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Right time to eat fruits


We have been hearing that evening is not the best time to eat fruits so what is the right time? Anytime is the right time to eat fruits instead of not eating them. But if you want to take the maximum benefits after eating them then you definitely read the below matter about the right time of having fruits.

So certain times are better than others for our body to break down fruit in the most efficient way and used by the body.

Eating fruits in the morning is the best time because they contain high fructose content and it is best utilized in the morning when we wake up our body needs instant energy to feel energetic. And if we eat fruits in the evening before going to bed, the high sugar levels will keep you awake and may affect your sleep. Another reason for not eating fruits in the morning is because that is the time we need energy to work for the whole day and fruit is easily digested and broken into its nutrients by the body’s digestive system. So it is always advisable to eat them either in the morning or before having lunch to get the maximum benefits of nutrients.

right-time-to-eat-fruitsWhen we eat fruit we should give at-least one to two hours for our body to digest it before eating a meal so that you do not feel bloated and your intestines are also clear and ready for the next food source.

I have seen many people eating fruits with meals or having fruit salad along with proper meal so fruit salad is OK to eat if you do not have too many other ingredients in it. And if we eat fruit with other food items the digestive system becomes slower and also never takes smoothies and milk shakes along with fruit.

If you eat fruit in the morning time your body will be able to digest it properly and absorb the required nutrients which will keep you happy and energetic throughout the day. It will also maintain your weight by decreasing hunger punches before the lunch time which will ultimately result in weight loss.