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The health condition of the women hunger strikers in Gairsain who’d been without food and water for the last 7 days demanding declaration of Gairsain as the permanent capital of the 18 year old state Uttarakhand has badly deteriorated with the blood pressure levels severely going up and shortage of blood in the body resulting in increasing anger, annoyance and outrage among the people of the area particularly the agitators.

These two women hunger strikers are the local president of the Gairsain Mahila Sangharsh Samittee Mrs. Krishna Negi and her colleague Kamala Panwar, a senior woman volunteer of the movement for Gairsain Capital. After undertaking hunger strike for the last seven days having literally eaten nothing, quite obviously and consuming not even a drop of water while Krishna Negi has developed Jaundice due to the shortage of blood in the body, Kamala Panwar is running high blood pressure.

The three hungerstrikers Krishna Devi, Kamala Panwar and Krishan Singh Bisht have also lost around 4 to 6 kg of weight. All the three activists have locked them inside the room apprehending forceful withdrawal of the hunger strike by the administration under the government’s pressure.

The movement activists of Gairsain and the convenor and co convenor of Uttarakhand Third Front journalist and activist Sunil Negi and Pandit Madan Mohan Dhaundiyal has warned the Uttarakhand government of serious consequences if the administration doesn’t look after them, properly and adequately and monitor the deteriorating health conditiion of these women hunger strike volunteers.

Both the leaders have asked the government authorities to immediate dispatch the doctors to asses their health condition and ensure that nothing adverse or untoward happens with their health.

The convenor of Uttarakhand Third Front Sunil Negi said if the law and order situation of the state or Gairsain deteriorates due to the increasing outrage and anger amongst the common masses due to the deteriorating health condition, it will solely be the state’s responsibility and not of the movement activists as the state government under chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat is not listening to the peoples’ long pending demand for Gairsain to be declared as Uttarakhand’s capital thus compelling the women power, ( Matra Shakti ) to undertake indefinite hunger strike and play with their health condition.

Mr. Negi said if anything untoward or adverse happens to Kamala and Krishna, the hunger strikers , the movement for Gairsain capital will further gain more credible momentum in the entire state thus compelling the deaf and dumb government to finally surrender to the peoples’ demand.

Both Negi and Dhaundiyal of Uttarakhand Third Front extended their full and outright support to the Gairsain movement and appealed to the women, youth, students and the senior citizens not to rest in peace till this long pending demand is finally met.

It may be recalled that except the ruling BJP all the political parties including the national crusader against corruption Anna Hazaare is fully backing the demand for Gairsain capital and had visited Garhwal, Uttarakhand just yesterday and held several largely attended public meetings
demanding Gairsain as the state’s permanent capital.

It’s really deporable that even after being in power at the centre as well as the state, the Gairsain demand is not being heard, attended and fulflled despite the fact that the people of Uttarakhand had accorded it a historic majority of 57 lawmakers out of 70, a record first time landslide victory during the last 18 years.


Hundreds of people of Uttarakhand living in Delhi viz journalists, social activists, retired government servants, women, youth and students protested in front of Press Club of India on the last day of the parliament session and presented a memorandum to the prime minister in his South block office on 9th February, 2018.

The demonstration held under the banner of GAIRSAIN RAJDHANI NIRMAN SAMITEE consisted of several socio political organisation like the UKD, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum, Akhil Bhartiya Uttarakhand Mahasabha, Uttarakhand Ekta Manch, E Gairsain group, organisation working for child rights, etc. The furious demonstrators who were addressed by senior journalists and activists M/s Avtar Negi, Charu Tiwari, convenor Dev Singh Rawat, President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum, Sunil Negi, literateur Pooran Kandpal, Dr. Hari Suman Bisht, Anil Pant, Devendra Bisht, etc raised anti BJP government slogans and demanded declaration of Gairsain as the capital of Uttarakhand with immediate affect.

