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The veteran journalist and proprietor of one of the prominent news channels of the country NDTV, Prannoy Roy has shot a letter to the prime minister Narendra Modi complaining about Dr Subramanian Swamy and his loyalists for damaging and degrading India’s image internationally and causing immense harm and loss to the reputation of NDTV through unethical and dubious methods aimed at muzzling and silencing the free and impartial press and the organisation like NDTV. The relations between the government and the NDTV have been at loggerheads since the Modi government assumed power at the centre in 2014.

Prannoy Roy and NDTV is considered to be the voice of the progressives’ and the pro BJP/ saffron forces and rightists blame it as the news channel propagating the progressive ideology and that of the Congress. Just a year ago raids were conducted on all its office locations nationally and the Income Tax department has also fixed a penalty of several hundred crores on the TV channel for allegedly cladestinely saving the taxes and thus misleading and fudging the authorities concerned. As a result more than 200 employees had to be retrenched from job recently leading to chaos amongst the staff and the media fraternity. According to the contents of the letter: Prannoy Roy accused Swamy of using various unethical and dubious means to inflict baseless, biased and outrageous accusations of money laundering and indulging in sham transactions with NDTV against the finest US Corporations viz GE and NBC through the IT and ED.

The letter adds that the charges made by the Indian authorities are such that they may in the future invite harsh prison sentences for Jeff Immelt, the CEO of GEC and the CEO of NBC Jeff Zucker who is currently the president of prestigious news channel CNN and an outstanding media executive in America. This has resulted in creating a shocking and dismaying environment amongst the global business leaders thus discouraging them to invest in India who are expressing apprehensions of possible harrasments and lodging of false cases against them. Prannoy asked the PM : at a time when you are inviting more and more foreign direct investment in India, this sort of wild and baseless charges are damaging India’s reputation globally.

A leading US businessman recently said to us: Why should we come to invest in India- false cases might be filed against us. While the two page letter is quite in detail it concludes by saying: In nutshel: Mr. Swamy and a small group ( includes Gurumurthy as well) are damaging the reputation of our country in a motivated an egregious attack on the free media in India- we at the NDTV are proud of India’s tradition of media and press freedom and we will fight these falsehoods and not be suppressed or muzzled.


Hundreds of people of Uttarakhand living in Delhi viz journalists, social activists, retired government servants, women, youth and students protested in front of Press Club of India on the last day of the parliament session and presented a memorandum to the prime minister in his South block office on 9th February, 2018.

The demonstration held under the banner of GAIRSAIN RAJDHANI NIRMAN SAMITEE consisted of several socio political organisation like the UKD, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum, Akhil Bhartiya Uttarakhand Mahasabha, Uttarakhand Ekta Manch, E Gairsain group, organisation working for child rights, etc. The furious demonstrators who were addressed by senior journalists and activists M/s Avtar Negi, Charu Tiwari, convenor Dev Singh Rawat, President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum, Sunil Negi, literateur Pooran Kandpal, Dr. Hari Suman Bisht, Anil Pant, Devendra Bisht, etc raised anti BJP government slogans and demanded declaration of Gairsain as the capital of Uttarakhand with immediate affect.

The processionists marched towards parliament raising slogans but were stopped by the heavy cardon of Delhi police. Four representatives were allowed to go the PM’s office to deliver the memorandum. According to the memorandum since the Gairsain capital is a technically feasible demand as per the Kaushik Committee of the government being equidistant from both the Kumaon and Garhwal divisions and a legislative Assembly building has already been build with vast infrustructure investing several hundred crores including the previous assembly sessions and the likely budget session in March, it should now be declared as the capital of Uttarakhand forthwith.

The memorandum adds that the declaration of Gairsain capital will not only pave the way for the all round decentralisation of the interior villages and the local populace who are rampantly migrating towards cites and towns but will also help in reverse migration and shifting of the state secretariats and officers to the inner parts of the hills this compelling them implement hill oriented decentralized development than the city oriented progress that has resulted in discrimination of the rural populaton.

