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things to do in morning


We all have our own things which we like to do in morning because the energy and concentration power is maximum and some people just like to enjoy their maximum morning time in bed but have you ever thought what do healthy people do every morning or is there anything common between the healthy people.

There are few habits if done regularly in morning then we can also always remain fit and healthy

First thing what you should do is to drink water on empty stomach because it will rehydrate your body and will also flush the oxidants, will boost your digestive system with glowing skin and better appetite.

If you could add lemon and honey then it will be very good for you if you want to lose fat and maintain a healthy weight.

When you wake up do not check your emails and social networking sites because this is not a good habit. You should follow this practices at-least for one hour after you wake up so that you have a clear mind and can start a day with your own pace and positive thoughts and remain focuses throughout the day.

Make a list of positive things happened to you in life and check this list every morning after you wake up as it will boost your morale and give you more positive energy to work harder and have gratitude for whatever you have got.

Go to you terrace or park and take a deep breath even if it is cold outside as it will make more feel alive and fresh.

Do some stretching and move your body even if you do not want to do intense workout because it is a best way to get the blood flowing wake you up completely.

Always try to go for healthy breakfast like eating cereals, sprouts, oats, boiled eggs, beans and smoothies are all great options to start a day.