The processionists marched towards parliament raising slogans but were stopped by the heavy cardon of Delhi police. Four representatives were allowed to go the PM’s office to deliver the memorandum. According to the memorandum since the Gairsain capital is a technically feasible demand as per the Kaushik Committee of the government being equidistant from both the Kumaon and Garhwal divisions and a legislative Assembly building has already been build with vast infrustructure investing several hundred crores including the previous assembly sessions and the likely budget session in March, it should now be declared as the capital of Uttarakhand forthwith.

The memorandum adds that the declaration of Gairsain capital will not only pave the way for the all round decentralisation of the interior villages and the local populace who are rampantly migrating towards cites and towns but will also help in reverse migration and shifting of the state secretariats and officers to the inner parts of the hills this compelling them implement hill oriented decentralized development than the city oriented progress that has resulted in discrimination of the rural populaton.

While the creation of Gairsain as the hill state’s capital will create lots of job opportunities and open developmental avenues in health, education and industrial sectors, it will be a befitting heartfelt tributes to the revolutionery hero of historical PESHAVAR KANND Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali who also had pledged in Dudhatoli to create a separate Uttarakhand state and Gairsain as its capital.


I was just going through the highly thought provoking detailed article of Sanjay Bhartiya in facebook and was greatly impressed and influenced by his writing on the lifestyle and the simplistic way of living of the chief minister of Tripura Manik Sarkar and his wife who just retired as secretary of the social welfare board. Manik Sarkar who is the chief minister of Tripura since 1998 draws a meagre salary of merely Rs 9200 every month which is deposited in the CPM party fund and the party allocates him Rs. 500 for the entire month.

He washes his own clothes and so his former Secretary wife. Manik Sarkar has now crossed 65 and after tremendous reluctance as the age does not permit him to wash his own clothes his wife has bought a washing machine out of her own pension. The total expenses of the chief ministers house that includes washing of clothes to curtains etc are borne by his wife from her pension. Manik Rao and his wife travel by rickshaw and lead the life of a commoner with the bank balance of just 10 to 15 thousand Rupees at the most.

The total assest declared by this left CM of Tripura since 1998 is merely 2.5 lakh that includes a dilapidated tin shed accomodation of his late mother. Both the husband and wife have no house, no personal or government vehicle, no air conditioner, no cooler and nothing luxurious which may give an impression of a comfort living. While the chief minister is engaged for most of the hours with piles of files on his table, his wife works and stays with Asha workers for the upliftment of the poor and the economically deprived women and children.

Just imagine on the one hand you have chief ministers like Manik Sarkar believing and practising the notion of KHALI HAATH AAYE THE, KHAALI HAATH JAYENGE and working tirelessly for the overall welfare, well being and development of a backward state like Tripura and its inhabitants including tribals for the last 19 years winning every election with majority hands down and gaining peoples’ faith and confidence incessantly, on the other hand you have politicians and Yogis amassing myriad wealth and properties worth thousand and thousand of crores wearing saffron robes and appearing on television channels given hollow sermons to countrymen.

Just imagine on the one hand you have a CM with just 10 thousand Rupees as bank balance despite at the helm of the state for the last 20 years while on the other hand you have politicians and Yogi’s in saffron robes minting the assest worth more than a lakh crore in just 4 years of a little time. What a tragedy of an open democracy?
Manik Rao’s example is indeed the rarest of the rare one not only in India but globally as well.


The most controvertial issue of instant Triple Divorce is being debated in the Lok Sabha today after the union minister for Law, Shiv Shankar Prasad on behalf of Narendra Modi government tabled the bill for being passed in the Lok Sabha. The minister emphatically asked the parliamentarians across party lines to support this bill unanimously beyond religious boundaries, vested interests and political ideology as it not only relieves the muslim women of the long term medieval practice of triple verbal divorce but also amount to empowering them to a great extent.

While the BJP has finally made up its mind to pass the bill, come what may, the main oppostion party Congress and the other anti BJP parties too are in support of it though under compulsion as the controvertial issue involves women empowerment particularly of the muslim women who are being the constant victim of this medieval tradition having the Shariat sanction.

