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A weird case from Rajkot has come to light where a sex worker was killed because she denied marrying a person. In this case a 25 year old woman who used to work as a sex worker was stabbed by a man on because she refused to marry.

She has been identified as Mohida Khatun who used to operate from her house situated on Bhavnagar road in the city and this house was owned by Sahdev Goswami. The accused has been identified as Jaydeep, who is 25 year old and a native of Jamnagar. He was a regular customer of Mohida and was in love with her and also wanted to marry her.

According to the police he visited Mohida on Monday and proposed her to marry him but she refused his offer and by this he got angry and stabbed Mohida with a knife and after that he tried to escape from the spot. But he got injured when he was trying to flee by breaking a glass door in the house. Then house owner Goswami tried to catch him and got injured while Jaydeep managed to escape from the house and took an auto rickshaw and admitted himself into the civil hospital.

In the initial investigation it was clearly found that the motive behind the murder was refusal of the marriage proposal by Jaydeep and he was a regular customer of Mohida for last one and a half year.

Mohida was living in the house for past four years and also operating sex racket from the same house. But from this instance it is still not clear that when she was a sex worker and someone tried to change her life then why she did not agreed and come out of this hell. Anyways it was her choice not to marry the person and she was not aware that she may be one day by such a fanatic customer.