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snake dies after biting breast of model


snake-dies-out-of-silicon-poisoningA busty model was doing a photo shoot with snake and during this photo shoot the snake bites her breast and everybody got scared but later the snake died because of silicon poisoning. The video has become viral on Internet which shows the attack of snake on Israeli model Orit Fox.

Fox was filming for a photo shoot and the large snake was wrapping around her leg then suddenly things turned ugly and out of the hands when she tried to lick the snake by keeping its mouth near her. This gesture may have upset the snake and very quickly it aggressively struck at her and latched on to her right breast in the nipple area. She started screaming for help and meanwhile tried to get rid of the snake from her right breast but the snake would not go, even when one man came to help her.

After some time snake let go and immediate treatment for the model started and tetanus injection was given to her but surprisingly the snake died and It was found that it died because of silicon poisoning as the model had silicon breast implant.

This incident is surprising and as no one ever wondered that this kind of thing could happen during a photoshoot. The model was very frightened when the snake bites her breast as it was very situation which could kill the model and cost her life but fortunately she is fine and snake has lost its life.

We hope that in future all models will be careful while doing a photo-shoot with animals and especially with reptiles as no one knows when they get upset and bite. In this case model is lucky that the snake bite her breast and she had silicone implant otherwise she may have died.