The prime minister Narendra Modi has during the Uttar Pradesh legislative elections publicly given assurances to the muslim women to relieve them of these old conservative shackles that has literally made the life of millions of women of the minority community in immense jeopardy and doldrums, particularly those hailing from the women of rural orthodex belt and illiterate women.

There have been (and is still ) lots of hue and cry and protests from and amongst the religious minority heads as well as the All India Muslim Personel Law Board accusing the BJP led NDA government of arbitrarily meddling in the Shariat law of the Muslims to derive political capital and hurt their feelings. While the anti triple talaq bill that has various provisions like the one, punishment of three years etc for the guilty is being outrightly opposed by the Congress whose leader in parliament Malikarjun Kharge is also demanding to sent the bill to the parliament’s standing committee for certain amendments before getting it passed from both the houses of parliament.

The bill is harsh according to the Congress party as it also does not allow bail for the accused subject to his re approach to the magistrate with a written request giving sufficient reasonable grounds and reasons for seeking bail. The Congress party strongly opposes both these provisions and also asks the government to speak to other stake holders before making it a law and the stakeholders are none other then the maulvies and the ALL INDIA MUSLIM PERSONEL LAW BOARD who are ourightly opposing this bill.

However, despite all this, the way the ruling party has been successful in seeking the ovewhelming support of the myriad number of widespread suport from all the catagories of muslim women, particularly the women of the literate and intellectual catagory as a symbol of women empowerment, the secular parties like Congress and its anti BJP progressive partners are in a real fix who are neither able to eat nor swallow and are therefore in a fix in terms of adopting a clear stand on the issue but more or less favouring the bill.

However, whether this anti triple talaq bill is passed or not, though chances of its being passed are hundred percent sure, prime minister Narendra Modi’s name will be printed in golden letters in the annuls of Indian history for making this historic act possible for the muslim women being tortured and tramatised since ages due to the instant triple talaq tradtion under shariat law provisions.

It may be recalled that in 19 muslim countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia Triple Talaq is fully banned for years.

It may be recalled that: The practice of Talaq-ul-bidat or triple talaq give men the authority to end a marriage by only uttering the word ‘talaq’ to their wives three times in succession.


Politics is usually said to be the last game of scoundrels. But to me this saying, proverb or adjective( whatever you call it) it still sounds bad and undesirable as I am of the firm opinion that politics should rather be a platform of good, nice, ethical and transparent people instead of scoundrels as they ( politicians) are the one who actually rule the country , guide and shape the destiny of the largest democracy of the world. India got freedom from the colonial rulers due the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and leaders like father of the Nation Gandhiji, revolutioneries like Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose and umpteen other leaders who later on guided and shaped India’s destiny.

But why is it that the political fraternity that gave us independence after so much of sacrifices and finally took India to new heights of development earlier known as freedom fighters then leaders and now politicians are now expeditiously loosing their reputation and respect. Corruption, red tapism, favoritism, pro capitalism, money laundering, black marketing, anything that is untrustworthy and major domination of criminals and criminalism in Indian politics has actually changed its entire character. Parliament and state legislatures and elected bodies at the decentralised level of governance as well are not devoid or bereft of criminals or politicians with suspected and dubious anticedents.

The character of the major part of our pious political system has taken the shape of suspicion, unethical and highly unconstitutional practices with people carrying highly literate and intellectual educational background, expertise and reputation too are speaking the uncalled for language of the illeterates vindicating the fears about our polity’s highly degradable standards. If a former union minister, a veteran journalist and once Rajiv Gandhi’s closest friend Mani Shankar Ayyer can stoop so low to call the prime minister of the country a NEECH publicly and than instead of apologising for his deliberate blunder try to vindicate his bad, highly uncalled for and ugly utterances then we can definitely arrive at the conclusion that the political standards in India are at its lowest ebb and its really shameful. However, thanks and tons of gratitudes to Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi who without any sort of inordinate delay took no time to deplore his own party senior leader’s bad mouthing against PM of the country and suspended Mani Shankar from the primary membership of the party with a show cause notice and also asking him to apologise publicly for his deliberate blunder.