While the creation of Gairsain as the hill state’s capital will create lots of job opportunities and open developmental avenues in health, education and industrial sectors, it will be a befitting heartfelt tributes to the revolutionery hero of historical PESHAVAR KANND Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali who also had pledged in Dudhatoli to create a separate Uttarakhand state and Gairsain as its capital.


The prime minister of India Narendra Modi has termed the union budget of 2017-18 as people friendly, farmer friendly, business and investment friendly, youth friendly and poor friendly and has emphasised that the Health assurance policy AYUSH would directly benefit about fifty crore people of the country from the middle class to those living at the lowest ebb of the society.

Hailing this newly introduced health assurance scheme of his government and terming it as first initiative in the whole world benefitting 500 million people, prime minister Modi said that any person suffering from illness particularly the critical illness would be able to receive free treatment/ surgery etc worth five lakh rupees free of cost, every year.

He further said that under the Ujjwala scheme lakhs of poor and economically deprived people, particularly those living under poverty line would get free gas connections and lakhs of houses in the rural areas would be provided free electricity. He said the government would not charge a single paisa tax in Rs one lakh treatment amount of a patient and also on the premium of Rs fifty thousand.

The new Shramik” labourer would get the EPF contribution to the tune of 12% from the government’s side. About 24 new medical colleges cum hospitals would be constructed in various parts of the country to provide free treatment to the poor. However, no mention has been made on employment front and non relief to the salaried government and private sector employees on annual tax exemption. The government will provide 8% annual interest on the deposit of Rs 15 lakhs.

The former finance minister of India P Chidamram however termed the budget at mere JUMLA and said that peoples’ expectations have been fully belied on all counts especially on job generation front, health sector, slashing of funds on majority of important schemes for the welfare of the poor, tax front and farm sector.
About 700 districts of the country are being fully developed with infrastructural development and road connectivity as per the provisions made in the budget added the prime minister.



The only union state minister from Uttarakhand in the central cabinet in the capacity as the minister of state for textiles, a forty five year old young, dashing and soft spoken politician who had in the past represented two ministries in the then Major General B C Khanduri’s cabinet in Uttarakhand is today a blue eyed boy of both the Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi and the national party chief Amit Shah.

Though he is the state minister of textiles but had been accorded the special privilige in the recent past to accompany the president of India Ram Nath Kovind as well, while he was on the very first significant visit to the two African countries viz Djiboti and Ethiopia. Not only this but Tamta was also accorded the special privilege of representing India in welcoming the special dignitary, the Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen who is the chief gest in the Republic Day celebrations of India on 26th January. It’s indeed a great honour for Uttarakhand in particular to see the only union minister representing the state at the centre to have been given such important assignments twice, one when he accompanied the Indiaa president on his first foreign visit to two African nations as an important member minister of the President’s entourage and secondly representing our nation to receive the Cambodian PM visiting India as the chief guest of the pivotal, Indian Republic day function. A soft spoken, well read, articulate and ambivalent Ajay Tamta has been genuinely involved in his textile ministerial accomplishments and strengthening the party organisation in Uttarakhand too having played a highly contributory role in the party’s victory in the Uttarakhand elections held nine months ago, as well thus defeating the then ruling party Congress, hands down.

He had also been instrumental in actively devising ways and means for the development and implementation of various people friendly schemes in Uttarakhand. He has recently convened the meeting of all the senior bureaucrats of Uttarakhand cadre working in various states, in Uttarakhand and Delhi at his official residence and discussed ways and means to expedite development in the18 year old state of Uttarakhand.

The meeting was chaired by the OSD to the Indian Prime minister namelyMr. Khulbe, who also happened to be from Uttarakhand. Extremely mobile and active in Uttarakhand as well, Ajay Tamta is likely to open a production centre of handloom, fine clothing and paper like bags from the pine needles for generating local employment for women and youth of the himalayan state. He is actively involved on the job and is desirous of implementing this venture on the large scale and expeditously . Let’s wish him all the very best in all his future endeavors.



