional institutions of our great nation. What’ s your take friends?



The Indian prime minister’s state Gujarat has come on full election mode with Narendra Modi and Amit Shah leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the Bhartiya Janata Party repeats this time as well with full majority thus crushing its immediate rival, the Congress Party with a heavy hand.

However, prior to the state election, prime minister Narendra Modi has already accorded the people of Gujarat number of over ambitious projects viz. the long pending Sardar Sarovar project and high speed extremely hi tech Bullet train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai with the collaboration Japan worth rupees 1.08 lakh crores, the work on which is likely to completed by 2022.

Number of other developmental projects apart from these two with the financial support of the Japanese have also been signed recently during the visit of its PM Shinzo Abe in Gujarat. In addition to these anouncements prime minister Modi has started a direct air service from London to Gujarat as well while he was on the visit to England, the previous year.

Having been the chief minister of Gujarat thrice before being elevated as the prime minister of the largest democracy of the word, Narendra Modi would never like to loose his traditional Gujarat stronghold and as such is leaving no stone unturned to ensure his party’s historic victory in the ensuing Gujarat elections, as was the case in Assam,Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur few months ago.

In the last few days Modi has not only addressed several public meetings in various nook and corners of the state but had also announced many moe developmental schemes for the cross sections of the people of Gujarat thus identifying himself as a VIKAS PURUSH. In today’s largely attending public meeting prime minister Modi ridiculed the Congress Party and its top leadership and accused them as dynasts while identified himself as synonym of development. Modi preferred to play the the Gujarat pride card directly and ferociously accusing the Congress Party and the Nehru Gandhi family as ANTI GUJARAT who’d catagorically and specifically targetted the legends of Gujarat like Iron Man Sardar Patel, his daughter Maniben Patel and former Prime Minister Morarji Desai and sidelined them politically.

Narendra Modi said emphatically, while arousing the emotions of the audience, that the Nehru Gandhi family never wanted the Congress leaders or leaders of any other party of Gujarat and Gujraties should ever prosper and progress and were pre strategically cut to sizes politically so that the former could rule the nation for ever.

He said that he don’t want to go into it and elaborate in detail as the whole nation knows about it. Prime minister Modi’s speech sounded as if he has finally confined himself to state issues and Gujarat pride factor than to speak on national issues being the prime minister of the country. The way he accused the Nehru Gandhi family as being anti Gujrat and Gujraties, even bringing great leaders of Gujarati origin into reference in his public address unambiguously speak of the fact that prime minister Modi is more interested in exploiting the emotions and passions of the states’ electorates on Gujarat pride than dwelling on issues of local development and employment though he did say again and again that the GUJARAT ELECTION is being fought on a choice between VANSHVAAD AND VIKAASVAAD and that while Congress is promoting Vanshvaad he is the ultimate VIKAAS PURUSH.










The Sai Baba Of Shirdhi who is considered to be the last walking God on earth and worshiped by billions around the globe always believed in simplicity and had no greed for any material gains but instead had only one objective in mind and that was service to the poor and needy and make them self sufficed by all means. For Sai Baba Guru is God and the one who surrenders to his or her Guru in totality is considered the true disciple who can ultimately reap the real fruits of the Guru’s blessings.The Guru will take care of such disciples, protect them and finally lead them to salvation. It should be complete and total surrender on the Guru’s feet with special emphasis on “total” and any doubt or mental reservation on the part of the disciple will not only be unproductive but will also render him as a non- achiever. Sai Baba who reigned as a spiritual leader, the greatest saints of all times finally became God who walked on earth by his infinite miracles for the welfare of the hapless, poor and needy including the lepers who not only became economically self reliant and got cured from the dreaded diseases but also achieved salvation by His grace and ever lasting divinity.

