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things to keep in mind while travling


Winters are about to come and there are lot of places where we can spend our winter vacations but Australia is one of the warm international destination and it might be the perfect option for you.

Australia is a beautiful country with awesome city views and incredible beaches with unlimited scenic views and place where you can do lot water activities with different culture and to enjoy all these activities it will be better if you do some preparations.

Checkout the seasonal changes on Google

Get some information about the seasonal changes in Australia and temperature so that you can pack your bags according to it as the best time to visit Australia is November which is the springtime in Australia and you should also search on Google about those places which you be staying at or visiting as in Australia there will be a significant changes in the temperature.

Choose a good power adapter

This is also an important point which should be kept in mind because the power outlets have different shape than ours in India so it also a very important thing otherwise you may have to ask people for the power adapters for charging your mobile, camera and other electrical devices or will have to search the electrical shops which will provide new adapters and till then you may not be able to use mobile if it is discharged. So go and buy in advance Australian power adapters or you can buy adapter which can fit in multiple international sockets.

Try to stay in suburb areas

If you want to save some money and spend it on more fun activities then you can choose hotels and lodges which are located outside the city as they will be cheaper as compared to those which are located inside the city. But it usually does not happen as most of the people stay within the city because they are not much familiar with outside areas of the main city.

Pack some SPF

The sun is much stronger in Australia so do not forget to grab some good SPF creams if you do not want to get tanned in 15 to 20 minutes. Keep reapplying the sunblock or sunscreen and cover your body with light clothes. Australia is famous for its gorgeous beaches so checkout them and do not forget to drink lots of water and sunscreen for your face and body if you are planning to stay there for a long time.

Swim smart

October to April are busiest months in Australia where people visits the beaches and lifeguards also patrols these beaches so there is nothing to worry but you should always keep it in mind that you are swimming only in that area which marked safe.

So above are the five travel hacks which will ensure that you have a great winter holidays with lots of adventure and fun.