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tips for travelling alone by train


Festive season is here and you may have to travel alone by train or if it is a first time that you are going to travel by train alone then be careful and remember few things which will make your journey enjoyable and safe. For past few years train journey is not any safer for women traveling alone and it becomes necessary to take some hard steps for your safety. So here are some useful tips which will definitely help you while traveling alone.

  • Try to wear simple clothes because revealing clothes may put you in danger as you do not know anything about the strangers who are traveling in the same compartment so it is always safe not to wear too reveling clothes if you do not want to take risk. Anyways it is your personal choice but there is nothing wrong in wearing clothes which covers you appropriately.
  • It is always better for girls or women’s traveling alone to take the upper berth and if you are not able book the upper birth you can talk to the fellow passengers and exchange your seat.
  • Do not share details with strangers and restrict talking to them as you do not know who they are and what they can do, especially try not to talk much to the men in the compartment as they may mistake your openness to something else.
  • If you there are no other women or girl in the same compartment then it is always safe to change your seat and get seat in that compartment where family is possible. You can talk to TT and explain the scenario he will definitely understand your position and will help you.
  • Cover the free space on your berth with you luggage or something which can fill the space otherwise there are chances that some unknown person may try to seat on your berth and always be conscious while sleeping so that you are aware of your surroundings.
  • Keep your handbag under your head as pillow so that no one can steal and even if someone tries to touch it you will know about it immediately.
  • If possible try not to go by late night train and always keep in mind about the timings of the train so that you do not have to wait on the platform for long and do not give chance to anyone to observe you.
  • Do not ever share you mobile number or other personal detail with fellow passengers else someone else may take undue advantage of this information.
  • When using mobile make sure that no one else is looking at your phone screen or keep a safe distance from other while using the phone.
  • Keep safety paper spray, perfume, pen or stick with you so that you can tackle any situation by your own and do not have to depend on others for help.

Hope above tips will be useful for you if you are traveling alone by train anywhere in India!