It may be recalled that Mani Shanker Aiyyer is Rahul’s dad’s one time closest friend who’d been with Rajiv Gandhi during his thick and thin but despite all this, Rahul being the prime minister Modi’s ardent and arch rival wasted no time to show Mani Shankar Ayyer the door by suspending him from the primary membership of the party and also pressurising him to seek apology for his unethical act against the PM.

This strong decision on the part of Rahul Gandhi clearly emphasises the point that the Gandhi Nehru family scion and the would be president of the Congress Party is not at all in the mood to either accept psycophancy, arrogance, misconduct, indescipline or bad mouthing by any leader in his party even against its political rivals nor is he likely to tolerate hooliganism in the party, any more. Such a strong shock treatment to veteran leader Mani Shankar Aiyyer will go a long way in sending a good message amongst the party cadres and leaders who believe in arrogance and unethical behaviour and dictatorial style of functioning within the Congress party? The BJP leadership should also take cue from Rahul Gandhi’s example of expediency in taking action against Mani Shanker Aiyyer and follow suit by giving up its hypocritical style of functioning and take similar action against its fanatic leaders as well who in the name of religious fundamentalism repeatedly issue highly objectionable communal statements putting the position of the party leadership and prime minister Modi in quandary. It may be recalled that from Doon School, he dabbled in journalism, most of his active life was spent as an Indian Foreign Services officer….and yes, post retirement (as the article begins) went where most scoundrels like to end…in Politics! finally, good riddance of bad-stuff!


The election of the prestigious Press Club of India is on 25th November and the countdown has begun. The voting will start at 10 in the morning till 6 in the evening. There are thousands of members of PCI and the voting percentage goes beyond 70% as journalists take lot of interest in this poll getting an opportunity of meeting their old friends under a roof after long time.

You can see journalists of print and electronics media in large numbers interacting with each other while the contestents and their supporters busy in canvassing support for themselves as well as their respective panels.  You can also witness some heated disscussions amongst the rival groups.

But by and large the elections are held in a cordial and peaceful atmosphere. The election is also an opportunity for the PCI management to get the old pending bills of the members cleared as without getting their balance cleared they are not supposed to vote.

These PCI elections are no less than any other political elections’ as you may find banners, colourful hoardings and thousands of handbills and posters affixed in the PCI precincts and the surroundings with appeals to vote. A good amount of finance in involved in the campaigning and arrangements of the election. On the day of polling the PCI management looking after the sale of drinks, foodstuffs etc earn handsomely as the sale on this day increases considerably and beyond proportions.

This time the principle fight is between the two panels, one those are already at the helm of affairs since 2010 i.e. Gautam Lahiri, Manoranjan Bharti, Vinay Kumar and Mahuva Panel while the other represented by the president candidate Sen, Gandhi, Faridi, Jain Panel trying to give a strong fight using the anti incumbency factor to its advantage. But the current sitting panel has number of advantages to its credit like giving the club a magnifcient face lift with massive infrastructural development compounded with improvement in the quality of food stuff and bringing transparency in the club activities.

They have also been organising protest demonstrations, seminars, talks and launching struggles against the ahocking incidents of repression and lynching of journalists from time to time and fighting for the rights of the journalistic fraternity. Apart from this the present management has covered the entire fiscal deficit of the previous years the pre 2010 era and brought the club in satisfying financial position.

The rival panel is heavily banking on the anti incumbency factor and leaving no opportunity to request voters to effect the change this time as they say that in democracy change is an inevitable factor for the good of the society.

The Lahiri Mahua panel accuses their rival of allegedly filing a case in the court for cancellation of membership above 6700 membership and say that if they are elected a good number of journalists would loose their membership. The charges and counter charges are going on but who ultimately wins would be known after a day as the counting is slated for Sunday, the 26th November . However the voting is on 25th November which will by and large indicate the trend by the evening, when voting ends.