The prime minister Narendra Modi alongwith the Uttar Pradesh Governor Ram Naik and the saffron robed chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath today inaugurated the driverless Metro train route on about 10 kilometre Botanical Garden- Kalkaji stretch with the anti BJP Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal conspicuous by his absence.

There has been lot of hue and cry in the political circles and the media for allegedly not sending the invitation to the Delhi chief minister who is said to be the ardent political rival of the BJP as well as prime minister Modi having always been at logger heads with the centre complaining of being meted out the step motherly treatment in terms of poor allocations of finances to the state and the BJP led centre’s complacent attitude towards the AAP government.

In the recent multiple hike of metro fares in Delhi the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejrival has opposed it tooth and nail and asked the central government to withdraw the same. He even offered to give 500 crores to the centre to partly bear the loss enabling reduction in the fares but the centre refused to relent thinking that if they accept the former’s proposal he’ll get the entire credit. The AAP held widespred protest in entire Delhi to oppose the arbitrary Metro Fare hike.

Prime minister Narendra Modi, UP governor Ram Naik and CM Yogi Adityanath took an inaugural ride and opened the Mazenta line for the commuters on the Noida Botanical Garden- Kalkaji route. It may be recalled that just two days ago while on trial the driverless train has hit against the wall and forcefully pierced into it damaging the property.

Metro’s new generation trains, which can operate without drivers, will run on this section aided by the Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling technology. This new-age signalling system can facilitate movement of trains with a frequency of 90 to 100 seconds.

With the commissioning of the new line, the travel time between south Delhi and Noida will be significantly reduced. The direct ride on the Magenta Line from Kalkaji Mandir to Botanical Garden takes 19 minutes while travelling through Blue and Violet Lines between the old stations takes 52 minutes, with interchange facility at Mandi House station.

The new trains will also feature colourful seats, with pink seats in the Women’s coach, orange and blue in the general cars and specific hues to demarcate seats reserved for senior citizens and the specially-abled.

According to TOI the DMRC authorities 10 trains would operate on this new line, while two would be kept on reserve, one each at Kalkaji Mandir and Botanical Garden stations. Initially, trains will operate with a frequency of five minutes and 14 seconds on this section.

It may be recalled that about three lac commuters have given up travelling in Delhi Metro after the terrible manifold increase in merto fares resulting in heavy losses further adding to the fiscal deficit as being claimed by the DMRC authorities.
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According to a government official, among the eight bidders who are competing for Indian Railways’ first global tender to supply 487,000 tonnes of rails, the most prominent ones are- Japanese trader Sumitomo Corp & India’s Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. The tender was drafted openly on Friday, 22nd Dec.

The other popular bidders are East Metals AG, which is a unit of Russian steel and the coal producer Evraz, Voestalpine Schienen which is a Austrian company, the CRM Hong Kong Trading Ltd, the New Delhi-based Atlantic Steels, a French company, British Steel, France Rail and lastly the China-based Angang Group International.

The tender is supposed to end the monopoly of the state-owned Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) in supplying rails to the world’s fourth largest rail network of India. Heavy losses have made SAIL struggle to meet the railways’ rising demands.

The steel and rail ministries of India, however, have always been engaged in a head-on dispute over the state-run network’s decision to buy the required amount of rails from overseas. This problem continues to hamper the railways despite the assurances of supply from SAIL & the New Delhi-based Jindal Steel and Power.

After several meetings, the railways of India slashed its tender size by more than 30 % to 487,000 tonnes of rails after SAIL had said that it would scale up its supply to 950,000 tonnes in this year and 1.5 million tonnes in the next.

The committee which oversees domestically manufactured iron and steel products for several government projects is currently headed by the top civil servant in the ministry of steel.

The panel had also given a one-time waiver to the Indian railways to gather or buy the rails from overseas on one condition that, it would give 20 % of the contract to a domestic steel producer. This clause could help Jindal Steel in winning its first contract with the Indian railways.

The waiver came after a meeting held at PM Narendra Modi’s office on Dec. 19 between officials of ministry of steel and the Minister of Railways, Piyush Goyal.

