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Next month Junior Hockey World Cup will be held in Lucknow city of India and Government has cleared Pakistani Junior Hockey team to play in India. According to sources this was an important decision pending with the Government.

The FIH event is scheduled from 8th December to 18th December and it is important event for the future of Pakistan hockey. But now the clearance is given by the government and same has been informed to the Pakistani officials who were anxious about getting the NOC to send their team to India for the World Cup.

Due to the current tension between the two nations, the PHF was concerned whether they would get clearance to play in India or not. They have already set up a camp for junior hockey players in Lahore under the supervision of Olympian Tahir Zaman who had high hopes that the team would get a chance to play in this Hockey World Cup in India and they would do well.

Pakistan Hockey team has one more reason to cheer up because they have been given a cheque of 20 million rupees as a special grant by the government which will boost their confidence and will allow the players to focus on game only and not to worry about the cash problem of PHF.

The PHF seems confident about their game and eagerly waiting to show their performance during this Hockey World Cup for juniors as their players have already played well in the final of a top ranking tournament held in Malaysia. Overall they did well but lost 1-3 to Australia.

In the past Pakistan has taken part in the senior World Cup in the Common Wealth Games hockey tournament and Champions Trophy in India in the last few years.

We hope that this time this Junior Hockey World Cup might ease up the tension between the two countries and everybody would be eagerly waiting for the matches between India and Pakistan.