I honestly consider my good luck and feel it my proud privilege for having been able to compile articles on Sai Baba, the real incarnation of Lord Shiva and Vishnu Who not only provide me special potential to do so but also gives enough knowledge to be able to pen my inner feelings about Baba. Baba was and is so great, omnipresent and omniscient that storehouse of knowledge and senior journalist like Rangaswamy Parthasarthy has also written lot about HIM and shed special light on Baba’s karmas for the welfare and upliftment of the poorest sections of the society during His lifetime.Lot and lot has been written about Baba and His miraculous feats for the last hundred years which has not noly benefited billions of His ardent devotees world over to follow His most precious sermons and religious discourses and imbibe them within themselves for attaining purity of mind, heart and soul but Baba’s blessing and divinity has also given complete BLISS to them who pray in veneration at HIS pious feet in total surrender. Let’s therefore know about Baba’s actual existence as a HUMAN and his various feats and miracles during his lifetime in Shridhi where  he came as a fakir through a marriage party(Baraat), was teased by children and frowned upon by sceptically villagers initially and later on remained to reign as a spiritual leader thus finally becoming the most sought after and adoring spiritual leader of all times.
It is said that Sai Baba was five feet six inches tall, neither stout nor lean. His complexion was Golden yellow, his eyes bluish, which shone bright mysteriously in darkness. Indeed His eyes were the object of wonder to the devotees. His nostrils were prominent. At the time when Sai Shradhanandji, who has given the above description of Baba in the book titled, God Who Walked On Earth- The Life and Times of Shridhi Sai Baba,authered by Mr. Rangachari, Sai Baba had some of His teeth missing and the rest were not pure white, rather pale.He never brushed His teeth but only rinsed His mouth with a little water every morning. He did not drink tea but did not ask His devotees to abstain from them. He never disclosed anyone how and when He got into the habit of smoking a pipe. He always used the same clay pipe although devotees often offered Him many pipes which he did not use but stocked them in the hollow portion of the Masjid Wall.
The piece of cloth tied around His head called Kafni was very rarely changed and never washed. Whenever Sai Baba decided to change His Kafni, He sent for the local tailor and said, Get me a Kafni,. When it was given to Him He always paid the tailor more than its worth. Left to Himself Baba spoke very little. He always preferred to be a silent spectator than to be talkative. He was more at the receiving end, always chanting God’s name within Himself. Baba usually remained calm and quite and spoke only when absolutely necessary. He never laughed loudly but smiled quietly. Whenever a devotee approached to Him for Darshan, He glanced at him. Sometimes He did not even do that. He adored children very much and whenever got the opportunity, played with them merrily. He never sat leaning against the wall in the mosque. Even when he sat with His legs outstretched, He always sat a few feet away from the wall. He never slept during the day and seldom visited any temple in Shridhi during his lifetime, may be because since He Himself was the God in Himself, the real an true incarnation of Lord Shiva,Rama, and Vishnu.
Sai Baba used to usually get His head shaved. Marthand son of Mhalsapati said that on certain occassions Baba sent for a barber, Balanari and had His head shaved completely. After the haircut Baba used to put His hand into His pocket and pay the barber whatever came to his hands. But it was always much in excess of the normal payment for a shave. Baba maintained a small beard. He had a wide forehead and always wore a plain Kafni.
The clay pipe was often renewed by His devotees who used to encircle Him whenever the pipe smoking session was in process by passing the rustic pipe to each other one by one. Baba never had any reservation of sharing the pipe though it was also smoked by one of the lepers’.In one of the notings in his diary by his devotee Kharparde, it is revealed thus,” Today I have shampooed the legs of Sai Baba. The softness of His limbs is wonderful. This example shows how privileged His devotees felt by washing his legs”.
Similarly a woman devotee of Baba has also recorded her emotions and impressions about Baba’s personality,:” There was such power and penetration in His glance that none could continue to look into His eyes.One felt that Sai Baba was reading Him or her mind through and through. Soon one lowered one’s eyes and bowed to Him. One felt that He was not only in one’s heart but in every atom of one’s body. A few words or a gesture would reveal that Baba knew all about everything else. There was nothing else to do for one except to submit trustfully and to surrender to Him in totality. And then He was to look after every minute detail and guide one safely through every turn and vicissitude of life. He was in real sense an Antaryami, call Him God or Satpurush or a walking humanitarian on earth born for the welfare and well being for the humanity around the globe.
Baba was so reserve from within and completely devoted to GOD that His words were always short, limited, pithy,deep, full of meaning and well balanced. He once said,” Though I have become a fakir, have no house, wife and though devoid of all the material gains, I have stayed at one place, the inevitable Maya teases me often. Though I forget myself, I cannot forget her. She envelopes me. This maya teases God Brahma and others as well then what to speak of a poor fakir like me? Hence according to Baba, those who take refuge in Lord will definitely be freed from the clutches of Maya with His grace.
An ardent devotee of Baba said : many saints went into a trance or samadhi, forgetting their body and they would display their supernatural powers and knowledge through such feats. But in case of Sai Baba He never had to go into a trance to achieve anything or reach any higher position. As Baba was always exercising a double consciousness every moment , the ego called Sai Baba and the antaryami, superseding all egos and finally resting in the Lord, the Parmatma. Baba was always in the state of exercising and manifesting the powers and features of both states of consciousness. The devotee says: When I sit in His presence I always forget my pain, nay,the body itself with all its mundane concerns and anxieties. Hours would pass and I would be in a blissful condition unconscious of the time passing. He was all in all for us and we could never think of His having limitations.
One notable instance of Baba’s miracle was when a portion of the mosque which was in a very dilapidated state, started to crumble with a loud noise while Baba and His devotees were taking the afternoon meals,”
On seeing this, Baba lifted his hands in anger and said loudly: SAHA, SAHAR,” meaning wait, wait. And suddenly the noise stopped and after the meal was finished and everyone came out comfortably, a big portion of the dilapidated mosque came down with a shattering noise and huge bang, exactly at the place where Baba and his devotees were having the lunch. Lateron the renovation work of mosque was taken and the dilapidated mosque repaired, forthwith.Similarly Baba used to used His intestines regularly by vomiting them out first and after adequately cleaning them would swallow them again. This miraculous feat is also something never witnessed anywhere in the world. Such supernatural power was He. There are hundreds and thousands of such instances that prove beyond doubt that Sai Baba of Shridhi was not an ordinary saint or a spiritual leader but a God in Him self who till today is providing overall bliss, all round progress and prosperity to billions and billions of his devotees around the globe with His blessings and divinity.OM SAI RAM.