Prominent film maker and director Sanjay Leela Bansali’s MAGNUS OPUS Padmavati which is in tremendous controversy these days facing the threat of ban nationally by the KARNI SENA and its founder leader Lokendra Singh Kalvi who once slapped the former is a highly appreciable movie full of genuine historical facts which has in no way glorified the then king of 16th century but has instead proved him as a murderer who messacred hundreds of innocents.

Sanjay Bansali has in no way twisted any facts and denigrated the honour, dignity or respect of queen Padmavati but has instead glorified her image as a brave, dignified and a higly respectable queen faithful to her husband king Rattan Singh who always encouraged, guided and boosted his morale in the running of the administration of his kingdom and the wars he fought. These facts were revealed by the editor in chief India TV in his daily episode of Aaj Ki Baat, Rajat Sharma.

While disclosing the factual details of the movie today Rajat Sharma who himself saw the movie in a special preview said that, before watching the movie he too was under the impression that the nationwide uproar and outrage by the one sided critics of the film and KARNI SENA is absolutely correct as no opposition is ever based on false grounds.

But after watching the film extremely seriously, from all angles, as furiously opposed by a section of Rajput community, whose sentiments he respects, Sharma said he had come to a conclusion that there is nothing, not even a single percent of truth that the film’s director has in amy way fabricated, concocted or twisted the historical facts and exhibited queen Padmavati or her husband king Rattan Singh of Mewar in poor light, playing with their dignity, respect, aura, womenhood thus showing her in poor light as confidently claimed by those opposing the film tooth and nail.

Rajat Sharma said, he himself belonged to Chittaur and was born and brought up there and have tremendous respect and reverence for Rajput culture, tradition and sages of their bravery but after seeing the film sequences, had finally come to the conclusion that instead the movie Padmavati has enhanced the reputation, image, dignity, aura and grace of the historical queen who is remembered for her dignity, courage, bravery and sacrifice.

He confidently said that the people of MEWAR, the nation and especially those who are opposing it today so furiously calling Sanjay Leela Bhansali will feel proud of the bravery of MEWAR and its queen Padmavati for her acts of bravery and dignity which habe been portrayed so nicely and accurately as if history is being repeated on the silver screen.

He step by step revealed all the facts about the versions of those opposing the film and catagorically said that on every count they will find that all their objections are baseless and beyond facts. He said without seeing the movie casting such aspersions on the director of the film would ultimately not stand vindicated on the ground of facts.

It would have been better, had the opponents of the movie first watched the film and then raised the hue and cry than doing it first. The eminent literateur and veteran journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik too appreciated the film in toto and said that the director of the film Sanjay Leela Bansali has done full justice with the historical facts and have portrayed queen Padmavati as a higly dignified queen and Allauddin Khilji as a rash and ruthless killer.

Padmavati played by Deepti Padukone, Allauddin Khiljee played by Ranvir Singh and Raja Rattan Singh played by Kapoor have done full justice with their character who keep will definitely keep the audience stuck to their seats in theatres said Rajat Sharma.

It may be recalled that the KARNI SENA CHIEF Lokendra Singh Kalvi who calls himself as the directdecendent of the family of Raja Rattan Singh has been opposing the film Padmavati tooth and nail and had organised a huge public meeting and protest marches in Rajasthan and Gujarat recently in which more than a lakh people of Rajput community participated demanding permanent ban on the movie and registration of FIR against Bhansali on the charge of being a traitor/ anti nationalist. The Rajput women in traditional attires with sword in their hands were seen protesting outside the Mewar fort demanding Bhansali’s arrest etc.







Uttarakhand is progressing by leaps and bounds as scope for ease of doing business in this 17 year old state are much much better than in any other part of the country. This was stated by the chief minister of Uttarakhand in an interview given to a national electronic channel today. Extremely confident in his versions about the state’s over all development Trivendra Singh Rawat claims that Uttarakhand’s annual per capita income is more than Rupees 1 lakh 15 thousand, even more than the national per capita income of Rs one lakh nine thousand.

