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Once in a while someone must have given you the compliment that “ARE EKDAM KANGANA RANAUT JAISE LAGTE HAI TERE BAAL”
You need more time to get ready as compared to other people around you.
Annoying thing you must have heard from everyone is “TU NA REBONDING KARALE”
Hair brushes are your old enemies because combing curly hair is not an easy job to do!
Someday if your curly are just perfect, everyone dies to have hair like you and that moment is really shocking for you too!

You are sick of hearing boaring “DADI K NUSKHE “, YE KARLE VO KARLE BAAL SIDHE HOJAEGE!
Sometimes you just don’t have any solution to how to deal with your hair.
Many people are jealous of your curls, and that is the best thing that makes you happy!
You cannot handle your hair in summer time and suddenly your looks start matching “MONJULIKA”
Making brades for school/college is always a tough job.
But anyways you love your hair and proud of being a girl with curly hair because you are no less than other girls!