The theft of the vehicle of the Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejrival from the VIP zone of Delhi secretariat has raised many serious questions about the vigilance and the investigatve potential of law enforcing agencies as well as those expert in tracing the vehicle thefts.

There is no doubt that Delhi being the mini India with large scale influx of migrants coming here in search of jobs and returning in neglibible numbers back to their hometown had added to the law and order problems of Delhi.

The non filling of posts of constables and highers posts in Delhi police and stationing of the vast numbers of police personels in VIP securities also adds to the vows of the police system not able to resolve the cases of crimes and thefts in Delhi. If we go by the statistics of Delhi police and NCRB though other forms of crimes have come down in Delhi, the cases of theft of vehicles has increased dramatically till September, 2017 as reported in TOI.

Shockingly, the cases of thefts till this period has expeditiously shot up to 30,449 as compared to 28, 760 vehicle thefts in the year 2016 till last September with a negligible rate of resolution. There have been reports that the authorities concerned have been too callous and negligent in investigating the matters of car thefts and leave it as the subject of their lowest priority obviously perhaps due to the shortage of staff in Delhi police and the crime branch.

Another vital reason seems to be the involvement of the police in resolution of other serious crimes of murders and decoities including cases of rapes and sexual assaults which are more prominently hyped in the electronic and print media having socio political overtones.

In the capital city of Delhi the cases of chain snatchings, robberies and thefts including crimes related to murders are definitely on the rise but the vehicle thefts with lowest resolution are on the increase as these crimes do not invite much serious imprisonment with majority of the thieves being out on bail forming more gangs with multiple vehicle thefts.

Moreover, the stolen vehicles are taken to other states and got dismantled completely thus selling their parts in various CHOR BAZAARS OF INDIA leaving nothing behind as evidence. Another important aspect of the police being not that serious in tracing the vehicles is the highly cumbersome process involved in the investigations and majority of the vehicles being fully insured with the victims claiming the costs from the insurance companies.

Ultimately its the insurance companies who are constrained to pay to the victims of vehicle thefts than the responsibilty of the police. The complainants who have little or negligible faith in the competence or capabilty of the police to resolve their theft cases are only and solely interested in getting their FIRST INFORMATION REPORT registered in the police stations falling under the jurisdiction of the area where the vehicle theft has been committed.

This FIR is mandatory for claiming the insurance amount, if not fully than atleast 60 to 80% of the loss. As per the Hindi proverb BHAAGTE BHOOT KE HAATH LANGOT HI SAHI. Keeping in view the rapidly increasing thefts of vehicles in DELHI, the Delhi police and the crime branch have to refine, reactivate, re energise and vigilantise its actions and know how at the decentralised police station levels and control the fastly increasing crimes and vehicular thefts in DELHI. This is the urgent need of the hour.



