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Reliance Jio, announced its intentions to reduce the validity of its ₹309 plan, which earlier included 84GB data for 84 days, with a daily cap of 1GB, will now be available for 56GB data for 56 days, with the same daily usage cap.

This plan was earlier introduced as Jio’s “Dhan Dhana Dhan” offer on 11th April 2017. But now it has achieved the maximum time allowed for it i.e.90-days, on 9th July 2017.

By the end April 2017, Jio’s subscriber base had surpassed 112 million.

Sources at Reliance Jio have mentioned that after the initial recharge period was over the subscribers would have availed a validity term of 28 days on ₹309 plan, now with the new plan the subscribers will avail two months validity on  ₹309 pack.

Likewise, ₹509 plan with 2 GB per day, which had a validity term of 84 days earlier, will now be available for 56 days.

Other than the data usage, benefits such as unlimited free local calls, STD calls along with national roaming as well as unlimited national SMS services will be provided to the subscribers, as was in the earlier offer.

Jio had introduced Prime membership program in March, which helped the company to broaden its subscriber’s base by adding new users in millions.

However, major players of the industry feel that these things would be of little help to the telecom industry which is under an obligation of ₹4.6 lakh crore.

Authorities said that the adversaries of Reliance Jio would in any case be under continuous pressure as Jio keeps on offering free nationwide voice calls and SMS that is hurting the income of rivals.


Reliance Jio said that it was examining claims that individual information of more than 100 million of its clients had spilled onto a site. If this leak is confirmed it would be the first of its kind, large scale information breach at an Indian telecom company.

Many people complained in their tweets that individual data of Jio clients is being freely accessible on Magicapk.com, and some Indian media said that their inquiries have persuaded them to believe that the leak was genuine.

Jio, India’s latest telecoms operator in the market, said that the information on the site, “Magicapk.com”, had all the earmarks of being “unauthentic” and the user information at Jio is protected and kept up with the most proficient security.

A Jio representative said that they had informed the law enforcement about the alleged leak and the website in question, and the inquiry is underway. However, the website, Magicapk.com is appearing to be “suspended” since Sunday.

Numerous clients had been enlisted for Reliance Jio benefits by utilizing a 12-digit Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) number, regularly known as the “Adhaar” number. The Indian government has started ordering the utilization of Adhaar for everything from opening a financial bank account to tax returns. The “Adhaar” number, which is similar to Social Security numbers in the U.S., is unique to each Indian citizen. The number also stores biometric information of clients in a concentrated database.

Jio, is run by Reliance Industries Ltd. It was launched in last September and has already included more than 100 million subscribers. In the event that the alleged theft of the information did occur, it would be a major loss for the Indian telecom provider’s forceful push driven by Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance.

Mukesh Ambani is India’s wealthiest man who had transformed Jio into the country’s fastest developing telecom provider, through months of free services and cut-value bargains. Jio added 3.9 million more subscribers of its services in April.


Good news for Reliance Jio user as the Company has extended the limit of its free usage from 30th December to 31st March which means you can now use the free 4G Internet and Voice calling on Jio Sim for 3 more months.

This offer is for both existing and new customers so do not worry if you still have not bought the new JIO SIM and the old customers do not need to buy new SIM cards as they would be getting all the services till 31st March old SIM.

The only problem is that the Reliance Company has restricted the daily usage limit to prevent congestion.

This announcement was made on Thursday by Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani made a number of announcements about Reliance Jio and he clearly told that the company has decided to extend the free services of JIO for three months.

This offer will start from 4th December 2016 and the new customers will get the data, voice and other Jio apps free till 31st March. Ambani said that this is the Jio Happy New Offer. The company also claimed that they now 52 million users who will continue to enjoy the welcome offer till 31st December and automatically be signed up for the New Year Offer.

Ambani further told that 80% of its current customer base consumes about 1 GB data per day while the remaining ones use disproportionately higher amounts which causes congestion in the network and slower Internet speeds so there will be a new daily FUP limit of 1GB and after that the speed will be slower.

Ambani also confirmed that the company is taking lot of feedback from the customers and trying to make changes according to them.

The Reliance Jio welcome offer was launched in September and after that many customers have complained about the slower Internet speed and standing in a queue for SIM card but Ambani said that this happened because it was a free welcome offer and 52 million people wanted to take full advantage of this service it causes slowdowns but only on 8 % of towers and remaining 92% are enjoying the high speed internet.


Trai has published a data about the 4G speed of Reliance Jio and shockingly it was found in the report that Reliance 4G speeds was much slower than speeds of Air-tel, Idea and Vodafone. The 4G speed of Airtel was 11.4 megabits per second, Reliance communications was found at 7.9 Mbps, Vodafone at 7.3 Mbps, Idea at 7.6 Mbps and Jio was had speed of 6.2 Mbps.

Trai is also thinking to take action against call failure and call drop of Reliance Jio network.

Reliance Jio is not agreeing with the data released by Trai and told that they have performed their internal analysis of the same and based on this analysis, they believe that the comparison of Jio speeds with other operators has an inherent bias against Jio data usage.

Reliance Jio has also claimed that the data speed on the Company’s network was being measured after consumer exhausted the daily fair usage policy that is limit of 4GB data downloaded per user and after that the speed limit falls to 256 kbps.

People who have bought Reliance Jio are complaining that it is not working fine because places where the signals are weak internet is also slow and customers are not able to call and even if the call gets connected the quality is not good. So signal strength in Jio is an issue which the company should resolve as soon as possible otherwise there is not much of the Jio SIM.

But the question is that what action Trai will take against the Jio if they continue to provide slow speed of 4G because for three months they are providing free internet and voice calls means that they are not charging anything from the customers and even if they will start charging after 3 months then they should be able to provide the good 4G speed.