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In today’s era of globalization, everyone is running in a rat race to achieve power, status, financial stability and luxuries of life. However, we tend to forget the phenomenon of self-realization. It is observed that there is a high level of competition amongst the human beings wherein everyone wants to achieve the supreme power. Amidst the process of running in a rat race to achieve materialistic goals, we tend to become a self-programmed robot that tends to compete with everyone coming in the way.

Every one of us has seen people who are jealous because their neighbors bought a new car or their relative’s son has secured first position in his class. This is because of the sense of competition in the people. The fact is quite evident that these people tend to compete with their acquaintances. They will strive hard to purchase a new car soon and force their child to follow the footsteps of their relative’s son. However, in the process they will forget that in order to achieve stability in life, the person should introspect oneself in order to know the real potential and then, work accordingly to fulfill the set goals.

The simple mantra in order to succeed in one’s life is to strive hard for the betterment of one’s future which can be easily done by self-competition. Basically, we should compete with ourselves in order to improve ourselves. Such a competition is always healthy and the people pursuing such kind of mindset are successful than others because with tremendous dedication and perseverance, they work efficiently to improve themselves both at professional and personal front thus, emerging as a symbol of inspiration at both the ends. They tend to introspect themselves genuinely in order to find out their mistakes, their weaknesses and their strengths. They work over their strengths to develop them and they try to improve upon their weaknesses. They tend to mend their mistakes. As they work upon improving their personality on the regular basis, they tend to reach the zenith of success.

To conclude, instead of running in the rat race and being jealous upon the success of others, one should try to introspect oneself. One should aim at improving upon the weaknesses, working over strengths and mending the mistakes. It is better to aim everyday that we would emerge into a better human being as compared to the previous day. This mindset towards life will help us stand-out amongst everyone thus, evolving ourselves into a better person.