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You know that your brain is a type of muscle which needs exercise to become stronger and efficient. The exercise should be different than the regular one to get maximum benefits of doing it.

Ways which can make brain more efficient

Exercise daily

Yes doing exercise daily does not help you physically but mentally also because exercise improves the brain function and also enhance neurogenesis so whenever you do exercise new brain cells are created so you should do exercise on daily basis.

Become more curious

Yes curiosity is good for your brain because reasoning and questioning makes brain to start working on making things better which you do on daily basis because your brain will start being innovative to things in better and quick way.

Try out new things

If you do new things or learn something new it will help your brain to create neural pathways which increases intelligence because doing the routine things will not stimulate it much.

Focus on eating right

What we eat has massive impact on our brain functions because our brains consume 20% of all oxygen and other nutrients which we consume through our food so we should eat the right food which is good for brain so that it function more efficiently. We should eat fresh vegetables and fruits as well as omega fatty acids available in walnut, fish and other sources.

Listen to music

When we play or listen to music our potential of learning expands and it will help your brain to think faster and more accurately. Anyways it will also calm your nerves and reduce mental tension which will indirectly help you focus on your work with more vigor and concentration.

Take enough sleep

Sleep is the natural and best way to detox brain because when we sleep our body uses this time to repair the cells and remove the toxins that have collected in our body throughout the day so it is recommended to have good night sleep for better functioning of brain and body.

Stay Positive

Being positive have huge impact on your brain because when you think negative existing brain neurons are killed off whereas when you think positive about the future new cells are generated with more speed and this will also reduce your stress and anxiety.


When you read books or anything which you like it relieves you from tension and stress which is a major factor in killing the brain cells. You learn new things and enhance your knowledge which gets stored in brain for future which helps you to be more creative and detail oriented.

Train your brain with mind games

When you play some mind games like Sudoku, puzzles and many more these will train your brain to become better at concentrating on tasks which you find difficult to do. Your problem solving skills and spatial skills improves a lot.