Prime Minister Modi’s office recently asked all the government departments to prioritise the use of local assets in state projects, after domestic companies had objected to the open tender by the Indian railways.




Veteran Congress leader and former union minister Mani Shankar Aiyer who currently stands suspended from the primary membership of the party for using a most unethical word against prime minister Narendra Modi calling him NEECH has though apologised saying that if his statement causes harm to the chances of Congress party in Gujarat elections he is apologetic for his wrong utterances but has done incalculable harm to the chances of the party in Gujarat elections say political analysts.

This is not the first time that arrogant in nature and used to objectionable utterances , he had earlier too used foul language against the BJP stalwart Lal Krishna Advani calling him a, “Laik Insaan lekin naalayak neta,” but later on apologising diplomatically saying that it was because of his little knowledge of Hindi that he couldn’t use the right words and therefore his mistake was unintentional. Mani Shankar Aiyyer may say so but the fact of the matter is he has proved himself less an asset for the Congress party despite his being a chequered diplomat, an intellectual, a staunch party man and a good writer but more a problem as his unethical utterances has not only created unnecessary problems, hiccups and bad name for the party but has also given undue sympathy and anti Congress mileage to the BJP and its leaders.

Arrogance in politics never pays but rather bring bad name and Aiyyer’s bad utterances for top leaders like Lal Krishna Advani and prime minister Narendra Modi has finally invited the wrath of the people of Gujarat as well as the country. Today, prime minister Modi has exploited this issue to the fullest in all his four public meetings addressed by him on the last leg of campaigning and the response from the people was tremendous. Modi connected this insult of his with the pride of Gujarat and Gujaraties and said that calling himm NEECH INSAAN by a veteran Congressman like a former diplomat and a leader of Rahul Gandhi’s party is not his but the entire Gujarat’s insult and degradation.

He even went to the extent of saying that the same Congress leader in the past went to Pakistan and allegedly gave supari there to ensure that he is wiped out of the scene for the harmonious and cohesive maintenance of healthy and cordial Indo Pakistan relations. The political analysts say that whatever little suport Rahul Gandhi had generated for the Congress Party in Gujarat by the dint of his hard work, potential mobilisation, largely attended public meetings, his oratorical speeches and high quality eloquence has been completely washed out by Mani Shankar Aiyyer’s highly uncalled for utterances agaist the prime minister.

And it was because of this that the entire Congress and its Chief Rahul Gandhi were constrained to sideline him fully. Let’s see what comes out on 19th January when the elections results of Gujarat are declared but one thing is for sure that if Congress loses here badly the entire blame will rest on the blunders of the Congress veteran Mani Shankar Aiyyer say the sources. What do you say friends.



Forty four year old union minister of state for textiles Ajay Tamta was a single new comer in Modi’s cabinet representing entire Uttarakhand when about a year and a half ago he was picked (up) by the prime minister Narendra Modi, surprising one and all, especially the three former chief ministers of Uttarakhand, who are now MPs and were very much aspiring to be the union ministers from the hill quota, finally finding their all hopes crushed with a bang. Though new at the centre, this former MLA and minister in Major General Bhuvan Chandra Khanduri’s cabinet twice in UK, dalit leader and popular MP from Almora reserve, Ajay Tamta is doing extremely well active in his constitency, entire Uttarakhand, in the state elections of Gujarat and Himachal, in facebook and twitter praising Modi’s policies, actions, foreign visits and every single official pronouncements. Tamta recently, ( in the month of October) accompanied President Ramnath Kovind in his first overseas 5 day visit of two African nations Djibouti and Ethiopia on the recommendation on prime minister Modi. This speaks of the fact about his being in the good books of the prime minister.

While his senior minister for textiles Smriti Irani remains more entangled and pre occupied in the ministry of I& B its he, Ajay Tamta who concentrates more n more in the ministerial works as well, to fill that void by sharing the larger responsibilities of his Textile ministry. Soft spoken, affable, well read and sharp, Tamta answers questions posed to him with quite ease and confidence. Taking immense interest in the research and innovative works of his ministry in handloom development Ajay Tamta has taken a special initiative to make adequate, constructive and positive use of pine tree needles that are found in abundance in Uttarakhand, for first extracting terpentine oil from them and later on using the waste residue to produce fine quality paper type designer bags for carrying stuffs which is disposable like paper bags and extremely environmental friendly. In Uttarakhand pine needles naturally come down on the land from pine trees and are in myriad quantity.

