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tips to buy second hand smartphone


Want to change your mobile phone but worried about the hefty price of new smartphones then not to worry as you can buy second hand mobile phones which are in good condition. You just need to be careful before buying these mobiles otherwise you may end up buying a mobile phone with some faults at higher prices.

So buying a second hand smartphone is not a bad idea if hefty price is creating problem.

Always checkout the below mentioned tips before buying the second mobile phone

First thing you should check out is any physical damage if there is any damage then there are chances that the internal parts ay not working properly like microphone, speaker sometime black screen. So carefully check the phone for any physical damage otherwise you will waste your money on a defective phone.

If you are buying a smartphone then check its touchscreen properly and carefully as there are chances that it may not functioning properly and there is no point of  buying a mobile device which do not have properly working touchscreen.

Now you should check all ports of the mobile phone and carry a pair headphone with you so that you can check the sound output and of possible carry a laptop with you to check the other USB ports.

If possible do not go for those phones which are purchased from outside of India because most of the smartphone makers do not offer warranty or repair services for those devices which were bought from outside of India.

Always buy those smartphones which have proper original papers to make sure that it is not a theft case and ask for the original accessories from the seller. If possible ask for the original box also which has the IMEI number of the mobile phone.

Perform the service code test which will tell you the exact status of touchscreen, LED illumination, microphone, battery and much more. It is a very simple which can be done by typing the code in the dialler to see whether all components of the phone are working. All smartphones have smart codes which can be searched online.