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rama punished hanuman to death


Do you know that God Hanuman created his own version of Ramayana?

Yes it is true that God Hanuman created his own version of Ramayana, wondering where then the answer is that he wrote Ramayana on walls of Himalayas with his nails. When the war between Rama and Raaavana was over he went to Himalayas to do Rama chanting and there he wrote Ramayana on the Himalayan walls when Maharishi Valmiki heard about it and he went to meet Hanuman in Himalayas he also spent 1000 years in reading the Ramayana written by Hanuman and even praised for his version of war. Maharishi also felt bit let down because he thought his version of Ramayana would become redundant once people read Hanuman’s version so great Hanuman erased it.

Another interesting fact about God Hanuman is that once, Narad Muni visited God Ram and provoked him against Hanuman. One day there was a gathering of wise man; Narad Muni asked Hanuman to greet all sages but not to greet Vishwamitra and when Hanuman did so, Vishwamitra complaint against him to Rama, asked him to give severe punishment and punish him to death. So Rama did not ignore his command and tied Hanuman and attacked him with arrows but all arrows targeted towards Hanuman failed to hurt him because he was continuously chanting name Rama.

As we all know that God Hanuman is immortal and were also present during Mahabharata he met Bhim and told him that they were brothers and helped him during the war.

In Sanskrit Hanuman actually means disfigured jaw it is a lesser known fact which everybody do not know about the favourite god.

Lord Hanuman is one of the most popular Gods because of his dedication towards God Rama and bravery stories and people are always excited to know more about him. If you have some more facts which are not known to everyone then you can also share them with us.