If unused they not only make the land slippery and barren completely blocking cultivation but also play the combustible role of petrol during jungle fires thus resulting in damaging vast tracts of jungles. Ajay Tamta’s innovative initiative has not only led to rightful use of these otherwise useless needles which will further give employment to local populace but will also help in earning monetory profits out of this venture. Answering a question pertaining to his ministry’s contribution in the development of the himalayan state, Ajay Tamta revealed that a sum of Rupees 5 crores has already been sanctioned by the textile ministry for setting up of a textile factory at Dinapani in Almora, Uttarakhand that will produce fine cloth from the natural fibre. About fifty naali land for the proposed project has already been acquired and about 200 local personels would be given employment in this industrial unit.

The minister said – after assuming the charge as minister I came to know that the clothes prepared from the threads of leelam and raimy are highly expensive, high in demand but the raw material for the same has to be imported from Belgiam. Since then he made up his mind to get the raw material manufactured within the country. He discussed the possibilities with the scientists of Pant Nagar Agricultural University, Vivekanand Agricultural Research Centre, Almora and Research institutes of Pratapgarh etc.

As asked by the scientists we got the seeds of leelan and raimy produced first and then planted their trees (plants). The agricultural scientists were finally succesful in retrieving 5.5 quintal of fibres from these sources. This is a huge break through and the time is not far when this succesful achievement/ experment would be replicated elsewhere in Uttarakhand and all over India. Praising the policies and the leadership of prime minister India, Narendra Modi Ajay Tamta said that time is not far when India will be a global leader as Modi’s efforts and diplomacy on International scenerio has started showing positve results especially in the context of China who had to finally back track on Doklam issue and the world’s mighty super power USA unshakingly standing with India.

He congratulated the Uttarakhand government for initiating various new pro people initiatives and hope that people initiatives of the state would be positively benefitted in the health, education and the employment sector, the basic requirements of the people for which the state of Utarakhand actually came into existence after so much of sacrifices.



The Gujarat election is becoming tumultuous and stormy day by day and despite prime minister Narendra Modi’s impressive public meetings enticing full assurance of support from majority of the electorates on Gujarat pride issue, political analysts say that the 24 year old leader Hardik Patel’s increasing anti BJP and pro Rahul and Congress campaign has to a great extent shaken and politically threatened the state’s BJP leadership.

Though there is not an inkling of doubt that various opinion polls have so far shown BJP winning the Gujarat polls, but as the election date is nearing while Nehru Gandhi scion and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and Patidar leader carrying the majority support of over 12% votes of the influensive patidar community Hardik Patel, OBC leader Jignesh and Alpesh Thakor have accelerated their political campaigning and vociferous attacks on the ruling BJP including its top leadership, already facing an anti incumbency factor due to its being in power for the last 19 protracted years the enhanced tirade of the opposition seems to have visibly shaken the state ruling party leadership and it was on 12th November that an alleged morphed CD of Hardik Patel was made available to TV channels by unknown sources to defame his image.

This clearly shows how badly is the state BJP shaken and disturbed. However,  equally visibly upset was the Patidar leader then and  had to become offensive when he accused the state BJP leaders of allegedly planting a morphed sex CD showing somebody like him with a woman to pre strategically denigrate his image. Denying and outrightly rejecting the highly objectionable CD showing him with a woman in an uncompromising act Hardik had accused the BJP of intentionally doctoring it to defame his image, reputation and increasing popularity.

He added that it’s the old tactics and habit of BJP that when they become apprehensive of losing the polls they resort to such cheap and unethical practices to defame their political rivals.The BJP has however, outrightly denied. Similarly, the BJP was in a dock earliar, last month, when prior to this incident, one of Hardik’s associate Narendra Patel has presented a first instalment of wads of currency, Rs ten lakhs, in front of the media given to him by the Gujarat state BJP leaders as a bribe to join the BJP assuring 90 lakhs to be presented later on.

