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precautions before tulsi leaves


We know that Tulsi is a sacred plant which almost all Hindus keep in their homes as this can be grown in pots. It has great medicinal benefits which treats lots of diseases and also boost the immune system.

It is said that till the time someone has Tulsi in his or her home diseases stay away from the household and it is also believed that it is an early manifestation of Goddess Tulsi.

What is its significance?

Almost all Hindu temples have Tulsi plants around them because the leaves of sacred Tulsi are used by all Brahmins and Pujaris for worshipping of gods and goddess except Lord Shiva and it is also included in Prasad.

Lord Shiva is not offered Tulsi because he killed her Asura husband and Tulsi cursed Lord Shiva that none will worship him with her leaves.

So let us check out some health benefits of Tulsi

It fights many diseases and has anti-bacterial properties which help in fighting infections, strengthening immunity and curing hair and skin disorders.

It is believed that Tulsi leaves should not be plucked with evil intention and on wrong ocassion will reverse the benefits of it.

Do not tear Tulsi leaves on the below times otherwise it is considered sin.


Night Time


Lunar and Solar Eclipse

Always lit Diya near Tulsi in evening and seek permission to pluck the leaves.

Tulsi leaves should not be chewed and if possible wash it down with water because the acid present in the Tulsi leaf is not good for teeth.

Plucking Tulsi leaves without any purpose will be counted as sin and it should be done only for health or religious purpose.

Hands should be cleaned before plucking Tulsi leaves and maintain cleanliness around the Tulsi plant.

Dried leaves should not be thrown away and if possible one must wash them and dig it in the mud near the holy plant.

It is not auspicious to keep dried Tulsi plant in home and one must flow it in river, holy river or well and lake.