Answering questions with quite ease and confidence Rawat said that while his government is concerned about the high spate of migration from villages to cities and metropolises of the country his government is equally serious  to find out ways and means through various people friendly constructive programmes and forming of a credible PALAAYAN AAYOG in order to reverse this distressing trend.

The government of Uttarakhand has recently filed an MOU for using the natural waste products for useful purposes which will not only give employment to the local populace but will also generate economy. One such constructive instance is about rightfully using the pine needles which are in abundant quantity in Uttarakhand for extracting terpentine oil and the waste residue for bio fuel.

These pine needles if not used are tremendously harmful for Uttarakhand’s agricultural lands as not only do they make the earth barren wherever they fall in large quantity but are also disastrous from the point of view of spreading jungle fires most expeditiously, which are the usual.feature in Uttarakhand hills. Answering question on demonetisation Uttarakhand chief minister lauded the prime minister Narendra Modi’s efforts in attacking the black money hoarders and prevalent of unaccounted network of ilegal money which is the key to rampant corruption prevailing in our country.

He said , demonetisation has not only discouraged the black money hoarders to a great extent but also helped in strengthening our derailed economy of fiscal deficit. Trivendra Rawat assured that his government is tirelessly working to strengthen the state’s economy by improving the performance and stature of Tourism sector which is the main source of employment and economy.



The AAM AADMI PARTY seems to be quite relaxed and in a jubilant mood after the honourable supreme court’s view that though the LG is undoubtedly the head of the National Capital Territory of Delhi as per the constititional provisions but that certainly does not mean (that) he should sit on the files and delay them as being accused by the state government duly elected by the resounding majority with Congress gaining a big zero while BJP having been compelled to relent with merely three MLAs in the Delhi assembly.

This statement is definitely a huge rebuff to the LG’s office as in a way it vindicates the stand of the Delhi CM and his government that the decisions duly passed by them even by two thirds majority in the duly elected assembly are not being okayed or cleared by the Lt. Governor of Delhi Anil Baijal who happens to be the nominee of the central government ruled by BJP led NDA, the arch political rival of AAP. Several important matters like regularisation of services of over 15000 adhoc teachers etc are currently lying pending at the LG’s table since long after having been cleared by the Delhi Assembly.

It may be recalled that the Delhi High Court has earlier delivered a pro LG verdict in a case saying that since the latter is constitutionally the administrative head of the government, he has the full powers and discreation to act on his sweet will and that the state government will have to abide by his drectives. This decision of the high court compelled AAP government to move the apex court complaining of various deliberate bottlenecks being created by the centre through the LG and as such a duly elected government is not able to function freely in wider public interest.

The Delhi CM has even gone to the extent of saying that he is not even elligible to appoint a peon on his own, indicating that for every minor decision or action he has to seek the leutinent governor’s written consent, which is usually inordinately delayed. The matter was therefore handed over to a bench of learned judges by the chief justice Deepak Mishra to decide the vexed issue by the majority judicial opinion, the next hearing for which has been fixed for 7th November.

The supreme court bench fully agreed that the LG is the supreme administrative head of the Delhi government and the land, revenue and maintenance of public order are under his direct jurisdiction but has no right to sit on files sent for the approval by an elected government. Since the day Arvind Kejriwal assumed the charge as Delhi’s chief minister after giving a huge political rebuff to both Congress and BJP, he is being targetting by both the parties on every count, with BJP having its fullest say accuse the AAP CM and other functioneries.

The verbal spat between Delhi CM and BJP leaders is well known with Kejriwal blaming the centre and LG, even prime minister Modi earlier for creating deliberate bottlenecks on the ways of the government’s functioning. The earlier LG Dr. Nazeeb Zung, a Congress nominee who later on won the heart of the Centre was the main target of Arvind Kejrival who often used to blame him as the centre’s stooge. Dr. Jung finally resigned voluntarily paving the way for the BJP nominee Anil Baijal who is again being accused by AAP of non cooperation and creating administrative bottlenecks in its way of delivering pro people decisions.