Patel’s exposure has really led to the defamation of the BJP when the state campainging for the election is in a full swing. As the dates of elections are nearing the poll of Gujarat has heated up to the maximum with Rahul Gandhi and his entire team holding good number of public meetings being further strengthened as well, by the anti BJP campaigning of Hardik Patel and OBC leaders’ like Jignesh.

However, the Gujarat election this time too seems to be going in favour of the BJP as political analysts say that come what may the Gujarat pride factor and the freebies delivered and assured by prime minister Narendra Modi and his government to the tune of several thousand crores pertaining to its development and jobs to the weaker sections will definitely bore fruits and help in BJP’s return for another term.

The spate of incessant development in Gujarat during and after Modi’s tenure and his every possible efforts to break into the Patidar vote bank by participating in the Narayanswamy Mutt event which comprises of maximum devotees of the patidar community compounded with giving the Gujaraties a direct flight from London to Ahmedabad and a hi speed bullet train project worth more than Rs.100 crores are some of the revolutionary developmental achievements that are bound to go in BJP’S FAVOUR.

Yes, but the Congress is bound to improve its tally this time due to Rahul’s increasing efforts and anti BJP stance of Hardik, Jignesh and Alpesh Thakur the leaders of Patidar, OBC and the dalit communities. However, whatever, may be the result of this election but one thing is definitely confirmed that despite the Congress facing defeats in several states in the recently held elections, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has always kept his moral high as a strong and dashing leader of the oldest political party of the country.

His increasing mobilisation capacity and single handedly taking on the ruling party tirades in Gujarat and Himachal despite all odds has proved beyond doubt that the Gandhi family scion is a horse of long race who believes in strugglung relentlessly even if he loses every battle. This fighting spirit of Rahul Gandhi has atleast kept the spirit of the rank and file of the party renewed with enthusiasm and potent zeal that will definitely help the party come to power again at the centre, sooner or later.



The prime minister of India Narendra Modi said that Handloom and Khadi promoted by father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi has increased in sale to a whopping 90 % more than a previous year and he was really surprised to hear that a Khadi Gramodhyog store in Delhi did an outstanding bussiness of Rs 1.20 crores in a single day of Dhanteras. Prime minister Modi was addressing the people of the country on his 37th address in his popular monthly programme MANN KI BAAT. Congratulating the sportsmen and football players of under nineteen successful FIFA event held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi inaugurated by him, prime minister Modi said though the Indian team has not won in this tournament but they deserve to be complimented for performing outstandingly.

He also lauded the Indian Hockey team for winning the Gold in Olympics and said that India is proud to see our sportsmen and athletes bringing laurels for the country by their outstanding performance in international sports competitions. Showing his immense concern for increasing trend of diabities in the country the prime minister urged the citizens to give more n more impetus to Yoga exercises and daily walk and appealed to parents to inculcate the habit of walking, physical exercise and sports in children to avoid desease like diabities which at time becomes fatal if not given heed.

Mentioning about his efforts and initiatives of celebrating Deepawali with the patriotic and courageous Indian Army Jawans and paratroopers valiantly fighting the enemy and terrorists to safeguard our borders, PM Modi said how certain people have appreciated his initiative and asked if sweets send by them on festivals like Deepawali can reach these valiant fighters at the borders, where they are performing their challenging duties.

He praised reverred Gurunanak for his message of amity and harmony amongst various sections of the society and appealed the countrymen to spread the same for maintaining peace and tranquilty. He also dwelt on number of other issues such as the efforts of UN peacekeeping force and the contribution of Indian Jawans in maintaining global peace.

HE catagorically praised Sardar Patel saying that he was the one who connected the whole nation in one SUTR/ knot and is in true sense the real inspiration for the NEW INDIA marching rapidly towards the 21st century. The nation should imbibe his ideals, principles and inspiration and move forward with renewed energy and enthusiam.