The permanent reprieve, as of now, accorded by the Allahabad High Court to the husband wife and parents of late Arushi Talwar by releasing them from jail for non existence of credible evidence speaks of the fact that any influential, highly linked, rich or affluent, over intelligent or genius killer or the supari giver can allegedly go scot free after any amount of killings.

It’s not that the murderers are not being brought to justice in India or not being punished. Be it late but the killer ultimately falls into the legal trap and gets due punishment for his or her crime however big or influential they are.

But the way after so much of national and international media hype and several lie detector tests, hundreds of enquiries and cross examinations by the Uttar Pradesh police first and then by the Central Bureau of Investigation, considered to be one of the best in the world the actual culprits behind this most trivial and complex murder has not been caught till yet unambiguously points a finger of alleged suspicion or incompetitiveness over the outstanding capabilities of the crime branch, the Uttar Pradesh police and finally the most talked about investigative agency the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Here the moot point is now who is going to be held responsible and answerable for the undue and unmitigated harrasment, victimisation, torture and humiliation suffered by the already traumatised parents of the lonely daughter whom they have not only lost so treacherously but also confronted public insult number of times by being handcuffed and taken to jail including their behind bars for so many years with media blitz, after literary becoming bankrupt leaving behind their chequered and bright business career as reputed Dentists.

What about their physical, mental and phychological battering and incessant torture. If they are no more the culprits where is the real one ? Would he/ she go scot free for ever? or would not be brought to justice, ever. People are questioning if the way deceased Arushi Talwar’s parents had been tortured and punished behind bars and then let off after so many years in the absence of any credible evidence, is it not true that in our country hundreds of such uninfluential Talwars’ might be allegedly undergoing illegal sentences for years’ .WHAT ABOUT THEM.

Would the machinery concerned also give a serious thought to such cases of innocent criminals who are actually not, but have been allegedly labelled or branded on false pretexts. It may be recalled that the infamous ARUSHI TALWAR murder case hit headlines inviting national and international media attention with the DGP level officers of UP police throwing their own imaginative theories in front of Media and arresting wrong persons to brand them as killers without any relevant evidence, ( finally released) the case thereafter going to CBI in the end, which too failed after undergoing every best and precision oriented outstanding investigation.

In the history of Indian investigation this would be rated as the most failed case bringing bad name to the premier investigative agency of India say the legal news analysts.









A shocking incident of an alleged rape of a domestic help by a manager, working at the residence of a Rajya Sabha MP and former minister, earlier close to former Andhra Pradesh chief minister and legendary actor N T Rama Rao and thereafter having joined Congress, have been reported two days ago.

An FIR has been registered at the Lodhi Estate police station and the police has been dispatched to Faridabad to arrest the culprit from where he is absconding currently. The alleged sexual assault of the maid servant took place two years ago in 2015 and the woman couldn’t report the matter as she feared for her life. According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police BK Singh a case of rape has been registered against the culprit and the police team has been send to Faridabad to arrest the culprit who lives there and is no more working at the MP’s house.

According to the FIR on the complaint of the victim who hails from Telangana originally, the alleged culprit namely Subhash Choudhary also duped her of Rs 25 lakhs which the former had to give her after Subhash’s brother who clandestinely got the thumb impression of her old illeterate mother on the sale deed in his name and did not give a single penny to her.

When the woman victim went to the culprit to ask for the money , Subhash allegedly raped her four times and threatened her with dire consequences. Since then he left the job and was staying at his house at Faridabad. According to the domestic help’s version, in September2015 while the culprit, the Congress leader was living at the MP’s bungalow at Lodhi estate, the domestic help told him about the sale of land at her native place as she needed the money.

The culprit said that since he is interested to buy that land he will pay the requisite amount of 25 lakhs to her. Subhash Chowdhary sent his brother along to the native place of the domestic help who got the thumb impressions of her mother on the sale deed and refuse to pay a single penny to her.

When the complainant confronted the culprit on different ocassions demanding Rs. 25 lakhs the cost against the sale of her land, she was intimidated of dire consequences and sexually assaulted four times. The police hunt is on for the culprit who happens to be a Congress leader and a former student and youth activist during the eighties living in Faridabad, Haryana.