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sleeping on left is good for heart


Do you know that our sleeping pattern do affect our health and especially if your snore or pregnant then try to sleep on left tonight and check for some difference. It scientifically proven that we should sleep on left instead of flat or on our right or on tummies.

It is not mandatory that you should sleep o left side but if you do so then you will get immense health benefits because this habit has huge impact on your health.

Benefits of sleeping on left side

So why we should not sleep on our back that is because when we do so then we end up putting pressure on our upper back and hips which sometimes causes aches.

And when we sleep on our front then this position put strain on our lower back and neck so even this position is not good for sleeping.

Whereas when we sleep on our left side then we get lots of health benefits as in this position our body is able to take the pressure of lymph drainage from the heart which is important for the natural flow of lymph fluid and preventing lymphatic congestion.

When we sleep on left side then it is the best position for breathing and would help you a lot if you snore or have congestion problem at night, you frequency of snoring will definitely get reduced.

Sleeping on left side also reduces heart burn and acid re-flux.

Women expecting a baby should also sleep on their left side. Even doctors give the same advice to them because it encourages the blood flow and if pregnant women snore then she should make sure to sleep on left side.

One more benefit of sleeping on left side is that it helps your body to process waste quicker and saves you from constipation so people who have constipation problem should try to sleep on their left side. The scientific reason is that food easily travels in our intestine when we sleep on left side towards colon.